10 Best Escape Rooms in Montreal

escape rooms in Montreal

A guide to the best Escape rooms in Montreal.

Love thrills?

All folks who love and crave for fun and thrill, of all age groups, family, friends, and even team-building activity of offices can add sprinkles of adrenaline and suspense into their outings as they will have to think out of the box in the very literal sense, to get out of the box or perhaps the room that they are put in.

Escape rooms are an excellent activity for you and your group, all trying out their puzzles and problem-solving skills.

What is an Escape Room or Escape Game?

escape rooms in Montreal

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Also called exit game, escape games, puzzle room, in an escape room, player- usually in teams, try to solve puzzles, find and collect clues and finish tasks in one or more rooms to reach a particular goal within a set duration of time. The main goal is generally to escape from the room.

There is no minimum age as such, but at some places, it is preferred that an adult accompany players under the age of 16 years.

In this article, we will go through some of the best escape rooms in Montreal where you can have the best time of your life with your friends or families.

Best Escape Rooms in Montreal:

1) Escaparium Montreal

This spot is a must to be tried for seasoned-escapees fans.

Escaparium has a reputation of being challenging, and several guests have reported having failed in making it out “alive.”

The very elaborate games of Escaparium are designed to accommodate three to 12 players so, no one for sure will be left out.

They have four locations of their chain in the province, having seven rooms in their West Island Montreal location itself and their easiest room alone is enough to challenge your wits while entertaining you. Here you will not just play the game, you will live it as well for sure.

If you prefer puzzles and thrill with a taste of fear, a scare factor, some games they have, include horror movie-esque revenge plots.

Address – 2064 Trans Canada Route, Dorval, Quebec H9P 2N4, Canada.

2) A/Maze

A/Maze is another significant presence in the escape room market in the province.

They have five locations in Montreal which offer fourteen rooms in total. This makes it possible for all significant escape rooms lovers to book multiple rooms for a single night.

The A/Maze games have a time limit of 20 minutes, making it even considerable for newcomers. Their games have a range of two to eight players, with most being from two to five, allowing the rooms a more intimate or rather claustrophobic- whichever you prefer vibe.

Address – 3350 Rue Saint-Jacques, Montreal, QC H4C 1H2, Canada

3) Escape Masters

For all seasoned escapees fans, this is an excellent stop as Escape Masters offers three outstandingly-executed scenarios: zombie apocalypse, mafia, and spy-themed. These offer seriously challenging but not impossible puzzles.

Escape Masters, or rather the game masters, offer rooms for groups of two to seven players to play. Their “Italian Mafia Restaurant” is a duplicate made so that groups of friends can compete against each other.

Address – 1744 Rue William #109, Montreal, QC H3J 1R4, Canada

4) Missions Morpheus

Little Italy’s Missions Morpheus has five well-planned-out rooms in a setting of old-school cinema theme to offer.

At Missions Morpheus, players can choose a difficulty level – beginner, advanced, expert. This would determine how many clues they would get.

Address – 6963 Plaza St-Hubert Corner of Belanger, Montreal, Quebec H2S 2N1 Canada

5) Find The Key

Find The Key is an Old Montreal spot, and they have four rooms to offer from which the fan favorite is the Cabin in the Woods scenario.

Their rooms have been designed for two to six or three to eight players. Their time limits are 45-55 minutes.

Their games are tricky, but their highly detailed and well-designed spaces are what the fans love.

Address – 1000 R. Atateken #101, Montreal, QC H2L 3K5, Canada

6) Ezkapaz

They offer rooms in an elegant fashion, designed for four to eight people.

Their games are very suitable for beginners or groups who prefer amusing games and puzzles over taxing ones.

There are four themes for players to choose from: a famous Sweeney Todd room and one whodunnit game reminiscent of the board game Clue.

Address – 3955 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H2X 1Y4, Canada

7) Trapped

Trapped is a Canadian mega-chain providing escape rooms all over the country from British Columbia to Newfoundland too.

Their Montreal location offers four escape rooms with a personal touch and has very engaging and friendly staff members.

Address – 933 Ontario St E, Montreal, Quebec H2L 1P6, Canada

8) Échappe-Toi

Échappe-Toi is a Montreal company offering nine rooms to host two to six players. They also have two more rooms in beyond on the way and Laval.

At Echappe-Toi, a perfect bridge is created between history and mystery. All of their games have been sprinkled with a historical spin.

One of their games is based on the prohibition era of Montreal, the disappearance of one of Jacques, Cartier’s boats, and so many more.

They also have a treasure hunt room, only for kids.

Address – 2244 Rue Lariviere, Montreal, QC H2K 4P8, Canada

9) Vortex Escape Room

Vortex Escape Room is a relatively newbie to the local scene of escape games and rooms.

They offer two themes in their escape rooms for two to six and four to eight players.

They also have virtual reality games, including two Ubisoft VR escape games.

Fans of Stranger Things would be drawn to this small plateau location. Also, one of their escape rooms is Nightfall, which is inspired by the Netflix series Nightfall.

Address – 3841 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H2W 1X9, Canada

10) Obsidem

At Obsidem you are sure to have a great experience. Here players do not have to rely on quizzes or puzzles to go through the game. Instead, ingenuity, wits, and objects in their surroundings can be used to finish and win the challenge.

At Obsidem, they aim at creating an experience as realistic and real-life-like, and original scenarios as possible, which helps test how you would react and respond in a kidnapping scenario or investigating a hazardous murder scene, and so much more.

Their game time is 20-90 minutes. Their games are designed for children 12 years and above, and they require anyone below 16 years of age to be accompanied by an adult.

Address – 2025 Rue Parthenais Suite 301, Montreal, QC H2K 3T2, Canada.

If not for yourself at this moment, if you know someone who craves mystery and thrills, then many of these escape rooms are available to book online- or by phone, a reservation, and also offer a gift card. At cancellation, a full refund is also available.

Before complete booking, there is often a safety speech.

Quality and maximum fun and entertainment while maintaining total sanitation are essential for these Montreal escape rooms.

All our rooms are well santized, and all our games are thrilling ” is what you can be sure to be guaranteed by all of these escape rooms.

So call all your buddies and gather up the squad and go to your chosen escape game and room to have an immersive experience and the time and thrill of your life, a time you would never forget.


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