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Top 10 Cities In Nova Scotia for Vacation and Sightseeing

This article will take you through some of the most beautiful towns and cities in Nova Scotia, the thirteenth province of Canada. Most of the population in this region is English speaking.

Nova Scotia means ‘New Scotland.’ This area covers an area of 55,284-kilometer square. In December 2021, this province reached a population of 1 million.

Top 10 Cities In Nova Scotia, Canada

Here are a few amazing cities and towns of Nova Scotia that you must visit:

Top 10 Cities In Nova Scotia
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1. Antigonish

Known for St. Xavier University, Antigonish is one of the famous towns in Nova Scotia. It is located around 160 kilometers away from the provincial capital of Halifax.

Here are a few quick facts about Antigonish that you probably did not know:

1.1 The Name

The name Antigonish has been derived from the Mi’kmaq language. However, the meaning of the name has yet to be discovered as it got lost in the language and became history.

Before being a European settlement, this place was an annual Mi’kmaq summer coastal community.

1.2 The First European Settlement

Lt. Timothy had received a large land grant surrounding the city when the first European settlement occurred. Lt. Timothy belonged to the Royal Nova Scotia Regiment.

1.3 Economic Growth

Tremendous economic growth was observed in this region between 2004 and 2006. Some significant developments took place during this time. One of the most critical aspects of the city’s development is tourism.

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1.4 Arisaig Provincial Park

If you are planning to visit Antigonish with your friends and family, there is no better place than Arisaig Provincial Park to go for a day trip.

Known for preserved fossil beds, this park is an amazing place to visit. There is also a coastal lined area where you can take a walk.

1.5 Heritage Museum

The Antigonish Heritage Museum is a community that aims to preserve the culture and history of Canada. This is one of Canada’s most famous heritage buildings and promotes its unique culture.

2. Berwick

Located in Kings County, Berwick is relatively small yet has a lot to offer. It is known for its sightseeing services, and the Annapolis Valley defines its beauty.

Here are some amazing places to explore in Berwick:

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2.1 1950s Drive-In Theatre

Yes, you read it right! Berwick gives you a chance to experience the popular 1950s drive-in theatre. If you want to explore this, June and July would be the best months for visiting.

The theatre is open from Friday to Sunday from May to September every year.

2.2 Oaklawn Farm Zoo

Are you fond of animals? If yes, you must visit the Oaklawn Farm Zoo. You can see a variety of animals and eat in its canteen. You will also be able to find a shop in its building from where you can purchase gifts of your choice.

Good ambiance and delicious food are why the population of Berwick loves dining. The best thing about Berwick is that there are several amazing restaurants everywhere in the town. You can plan your trip by visiting

3. Bridgewater

Bridgewater is the largest town in the South Shore region of Canada. Located in Luneburg County, this place is the primary commercial and professional service center in the Southern half of this country.

Cities In Nova Scotia
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Bridgewater is a town that has a lot to offer in terms of tourism. This is because it is full of museums and galleries.

 Here are a few must-visit museums of Bridgewater:

  1. Wile Carding Mill Museum
  2. Des Brisay Museum
  3. Valverde Studio Gallery
  4. Lordly House Museum
  5. Amicus Gallery

You can go to these museums and enjoy watching the historical items displayed. You can also opt for a day trip provided by a trustable company.

they will show you some other major attractions of Bridgewater. This is the best option for traveling with your family or friends.

Do not forget to visit Graves Island, Provincial Park. You can go kayaking here or take an adventurous bike ride along Mahone Bay. This place also provides services and activities like tenting.

4. Lockeport

Lockeport is amongst some of the major cities and towns of Canada. Located in Shelburne county of Nova Scotia province, this town is ideal for fishing. Visitors can explore the following places in Lockeport:

Cities In Nova Scotia
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4.1 Crescent Beach

Known for white sand and a prepossessing view of the sea, this place can be your perfect summer home.

4.2 Lockeport Lighthouse

Lockeport is also known for its picturesque lighthouses; the Lockport Lighthouse is one of the most famous. It is located at Gull Rock, Lockeport, Shelburne, Nova Scotia B0T 1L0 Canada

4.3 Visit The Little School Museum

The Little School Museum in Nova Scotia province’s the most popular tourist attraction. It was built in 1845 and is the first schoolhouse in Lockeport.

You can see various artifacts and a marine room here. This place is undoubtedly worth your time and money.

5. Middleton

This place is located in Annapolis county, known as the ‘Heart Of The Valley.‘ Here is an amazing place that you can visit in Middleton, Nova Scotia:

Cities In Nova Scotia
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Old Holy Trinity Church

If you like visiting churches, you cannot miss out on the architecture and beauty of the Old Holy Trinity Church. This heritage site is one of the most pretty structures on the map of Canada.

It has been beautifully preserved and is taken care of. You will find several antique shops around the Old Holy Trinity Church. You can buy souvenirs for your friends and family.

6. Annapolis Royal

Another town in the Annapolis province is Annapolis Royal, formerly Port Royal.

Cities In Nova Scotia
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 This place accounts for 491 people out of the total Canadian population as of 2016.

It is primarily known to be one of the places where the first permanent European settlement took place. Moreover, it is famous for being a spot that shows the history of Canada’s history and theatre and art.

7. New Glasgow

Located on another shoreline in Canada’s Nova Scotia, New Glasgow is another incredible place to visit. Here are some things you can do at this place:

Cities In Nova Scotia
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7.1 Highland Square Mall

Do you like shopping? If yes, you must visit the Highland square mall. You can see several shops and buy souvenirs and gifts for your family and friends.

7.2 The Crombie

The Crombie is a restaurant with a great ambiance. You will find a fantastic collection of Canadian paintings on the walls. Moreover, Crombie’s staff and service are excellent.

8. Clark’s Harbour

Another unmissable place on the map of Nova Scotia is Clark’s Harbour. This place is in the Shelbourne County of Nova Scotia province, one of Canada’s major cities.

This is a small town that accounts for 758 people out of the total population in Canada. It has several 3-star hotels where you can plan your stay.

It is one of the most popular lobster fishing destinations in the world. Moreover, being a Lobster fishing city, it serves some of the best seafood in its restaurants. Visiting this place is also advantageous for photographers as it has a beautiful view that can be captured.

9. Mulgrave

The next best city on the map of Nova Scotia is Mulgrave. Located in Guysborough County, this place was named after the colonial lieutenant governor, the Earl of Mulgrave. If you are interested in its  land area, airport locations, or per capita income, reach out its city halls.

Founded in 1800, this place accounts for 722 people [as of 2016]of the total Canadian population. Here are a few places to visit in Mulgrave:

9.1 Eddy Point Lighthouse

You can reach this place easily via any form of road transport. Even though the site is not very attractive, you must take advantage of the delicious ice cream served here.

9.2 Mulgrave Heritage Centre

Anybody fond of history and heritage studies must take advantage of this site. The Mulgrave Heritage Centre shows the culture associated with this town.

You can also visit the following attractions, which are very close to the Mulgrave Heritage Centre:

  1. Canso Canal
  2. Port Hastings Provincial Park
  3. Customs House Artisans Incubator

On a side note: If you want to eat something on the town’s main street, you can look out for some of the best restaurants: A1 Pizza, Dairy Queen Grill, And Chill, or Fleur-De-Lis Tea Room

 10. Trenton

Trenton is one of the major towns on the map of Canada. It is located in Pictou County and was founded in 1786. The name was given a lot later, in 1882. Often comparable with new Brunswick, it offers many great outdoor activities that families can enjoy.

Trenton has a population of 2,474 as of 2016 and acquires an area of 6.07 kilometers square in Canada. You can visit Sinclair’s island and take a day tour of Trenton Park. You must take advantage of Roy Island if you like beaches.

Closing Thoughts

There is much more than you can explore in these beautiful cities in Nova Scotia<span data-preserver-spaces=”true”>. But These cities in Nova Scotia have a lot of adventures and tourist places to visit.

You will get the real experience only when you visit these incredible places! So, what are you waiting for? visit today.

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