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Hoping Inside the Stonehouse Vineyard: 7 Essential Insights for Wine Lovers

Stonehouse vineyard is the perfect destination set beside beautiful hills. How about walking hand in hand in the yards of grape-bearing wines, with the best sun at the backdrop? Delightful, right?

Moreover, the winery at the stone house vineyard serves your interest in wine with great style.

1. History of the Stone House Vineyard

Angela, the stone house vineyard founder, hails from the Barossa Valley Australia. Barossa is Australia’s prime wine region. She got the heritage of wines and wineries where her parents owned a vineyard.

She then moved to England and trained as a chef in the renowned Le Cordon Bleu. It was from here she followed her passion and interweaved the taste of food with the wines.

The owner of Stonehouse -vineyard, Angela, 1996, married Howard Moench. Their romantic vision of planting a vineyard turned for them into an opportunity to be a part of the rising wine industry in Texas hill country.

2. Stonehouse -Vineyard- Climate & Location

The climate, stony soil, and moderating breeze from lake Travis make the condition apt for growing vines in Texas.

Because of its location,  Stone house vineyard, in the Texas hill country has so many credits to its side. The stone house vineyard overlooks lake Travis. The place little beyond Spicewood, Tx let you travel off the beaten path, to the roads less travelled, and then into the winery.

The years of hard work and the unique lake Travis view makes the vineyard outstanding. In 2006 Stone house vineyard was launched.

Stonehouse Vineyard
Image from Stonehouse -Vineyard

The tasting room in the center of the vineyard estate makes the visit exclusive with the breathtaking views.

Best place to taste complex, diverse yet the best wines from various regions in the texas hill country.

Reach out At 24350 Haynie Flat Rd, Spicewood, TX 78669, United States

3. The WorkForce at Stone House Vineyard

The wine vintners and the wine connoisseurs at the stone house vineyard take utmost care of the quality, style, and comfort to serve their visitors.

The owner and winemaker critically analyze both negative and kind reviews and acknowledge all the feedback from its guests. The initial hard work of a family friend from Napa Valley helped in sourcing the wines from these acclaimed regions of wine and winery.

4. Stone House Vineyard- Things to Do

4.1. Celebration and Events

Are you a nature lover and wish to proclaim your special day with your close ones? The stone house vineyard’s picturesque location promises an inviting setting with an amazing vineyard and beautiful garden spread out.

4.2. Picnic

Enjoy any of the Stonehouse- vineyards with the family. Bring your food basket and enjoy the fresh wine from the winery. The new walking paths and new seating points add to its welcoming lists.

4.3. Exclusive Stone House Vineyard Events

Stonehouse -vineyard calls its guests for a list of the exclusive held event at the vineyard. Star gazing Evenings, Total Eclipse, Australia Day Dinner, and Valentine’s Dinner to name the latest.

For the above exclusive events details, like date and time, cost per person, reservations, and terms and conditions visit the website.

4.4. Wine Club

Be a wine club and get the taste upgraded as the wines are made best to suit your mood and food. Select your toast of glass from red, white wines, or mixed packs.

Wine Club
Image from Stonehouse- Vineyard

Today members are as far as Maine and California apart from the long list of members from Texas.

Become a member of the wine club offered in three categories, Silver category, Gold, and Platinum too.

Follow the list below for the benefits offered by the Stonehouse- vineyard for club members:

  1. Special Invitations to member evenings and events.
  2. Access to private Lake View Retreat
  3. Winery Events – Get notified and preferred booking facility
  4. Private tasting
  5. Change your wine preferences throughout the year either online or by personally contacting the wine club manager.

Really these facilities speak volumes about the wine club at Stonehouse- Vineyard.

5. Stonehouse- Vineyard: Nook and Corner

Stone house vineyard offers guests comfort in different theme-based seating arrangements. If you are visiting this vineyard with family but no kids then make sure to make bookings in advance.

If you wish to taste great wine with a great ambiance you have hit the right place in the hill country.

5.1. Fruit Picking

Enjoy the grape picking of exclusive local Norton grapes on Sunday afternoon at this heritage property.

My friend, I wish you to be aware of the fact that you require reservations for such activity at this winery.

5.2. Lakeside Retreat

Strictly a private part but can be availed by you if you have a wine club membership. Please check the details below in the article’s wine club section.

5.3. Barrel Room

The barrel room was incepted in 2006-07. With the larger fermentation in mind, it houses many large barrels and sit-ups to enjoy the wines.

5.4. Tasting Room

Taste some of the best wines under the guidance of some of the knowledgeable vintners in the wine-tasting room. The huge limestone blocks used in building the tasting room weighs 2000 pounds. Isn’t it assure the sturdy taste as well?

The entire property at this vineyard assures you a triad. How? The picturesque stretches of vines, the enthralling lake Travis, and the patio to sit and drink your favourite wines. Choose from the three tastings: The House Tasting, The special reserve Tasting, and The Dessert Tasting.

6. Stonehouse- Vineyard: Wines Served

Most of the wines out of the array of wines served at Stonehouse- vineyard are made from California or Australia-bred grapes. The only wine that stands out is locally grown vine, the Norton grape,

The list of wines served is distinct and can be ordered online. To name a few

  • Cuvee Cuddles Champagne Reserve Brut Nonvintage
  • Claros Texas Hill Country
  • Special Reserve Merlot Napa Valley 2019
  • Valentine’s Pack
  • Sparkling and dessert wine are a must if you love the traditional taste and flavours.

7. Stonehouse- Vineyard- Points to Remember

Based on the great review, I have layered out some points to follow before you visit this lake-overlooking winery, Stonehouse -vineyard which serves vintage wines.

  • Make sure you get all the reservations done well in advance.
  • Prebook the slot for wine tasting.
  • Strictly no entry for kids.
  • Stonehouse- vineyard is for the 21+ age group.
  • Many of its members at the wine club have written a kind review for their awesome services like serving and shipping wine too.

8. Takeaway

Stone house vineyard is one of the best wineries to visit whether you are dating out this Valentine’s Day with a boyfriend or girlfriend or relaxing with family or buddies or on a day out trip. The majestic location, the winery and vineyard on a high bluff with a look across to lake Travis, offers wines from the hill country and South Australia.

So enjoy the tastings of scores of wines with the guidance of knowledgeable staff along with the delectable food options and some hot news in the soothing atmosphere of the Stonehouse- vineyard, Texas. 

I hope the article is helpful to you in experiencing one of the best wineries and vineyards in Texas. So, why bottle your palate when you can pour flavours into glasses?

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