How Not To Be Lazy to Study? 14 Effective Study Strategies

Let’s honestly agree that most of us tend to become lazy whenever we start studying. At times, we blame our surroundings to be noisy or simply pretend to feel sick. Sometimes, we feel sleepy or are easily distracted.

Tips To Study Well

However, we don’t want to compromise on our tests or performances. So, how not to be lazy to study?  Here are some tried and tested tips and tricks to combat lethargy while studying.

1. Get out of your Comfort Zone

Wait, before you wonder how not to be lazy to study, first look at your current state and activity. Being in your comfort zone and expecting results is a worthless daydream.

One cannot expect to fetch great marks while sitting on the couch, binge-watching, or playing all the time. To perform well in your papers, you have to study! There’s simply no other way.

So, get out of bed and head straight towards your books. For only working hard will bring success to you. You may wish to watch that one last episode of your favourite show, but give it up. One has to leave all the fun and luxuries behind to rise.

2. Choose a Time and Place

It is indeed essential to choose an appropriate place to study. Like one surely cannot study in a club with rock music on. Thus, the location is important. Also, keep in mind the time.

Some students like to study during dawn and advise others to do the same. However, this timing may not suit everyone. Some also like to study after dinner or late at night, while many may feel sleepy during the same.

Study time varies for each student. Therefore, to not be lazy to study, choose that time of the day when you feel fresh and energetic. Invest that enthusiasm in your studies.

3. Make a Study Plan

Well, the best way to focus on your studies is by preparing a study plan. Now, let’s admit that at least once, we have tried making a schedule and tried working accordingly.

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However, we don’t tend to stick to it a lot. Why is it so? It is not that we aren’t serious. It is rather because of our indiscipline. To achieve our targets, we need to be sincere.

So, get up now, prepare a study plan, make your schedule, and act according to it. Whenever you feel like skipping a part or procrastinating, think of punishing yourself.

Make smaller goals and set short-term targets and no matter what, you must stick to your study plan. And soon, you will be acquainted with that routine and would no more feel lazy while studying.

4. Remove Distractions

Believe it or not but trying to study in chaotic surroundings is not easy. It is therefore advised to remove all the distracting elements.

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For many students, the basic complaint is that they feel like being on their phones and don’t feel like studying. So, how not to be lazy to study? For that, you can try keeping your phone either in some other room or switching it off.

Also, keep a check on any other distractions like hunger, notifications, messages, etc to ensure they don’t disturb you.

5. Find Your Motivation

Find your inspiration to study. You are the only person to bring out your sincerity towards your studies. To not be lazy to study, find your source of motivation. Read success stories and dream of a great future.

Your biggest strength lies within you. Hence, never underestimate your potential. You can watch videos on how to be enthusiastic about learning.

There are a lot of motivational speakers who can help you boost your interest in your concerned field of study. However, the most important part is self-motivation. Surrounding yourself with good vibes is also essential to not be lazy to study.

To know how to motivate yourself to study, click here.

6. Start Easy

If you have been putting your books away for a long, then it might be tough to begin at a high pace. Therefore, start easy. Pick out those subjects or chapters which you feel are simple and would consume less time and effort.

Invest your focus on that particular topic. Just start with the basic stuff, this would also help in clearing out any basic doubts you would be having.

You can then increase the time and subjects as per your will. That way you probably won’t get bored or lazy.

7. Procrastination is your enemy!

Procrastination is the biggest enemy of a student. When you put away an essential part for later or skip things often, it eventually becomes a habit. And then students look for ways to how not to be lazy to study.

A lot of pending work or studies pile up if you procrastinate and then you would have a hard time finishing them up. Thus, be consistent with your tasks.

Be it a little each day, but keep up with your study routine. It is important that you show sincerity towards your studies and ambitions.

8. How About Rewards?

Amongst many study techniques, the best one is to give yourself rewards once you reach a set target. When every small achievement of yours is celebrated, it would give you immense enthusiasm to work more and study harder.

Just like mothers give their children candies when they recite a rhyme correctly, grant yourself some small rewards like a good movie break or a phone call to your loved ones when you complete your portions.

9. Know Why You Are Studying?

If you ask how not to be lazy to study, it is extremely essential to know why you are studying. Be it your exams, competitions, or even for research or entertainment purposes, the reason behind your study should always be revolving around your head. Achieving your target should be your prime thought while studying.

10. Stay Hydrated

Indeed, it is very essential to be completely focused while studying, however, it is equally important to take care of yourself. Many of us forget to drink water even though it is very essential to stay hydrated.

Researchers say that drinking water improves concentration and boosts cognition. How not to be lazy to study? Hydrate yourself! It may also wake you up if you are feeling sleepy.

Drinking water helps with refreshing your system and helps with active brain functioning. Not just water, you may also add mint, cucumber, and lemon to it. It also helps in memorizing things. Thus, always keep a bottle of water with you and drink it from time to time.

11. Take Breaks

Studying mindfully is important. Many students tend to study for long hours to finish up their portions. However, it puts a lot of strain on their minds and bodies. Thus, taking breaks helps in refreshing the mind.

It gets harder to focus after long hours because research shows that the human brain tends to lose its concentration when focused on one particular thing for more than 45 minutes to an hour.

Indeed, one must put their soul into their studies, but not forget, rest is equally important. Thus, don’t exhaust yourself. A tired body and mind wouldn’t let you study the next day thus making you lazy.

12. Discuss studies with a Friend

It is a foolproof trick to memorize. When you discuss studies with your friend, you get to know how your friend has prepared and it may also remind you of certain points that you might have missed out on.

Also, it would be of great help to your friend too. Then you won’t have to ask your friend how not to be lazy to study as both of you would be working hard and studying together.

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Group studies are a great option too. You can just go to the library with your close friends and study together. You can even discuss your studies with your roommates. However, ensure that you and your friends do some serious study.

13. Meditate and Relax

After you are done with your studies, it is very important to relax. Hence, go for a round or walk and get engaged in some sort of physical activity.

It is not preferable to go to sleep because your body needs to warm up a little after sitting and studying for a long.

If you are not in a place or if the time isn’t suitable, then it is advisable to relax your mind. You may just practice your hobby or meditate. With a relaxed body and mind, you would be able t concentrate better.

14. Aim for good results

How not to be lazy to study? Well, vibes matter. Surrounding yourself with positive vibes and good thoughts can serve as great motivation.

One should always have a goal that shouldn’t be to be the topper or to score better than others. It should rather be to perform well and reach your target. Keeping your aim alive and active in mind is important for everyone who is struggling with their studies.

The Takeaway

Apart from all this, don’t ever forget to appreciate yourself. Even if you studied for one hour, pat yourself on the back because you were able to overcome your lethargy and perform, even a bit.

Recognize all your efforts and know that you can combat all your distractions and put all your attention into what is important. Even if you fail somewhere, don’t feel low, work harder for there’s always a new opportunity waiting.

Immerse yourself in the study culture and head towards great results now. We hope these tips and tricks help you. All the best!

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