California Wine Festival Calgary 2021 – A Beautiful Affair!

What combination fits better than wine and travel? Calgary has one of the most prolific and popular wineries that attract a lot of tourists annually. If you’re a tourist in Calgary, you ought to experience the California Wine Festival Calgary

There are around 800 wineries across Canada. Many of these wineries are shipping across the country, which is great as it brings them closer to their customers.

The federal government opened this up for cross-country shipping last year. This is an outstanding initiative as it will help boost the economy of Canada

Wineries In California

California produces the majority of US wine by a substantial margin. It is responsible for 85% of US wine. A fun fact is that if California were a country, it would be the fourth-largest wine producer globally.

You can look forward to a variety of red wines and white wines at the California Wine Festival in Calgary. There will include a wide selection of wines from top producers.

California made its modern reputation on single-variety wines featuring international grapes. They seem to be big affairs with lots of alcoholic extraction.

It would be best if you kept an eye on some of the recent wine trends, like the tremendous Rhone-Styled wines coming out.

 Some wineries also produce Italian wine, also called the Cal-Ital revival. A lot of wineries in Canada have their restaurants. 

What Is a Wine Tasting Event?

The objective of a wine-tasting event is for you to expand your knowledge. Whether you’re a wino or just a casual drinker, you’re welcome at the California Wine Festival Calgary.

Visiting a winery is a great way to escape the big city and spend a day drinking and learning more about wine. 

California Wine Festival will be worth your while. 

2021 California Wine Fair Calgary

Photo from California Wine Fair website

The California Wine Fair gives wine lovers a chance to assemble and sample premium wines from many viners. An extra price need not be paid for each sample because it’s all included in the ticket cost.

Your ticket price also includes light hors d’oeuvres. It’ll be an enriching experience. Calgary is one of the only 4 cities to host this event.

To regulate your alcohol intake, you can spit out the wine that you taste into a spittoon. Winery representatives will not be offended by this act, as they know that you can’t possibly take in all the wine you want to taste.

This is a much-awaited event because wine lovers have the amazing opportunity to sample around 400 wines from approximately 150 producers.

The California Wine Festival Calgary 2021 will be held at Hudson, a luxurious space in downtown Calgary. It’s an extraordinary event showcasing all top-quality wines of many varieties from Canada and other places.

This event is in partnership with Safe Haven Foundation, a mission to help Calgary’s homeless and at-risk girls. It proceeds will be donated to help this foundation.

Date And Time

Wed, 28 April 2021.

7:00 PM – 9:30 PM MDT.


The Hudson, Calgary

200 8 Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta T2P 1B5, Canada.

Please note that this event is for people above the age of 18. You must carry your id proof because you may be asked to show it at the entrance.

Make sure to be responsible for the amount of alcohol you consume and maintain the decorum of this event. Lastly, do not drink and drive. 

Some Wine Etiquettes For You

If you are cheering your glasses with someone, you don’t have to click your glasses; you can look them in the eye and raise your glass.

If you insist on clicking glasses, you must do it from the bowl part because it is the strongest part of your glass. If you do it from the rim, your glass may break or get cracks.

A second tip is to hold your wine glass from the stem. It may seem secure to hold it above the stem, but you may leave fingerprints on it if you’re eating, which can be very noticeable. 

You can hold the foot of the glass while conversing with people. Some wine experts hold their glass from below the bowl mainly because they’re trying to change the temperature of the wine.

Because you’ll just be tasting a variety of wines, make sure you pour an amount that you’ll be able to consume. It isn’t nice if you throw away a part of it.

Most people think that swirling your wine makes you pretentious, but it’s done to bring out all the aroma. It’ll be nice if you follow these basic things at the California Wine Festival Calgary.

Some Famous Wines in Canada to Taste At the California Wine Festival Calgary

1. Benjamin Bridge Nova 7

Nova Scotia wine, in general, is unique. It is a sweet, sparkling wine and consists of Moscato grapes, orange, and honeysuckle. It has low alcoholic content. You can consume this with grilled veggies or seafood; it’s versatile.

California Wine Festival Calgary

2. Chardonnay

Chardonnay is a kind of white wine that comes from eastern townships. You can think of drinking it with grilled chicken, or grilled pork. Chardonnay is also called the ‘red wine of whites.’

It exhibits flavours of green apple, pear, kiwi, and lemon-lime. The taste of Chardonnay depends mainly upon where it’s produced. Supreme Chardonnay wines are costly, but it’s worth every penny. 

California Wine Festival Calgary

3. Riesling

Riesling is technically a white grape, but you’ll often see it leaning towards pink and white red. It is juicy and fruity. It can taste like peaches, nectarine, citrus tangerine, and grapefruit.

Riesling can be made into any wine, from a dry bubbly to a super sweet dessert wine. You’ll find a variety of these at the California Wine Festival Calgary.

4. Shiraz

It is a red wine with strong black and purple flavours like black raspberry, plum, and blueberry. If you like bold red, you must try this. They’re perfect to have with red meat, especially if grilled.

California Wine Festival Calgary

Buy your tickets in advance because there is a limit to the number of people at the California Wine Festival. Get excited to taste the most extraordinary wines. Hope you savour every drop of wine at the California Wine Festival in Calgary.

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