Mahone Bay – 12 Stunning Places To See

Mahone Bay is a town located on the northwest shore of Mahone Bay and along the southern shore of Nova Scotia located in Lunenberg County. Voted as one of the best small town destinations in Canada, Mahone Bay is a treat to the visitors.

It’s a tranquil destination with some spectacular views of the blue waters where the sun sparkles like diamonds over the scenic harbor.

Vibrant painted Victorian homes and shops, heritage gardens, a stunning shoreline, and world-famous churches create the iconic backdrop of Canada’s one of the most picturesque towns to visit in.

Mahone Bay and Lunenberg were shipbuilding and fishing centers and recently Lunenberg, a historic port town is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site which makes this place a complete attractive package for tourists all over the world.

Things To Do in Mahone Bay

So if you’ve made your mind to visit and enjoy the iconic town of Mahone Bay, here I’ve discussed the things to do in Mahone Bay.

1. Take a Walk in Mahone Bay Museum

Mahone Bay Museum is an extremely popular community museum located in the heart of the stunning town providing every visitor in-depth knowledge of the culture and heritage of the place.

It’s a must-stop if one is exploring the main street of Mahone Bay.

The beautiful and iconic museum has some of the great displays of local history for children it’s not that boring though! It has some fun and creative activities for children to do.

One can know about the early history when the European settlers expanded out of Lunenberg and Halifax and surrounding areas around 1754.

Location: 578 Main Street, Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia B0J 2E0 Canada.

2. Pay a Visit to the St. James Anglican Church

St. James Anglican Church
Photo by Adwo/ Shutterstock

St. James Anglican Church in Mahone Bay is valued as a community landmark and people still value this place as a center of community life and place of worship.

Built between 1885-1887 in the High Victorian Gothic revival style with a strike of brown, red, and yellowish paint.

The Church is a center of cultural activities for the past two decades. This site also hosts many musical events for the people, including “The Three Churches” concert each summer which attracts many tourists from nearby towns.

The Church is visible from the land and sea, as its in a commanding position at the head of the Mahone Bay harbor.

The Church has tower chimes installed in 1986 which are heard throughout the city as they ring out the hours. Being almost destroyed in 2001 after a Halloween prank fire, the church now is back its early grandeur.

Location: 65 Edgewater Road, Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia B0J 2E0 Canada.

Northern Sun Gallery and Gifts
Photo from Northern Sun Gallery and Gifts website

Northern Sun Gallery is a high-end gift shop in Mahone Bay. Filled with lovely and exquisite items to inspire you. They bring you a rich and ethnic collection of jewelry, art, giftware, clothing, and much more under one roof.

This shop boasts the norms of local craftsmen and artisans. One can find elegant and simple earrings, rings and necklaces made locally and is loved by tourists visiting here.

Things sold here is so appealing that it attracts too many tourists throughout the year.

Funky leather wallets and jackets for men and unique linen blouses are necklaces for women are quite popular.

If you want to get a memorable souvenir from your trip to Mahone Bay do visit this place, you might get a special gift with your purchase!

Location: 8 Edgewater Street, Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia B0J 2E0 Canada.

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4. Saltbox Brewery – A Must Visit

Saltbox is a craft brewery located in the heart of Mahone Bay on Main Street.

This pristine brewery is welcoming, allows pets to visit in and one can bring their snacks to end to enjoy a great time here!

The Nun on the Run Cream Ale is probably their most popular version of traditional lager liked by many peoples visiting there.

Tourists appreciate their different techniques in beer making Saltbox as one of the best breweries in Mahone Bay.

The brewery has big doors that are wide-open to the patio area making the interior more comfortable.

Their popular list also includes Iron Bound Scotch Ale, Dory Racer Session Ale, Irish Red, Upstreet Gravedigger – a pumpkin-spice beer, Dynamite Trail Ale, and other uniquely brewed alcohols.

Also, they even sell locally made dog treats at the cash counter itself.

Do give this place a try and it also has a food truck outside serving Lobster Rolls, Sandwiches, and other treats.

Location: 363 Main Street, Mahone Bay, B0J 2R0.

5. Tour the Vineyards of Nova Scotia

nova scotia
Photo by brm/ Shutterstock

Touring to the Private Vineyards of Nova Scotia is a perfect plan while visiting Mahone Bay.

In the past three decades, wineries in Nova Scotia have claimed international recognition and produced some of the award-winning wines.

Domaine De Grand Prè: The oldest winery in Nova Scotia, produces some award-winning wines but also boasts an award-winning restaurant.

You can sit back and relax in the winery, with the Bay of Fundy in the back or explore the vineyard or explore their wine museum or savor their superb wine and Nova Scotian cuisine.

Location: 11611 Evangeline Trail, Grand Pré, NS B0P 1M0, Canada

Sainte-Famille: Overlooking the Avon River Valley, there are Sainte-Famille Wines in Falmouth, with a selection of some good local brewed wines.

It is a family-owned winery, one can taste their wines with pairing with some of the great Nova Scotian cheese.

Location: 11 Dudley Park Ln, Falmouth, NS B0P 1L0, Canada

Gaspereau Vineyards: Another boutique winery in Wolfville, Gaspereau Vineyards is a good spot on the outskirts of Mahone Bay, has produced some top quality wines ever since. Before it used to be an apple orchard.

Location: 2239 White Rock Rd, Wolfville, NS B4P 2R1, Canada

The drive on the country roads has something to offer for everyone!

6. Tour the towns of Lunenberg and Hubbards

Lunenberg: An United Nations World Heritage Site recognized town on the outskirts of Mahone Bay, Lunenberg is known as the “fishing capital of the world”.

Photo by gvictoria from Shutterstock

Its also home to the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic. The museum tells the story of early fishing days around Canada’s coasts.

One can find the famed sailing ship, The Bluenose II in the port of Lunenberg town, which is the successor of the world’s best racing schooner once upon a time, the legendary Bluenose.

One may visit the Knaut-Rhuland House, a museum that illuminates the time of the early settlers in the area. Admission is free-of-cost.

Hubbards: The village of Hubbards has more than ten white-sand beaches and some beautiful destinations in the back-drop. It’s a successful fishing community in Nova Scotia and has numerous residences and restaurants to cater to the tourists.

The famous Canadian TV Series Black Harbour was shot in these shores!

7. Visit the Picturesque Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse

Visit the most photographed and iconic lighthouse of Canada, The Peggy’s Cove, or the Peggy’s Point Lighthouse along the South Shore while touring Mahone Bay.

Photo by MetalPrints from Shutterstock

Built-in 1915, this Atlantic-facing lighthouse is still a favorite among the visitors.

This Peggy’s Cove village offers some small shops and eateries where tourists can sit back and spend the day watching sea waves from the shores and can also explore around the rocks.

Location: 72 Peggy’s Point Rd, Peggy’s Cove, NS B3Z 3S2, Canada

8. Take your Pets to the Dog Shop Bathhouse and Boutique

Photo by Caleb Fisher on Unsplash

One of the places your little furry friend will like the most, The Dog Shop, where they will get grooming services in a spa-like atmosphere.

Courteous staffs take care of your furry friend, be it a nail trim, a dog bath, or some good food treat for your pet, this place is absolute bliss for them.

There are no kennels, your pets will be taken special care of every time they go there.

Location: 492 Main Street, Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia B0J 2E0 Canada.

9. Check out the Mahone Bay Quilt Shop

Photo by maadhuri g from Pexels

A popular quilt shop among the tourists, the Mahone Bay Quilt Shop is one of the best in the area. Providing hand-sewn quilts, this shop focuses on locally made things rather than importing or readymade products or fabrics.

There are quite a few quilters from Thailand and some local quilters who run this fair-trade establishment. The quilts are beautifully portrayed.

They have a wide selection of local-made fabrics and one should give this a try to this place and collect a souvenir from there!

Location: 664 Main Street, Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia B0J 2E0 Canada.

10. Go to see the Bayview Cemetery

The Bayview Cemetery in Mahone Bay has a rare collection of standing stones, of which the oldest surviving is of a German, Ana Catherina who died in 1780.

The cemetery is a Municipal Heritage Property in Mahone Bay.

There are many old stones dedicated to those of early European settlers. This age-old cemetery illuminates the history of Mahone Bay, of the original German Protestant settlers and the churches built around the burial grounds.

Some inscriptions hold the tranquility of the people of Mahone Bay.

Location: Edgewater St, Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia Canada

11. Stop by the Birdsall – Worthington Pottery Ltd.

Established in 1977 by Pam Birdsall and Tim Worthington, this studio has been making some handcrafted unique pieces of jewelry and pottery items now for over 40 years and is a well-established name among the Mahone Bay visiting tourists.

Tourists and locals love their works on tumblers, cookie stamps, and other slipware.

During the Christmas season, they make potential gifts and attractive patterned bowls and mugs of different colors, which are of great demand.

Their custom made products reflect their ancestry.

Out of the box, they also make pottery items for births and weddings.

Do have a look over this beautiful pottery studio cum workshop whenever you visit Mahone Bay.

Location: 590 Main Street, Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia B0J 2E0 Canada

12. Visit the Blue Rocks and do Kayak Tours

blue rocks nova scotia
Photo by Ken Morris/ Shutterstock

Blue Rocks is a scenic old fishing village in the southern shore down to Lunenburg, on the outskirts of Mahone Bay.

The name Blue Rocks are due to thin layers of different density of rocks that are in shades of blue that have eroded and formed an uneven surface.

One just needs to walk along the shorelines to experience the tranquil beauty and changing scenery of the place.

Guided Kayak tours leave from Mahone Bay and Blue Rocks, sailing among the islands and lighthouses. There are also other independent rentals available.

If you move out into the Atlantic from the Southern Coast of Nova Scotia while kayaking, you can see finback and humpback whales most-commonly, even seals and dolphins are visible.

How you can reach Mahone Bay?

The easiest way to visit Mahone Bay is to arrive at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport (YHZ) from your preferred destination.

It roughly takes 1.5 hours drive from the airport through Highway 102 and then rushes onto Highway 103.

From Toronto:

  1. Fly from Toronto (YYZ) to Halifax (YHZ). Take a bus from Halifax to Mahone Bay.
  2. Board a train from Toronto to Montreal. Then another train from Montreal to Halifax. Board a bus from Halifax to Mahone Bay.

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From Vancouver:

  1. Fly from Vancouver (YVR) to Halifax (YHZ). Take a bus or car rental from Halifax and enjoy a 1.5-hour drive to Mahone Bay.
  2. Vancouver and Mahone Bay are 2-and-a-half days apart if you’re getting there by car. The distance between Vancouver to Mahone Bay is 4385 km. There are no direct trains.

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The Mahone Bay is interestingly is an incredible place for all tourists who love road-trips, deep-sea adventures, town-strolling. Mahone Bay and adjourning places have a lot to offer in terms of tranquility and natural beauty.

It’s still an untapped place and is friendly with everyone visiting there. The skyline trail hike is a special mention where you get both scenic beauties as well as an amazing sunset to experience your kind of romantic getaway.

Make this place your next stop in your Bucket List!

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