How many medals does Canada have in the Olympics How many medals does Canada have in the Olympics

Maple Triumphs: The Count of Canada’s Olympic Medals

Although the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic was a pretty hard blow to our daily lives, we found a way to bounce back tougher than ever before. The Olympics were originally scheduled to be held in 2020 in Tokyo but had to be postponed to a year later. The world was at the peak of battling the COVID-19 virus during that year. So when the Olympics were finally held in 2021, the event was grander than ever, and so was the 2022 Winter Olympics held in Beijing.

Canada delivered spectacular performances for both Olympics. So how many medals does Canada have in the Olympics? Canada won 24 Olympic medals in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and 26 in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. Let’s explore these achievements in detail.

The Number of Medals Canada Have in the Olympics

Let’s look at all the medals earned by Canada in the most recent Olympics.

1. 2020 Tokyo Olympics

At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Canada won 7 gold medals, 6 silver medals, and 11 bronze medals. These make a total medal count of 24. A fun fact is that Canada won the same number of gold medals in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as it did in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

1.1. Gold Medals

Here are the gold medals won by Canadian athletes in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

1.1.1. Women’s Swimming: 100-Meter Butterfly

How many medals does Canada have in the Olympics
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Maggie Mac Neil became the first Olympic champion to win the gold medal for Canada in swimming for the Women’s 100-meter butterfly. She beat her opponents with a time of 55.59 seconds.

1.1.2. Women’s Weightlifting 64 Kg

Maude Charron achieved the second gold medal for the country for Women’s Weightlifting in the 64 Kg category. She lifted 105 Kg for the snatch round and 131 kg for the clean and jerk round. She gathered 236 points for all the rounds and was declared the winner by 4 points.

1.1.3. Women’s Rowing

Canada’s Women’s rowing team won the next gold. The medal was their first gold in the rowing category since their win in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. The team consisted of Kristen Kit, Sydney Payne, Susanne Grainger, Christine Roper, Lisa Roman, Avalon Wasteneys, Madison Mailey, Andrea Proske, and Kasia Gruchalla-Wesierski. The team completed the race within 5 minutes and 59.13 seconds.

1.1.4. Men’s 200-Meter Sprint

Records were broken as Andre De Grasse won gold in the Men’s 200-meter sprint. Grasse broke the record for the Canadian best with a time of 19.62 seconds. The accomplishment marked the third time the country won a medal in the sport and the first time since the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics.

1.1.5. Decathlon

How many medals does Canada have in the Olympics
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Another record was broken by athlete Damian Warner, who won Canada’s first gold in the decathlon. He scored a record 9,018 points. Warner set records for the long jump and 110-meter hurdles. He also broke his record in the pole vault.

1.1.6. Women’s Soccer

The Canadian Women’s soccer team brought home the sixth gold after winning the game against Sweden. The score remained at 1-1 till Julia Grosso provided the winning goal. The game also marked the first openly transgender and non-binary individual from the team, Quinn, to own an Olympic medal.

1.1.7. Women’s Track Cycling Sprint

Kelsey Mitchell won the gold medal in the Women’s Track Cycling Sprint after defeating Ukraine. It was a legendary win after it was revealed that Mitchell didn’t even own a bike a few years before the games.

1.2. Silver Medals

Here are the silver medals won by Canadian athletes in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

1.2.1. Women’s 4×100-Meter Freestyle Swimming Relay

Canada’s first silver medal was in the Women’s 4×100 meter Freestyle Swimming Relay. Penny Oleksiak, Maggie Mac Neil, Rebecca Smith, and Kayla Sanchez brought home the medal with a time of 3 minutes and 32.78 seconds.

1.2.2. Women’s 3-Meter Synchronized Springboard

Although they were off to a relaxed start with their first two dives, Melissa Citrini-Beaulieu and Jennifer Abel quickly picked up the pace scoring 300.78 points. This year marked the first Olympic participation for Citrini-Beaulieu. Abel had won the bronze medal in the same game at the 2012 London Olympics with Emilie Heymans.

1.2.3. Women’s Swimming: 100-Meter Backstroke

Canada’s young women’s swim team nabs multiple medals in Tokyo

Kylie Masse won the silver medal for Women’s 100-meter Backstroke. Masse missed the gold by just two-tenths of a second to Australian Kaylee McKeown. But the progress made by Masse was clear as she improved from the bronze she won at the 2016 Rio Olympics in the same competition.

1.2.4. Women’s Swimming: 200-Meter Backstroke

Kylie Masse won another silver for the Women’s 200-meter Backstroke with a time of 2 minutes and 5.42 seconds. Both Australians, Kaylee Mckeown, and Emily Seebohm took home the gold and bronze with times of 2 minutes 4.68 seconds and 2 minutes 6.17 seconds respectively.

1.2.5. Women’s 200-meter Canoe Sprint

Laurence Vincent Lapointe brought Canada the Women’s 200-meter Canoe Sprint silver medal. Lapointe came in second with a time of 46.786 seconds.

1.2.6. Men’s 5000 Meters

Mohammed Ahmed earned Canada its first Olympic medal in the Men’s 5000 Meters. Ahmed won silver with a time record of 12 minutes and 58.61 seconds.

1.3. Bronze Medals

Here are the bronze medals won by Canadian athletes in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

1.3.1. Women’s Judo 57 Kg

Jessica Klimkait made history by becoming the first Canadian female athlete to win a medal in Judo for the 57 kg weight category in the Olympic games. Klimkait won the bronze medal after defeating Slovenian athlete Kaja Kajzer.

1.3.2. Women’s Softball

Canada won their first Olympic medal for Women’s Softball after beating Mexico by a score of 3-2. Team Canada took home the bronze medal placing third after the United States of America with Japan winning the Olympic gold.

1.3.3. Women’s Judo 63 Kg

Catherine Beauchemin-Pinard won the bronze medal after defeating Anriqueli Barrios from Venezuela. Beauchemin-Pinard pinned Barrios on her back three minutes after the beginning of the sudden death period. Ultimately Beauchemin-Pinard won by a waza-ari in extra time.

1.3.4. Women’s Swimming: 200-meter Freestyle

Penny Oleksiak took home the bronze with a time record of 1 minute 54.7 seconds. Oleksiak was leading at the first turn but placed fourth at 150 meters.

1.3.5. Women’s Coxless Pair Rowing

Caileigh Filmer from Victoria and Hillary Janssens from Surrey won the bronze medal in the Women’s Coxless Pair Rowing. They finished with a time of 6 minutes and 52.10 seconds.

1.3.6. Women’s Swimming: 4×100-meter Medley Relay

Kylie Masse, Penny Oleksiak, Sydney Pickrem, and Maggie Mac Neil won bronze at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games. The team set a national record of 3 minutes and 52.60 seconds. Tokyo 2020 marked Oleksiak’s seventh medal making her a national treasure.

1.3.7. Men’s 100-Meters

Andre De Grasse won the bronze medal in the Men’s 100 meters for the second time in the Olympics. De Grasse overcame his best time score with a record of 9.89 seconds.

1.3.8. Women’s Keirin Track Cycling

Canada's 24 medals at the Tokyo Olympics in three minutes

Lauriane Genest made Olympic history by winning Canada’s first Women’s Track Cycling games medal. Genest won bronze by crossing the finish line just 0.148 seconds behind Shanne Braspennincx of Netherlands won the gold medal and 0.61 seconds behind Ellesse Andrews of New Zealand won the silver medal.

1.3.9. Men’s 50 km Race Walk

Evan Dunfee won the bronze medal in Men’s 50 km Race Walk by surpassing Joao Vieira of Portugal and Marc Tur of Spain towards the end of the race. Dunfee placed third with a time of 3 hours 50 minutes 59 seconds.

1.3.10. Men’s 4×100-Meter Relay

Brendon Rodney, Andre De Grasse, Jerome Blake, and Aaron Brown brought home the bronze medal after finishing the championship in 37.70 seconds. De Grasse has maintained his streak of winning a medal at every Olympics he competed in. The bronze marked his sixth career medal making him another treasured Canadian athlete.

1.3.11. Women’s C-2 500 Meters Rowing

Katie Vincent won her first medal and Laurence Vincent Lapointe her second medal after winning bronze in the Women’s C-2 500 meters Rowing at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

2. Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

Canada scored 26 medals at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics with 4 gold medals, 8 silver medals, and 14 bronze medals. Here’s a breakdown of all the awards won by Canada’s talented athletes.

2.1. Gold Medals

Here are the gold medals won by Canadian athletes in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

How many medals does Canada have in the Olympics
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2.1.1. Men’s Slopestyle Snowboarding

Max Parrot, a proud Canadian athlete from Quebec, brought home the first gold medal in the men’s slopestyle snowboarding at the Beijing games. Parrot had been undergoing treatment for cancer just three years before the games. Parrot has always been a fighter and the gold win marked an incredible achievement.

2.1.2. Women’s Team Pursuit Speedskating

Ivanie Blondin, Isabelle Weidemann, and Valerie Maltais earned Canada a gold medal in the women’s team pursuit beating Japan in the finals. The athletes hailing from Ottawa and Quebec won the competition by a time record of 2 minutes and 53.44 seconds.

2.1.3. Women’s Ice Hockey

The women’s ice hockey team won gold in a close match with the United States of America. Captain Marie-Philip Poulin led the score of 3-2 in a spectacular win. This medal marked Canada’s fifth gold medal for the sport since its debut in 1998. They also set another Olympic record with 57 goals scored throughout the championship.

2.1.4. Men’s 5000-meter Short Track Speed Skating Relay

Steven Dubois, Jordan Pierre-Gilles, Pascal Dion, Charles Hamelin, and Maxime Laoun won gold in the men’s 5000-meter short-track speed skating. Charles Hamelin is a well-experienced short-track speed skater who has been competing since 2006. This win marked Hamelin’s sixth Olympic medal making him a decorated Canadian winter olympian. Steven Dubois won his third medal, adding to his silver and bronze medals collection.

🇨🇦 🏒 Canada were on fire at Beijing 2022! 🥇

2.2. Silver Medals

Here are the silver medals won by Canadian athletes in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

2.2.1. Women’s Ski Cross

Marielle Thompson earned Canada a silver medal in women’s ski cross at the Beijing games. Thompson, a resident of British Columbia has been in the game since she was 18 years old. Her original plans were to become a figure skater before she figured out she preferred skiing over figure skating. Thompson won gold at the 2014 Sochi Olympics. She ruptured her ACL in the right knee twice post the 2014 Olympics but persevered to win silver at the Beijing Olympics.

2.2.2. Men’s Moguls Freestyle Skiing

Mikaël Kingsbury brought home the moguls silver at the 2022 winter Olympics. Kingsbury is a four-time world champion in moguls skiing. He also won gold at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, in South Korea. Walter Wallberg bested Kingsbury from Sweden during the final lap.

2.2.3. Men’s 1500-meter Short Track Speed Skating

The 2022 Beijing Olympics marked Steven Dubois’s Olympic debut and he did not disappoint. Dubois won a silver medal in the men’s 1500-meter short-track speed skating. Dubois won silver with a time record of 2 minutes and 9.254 seconds. The athlete from Quebec did not complete his semifinals but got a pass to the finals after a penalty to a Dutch skater later in the game.

2.2.4. Men’s Snowboard Cross

Éliot Grondin started competing when he was eight years old. He is a five-time world cup medallist in snowboarding. Grondin won the silver medal at the Beijing Olympics in men’s snowboard cross. Grondin made his childhood dream come true by competing against his favourite snowboarder Alessandro Hämmerleeter.

2.2.5. Women’s Speedskating 5000-meter

Isabelle Weidemann won her second medal at the Beijing Olympics in the 5000-meter speedskating competition. Weidemann won her first medal at the 3000-meter speedskating event held earlier in the tournament.

2.2.6. Men’s Speedskating 1000-meter

🇨🇦 Canada's defending champion Marc Marcoux takes SILVER | Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games

Laurent Dubreuil, a Quebec native took home the silver medal in the men’s 1000-meter speedskating championship. Dubreuil missed the gold by just 0.40 seconds to Dutch skater Thomas Krol. He finished three-hundredths of a second before the bronze winner.

2.2.7. Women’s Freeski Halfpipe

Cassie Sharp won silver in the women’s freeski halfpipe at the 2022 winter Olympics. The athlete had suffered from an ACL injury and required surgery before the games. But she sailed through and made her country proud by claiming a silver medal at the Beijing Olympics.

2.2.8. Women’s Speedskating Mass Start

Ivanie Blondin earned the silver medal in the women’s mass start speedskating tournament. Blondin lost the gold to Irene Schouten from the Netherlands. The silver medal marked Blondin’s second medal in the Beijing Olympics after her gold medal wins in the team pursuit speedskating event.

2.3. Bronze Medals

Here are the bronze medals won by Canadian athletes in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

2.3.1. Women’s Monobob

At the debut of the women’s mono bob event at the Olympic games, Christine de Bruin from Edmonton earned Canada a bronze medal. The medal marked Bruin’s first Olympic medal. A former teammate of Bruin, Kaillie Humphries, won gold for the United States of America.

2.3.2. Bobsled

Canada's 26 medal moments from the Beijing Winter Olympics in three minutes

Ryan Sommer, Ben Coakwell, Cam Stones, and Justin Kripps won bronze in the four-man bobsled event at the Beijing Olympics. Kripps and his teammates completed the four laps in 3 minutes and 55.09 seconds. The Canadian athletes placed third after the first two laps. They were just 0.79 seconds behind Johannes Lochner competing for Germany. Germany took the gold with Francesco Friedrich finishing the race in 3 minutes and 54.30 seconds.

2.3.3. Mixed Team Aerials

Another mixed team aerials game debuted at the Beijing 2022 winter Olympics. Canada won bronze in this event with a total of 290.98 points. China took home the silver with a score of 324.22, and the United States of America won the game with a score of 338.34.

2.3.4. Women’s Snowboard Cross

Meryeta O’Dine from British Columbia overcame a series of struggles and won her first Olympic medal at the Beijing games. O’Dine won a bronze medal in the women’s snowboard cross. Maelle Ricker, one of her coaches made history at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics by winning gold for Canada for the first time in the game.

2.3.5. Mixed Team Ski Jumping

Matthew Soukup, Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes, Abigail Strate, and Alexandria Loutitt earned Canada the bronze medal in the mixed team event of ski jumping. All the Canadian athletes native to Alberta won the country its first-ever medal in ski jumping at the Olympic games.

2.3.6. Men’s Slopestyle Snowboarding

Mark McMorris won a bronze medal in men’s slopestyle snowboarding adding to Canada’s medal count along with Max Parrot, a gold winner at the event. McMorris won the bronze at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics and another bronze at the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

2.3.7. Women’s Long Track 3000-meter Speedskating

Isabelle Weidemann, a Canadian athlete from Ottawa, won bronze by defeating the skater from the Czech Republic at the last minute in the women’s long track 3000-meter speedskating championship.

2.3.8. Women’s Short Track 500-meter Speedskating

Kim Boutin won a bronze medal in the women’s short track 500-meter speedskating event at the 2022 winter Olympics. The athlete from Quebec has a total medal count of four, including the most recent win. Boutin won a silver medal and two bronze medals at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics.

2.3.9. Men’s Alpine Skiing Combined

James Crawford, a Canadian athlete hailing from Toronto achieved a personal goal of winning his first medal at the Olympics and also earned the country its first medal in men’s alpine skiing combined event. Crawford placed fourth in the downhill round and second in the downhill event of the alpine combined earning him a bronze medal in the tournament.

2.3.10. Mixed Team Snowboard Cross

Meryeta O’Dine and Eliot Grondin won the bronze for mixed team snowboard cross at the Beijing Olympics. O’Dine suffered a midrace crash which brought her to an abrupt stop in the race. The pair made a historic win in the first dual-gender snowboarding championship held in the Olympics.

2.3.11. Men’s Short Track 500-meter Speedskating

This marked Steven Dubois’s second medal at the 2022 winter Olympics. Dubois won a bronze medal in the men’s short track 500-meter speedskating event. The athlete from Quebec debuted in the Beijing Olympics and won his first silver medal in the 1500-meter short track race.

2.3.12. Men’s Snowboard Big Air

Max Parrot won the country its first gold medal in the Beijing Olympics. He expanded his medal count by winning bronze in the men’s snowboarding big air event. Parrot, an athlete from Quebec overcame his struggles with cancer to be a multiple-medal winner at the 2022 winter Olympics. Parrot fell on his first jump but recovered his score by landing a large 1800 cab during his second attempt.

2.3.13. Men’s Curling

Geoff Walker, Brett Gallant, Brad Gushue, Marc Kennedy, and Mark Nicholas made up the team Canada in the men’s curling tournament. They beat the American team by a score of 8-5. It was a tense match with the competition running high till the end of the period. This medal marked Brad Gushue and Mark Nicholas’s second Olympic medal. They had won the gold medal on their Olympic debut in the 2006 Turin Olympics. They also made history by winning the only medal in curling for Canada at the Olympics.

2.3.14. Women’s Freeski Halfpipe

Rachael Karker from Ontario won the bronze medal in the women’s freeski halfpipe event. Karker debuted at the 2022 Beijing Olympics. She stood on the podium along with Cassie Sharpe and won gold at the same championship.

3. Interesting Facts About Canada at the Olympics

How many medals does Canada have in the Olympics
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3.1. The first Winter Olympics in Canada occurred in Calgary, Alberta, in 1988. Canada Olympic Park was the official venue for the tournament. The park has changed since then but is still used as a practice ground for athletes. The second Winter Olympics to take place in Canada was in 2010 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

3.2. Canada can proudly state that it has earned at least one medal at every Olympic whenever it participated. Canada has earned 52 gold medals, 50 silver medals, and 48 bronze medals throughout the 21 Winter Olympics.

3.3. Canada earned its first gold medal and established itself as a country with competent athletes at the 1924 Chamonix Winter Olympics. They won the Men’s Ice Hockey game medal, beating the USA with a score of 6-1.

3.4. Canada won the most gold medals at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic games with 14 golds. They won 7 silver medals and 5 bronze medals at the same games tallying their total medal count to 26.

Wrapping Up

So what is the no. of  medals does Canada have in the Olympics? Canada has been a beastly performer at every Olympics it has participated in. Canadian athletes are naturally gifted in winter sports, thanks to their landscapes. Here’s to many more great achievements for Canada in all future Olympics.

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