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Warm It Up – Top 10 Best Hot Springs Montana!

Looking for a way to beat the chilly winters in Montana? How about visiting the top 10 best hot springs Montana?

Montana is known for its rugged winter beauty and one of the most popular ways to beat the chilly winters. The best way to soak in Montana’s winter beauty is by visiting some of its best hot springs.

From cosy small-town charms to luxury resorts, the hot springs in Montana offer you different environments and a lot of great options.

Like Chico Hot Springs, Quinn’s Hot Springs offers Montana a great taste with comfortable lodging rooms and dining facilities.

These hot springs in Montana offer you a warm atmosphere and a great time to enjoy amid the cold winters with your friends and family. And the setting around the hot springs is breathtakingly beautiful and soothing.

The best part about the hot spring resorts in Montana is that, along with great services, they offer easy access to various other recreational activities. Such as exploring Yellowstone National Park‘ or going hiking and skiing.

Apart from the hot springs, click here if you want to visit other places with your friends and family.

Top 10 Best Hot Springs Montana

Imagine sitting in a hot tub in one of the best hot springs in Montana and enjoying the blanket of nature around you. Tempting right? Check out these best hot springs Montana.

1. Lolo Hot Springs

At the top of Montana’s mountains lies among the best hot spring resorts and a complete vacation spot, Lolo Hot Springs.

Lolo Hot Springs
Photo from Lolo Hot Springs website

Located near the Lolo National Forest, this hot spring pool is a hub for outdoor recreational activities as it features indoor and outdoor pools.

The indoor pool is a heated mineral water pool for the winter. The pools’ hot waters are heated up to 102 to 106 degrees, which just lets you soak in all the stress and aches of the day.

A campground and a variety of cabins or RV parking sites are also available, which is why it receives many visitors. The lodge has an in-house restaurant offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And the best part is the ‘live music events over the weekends.

The healing hot waters of Lolo Hot Springs are the favourite destination for outdoorsy people and vacationers.

You can visit their official website to know more in detail; click here.

P.S. – If you plan to visit in the summer, try out horseback riding and frisbee golf.

2. Bozeman Hot Springs

Next up on the list of the 10 best hot springs Montana is the Bozeman Hot Springs, located just a few minutes away from Yellowstone National Park.

Bozeman Hot Springs
Photo from Bozeman Hot Springs website

For over 100 years in service, Bozeman Hot Springs offers 12 different natural pools to enjoy with both dry and wet saunas.

The therapeutic waters of Bozeman Hot Springs have evolved as the most popular family destination in Montana.

The visitors mostly prefer the outdoor pool area as it features decorative lighting and rocks on the sides. And the indoor pool area features a steam room and a dry sauna to help you relax a tad bit more.

Bozeman Hot Springs also provides private swimming lessons, and daycare facilities, and hosts various events such as birthday parties, musical events, holiday parties, and student parties.

And their pool parties are always fun!

3. Elkhorn Hot Springs

On number 3 of 10 best hot springs Montana, we have Elkhorn Hot Springs located in Southwest Montana on the Pioneer Mountains Scenic Byway.

Elkhorn Hot Springs
Photo from Elkhorn Hot Springs website

First built in 1918, the hot springs at Elkhorn now feature two large pool areas. In Southwest Montana, this is the most relaxing destination, known for its rejuvenating waters.

The best part about this hot spring is its rustic decor. They have old-styled rooms and shared bathrooms, which gives out the century-old feels.

Alongside the swimming pool, Elkhorn also features an indoor wet sauna and lodging facilities to stay over.

Many recreational activities surround the resort, which comes as an additional benefit.

4. Norris Hot Springs

Next up on the list of the 10 best hot springs Montana is Montana’s geothermal wonder, Norris Hot Springs.

Norris Hot Springs, located in the Madison River Valley, offers an authentic and elegant experience. The pool is filled with people for appealing live music events every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

And the hot spring is home to an RV-friendly campground and an on-site snack bar, 50 Mile Snack Bar & 50 Mile Grill. The snack bar offers delicious organic and gluten-free items.

5. Lost Trail Hot Springs

Located near Lost Trail Powder Mountain, ‘Lost Trail Hot Springs’ is the next hot spring on Montana’s 10 best hot springs.

Lost Trail Hot Springs have the perfect scenery around it, as the Salmon-Challis National Forest surrounds it. A large greenhouse covers the pool to bear the coldest months and enjoy the hot waters,

On top of that, it serves fresh and hot New York-style thin-crust pizza directly from the onsite restaurant during the winter. And you can enjoy the pizza after you are done with the indoor hot tub.

They offer various lodging facilities, too, including cabins and RV parking spots.

6. Symes Hot Spring Hotel, Hot Springs

On number 6 of our list of 10 best hot springs Montana is the Symes Hot Spring Hotel & Mineral Baths.

Located in Hot Springs, Montana, the Symes Hot Spring Hotel is a historic resort from the 1930s with a beautiful essence from the past. It is considered one of Montana’s hidden treasures.

The resort gives you the feeling of being in an old historic place yet serves you with the top modern amenities. The hotel features homely rooms, with a personal jacuzzi and foot bathtubs in a few.

The resort also hosts special events throughout the year, such as Symes Hot Springs Blues Festivals, to keep the guests entertained.

And the best part is their amazing in-house restaurant, Symes Bathhouse Grill & Cantina, which offers an extensive dinner menu and breakfast buffets.

7. Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs

Located just off the highway, Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs is the next hot spring in our list of 10 best hot springs Montana.

Photo from Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs website

Sleeping Buffalo Hot Spring is the only hot spring built along Montana’s northern tier. And since the 1920s, this hot spring has managed to gain popularity all around the world.

The historic resort offers various other recreational activities, including swimming, boating, camping, and picnicking. It is not just limited to the hot springs.

All the pools in this resort are cleaned and refilled with natural hot springs water daily to ensure customers’ health & safety.

8. Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort

Up next on the list of the top 10 best hot springs Montana is Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort, one of the best hot spring resorts so far in the state.

Quinn’s is considered the perfect fall getaway as it is the most popular destination in Western Montana. They offer soothing hot mineral waters and a luxurious stay, with six different pools.

Along with their amazing pool area, they also feature a side-by-side bikini bar and a swimsuit-friendly space to relax and enjoy. And best of all, they feature an ice pool to help improve your blood circulation.

You can also join in the karaoke events or live band performances held every Friday & Saturday evening. The whole space is completely luxurious.

9. The Boiling River

Located in Yellowstone National Park between the Gardiner River and Mammoth Hot Springs is the next hot spring on our list.

Boiling River
Photo from Yellowstone park website

As natural as you may want is ‘The Boiling River’ hot spring in the Yellowstone area. It is the only legal space in Yellowstone where you can soak all your stress in a natural hot spring.

It is a natural hot tub, a mixture of ice-cold waters from the Gardiner River and the hot waters from the boiling hot springs.

The mixing of two different waters makes this hot spring special and unique; the mixing makes the temperature nearly perfect and very comfortable.

10. Fairmont Hot Springs Resort

Last but not least on the list of the 10 best hot springs Montana is the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort.

Fairmont Hot Springs Resort is Montana’s favourite Rocky Mountain resort offering amazing services at a great value.

The resort features two oversized Olympic swimming pools and mineral-soaking pools. One of each is located both indoors as well as outdoors.

The pools are not just for soaking and swimming but also feature a 350-foot enclosed water slide. The slide directly takes you into one of the outdoor pools and is a fun ride that ends with a splash. So, slide your way down.

The pools also have a newly constructed fitness centre and a day spa, complementary to the resort guests. Their services have always been top-notch.


The truth is everyone likes to relax and enjoy the hot springs in the winter. But not many are aware of the best ones that Montana has.

The above-listed 10 hot springs in Montana are the very best you will find. However, there are a few more.

If you have visited any of these top 10 hot springs in Montana, let us know your experience in the comment section. And if you haven’t visited any of these yet, then what are you waiting for? This is the right time to be there.

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