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Campbell River – 20 Amazing Things To Know!

Campbell River is positioned on the Salish Sea (Strait of Georgia) and is all about salmon. It is called the Salmon Capital of Canada due to the sheer variety of salmon available here.

Life in Campbell River, British Columbia (BC), Canada - Driving Around Houses & Property


Campbell River has been a focal spot for salmon fishing and an essential gateway to northern Vancouver Island’s magnificent wastelands.

The ships HMS Discovery and HMS Chatham carried Captain George Vancouver when they arrived at the Campbell River region in 1792.

From the vicinity of Fort Rupert, a migration of Kwakwaka’wakw people of the Wakashan cultural and linguistic group migrated south throughout the 18th century.

Old legends said a person could walk on water on the fish here, such as the abundance of salmon in Campbell. 

A minute trickle of pioneers supported loggers walking along the coast. Still, the bounty of salmon passed the aristocrats’ consideration and prosperous outdoor practitioners from Europe and America.

However, when the John Hart Dam became operational in 1948, it developed into a modern metropolis of over 31,000, with a diversified marketplace focused on afforestation, fishing, agriculture, light production, mining, and tourism.

Designated one of the prime five qualities of life goals in North America by Foreign Direct Investment Magazine, Campbell River extends a well-balanced lifestyle encompassed by nature.

With the Discovery Passage streams at the shoreline and grand cliffs as a backdrop, Campbell River is established at the 50th parallel on the East Coast of Northern Vancouver Island.

They are the third-largest centre on the archipelago, with a community of over 37,500, and the urban service centre and hub centre for roughly 60,000 people dwelling and operating in the sector.

Campbell River
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From eco-adventures and universally renowned salmon fishing to skiing at Mount Washington, boutique shopping to advanced educational opportunities, community celebrations to meadows, safe streets to cultural treasures, fine dining to golfing, and tracks for all generations and expertise, Campbell River has it all!

As the blooming centre hub of northern Vancouver Island and the central coast region, the Campbell River is a welcoming small-town character.

Combine an encountered labour power and a talented pool of skilled administrators, one of the most helpful Pacific Northwest situations.

This offers them a plentiful shade for manufacturers looking for an extremely comfortable situation, ample natural beginnings, and first-class transportation and communications systems.

Campbell River’s exciting seaside atmosphere, west coast lifestyle, and customs offer an enthralling spot to support and explore.

Incredible Places Near Campbell River

Here are some mind-blowing places near Campbell river.

1. Big Rock

As the legend goes, many bears on the mainland wanted to go to Vancouver Island desperately, but it was beyond their abilities.

At that time, The Great Spirit declared that if the bears could go to Vancouver Island in one leap, they could stay there forever, provided they were not wet. Otherwise, they would turn to rocks.

Many bears tried and failed, which explains the many rocks strewn at Vancouver Island’s edge.

It is also claimed that the Big Rock is of the King Grizzly Bear, who also faced the same fate as his other bear relatives.

2. Haig-Brown Kingfisher Creek Heritage Property

In 1923, this farmhouse was the former residence of Ann and Roderick Haig-Brown, a well-known conservationist, author, and magistrate.

Kingfisher Creek’s trails are well-maintained with facilities of benches and picnic tables and meander through the forest.

Campbell River
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3. Sybil Andrews Cottage

The memorable Andrews-Morgan estate is based on the Sybil Andrews Cottage and the Walter Morgan Carving Shed.

Built-in 1942, the cottage is a simplistic wood-frame building home to the renowned designer Sybil Andrews and her husband, Walter Morgan, for almost five decades.

The celebrated oceanfront property comprises organic flower fields, apple trees formerly on Quadra Island’s business, and unobstructed openings.

4. Museum At Campbell River

Located at 470 Island highway at 5th Avenue, this contemporary museum highlights theatre rooms dispensing the film footage of the traditional blast of “Ripple Rock” in 1958.

A spectacular display showcases the country’s first experience with a mask display. Also, a lumbering steam donkey, a logger’s shelter, and the Willow’s Hotel model are displayed.

The Campbell River Art Gallery (near the Visitor Information Center in Tyee Plaza) is accessible year-round with two exhibition halls, a workshop, and a souvenir shop; admission is by donation. Its location is1235 Shoppers Row

Exhibits alternate every four to six weeks. They also contribute 40 seminars, lectures, and professional talks for women and children.

Campbell River
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6. Torii Gate

Torii gates commemorate a specific situation or place. A Torii Gate commemorated ten years of twinning with Ishikari, Japan. The entrance of this gate is positioned in Sequoia Park across from the Museum at Campbell River.

7. Great Bear of Bute: Grizzly Bear Viewing & Indigenous Cultural Tour

On this breathtaking wildlife, social and maritime tour, observe huge bears in their typical habitat.

Join an Original design and tour the Homalco First Nations common region in Bute Inlet. Bear inspecting, whale watching, and cultural research make for a one-of-a-kind experience.

This is the only bear voyage from Campbell River that is 100% domestically owned and presents you with an immersive natural adventure from commencement to termination.

8. 4-Hour Zodiac Whale And Wildlife Tour

Join them on a Whale and Wildlife travel as they traverse the Salish Sea, Discovery Passage, and Johnstone Strait waters.

With an excess of wildlife in their area, they are likely to confront Bears, Steller Sea Lions, Killer Whales, Pacific White-Sided Dolphins, Humpback Whales, and so much more.

While they can’t recommend these creatures on each voyage, they take satisfaction in each tour and take every occasion to show the companies everything imaginable during their tour.


9. Kayaking With Whales And Wildlife

Just have a day to spare? Campbell River Whale Watching and exciting WILDCOAST Adventures have combined capabilities to produce the most sensational Kayak with Whale day tours for enthusiastic travellers.

This unbelievable kayaking and whale-watching experience will carry you into the forest’s centre, which is growing with wildlife.

You will spend almost half the day kayaking in areas with wildlife and half the day on a whale-watching excursion aboard their coated container “Wild 1”, highlighting an open viewing deck.

Combining these two experiences maximizes your wildlife conflicts and access states otherwise out of range to a single-day tour.

10. Glacier Helicopter Tour

Take off from Campbell River on a voyage that is unlike any other. You’ll travel over the Comox Glacier and get a bird’s-eye view of the magnificent landscape over the Vancouver Island Mountain Range.

See British Columbia’s most beloved provincial park, Strathcona Provincial Park, from high above, and marvel at the views that are frequently only for seasoned hikers and highlanders!

Campbell River
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11. Elk Falls Guided Nature Walk

Join them as they tour Campbell River’s iconic Elk Falls Provincial Park. Travel the multiple paths that bend the woods next to the river’s side, ending by traversing the discontinuing platform for your complete Campbell River Photo!

12. 6-Hour Whale Watching

Their 6-Hour tours allow us to investigate further some more fundamental and exclusive beach regions. Improve your possibilities of understanding some larger marine life, like Whales and Dolphins!

They have a real gamble of detecting black bears and Grizzly scavenging on the seashore! They confront resident orcas, bald eagles, humpback whales, Pacific white-sided dolphins, porpoises, and more!

Tour Length: 6 Hours.

13. Guided Hike To Ripple Rock

Register on this 8km round trip walks through their coastal rainforest. Emerge on top of the hill commanding Seymour Narrows and the well-known Ripple Rock explosion site.

The tour includes transport from their hotel, lunch on the cliff, and an expert guide and biologist. Let their guide share an understanding of the political past.

This is a moderate hike; the track is well reported; however, there are some moderately steep slopes and rugged areas. Comfortable hiking footwear and water are required.

14. People Water Land- Indigenous Cultural And Wildlife Tour

Register for this private, little group practice for a day of bears, marine wildlife, and artistic development.

Travel to Bute Inlet aboard a luxurious, passionate boat through the Salish Sea while attending to sea lions, porpoises, humpback whales, dolphins, bald eagles, orcas, and different seabirds.

Highlights include an interpretive walk with a guide to learn about bears and the land’s traditional uses. You will board our bus to a bear viewing tower overlooking the Orford River to search for other wildlife and hear stories, legends, and more.

This whole cultural and wildlife trip from Campbell River is 100% domestically owned and presents you with an immersive innate experience from start to finish.

By taking Homalco Tours, you help donate to the Homalco First Nation people and youth’s cultural and economic betterment.

15. Discovery Passage Helicopter Tour

Join this minute group helicopter travel to see Vancouver Island’s coastline from a new angle. Start with protection guidance with your qualified pilot, then head up out over the Georgia Strait.

Enjoy remarkable cliff and ocean panoramas as you travel over Quadra Island, Discovery Passage, and the wonderful Rebecca Spit Marine Provincial Park before reverting to Campbell River.

Campbell River
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16. Spring Bear And Waterfall Tour

One can join the Spring Discovery Tour that explores the mainland inlets to see waterfalls in all their brilliance.

As you travel the shorelines, you must keep your eyes peeled for different wildlife types as they return and awaken from the long cold winter, such as sea lions, seabirds, and orcas.

On this almost 7 hours tour, you will travel throughout the islands surrounding Campbell River and make your way to the various inlets of British Columbia’s mainland coast while exploring wildlife along the way.

17. Brewery and Distillery Tour

Join them as they visit some of the most immeasurable Brewery and Distilleries the Comox Valley and Campbell River offer.

Sample a retreat from each winery and determine your preference; let your taste buds try something different! Explore the method of how brew and drinks are produced.

What’s Incorporated:

  • transportation in the 15-passenger Ford Transit Vehicle
  • lunch,
  • a retreat at two wineries,
  • a tasting and tour at one distillery,
Campbell River
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18. Holly Hill Farm

Holly Hill Farm is an amazing and enormous petting farm placed in Campbell River’s core on Canada’s gorgeous Vancouver Island.

The hero of Campbell River’s Best New Business Award, Holly Hill Farm, may the citizens each Sunday from 10-2:00 (mid-March throughout October).

Visitors are encouraged to investigate and engage in a free-ranging farmyard: nestling baby bunnies, cleaning mini goats, holding chickens, and hand-feeding a loving alpaca and horse.

A hands-on adventure like no other, guests can scratch a potbelly pig’s gut and, on favourable events, observe the birth of an infant sheep or goat!

Expanding into a beneficial and horticultural centre of Campbell River, Holly Hill Farm also treats community occasions, summer camps, birthday functions, and informative after-school programs.

The farm is also a wholesome free-range chicken, eggs, and fibre grown ethically and naturally.

19. Campbell River Discovery Fishing Pier

Experience enduring history and art firsthand at Canada’s first saltwater fishing pier. The Discovery Fishing Pier stretches 150 ft from the beach and is 600 ft long, providing unobstructed Discovery Passage scenes.

A popular place with regional anglers, the pier presents a straightforward recreational fishing method. It has built-in rod arms, covered areas, picnic boards, bait stands, fish cleaning tables, and seats.

No pole? No problem. The team runs a leaderboard in the summer and follows all the catches made off the dock; see if you can secure the board! The annual permission stand (Open May-October) presents rod and tackle rentals.

Besides the fishing, the concession stand is also renowned for its distinctive (and giant) ice cream cones!

The Discovery Pier is discovered alongside the Government Wharf in downtown Campbell River and bestows a parking lot with the Maritime Heritage Centre and Discovery Passage Aquarium.

The Aquarium is permitted seasonally May-August and presents a “summer home” for political tidal beings.

The Maritime Heritage Centre is accessible year-round and houses the famous BCP45 fishing boat, highlighted on the Canadian $5.00 bill in the 1970s.

The Pier Street Farmers Market is treated here every Sunday and emphasizes a diversity of regional produce and artisan handicrafts from May-September.

Campbell River
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20. Campbell River Golf Course

The challenges of world-class golf meet serene and awe-inspiring open spaces, second to none, in the Campbell River Golf Course.

While playing golf on the courses, you may encounter bucks, hawks, birds, and other wildlife.

The Campbell River golf fields can be performed year-round, and you can supplement an additional nine holes to a golf vacation seasonally on Quadra Island.

All present possibilities to merge with locals and interlock at the beginning and mythical characteristics of the sport. There are courses for novices, recreational golfers, and injury handicappers.

The courses have 3 or 4 separate tee locations to equal the difficulty with your level of golf.

Some of Campbell River’s hotels and lodges offer exceptional golf units. There are different opportunities in the area for apres-golf expertise to help improve your experience in the town.

Campbell River
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Closing Thoughts

Campbell River & Region has some attractive squares with comfortable, welcoming spaces equipped with exploration.

Whether it’s ultimate sports or the satisfaction of observing the sunrise from an isolated beach, the Campbell River Region embraces you to submerge yourself in the ongoing venture.

Photo by Alpegor6 from Depositphotos

This beautiful edge of Vancouver Island is provided with wastelands, grasses, rivers, mountainous meadows, creeks, and access to the protective Salish Sea and the expansive Pacific ocean.

The most notable places we recommend are; the oyster river, the Campbell River mirror office, the city of Campbell River and fishing lodges.

Also, the connectivity is excellent! On your trip we recommend that you use inland island highway, campbell river airport,  ten-minute ferry ride from Campbell River takes you to charming Quadra Island  and other such options.

Visitors can take brief pauses and getaways as they get involved, rest profoundly, or find a refreshing prospect of the two in their physical surroundings.

Oceanside hikes, the region’s shores, and many wild places afford a spread of guest options. Campbell River provides year-round shore trips, and locals and companies experience shared adventures with periodic cruise ship expecting. 

Campbell Rivers is positioned halfway along Vancouver Island’s eastern border. Here, the original beauty and neighbourhood amenities contribute to an exceptional lifestyle that delivers inhabitants, companies, and guests’ room to grow and time to pause. Visit this paradise ASAP!


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