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8 Best Clubs in Edmonton for a Perfect Nightout

Had a tiring week and feel exhausted? Busy all week meeting almost impossible deadlines? Healed from that bad breakup and ready to be with someone new? Want to meet friends you haven’t seen for a week or more? Want a short break before you get ready for next week’s hustle and grind?

If you find yourself in any of the above situations or want to get out of the house and hit the club, hoping to find a solution is often the best and the easiest way.

Everyone loves to enjoy the weekend at nightclubs and for that, they searched for something like this; a nightclub near me is open for long hours.

With more than a million population, Edmonton is the 5th largest city in Canada. With this said, it is also famous for having the best nightlife. There are clubs in every city, from local to luxurious. Due to the overwhelming number of clubs, you might find difficulty finding the best dance club in Edmonton.

5 best clubs in Edmonton
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Say no more! We list these 8 best clubs in Edmonton according to reviews, ratings, venues, drinks, and DJs. The list is in no particular order. Here you will find one of the best-hours clubs and nightclubs near me in Edmonton to visit at once.

So without any delay, let’s get rolling! Hopefully, you’ll find it helpful.

1. Y Afterhours, Edmonton, AB

If you’re thinking of dancing in an unforgettable night away this Friday night, Y Afterhours is the right stop for you. Topping the list of best nightclubs in the town, this is an amazing place where you can invite your unlimited friends because it is a 3-level venue that accommodates all. With different DJs every day, you will get a variety of beats to show your killer moves on the wide dance floor.

They hire DJs who have worked with both national and international producers and make sure to bring the best electronic music, Psy Trance, House, Breaks, Remixes, Mashups, top 40 song playlists, and such.

Y Afterhours is the liveliest nightclub in Edmonton, AB, leaving people reluctant to go all night. They also have a wide variety of alcohols to choose from, and you can have in-house mixes, beer, and cocktails, and get a mix of yours too!

You can get entry at Y Afterhours if you’re 18+ and have a valid ID. You can get half-price for women coming before 2 am and students before 3 am.

Reviews from people tell that the staff is friendly and safe. Also, the bathrooms are clean, and the space has many lights; the house has a ‘no creep’ policy making it safe for women and ladies to enjoy here with their girl squad.

There is also a coat check and an outdoor space at the back as a cool-off area and a smoking pit for you to rest after dancing.

Y Afterhours usually has minimal decoration, but it’s decorated according to the theme on occasions and festivals like Halloween and Valentine’s.

2019.11.01 Blues on Whyte @ Edmonton, Alberta: Wide Mouth Mason performing “Superstition”

2. Blues on Whyte, Edmonton, AB

  • Location: 10329 82 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 1Z9, Canada
  • Contact: 7804393981
  • Opening hours: Monday to Saturday – 10 am to 2 am. Sunday – 11 am to 2 am.

Blues on Whyte is one of the best-known clubs in Edmonton, AB. It is an extension of the Commercial Hotel, a neighborhood pub known for live bands playing blues music, particularly jazz, and dance. Number second in the list of best clubs in Edmonton after Y Afterhours, Blues on Whyte is not second for people who have already tried this place. People have a good time with their friends or colleagues at this great place.

Blues on Whyte is a perfect example of Edmonton nightlife, open all weekdays and serves all kinds of alcohol like wine, beer, and local cuisine. The live music makes the best atmosphere to chill in anytime you want or even have parties.

You can see the schedule and visit the place when your favorite performer or live bands play as there are local to renowned jazz artists on the list. There is more crowd on Friday and Saturday nights due to house music popularity. There is also a pool section where you can play games on pool tables or dance on the dance floor.

3. Prive Ultralounge, Edmonton, AB

  • Location:  10304 111 Street Northwest, Edmonton, AB, Canada
  • E-Mail:
  • Contact: 7803942342
  • Opening hours: Fri (10 pm to 2 am), Saturday (9 pm to 2 am) 

Privé Ultralounge // Events

Suppose your outfit is so hard that it feels a shame to spend on your local or usual clubs and bars; welcome to Prive Ultralounge. It is one of the best places in downtown Edmonton, AB, to spend your Saturday night, which usually attracts a VIP crowd but is open to everyone.

People coming here for the first time might be surprised by looking at the luxurious and royal services. It has live music venue located nearby street parking near west Edmonton mall.

Best for groups and dancing, Prive is undeniably the best bar in Edmonton with its alcohol varieties and famous bottle service. As people have a fun night out, the crowd is filled with high energy. A dance floor shows your hip-hop moves, electronic and dance music, and LED screens as you enter this place for a great night.

In Edmonton’s luxurious nightclub, you can expect dancers and performances happening every weekend. With a VIP request, you can get a bottle service served with royalty.

Being the best nightclub in Edmonton and known for people partying here all night long, the lines for entry here are long, and it’s recommended to make a reservation beforehand. You can also book private parties.

Entries are only for 18+ with a valid ID. It provides- an outdoor setting, DJ, drinks, and TVs, allows smoking outside, wheelchair accessible, and private parking.

 4. The Bower, Edmonton, AB

  • Website:
  • Location: 10538 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, AB, Canada
  • E-Mail-
  • Contact: 7804234256
  • Opening Hours: Friday and Saturday (8 pm-1 am)

Jasper Avenue is the best location as it is an easy stop for everyone around the city, making it a popular place for weekend nights.

Unlike another typical nightclub in Edmonton, AB, Bower, to reviews has Gothic Victorian decor, and vintage furniture as the crowd also includes older people and not just young ones making the place more sophisticated where everyone is expected to dress semi-formal. Accordingly, the lights here give the 80s vibes and music, making it a perfect place for a fun time after a busy week.

The location of Jasper Avenue makes it easier for people to organize a night out with their groups through private parties with live music. With a smoking patio and the best bar, this place offers a unique experience for all visitors. The DJ music offers a wide genre (including hip hop, funk, house, and R&B), making music suitable for every type of person.

Bower is famous for dance, with music variety and a dance floor to groove on, every dancing enthusiast is highly recommended to try this place. You can also expect TVs and bike parking.

Being one of the city’s best bars includes wines, beer, whiskey, and champagne. It offers a wide variety of party packages too! The Bower is known for the best parties, so make sure to make reservations from before as tables are usually booked.

5. 99ten, Edmonton, AB

  • Website:
  • Location: 9910, 9910B 109 ST, Edmonton, AB, Canada
  • E-Mail:
  • Contact: 1 780-452-7333

9910 is Edmonton's new music venue.

As an offshoot of Common nightclub, 99ten is a great venue for live music (only on Saturday nights), alcohol like beer, and cocktails, and the city’s best crowd downtown making it one of the best clubs in Edmonton, AB.

Every day, there are different events like DJ bands, corporate bookings, and stand-up comedies of local and international artists, giving people choices. You can check for the events on their website and plan a fun party at this best place, and have a great time all night long.

The crowd here is usually youth and full of energy, cause of which, as the review has it, the wide dance floor feels small sometimes. It is home to the musical subculture of Edmonton. With the first d&b audio technique PA and great décor, 99ten is a 126-people venue.

With a cool vibe, it is undeniably the best of all the top bars in Edmonton, AB. You can also host an intimate party with your social group as it has a comfortable and fun atmosphere to listen to all kinds of music like techno music, dance, drink, eat and gossip with your friends.

6. Envy Night Club

  • Location: 8882 170 Street NW Suite 1595 Edmonton, AB T5T 5X1
  • Contact: (780) 803-3689

Open on Fri and Sat, Envy is the best club in Edmonton to host birthdays, bachelorette, or bachelor parties. You can book a VIP table and bottle service. You can not only go to the place to feel like a VIP, but you can also reach there like one, i.e., they even arrange a limousine for you if requested.

With a wide range of alcoholic drinks, you can listen to or groove to the awesome music played by DJs. It is a relatively loud place.

Entries are for everyone above 18, and you can also expect: TV, bike parking, the best bar, and an outside smoking area.

7. Evolution Wonderlounge


If you’re looking for a place to groove without being judged, Evolution Wonderlounge is there to serve you. Edmonton’s only gay bar where people from all orientations are welcome except sexists. It’s a popular destination amongst the local LGBTQ+ community.

It even hosts events like drag shows, trivia nights, and karaoke. All the money raised goes to charity and other philanthropic causes. Other amenities you can expect are an outside smoking area, TVs, and bike parking.

You can come here to have a fun, energetic night or chill with friends. Here, the music includes all the latest hits and dance music with a great ambiance. Three bars show the huge selection of alcohol for the people.

8. Cook Country Saloon

With many concerts being held here, Cook country saloon is one of the stops you must experience when visiting Edmonton. It has a wholesome club experience with cheap drinks, great music, and cool and fun vibes.

You can put yourself on the guest list to get discounts on cover charges and skip lines. The music played here is top 40 in the country, giving people of all music tastes them to show their skills on the dance floor.

Open on Fri and Sat at the Cook Country Saloon, and you can try the mechanical bull too, either to beat your friend’s score or impress the person you’ve been trying to from the evening.

It is a casual place with bike parking and TVs. As told, reservations made before will be better.

Closing Thoughts

With this, we come to the end of the article. Clubs are not only an essential part of our lives now, but they help get the weekend frustration out and prepare us for the next week to work or study.

It also offers a social circle for people living alone as the loneliness index keeps increasing every year, and if one is lucky, they may even find their future partners!

With all such possible benefits and more, everybody has reasons to go clubbing, and the fun with it is guaranteed, so we hope you find the perfect weekend spot from this list.

From our end, all we can say is that the nightlife in Edmonton is pretty exciting; once the dark hours hit, you get some of the best night clubs vibes are thrilling. You will experience a whole new energy level during the late hours in Edmonton.

If you’ve been to any of these places and want to add anything, comment down in the section below and let us know. And if you haven’t visited any, well it’s never too late!

Wishing you the best weekend ahead.

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