Visit These Top 10 Best Indian Restaurants In Toronto Canada

Visit These Top 10 Best Indian Restaurants In Toronto Canada 1

Food is the ultimate gratifying need of all humans. Specifically, Indian food has always been in demand and most enjoyed by a large number of people across the world. We can say that Indian food is something that never goes out of style. People have always been tempted towards the spices, ingredients, and the pleasure-giving aroma and taste of Indian food.

Thus, for many Indians moving to Canada it has always been hard to adjust without the Indian food lifestyle. As well as many non-Indians who are a great adorer of the spicy, authentic Indian food are always looking up to going for some Indian blast.

So here I have shortlisted top 10 best, must-visit Indian restaurants in Toronto Canada which will for sure light up your day as well as your taste buds.






Among all Indian restaurants in Toronto Canada, Bindia Indian Bistro is very much well known for its luscious food and ministrations. this restaurant is also known as DOWNTOWN TORONTO’S INDIAN FOOD DESTINATION. This restaurant mainly focuses on the fresh ingredients and the best compatibility of the authentic and aromatic spices which is the core of Indian food.

The restaurant is very well managed by perfectly bridging the history and culture of Indian food along with the modern presentation and future. The restaurant contains a wide range of variety for vegetarians and the non-vegetarians in Toronto. The infrastructure of the restaurant is stupendous which comes with two separate rooms and bars.

This among other Indian restaurants in Toronto Canada is perfect to take up large groups and budgets of all scale as per the needs. Among all the Indian restaurants in Toronto, Canada BINDIA is a must-visit with its perfect decor and infrastructure.



Pukka restaurant is one of the well known and best family diner sharing its plate with the Indian food lovers. The diner consists of a wide range of flavor palette. Pukka has the most astonishing and succulent menu which is well known for its culture perseverance.

Each employee at pukka comes from a different region in India bringing its own characterized recipe, flavors, and spices which adds to the diversity of menu at the diner. The owner of this great infrastructure arrived in Canada in search of his good fortune ad career and was fascinated to see Toronto’s busy restaurants and food-loving people. He found his passion in the restaurant industry and managed to accomplish his dream with great hard work and perseverance.

Today PUKKA is a famed diner and a hub of great and toothsome Indian diverse culture food for all the people living in Toronto.


Indian food. Naan, Curry, Rice

Indian Restaurants In Toronto Canada

Utsav also is known as Utsav Yorkville is one of the most authentic Indian restaurants in Toronto Canada. Utsav calls itself the Yorkville’s festival of Indian cuisine. UTSAV the word itself refers to a festival which for the diner represents the wide and exquisite variety of Indian recipes with different tastes and aroma just as the diverse festivals celebrated in India.

The menu of the diner covers the piquant recipes all over the country from North to South. the spices possess their values of adding the most mouth-watering taste to the recipes. Spices are fresh, made daily, blended precisely, and prepared by the old fashion craft of the traditional India which is unique.

The infrastructure resembles a small, comfy, and a bit like the retro style. The restaurant is also one of the most convenient to visit in terms of capital among the Indian restaurant in Toronto Canada. Most of the people find it very much affordable along with a great variety of taste, heartwarming atmosphere, and service.



The little Indian restaurant is thriving and well established amongst the Indian restaurants in Toronto Canada. This plush diner was established in 1995 and is very well known since then. This restaurant is also well praised because it is a family-owned and operated restaurant.

The menu is rich with all the mouth drooling Indian recipes as well as the recipes of their own family which adds to the uniqueness and diverse savor to the food. The restaurant comes up with a different gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian menu to serve your needs. The buffet menu is never constant to keep you boredom free and to keep your taste buds exploring new tastes every day.

Little India is among those Indian restaurants in Toronto Canada which comes with a vast area which is very well known for all your celebrations and group meets. so let it be the food, taste, service or the area this restaurant is going to suffice all your needs.



Indian Restaurants In Toronto Canada

The Aroma Indian restaurant in Toronto Canada is a class in itself. The room consists of the best decor and interiors among the other Indian restaurants in Toronto Canada. The place comes with the best atmosphere for you, your family and friends and to spend quality time with them which is worth remembering.

The menu suffices all the needs of an Indian food lover and gives extraordinary pleasure regarding food and service. the diner menu comes with a wide range of varieties of vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes. The diner has maintained is position in the 5-star Indian restaurants in Toronto Canada and has gained the best experience and knowledge.

The diner contains its special menu which is must-try dishes with a variety of taste and cooking.



The Rickshaw Bar eatery is most eccentric amongst all the Indian restaurants in Toronto Canada which can be studied by its name. Here according to the restaurant rickshaw in the name represents the transportation of choice for any Indian food lover who loves to explore the astonishing flavors of the country.

The idea behind the bar is very much based on the amazing street food recipes of wide and diverse Indian culture focussing on the South and the South East Asian food. The menu is created by blending most of these flavors and bringing them into our small plates and snacks for a change of taste and for the great taste to be discovered.

This eatery comes with a well-classified menu with snacks, plates, and desserts for all your cravings and suffices your expectations of a perfect dainty meal. The rickshaw bar is must-visit among Indian restaurants in Toronto where one can see a whole new idea of Indian food.



This restaurant is the best and most appropriate for South Indian food lovers among Indian restaurants in Toronto Canada. The restaurant is very much known for its soft and delicious idlis which is the most common and delicious south Indian dish.

Since 2001 the Nilgiris is the best South Indian food serving Indian restaurants in Toronto Canada. this diner consists of a wide range of varieties of the south Indian food including all types of dosas, idly, uttapam, thali, and mouth-watering biryani.

It also serves the south Indian snacks and the sweet desserts of the great south which are worth trying. This diner consists of all the authentic taste of Tamil Nadu.


Indian non veg food

Raj Mahal Indian Cuisine is one of the very much appreciated and visited among Indian restaurants in Toronto Canada. The owner had a great passion for the various cuisine. He was successful in achieving his dream work and converted his passion to the profession. The owner possesses the mastery in Indian cuisine for 20 years and has been serving the same mastered recipes at the restaurant.

The restaurant menu consists of a range of recipes including veg, non-veg, gluten, and dairy products free to serve the customers best. they also contain a large variety of lunch specials to avoid the time wasted to think and order for the food.

The diner has great infrastructure and decor which reflects is a loving, comfy atmosphere to visit and dine at.



The Kothur Indian Cuisine is very popular among the Indian restaurants in Toronto Canada as it acquires its own 3 outlets of food and beverages. The restaurant has a very experienced staff with the mastered value of the food served in the restaurant. the diner is very well praised by much of the media which makes it a must-visit and along with the recipe of the food it has its unique way of presenting the food exquisitely.

The menu has a wide range of variety of the north and the south Indian recipes. From appetizers to deserts this diner has it all. Along with this wide variety of food, the drinks served at Kothur are also very much appreciated.

Thus we can say this diner gives overall taste bud satisfaction and pleasure.


Banjara evolved from the well known Maharaja restaurant is a great place for every Indian food lover. Located at the heart of Toronto Banjara has made its place in well-struck Indian restaurants in Toronto Canada. The diner is very much talked and appreciated by media which adds to its popularity and integrity.

The menu contains all types of Indian bread to go with all types of Indian curries available. it contains all Indian appetizers, sizzlers main courses, biryani, and desserts which gives the food lovers a vast variety of Indian dishes to try and explore.

The staff always makes sure to provide the best service with a heartily welcoming smile and best hospitality which makes you comfortable like no other place than feeling home.

All the above mentioned are the Indian restaurants in Toronto Canada worth visiting for every Indian food lover who loves to explore and enjoy delicious Indian treats. Let us know in the comments if there is any other Indian Restaurant in Toronto Canada that is worth a visit.

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