Top 12 Toronto Breweries To Try

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Are you looking for the best Toronto breweries? Then you have landed at the right place because beer lovers in Toronto shouldn’t miss the opportunity to taste some finer beers the city offers.

A brewery can be a relaxing place for everyone in a city full of stressed-out people. Due to the diversity of the city’s population, some of the top Toronto breweries may be found there. There are many working professionals here.

Let’s sip some heavenly beers! And after a day of hard work, you must treat yourself to the best Toronto breweries and taste their handcrafted beers and other drinks.

There are over 30 breweries present in Toronto, but we have listed the 15 best Toronto breweries for your convenience.

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12 Best Toronto Breweries!

1. Bellwoods Brewery

One of the most popular and best Toronto breweries is the Bellwoods Brewery, founded in 2012. The owners of this fantastic brewery have travelled worldwide to collaborate and learn about the brewing process.

They use Brettanomyces and house bacteria blends, which are used to make beer like a pale ale, and they have put a lot of effort into the barrel ageing process, which is a risky task. 

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Official website – Bellwoods Brewery

So, next time you think about visiting this place, remember that you are visiting one of the most awarded breweries in Toronto.

2. Blood Brothers Brewing

Blood Brothers Brewing is another popular place in Toronto

They have an extensive menu that offers stouts, pale ale, IPA, sour and funky flavoured beers, wine, cider, and seltzer, a few non-alcoholic drinks, some delicious sandwiches, burgers, and fries.

Run by two crazy brothers is the reason behind the name of the brewery. Their hit drinks are white lies, and paradise is lost. 

So, don’t forget to have a fantastic day with your beer buddies at this lovely brewery in Toronto.

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3. Black Lab Brewing

The black lab brewing got its name from the owner’s dog. Yes, that’s right! The owner aims to provide high-quality beers to their customers; 

The goal was to design a relaxing area where individuals could spend time with their loved ones and four-legged friends. This location is welcoming to dogs, pets, and owners because of the ample area.

You can get all kinds of sour, pale ale, IPAs and delicious food. You can also spot snoopy, the owner’s dog, here; it sounds like a paradise to us!

4. Godspeed Brewery

If you want to experience Japanese vibes, Godspeed Brewery is the place for you. 

This elegant restaurant-looking brewery offers a wide selection of hearty Japanese dishes. You want to take your date here because of its elegant interior.

This brewery is run by one and only Luc Lafontaine, the head brewer of the Montreal powerhouse Dieu du Ciel. 

He has 20 years of experience crafting beers, and his speciality drink is ‘Otsukaresama Dortmunder,’ which has a delicious spicy and tangy flavour.

5. Junction Craft Brewing

Founded in 2011 by two beer lovers to make the best and high-quality handcrafted beer, Junction Craft Brewing is the place for you to visit in Toronto. 

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Official website – Junction Craft Brewing

The brewery has changed its location to a place that had been in use as an art décor incinerator, later used for rave parties, and now it has been restored into a beautiful, lively place.

You can even get fresh beer delivery within a day and choose from their lengthy menu of creative beers and food. This brewery does a great job and can produce small batches yearly.

6. Left Field Brewery

Left Field Brewery is Toronto's baseball-themed brewery

It was founded in 2013 and is one of the best Toronto Breweries.  The fact that it is a baseball-themed brewery makes them unique in itself. 

This great brewery is run by a couple passionate about baseball and fine ales. Hardcore baseball enthusiasts or those who enjoy visiting venues with a theme will love this location.

The aura of this place is fun and relaxing. You can enjoy your easy drinking here under the protection of the four-legged head of security, which is a dog! What else do you need at this fantastic place?

7. Bandit Brewery

The Bandit Brewery is one place that derives its inspiration from the German Beer Gardens because the owners have lived in Germany. 

This place in Toronto is not like an enclosed building. The brewery is present in an open garden-like area.

It is one of the best Toronto breweries and is run by two working professionals with over ten years of experience and made beers in their backyards. 

They finally quit their job and allowed the people of Canada to taste their best IPAs, dry-hopped sours, and farmhouse ale.

They release fresh and small batches every month, so don’t miss the opportunity of witnessing this delicious beer scene. Bring your friends along and celebrate your weekend here.

8. Henderson Brewery

Henderson Brewery tasting rooms and bottle shops are always open for you. You can shop online, visit the brewery or take away some cans or beer bottles, whatever suits your need.

This brewery has many beer varieties to offer to its customers, and you can find some funny and unique names here on its menu.

The brewery doesn’t offer food items on its menu but is most welcome to grab a bite from the food trucks parked outside. While visiting Railpath or the Museum of Contemporary art, this is the right place to stop and relax.

9. Muddy York Brewing Company

Muddy York is an exciting place to visit in Toronto because it is run by a couple who are scholars in their fields. 

One is an award-winning brewer, and the other is a designer in chef, so missing the opportunity of tasting the handcrafted beers and delicious food would be a mistake.

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Official website – Muddy York Brewing Co.

Deriving its name from the earlier weather and road conditions, this brewery was founded in 2012. They named it muddy york because when it rained a few decades ago, the roads used to get messy.

But the hardworking people of york were always ready to work whatever the situation. They have several outlets around Toronto and Canada, so you don’t miss the taste of their heavenly drinks. Say cheers to their yummy food and delicious beer!

10. Radical Road Brewing Co.

Radical Road

This is another one of the best Toronto breweries you will come across in the city. The brewery derives its inspiration from European pubs, making it extremely beautiful, and their friendly staff will make you want to be their best friend.

The Radical road brewing company is a great place to visit for tasting handcrafted beers and some great appetizers to give you a complete experience. 

They are one of the best-rated breweries in Toronto, known for their quality service, amazing foods, and economical pricing.

11. Rain Hard Brewing Company

Rain Hard brewery is the place you go to when you want to have a taste of your classical beers. 

The brewery’s owner, Jordan Rainhard, has put all his efforts into designing this beautiful place to enjoy your drinks while surrounded by brewing vessels and oak barrels.

This brewery in Toronto has won several awards and is one famous place to visit when you are nearby. Taste their delicious beers, and attend the special events for a better experience.

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12. Indie Alehouse

It looks like 2012 was the year of breweries and pubs, and like many others, Indie Alehouse opened here in Toronto in 2012. If you like trying new flavours and experimenting with beers, this is the place for you.

They produce different types of rosters for easy drinking of beer by everyone and try to experiment by making some rare ale, which is generally hard to find. 

They have won lots of awards and recognitions, and they also sometimes extend patio season to enjoy the weather and beer alone.

Closing Thoughts

That was all about the best Toronto breweries, so if you are looking for some of the best to visit and enjoy, you can see any of the places mentioned above. 

We enjoyed being your beer guide in this delicious journey of handcrafted beers and tasty food. The best things about the breweries in Toronto are that many places are pet-friendly, and pet lovers love these places. 

After all, what can be better than having sips of beer with your best companion? You can find out about some other pet-friendly Toronto Breweries here!

If you are visiting Toronto and after charging yourself up with some fine beers, you are looking for someplace that will give you another level of an adrenaline rush. 

This was an article on ’15 Best Toronto Breweries!’ if you have something to add, please feel free to share your thoughts with us! If you have visited any of these breweries, share your experience with us!

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