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CN Tower Chronicles: Unveiling 53 Fascinating Facts to Master its Marvels

Are you searching for some fun facts about CN Tower? Read this article.

The magnificent Canadian National Tower, or the CN Tower, is the most well-known landmark in Ontario and Canada. It is in the heart of Toronto, just a quarter-mile distance from the shores of Lake Ontario. The CN Tower has been a focus for thousands of photographs and is acclaimed worldwide. Let us check fun facts about CN Tower.

1. Geographical Facts About the CN Tower

  1. On June 26, 1976, the CN Tower opened. It was the only progress near Front Street West and Lake Ontario.
  2. The CN Tower is the tallest free-standing Western Hemisphere structure covering all South and North America, including Central America, the Caribbean, and Greenland. It is presently the world’s ninth tallest free-standing building.
  3. A communications and observation tower, the CN Tower, is in Downtown Ontario. Completed in 1976, it is 553.3m high (1815 feet) and built on former railway lands. The CN Tower was the world’s tallest tower till 2007, equivalent to 147 story building.

2. Towering Concepts

fun facts cn tower
Photo by Venrick Azcueta on Unsplash Copyright 2021
  1. Between the 1960s and 1970s, Toronto was a flourishing city, and many tall buildings were constructed during this booming period. Several skyscrapers were built during this period in Downtown Toronto. These tall buildings caused a huge problem as they severely lowered the quality of broadcast signals. To maintain coverage in this area, antennas of over 300 meters (980 ft) were necessary. The massive CN Tower was built primarily as a radio and communications tower to solve this communication issue.
  2. Cement Foundation Company of Canada constructed the tallest free-standing structure, the CN Tower.
  3. The initial idea of the CN Tower first came in 1968 to exhibit the forte of the Canadian Industry by the Canadian National Railway. They wanted to assist Toronto with a radio and television communication platform. These proposals progressed over the following years and turned official in 1972.
  4. As soon as it was completed, Toronto had the clearest reception for communication, radio, and television waves in North America.
  5. The CN Tower was built by the Canadian National Railway, well known by the acronym CN, which is the origin of the tower’s name.
  6. The architects of this massive project were Roger Du Toit, John Andrews, Webb Zerafa, Menkes Housen, and E.R. Baldwin.
  7. The name CN refers to Canadian National, the company that built the tower. The Company was transferred to the Canada Lands Company (a federal crown corporation responsible for real estate development) after the railway’s decision to clear inessential railway assets before its privatization in 1995.

3. Fun Facts

fun facts cn tower
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  1. A fun fact about CN Tower is that it was acknowledged as one of the modern seven wonders of the world in 1995 by the American Society of Civil Engineers.
  2. For 32 years, the scintillating CN Tower officially had the record for the world’s tallest free-standing structure until 2007, when Canton Tower went beyond to overtake the CN Tower to become the tallest tower in the world. In 2009, Burj Khalifa became the tallest tower in the world.
  3. The impressive CN Tower holds a majestic place in the World Federation of Great Towers.
  4. Fun facts about CN Tower include several companies and various media that have been using the impressive CN Tower as a communication tower. Resembling the tower itself, the CN Tower has its official mascot. It has been featured in many television shows, films, video games, and music recording covers.
  5. The rock-solid CN Tower could withstand winds that reached 420 kilometers per hour and an 8.5 magnitude earthquake.
  6. Apart from functioning as a Tower of Communications for several media companies, and multiple other companies, the CN Tower is also a crowd-pleasing popular tourist attraction.
  7. Fun facts CN Tower comprise the total construction cost of the exquisite tower amounted to 63 million Canadian Dollars. It weighs 117,910 metric tonnes hat is the weight of 23214 elephants or 35x the weight of the Eiffel Tower.
  8. Fun facts about CN Tower are that you can zoom up to the top of this iconic Tower and get ready to fly higher than the birds. Woohoo!
  9. On clear days, glimpses as far as 100 kilometers can be caught, which would allow viewing the enticing Niagara Falls in New York, the United States. Well, there is a lot more to explore in Ontario.
  10. Another fun fact about CN Tower is that it is bird-friendly. It reduces unnecessary exterior lights during bird migration seasons to avoid injuries to our flying friends. Isn’t that incredible?
  11. In one of the CN Tower elevators, glass panels were installed in 2008 and created a world record of 346m for the highest glass panel elevator in the world. The CN Towers glass-fronted elevators also comprise glass floor panels and take just 58 seconds to get to the top.

4. Construction Facts

fun facts cn tower
Photo by Carlos Fiffe on Unsplash Copyright 2021
  1. The CN Tower’s construction commenced on February 6, 1973, by the Canada Cement Company.
  2. The excavation of the tower base served as the foundation of the building and was the initial stage in the construction of the CN Tower. The depth of the tower base was 15 meters (49.2feet) in the center.
  3. Subsequently, the main support pillar of the tower’s construction started with workers building a hydraulically raised platform at the base. This work continued until February 22, 1974.
  4. In August 1974, the CN Towers’ main level construction started.12 steel and wooden bracket forms were needed for the main levels’ construction. For this, 45 hydraulic jacks with steel cables were fixed with a makeshift steel crown attached to the tower’s tip. It was the tallest structure in Canada by February 1974.
  5. On March 1975, the antenna and the main pod construction started. The final work was to raise a massive antenna (consisting of 44 pieces) to the top of the tower by cranes. While construction was underway, the US Army offered a 10-ton Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane ‘Olga Helicopter.’ It was bought, and the helicopter took 3 1/2 weeks to lift the pieces to construct the antenna and the main pod. The construction was completed on June 26, 1976.
  6. The super colossal CN Tower was constructed over 40 months, with 1537 laborious workers who worked in rotating shifts for 24 hours and five days a week.

5. Infrastructure Facts

  1. The famous landmark CN Tower has numerous substructures. The main part of the Tower is a hollow hexagonal pillar that includes stairs and power and plumbing systems. However, the original plan consisted of structural bridges that would link a tripod of three independent cylindrical pillars linked at various heights.
  2. A 102-meter (334.6feet) tall metal broadcast receiver having TV and radio signals is on the uppermost of the main part of the tower.
  3. The magnificent CN Tower’s six elevators are in the three inverted angles represented by the Tower’s hexagonal shape.
  4. The main deck consists of seven stories, and the CN Tower has three visitor areas. An Outdoor Observation Terrace, Glass Floor, and the Indoor Lookout Level (formerly Indoor Observation Level). The Outdoor Observation Terrace and Glass Floor are at 342 meters (1,122ft), while the Lookout Level is at 346 meters (1,135 feet). Cafe Horizon and Observation Deck are located on the Lookout Level.

6. Substructures Facts

6.1. 360 Restaurant

  1. 360 Restaurant is located on the tower’s main deck at 351 meters (1152feet). A revolving restaurant, 360 Restaurant finishes a rotation every 72 minutes. Tourists visit the great landmark in Downtown Toronto each year to delve into the outstanding grand views from the restaurant and to have an experience of dining in the clouds. Therefore restaurant goers have an ever-changing sight of Toronto, more than 1,000 feet below. Isn’t that wow?
  2. It is a perfect go-to place to celebrate occasions and is a recipient of parties and several awards. 360 welcomes groups and associations.
  3. The 360 Restaurant has an inventive Canadian-sourced seasonal menu that brims with an inspiring gastronomic experience in an exquisite ambiance.

6.2. The Wine Cellar

  1. The copiously phenomenal wine cellar in the CN Tower was designated as the world’s highest wine cellar at the height of 351 meters (1,152feet) by the Guinness World Records in 2006.
  2. Built in 1997, the world’s highest wine cellar in the sky can hold up to 9,000 bottles. The interiors resemble a typical wine cellar, with redwood racks, double cherry doors, and large tasting tables.

6.3. Edgewalk

  1. CN Tower opened Edgewalk on August 1, 2011, and is located just above the 360 Restaurant. It is the world’s highest full circle walk.
  2. It’s an adrenaline-fueling attraction and the first of its kind in history. This place is great for adventurers as they can walk at 356 meters(1168feet) above the ground, circling the roof of the CN Tower’s main pod, and experience open air.
  3. Tourists visiting the Edgewalk can walk around the pod while they are fastened to an overhead safety rail on top of the 360 Restaurant by a secured harness. A qualified Edgewalk guide leads the journey, which runs for roughly 1.5 hours (the outside area lasts around half an hour more). Through this unusually exciting experience, you can even lean back over the city.
  4. The exhilarating attraction is closed during winter and high winds & electrical storms. Canadian Comedian Rick Mercer was one of the major guests who visited the outstanding Edgewalk.
  5. Tickets for Edgewalk include a keepsake video, printed photos, and even a Certificate of Achievement. Ticketholders get access to the Observation Deck, the Glass Floor, the Skypod, and other attractions, with a lifelong boasting about an unforgettable experience. Isn’t that fantastic?

6.4. CN Tower’s Glass Floor

  1. The Glass Floor is located at 342 meters (1,22feet) and was opened to the public in 1994. It is five times stronger than the commercial floors. It can hold up to the weight of five hippos or 35 moose. The glass floor view gives the most spectacular sights.
  2. The Glass Floor and Outdoor Observation Terrace are at 342 meters. The Outdoor Observation Terrace is a viewpoint whose only protection is a wire mesh.
CN Tower
Photo by Alireza Khoddam on Unsplash Copyright 2021

6.5. Skypod

  1. The Skypod is at an incredible height of 447 meters (1,465feet) and is the highest observation platform in the entire Western Hemisphere. The Skypod held the record for existing as the highest public observation platform until 2009.
  2. The ultramodern Skypod is a little higher than the main Observation Deck, and if you want to get clear views of the round and about Toronto skyline, visiting the Skypod is worthwhile.

6.6. Metal Staircase

  1. The CN Tower consists of the tallest metal staircase, which is the tallest on Earth.
  2. The metal staircase is at the main deck after 1,776 steps, and the SkyPod is at 100m (328ft). The metal staircase is not open to the public and is for emergency use only. It opens for charitable stair climb events just twice per year.

7. Structures Near the CN Tower

  • On June 26, 1976, the peerless CN Tower was opened to the public, yet a difficulty awaited that the creators did not envisage during the construction of the Tower. The Tower found itself standing isolated on the Railway Lands that had become an abandoned industrial space after the cancellation of the Metro Centre. This caused serious problems for the tourists to access the Tower.
  • The former Railway Lands were soon redeveloped. And the Tower became the center of a newly developing area with the completion of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (North building) in 1984 and the SkyDome in 1989 (renamed Rogers Centre in 2005).
  • SkyWalk was constructed to reduce the need for additional parking spaces nearby the stadium. It provides a direct transportation link to the GO Transit regional trains and subway. Accessibility was significantly improved with the construction of SkyWalk.

7.1. Skywalk

  • SkyWalk was opened in 1989, and the IBI Group designed it.
  • An enclosed walkway, the Skywalk is around 160 meters stretch that connects Union Station to the CN Tower and the Rogers Centre (SkyDome) in Toronto, Ontario.
  • The fantabulous Skywalk directly connects the CN Tower with the nearby Union Station Railway and subway station. It connects to the PATH, Toronto city’s underground pedestrian system.
  • The Skywalk is a post-modern curved metal and glass structure. It was the first major construction project in the former railway lands after the CN Tower.

7.2. The Metro Toronto Convention Centre

  • The Metro Toronto Convention Centre was opened on October 2, 1984, and is located in Toronto, Ontario, along Front West Street in the former Railway Lands. Metro Centre is a convention complex.
  • With a sprawling space of 700,000 square feet, the MTCC is home to the 1232-seat John Bassett Theatre and has hosted over 20,000 events over the past 34 years.

8. Retail Facts

  1. Drop by the 8,000 sq ft gift shop if you visit the Tower in person and indulge in a shopping spree while getting entertained extensively.
  2. Shopping at the CN Tower comprises a selection of the most popular items easily available online.

9. Illumination Facts

fun facts cn tower
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  1. Each night beginning from the sunset, the lights at the CN Tower start with a standard program of red and white in honor and admiration of Canada and repeats at the top of every hour.
  2. The CN Tower is lit in specific colors for special holidays and national events. It also lits in particular colors when one of the local sports teams makes the playoffs.
  3. Light emitting diode (LED) lights replaced the incandescent lights in 2007, which lit the CN Tower every night. The purpose cited was that LED lights are more energy and cost-efficient than incandescent lights. Compared to the constant white color of the incandescent lights, the color of the LED lights can change.
  4. Free of UV radiation, the CN Tower’s funky LED illumination light system is low maintenance as well as energy-efficient. The Tower’s colors change as the lights can be directed and controlled. The dazzling LED lights go green for Earth Day, turn blue for Toronto’s Blue Jay’s home opener and gleam pink and red for Mother’s Day.

10. Last Words

The impressive CN Tower fetched an extraordinary boom in the condominium construction of the 21st Century’s first quarter. There is so much to explore in this powerful tower and several activities to engage in that give an exceptional experience when visited. So, what are your thoughts on this majestic tower? If you know any fun facts about CN Tower, do share them in the comments section.

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