how to get a fishing license in Ontario how to get a fishing license in Ontario

Hooked on Ontario: Your Definitive Guide to the Fishing License Application Process

A fishing license in Ontario is an Outdoors Card with a fishing license tag. Rather than surfing fishing license Ontario near me get through this article to know how to get one. But before we jump into how to get a fishing license in Ontario, we need to understand if an Ontario fishing license online is available or not or if we can buy ontario fishing license online. Also who an Ontario resident is, who a Canadian resident is, and who a non-resident is.

1. Ontario Residents

That would involve a person whose primary residence is within the premises of Ontario and who has lived in that province for a minimum of six consecutive months. In the twelve months, they have been there immediately before applying for a license. 

2. Canadian Residents

This category revolves around a person whose primary residence is within the premises of any part of Canada – other than Ontario. They have to live there for a minimum of six consecutive months while in the twelve months, they have been there immediately before applying for a license.

3. Non-resident

Purchase Ontario Canada Non Resident Fishing License Online - Outdoors Card - 2022

This part revo;ves around neither an ontario resident nor a Canadian resident. Non-Canadian residents also need an outdoor card to fish in Ontario if they are above 18 years old. What needs to be highlighted is that non-residents above 65 years cannot be exempt from the necessity of a fishing license.

The plastic outdoors card is accompanied by a sport fishing license. That does not matter if it is an 8-day, one, or three calendar years. Or the conservation fishing license tag. Again, whether it is an 8-day, one, or three calendar year does not matter.

So, non-Canadian residents can also fish under the authenticity and authority they have with the outdoor card (hunting version) with the adequate fishing license tag.

If you have never purchased an outdoor card before, then buying a temporary outdoor card and fishing license tag is recommended. However, the temporary outdoors card does not include the fishing license tag because the fishing license tag is a different paper permit.

4. Age is Also a Factor

Two categories of age brackets exempting you from the need for a fishing license. They include:

4.1. Between 18 and 64

Before you step out on a breezy, sunny day to go hunting fish, you need an authentic and valid outdoors card. This card is a plastic identification tool proper for three calendar years.

The second authentic and valid identification you need is a fishing license. It can be valid for either one or three calendar years.

4.2. Below 18 and Above 65

In this age bracket, you don’t need to purchase an Outdoors card or a license to fish. However, carry issued identification from the government.

It should include your name, date of birth, etc., and be carried at all times. If you are within this bracket, this poses as your fishing license.

We talked about the eligible residents and legality within an age bracket. But why is a fishing license used?

They are used for two things. One is for a sport fishing license, which permits complete catch and possession limits. Two is for a conservation fishing license, which allows a catch and possession limit lower than the sport fishing license.

Coupled with this, a conservation fishing license is cheaper than a sport fishing license, which reflects the catch and possession limits.

5. How to Get a Fishing Licence in Ontario?

how to get a fishing license in Ontario
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Before purchasing a fishing license, you should purchase an outdoor card containing the outdoor card number. But, if you want a one-day sport fishing license, you do not have to buy an outdoor card.

If you buy or renew the validity of your outdoors card, you will get a plastic card mailed to you. That will have the fishing license printed on the back.

If it is urgent for you to go fishing, you can use the Licence Summary received at the time of purchasing the license tag.

You would need details to purchase a license, including your first and last name, date of birth, mailing and residential address, and height and eye colour.

6. There are Some Rules to Follow

There are quite a few rules to follow when hunting for fish. The rules that would determine when and where you should fish. That would specify particular places, such as a lake, and instances when you can go fishing. The type of species, their sizes, and the number of fish you can keep are also monitored.

More rules include what kind of (live) bait and tackle you can use for fishing. The final rule is possibly the most important one. Ontario is divided for fishing purposes to help make it more efficient. So, Ontario comprises 20 fisheries management zones.

As aforementioned, you must carry your valid and authentic outdoors card and fishing license tag, which would be listed in the Licence Summary. That is if your license is not printed on the back of your valid outdoor card.

7. For Help

how to get a fishing license in ontario
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There are a few ways to contact authorities to help you out.

If you want more information about the outdoors card, you can call the outdoors card center through the number: 1-800-387-7011. This toll-free number works in all parts of Canada (including Ontario), and in all the fisheries management zones, from Monday through Friday from 8:30 am-5:00 pm Eastern time.

There is a support center in all 20 fisheries management zones, and each has a toll-free number to help you with anything related to the outdoors card and fishing license tag. So, you can reach out to them from Monday through Friday. The timings are from 8:30 am-5:00 pm Eastern time.

8. Conclusion

That is how to get fishing licenses in Ontario. Fishing is a fun outdoor activity, but make sure to conserve and protect the natural resources that you could be harming hazard to. The Ministry of natural resources reinforces this. Get your valid licence. 

Carry a fishing license in Ontario or anywhere you go for fishing. That would keep you on the safer side of legalities. Remember, the Ontario Ministry, the Ministry of natural resources, and the government will monitor you in all fishing activities.

Happy hunting!

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