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Your Complete 10-Step Guide to College Montmorency

Collège Montmorency, near Montmorency Metro station, is the only public college in Chomedey, Laval, despite Laval being the third-largest city in Quebec, Canada.

It was ranked #95 in Canada University Rankings in 2020 and #10198 in World University Rankings by Webometrics.

1. History of Collège Montmorency

Collège Montmorency
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In 1967, with the inception of the Quebec system of public colleges, most of the institutions in Laval were merged and categorized as public ones.

Montmorency is the only college in Laval, Quebec, Canada, established on November 5, 1969.

2. Mission and Motto of Collège Montmorency

Collège Montmorency aims to provide accessible quality education and training that sums up success. The open environment leads to sustainable development, catering needs of both young and adult learners.

Motto: L’être humain d’abord(‘achieve‘)

3. Programs offered in Collège Montmorency

The collège Montmorency is best recognized for its visual arts program and improved league Mouvement d’improvisation de Montmorency(MIM, for short).

The college Montmorency offers two primary programs

  1. Pre-university programs
  2. Double diploma programs
  3. Technical programs

Let’s look at the above programs and the subject matters they cover in the sections below.

3.1 Pre-University Programs

The pre-university program in College Montmorency is two years program to be done after high school. These programs coincide with the subject matter to be studied in an additional year of high school in other parts of Canada and the first year of university offered elsewhere.

This coincident makes students at Collège Montmorency roughly correspond with the students of several institutions in the rest of Canada.

List of Pre-University Programs

College Montmorency offers many courses under this category:

Pre university programs
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  • Science: Health and Pure and Applied Science
  • Social science
  • Arts and letters
  • Dance
  • Visual arts

It takes two years to complete this course; after this, one can enroll in undergraduate degrees in the chosen field.

3.2 Technical Programs

Collège Montmorency offers 23 technical options. The technical training lasts three years and opens job prospects. The entire three years diploma or undergraduate degree will also help in further studies in university.

Montmorency offers some unique technical programs to choose from:

  • Biological studies
  • Agribusinesses
  • physics
  • Human science
  • Administration
  • Arts: Museology

Other than pre-university and technical, there are other programs offered at Collège Montmorency:

3.3 Continuing Education and Services to business

Under this school, a series of courses for adult clients under adult learning programs like advanced courses for people in employment, à la carte courses, and a francization program are conducted.

One can choose from fifteen different courses according to job requirements.

4. How to Apply

The college is open to students of any origin with facilities similar to that of the local students.

Those of Canadian origin can take direct admission.

Applying for international students is a bit different from that of locals. Here it goes:

  1. Apply via Regional Admissions Service of Metropolitan Montreal
  2. Obtain study visa
  3. Valid health contract

    Required Documents:

    • Completed Application
    • Application Fee 80 USD or 85 Canadian Dollars
    • Certificates and transcripts of previously attended colleges or universities
    • Proficiency in French Language Test scores
    • Proficiency in English language Test scores
    • Copy of passport
    • Letter of recommendation for full-time applicants
    • Verified Financial Documentation for an academic year
    • Obtain Quebec Selection Certificate


5. When to Apply

Collège Montmorency offers admission in two semesters like any other Canadian university or college. Here are the details:

  • Fall Semester: Apply before March 31 of the year in which you wish to attend the session
  • Winter Semester: Apply before August 31


6. Other Amenities

The array of extra facilities aids learners learning and helps them feel at home. Collège Montmorency offers following facilities:

  • Library
  • Bookstore
Bookstore Montmorency
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  • Guidance Services
  • Placement cell
  • Psychological Support
  • Accommodation and housing
  • Youth clinic
  • Learning aid
  • Lockers
  • Alternative parking and transportation


7. Montmorency- ExtraCurricular Activities

i) Sports

Montmorency sports
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It is mandatory to register yourself for any free sports activities like badminton, swimming(“check the assigned free days”) or pay meagre fees for weights and aerobics room.

April is the sports month.

Montmorency Health Challenge keeps the fitness spirits of learners and staff going.

Les Nomades’,The Nomads represents the complete sports network of collège montmorency. It is further part of an intercollegiate network of Students Sports Network, Quebec. It allows personal development along with academic success.

ii) Drama

The improvisation league, the MIM(‘Mouvement d’Improvisation de Montmorency’), founded in the seventies, is the most admired and famous in Canada. The list of alumni who are comedians and humorists authenticate the above:

Michel Courtemanche

Réal Bossé

Claude Legault

Laval, Quebec, is a suburban city with a manufacturing and industrial base. The city offers many sights of interest and houses many provincial buildings.

Do follow the list of other colleges in Laval, Quebec.

8. Students at Work

Collège Montmorency enlists specialized and general jobs for its trainees and graduates.

Click below to learn about the following jobs college offers for its students in three main areas:

Technical programs jobs

General appointments

Continuing education positions

9. Public Services

The Montmorency’s clinic schools of Physiotherapy, Orthotics and Prostheses, Nursing and Special Education work for the welfare of the people of Laval, Quebec,

For more information, contact:

475 Boulevard de l’avenir, Laval,

QC H7N 5H9, Canada

Email id-

Telephone: 450 975-6100

Montmorency has an average acceptability rate for international students compared to other Quebec universities. However, the structured approach adopted before applying will strengthen your portfolio. Click on below:

Essential things to keep in mind when planning to apply to Canadian universities and Colleges


10. Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are there any language courses at college Montmorency?

The Department of modern languages has conducted language courses in German and Spain for more than ten years.

Q2. How do language programs differ from the other CEGEPs?

Collège Montmorency is the only college to offer two translation courses

Q3. Is it a French college?

Yes, Collège Montmorency is a French public college in Quebec, Canada.

Q4. Does Montmorency offer any scholarships or financial aid?

Yes, tuition fees for full-time students with excellent academic records are exempted. But the Ministry of Higher Education seeks a full report of exemplary performance.

Q5. Does the Collège Montmorency enjoy any affiliations?

It is affiliated to CICan(‘formerly ACCC‘), CCAA, QSSF, CBIE

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