Explore the Dark Side of Old Town Toronto this Summer! Explore the Dark Side of Old Town Toronto this Summer!

Explore the Dark Side of Old Town Toronto this Summer!

Have you ever wondered what secrets the ground has buried, the one you’re standing on? Folks from Canada, buckle up, as FEVER presents ‘The dark side of the old city of Toronto” an exploration game like never before.

And the best part is you can take part in it any day and any time after you purchase the ticket.

1. A Glance at the Event

In this event, you’ll be guided on a journey that will take you into unanswered and mysterious pasts of the places you regularly visit.

Like St, James Park, St John’s Market, and even King Street and more.

St. James Park was once a watery meadow, on which a hospital named Leper was constructed. Later, the property was acquired by Henry VIII and converted into the Palace of St. James.

Explore the Dark Side of Old Town Toronto this Summer!
Source: Fever

Talking about St. John’s market, the very first building there was made out of wood in 1830.

But, succumbing to the hands of fate, it turned into a tragedy for many as it burned down to ashes. Later the city reconstructed it as a brick building.

But to no gain, as the brick architecture again tumbled down in 1841.

And the part where a clown and a fireman walked into a brothel and the event lead to one which changed the history of one of the most popular cities in the world.

Both these parties brawled against each other, resulting in the Toronto circus Roit in 1855.

Surprised already? Walking through the streets of Toronto with us will make you even more surprised, and probably a little bit shocked as well.

2. Important Things to Keep in Mind

The event is an exploration game and will last approximately 77 minutes. Although this duration may vary, as everyone would be expected to cover a distance of 3 km, and different people take different times to cover the same distance.

Along with this, the attendees are requested to come dressed in an outfit they’ll be comfortable walking in for 3 km. We don’t want your thrilling experience to get interrupted by small discomforts.

The event is a thrilling game, so people of all ages are welcome.

Children, adults, senior citizens, everyone is welcome but if you are someone who is 16  or below, then make sure to bring two adults with their own tickets to accompany you. It’s a prerequisite.



Other details regarding the event will be sent to you along with your confirmation event and tickets, once you book it.

Getting to the best part, you don’t need to miss out on your professional commitments to attend this.

The game can begin at any time you prefer on any day according to your convenience and the only requirement is you should have a ticket.

3. Tickets Purchasing

Tickets for the Toronto exploration game can be purchased online through the FEVER app or website.

So, make some plans with your kids, friends, or family and book your tickets smoothly by clicking here.

4. Important Details about the Toronto Exploration Game

  • What: The Dark Side of Old Town Toronto.
  • When: On any day at your convenience.
  •  Where: The departure point is 3D Toronto Sign.
  • Timings: At any time at your convenience.
  • Tickets: Purchase the tickets from FEVER.

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