Maca Coffee & 6 Amazing Benefits

History of Maca Coffee:

The natural alternative for caffeinated beverages, a South American tuber called Maca, is used to make organic maca coffee, a substitute for caffeinated coffee. Maca, the root vegetable in the mustard family, is one of the beautiful gifts to the world from the complex, seemingly inhospitable regions of the high Andes.

Organic Maca coffee is sometimes sold as a powder; it does not contain coffee; instead, it is roasted and processed to give it a coffee-like flavor; it is widely used as a coffee substitute by people looking for an alternative to caffeinated beverages, those who look for nutritional and herbal therapies. Maca coffee has a burnt coffee-like taste.

maca coffee
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The Peruvian Maca plant is raised in the Andes. It is a cruciferous vegetable linked to kale, broccoli, and cabbage. Peruvian cuisine frequently uses Maca, which lends meals an earthy flavor.

Maca root powder is used to add to dishes or smoothies. Its advantages have spread from Peruvian livestock to people all over the world. It is one of just a handful of crops that can be produced at elevations as high as 15,000 feet (4500 meters).

What is the Andean Maca? Discover the legendary plant from Peru and its effects

This natural alternative supports sexual health because of its claims that it can increase libido and fertility and give users more energy. Clinical studies have suggested that organic Maca increases libido, supporting the claims that it promotes sexual function. Other climates do support maca growth but when it comes from the high Andes, where it originated, the medicinal root is most significant and most vital.

Various varieties of maca root are dried and used as powders; each has unique benefits. The most used are the yellow Maca, red Maca, and black Maca powder.

Important Staple of the Andean’s Diet

Native inhabitants of the area were aware of the advantages maca root offered to their livestock. In addition to other benefits, it gave them vitality and fertility. They then started eating it themselves. Both a dietary staple and a supplement for health, organic maca became widely used in Andean culture.

Deficient oxygen levels, rough terrain, bright sunlight, and powerful winds are all characteristics of the Andes, so people can adapt and survive in this harsh environment because of this nutrient-dense plant.

It is referred to as “Andean Viagra” or “Peruvian Ginseng” because of these qualities, which have made it a widely known and effective sexual enhancer for both men and women.

Maca’s Worldwide Popularity

Organic Maca made a massive hit in the worldwide markets in 1964, but it wasn’t until the early 2000s that it gained widespread acceptance. In the 1980s, Maca cultivation declined to a low point.

Doctors interested in their patient’s health and individuals from other parts of the world started using maca powder in the late 1990s. Peruvians increased their exports of Maca by five times between 2000 and 2010. It suddenly rose to the top of the export list for the nation

Nutrients in Maca

The organic maca root powder has a rich carbohydrate source, low-fat content, and a moderate amount of fiber. The protein content of the organic maca root powder , which contains seven of the eight essential amino acids, is around 10%. It is an excellent supply of amino acids despite not being a complete protein, especially for vegan athletes.

It contains a variety of plant substances, such as polyphenols and glucosinolates. It offers an incredible array of nutrients along with some other entertaining qualities.

It contains linolenic acid, palmitic acid, and oleic acid and has a lipid content of about 2.2%. Significant vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C and vitamin B6, copper, iron, potassium, and manganese, are abundant in Maca.

Moreover, organic maca coffee is abundant in antioxidants, which remove harmful poisons and byproducts that can injure cells.

Health Benefits of Maca: The Daybreak Motivator

Health Benefits of Maca Root | Ask Dr. Lia

Maca root powder is a well-liked dietary supplement among bodybuilders and athletes, with promises more excellent exercise performance, muscular increases, and boosted energy.


The effects of Maca on your energy, mood, and stamina are well known in the world of sports and athletics. It is due to the ability of organic maca to balance blood sugar levels, which control our energy levels.

In a pilot study conducted in 2009, it was discovered that consuming organic maca extract for 14 days enhanced men cyclists’ performance in a 40-kilometer trial. The same study found that maca extract boost libido in its users. To corroborate the findings, additional research is required because this study’s sample size was relatively small.

According to claims, organic Maca is an adaptogenic plant that helps your body adapt to or reject external factors that can cause stress, anxiety, and sadness. There is some scientific proof that it can offer you an energy boost.

The energy and emotions of persons are positively impacted by organic Maca, which is crucial for sustaining adrenal health, so it makes maca a great drink.


Maca root is also frequently used to boost fertility, especially in men. Natives of Peru’s high Andes have traditionally consumed maca roots to increase fertility and sexual health since prehistoric times.

Maca is thought to help men produce more sperm and have more mobile sperm. According to 2016, studies suggest that maca root may improve the quality of fertile and infertile men’s semen. However, more study is required.


A study also discovered that Maca coffee could enhance mice’s memory. Critical animal studies have demonstrated increased memory function and concentration following maca ingestion.

Peruvian Indians frequently utilize Maca to improve their kids’ cognitive abilities. The hypothalamus, which lies right above the pituitary gland and is crucial for maintaining a healthy balance of energy and focus, is known to be regulated by Maca.


An earlier animal model investigation discovered that Maca coffee might help shield the skin from UV radiation. Study reveals that maca coffee leaves may aid in the prevention of sunburn cells. From the same study source, maca root can probably lower blood pressure. Additionally, 3.3g of Maca coffee taken daily for 12 weeks by Chinese postmenopausal women reduced blood pressure.


Additionally, glutathione and superoxide dismutase are two natural antioxidants supported by maca root use. Antioxidants are the ones that aid in the battle against free radicals, which can harm the body’s cells. Antioxidants, according to some, may help prevent certain diseases, such as cancer and heart disease.


An illness that thins the bones, osteoporosis frequently affects the elderly. As you age, your bone tissue and mass tend to deteriorate, impacting your overall bone health.

Maca coffee strengthens bones and lowers the risk of bone-related illnesses because of its essential nutrients such as vitamins, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, and silica.

Maca Coffee for Women


Menstruating women typically experience menopause. This stage of life is when menstruation ends permanently. Various symptoms, some of which people may find unpleasant, can be brought on by the average fall in oestrogen that occurs throughout this time.

Hot flashes, vaginal dryness, mood swings, sleep issues, and irritability are a few of them. According to a few studies, Maca coffee may help menopausal women by reducing symptoms such as hot flashes and restless nights.

But researchers did point out that there is not enough data to determine the safety or efficacy of Maca for treating symptoms of menopause.

The Inca Empire used Maca Powder for medicinal purposes to address female hormone issues, including menstrual and menopausal disorders. This results from its sterols’ actions on the hypothalamus, which work on the pituitary-ovarian axis and increase internal hormone synthesis.

The red Maca powder balances the feminine cycle, improves fertility, and makes women look and feel better. It has been demonstrated in clinical investigations on its effects during menopause that it enhances specific hormone function smoothly above the symptomatic threshold (menopause is asymptomatic, which is why it benefits women who are undergoing menopause)

During menopause, hormone deficits result in water retention, weight gain, and dry skin. These issues are resolved, and women who drink red Maca coffee (in all its variants) generally feel better. As we can see, red Maca powder has unique features, albeit it’s unclear precisely what chemical processes cause them.

The body may experience estrogenic effects from some Maca ingredients. The therapy of discomforts related to menopause may benefit from this. Numerous research has demonstrated that the Maca extract aids in endocrine function stimulation, which helps to improve or prevent hormonal imbalances. Sports participation and Maca use support female sexual function.

Maca’s Impact: 

Is Maca Risk-Free?

Studies show that using Maca coffee is risk-free and has no unfavorable side effects. The majority of individuals believe that it is safe to ingest Maca.

There have also been no reported adverse effects associated with traditional methods of using Maca, such as boiling it before eating or drinking it. Because it is currently unknown if Maca coffee is safe to take while pregnant or nursing, persons in these situations should consult their medical team before taking Maca. People with thyroid problems could be an exception and should exercise caution when using it.

The Maca contains several contentious compounds, like glucosinates, which boost immunity but can irritate the intestinal mucus in those with sensitive stomachs. In addition, the plant includes beta-carbolines, which may have psychedelic properties even though if Maca is taken in the appropriate dosage, it will never reach hazardous levels.

However, the plant’s hormonal effects might cause insomnia, palpitations, or a significant increase in libido, which is why it is advised to cut the amount if you experience these side effects.

Despite the lack of proof to the contrary, pregnant women should refrain from consuming Maca. The gelatinized variety is advised for usage by a woman if she intends to utilize it on her initiative.

Ways of Using Maca in Diet Plan

There are numerous ways to consume Maca, including powders and pills.

Choice of Powder or Pills:


Peruvians generally dry the Maca and boil it to drink as a juice. But these days, it also comes in gelcaps form or powder so we can add it to food or drinks.

Since Maca is available in coffee powder form, you may easily incorporate it into many of your favorite beverages, doughs, and meals. It also works well when added to pancakes, waffles, or overnight oats.

Maca powder can enhance smoothing, porridge, baked goods, energy bars, and other foods. Because of its nutty, butterscotch-like flavour, it goes well with various sweeter tastes. Maca is an excellent alternative for giving your morning smoothies an energy boost. It goes particularly well with smoothies that taste creamy, caramelized, or have cocoa powder

It is unknown what dosage is ideal for medicinal use. However, the average daily dose of maca root powder used in studies is 1.5–3 grams.

Maca coffee powder is available through numerous online vendors, health food stores, and select supermarkets.

By consulting with a licensed healthcare expert, such as a registered dietitian or doctor, before buying higher quality maca or obtaining a personalized dosage advice

The best maca smoothie includes blending banana, cacao powder, cashew milk, and chia.

Maca powder in a diet plan can be used in the following ways:

  • Popcorn
  • Chocolate peanut butter Maca truffles
  • Pancakes
  • Sandwich
  • Coffee Drink (Macca latte)
  • Chocolate milk
  • Cookies
  • Maca banana smoothie
  • Maca granola
  • Waffle’s
  • Hummus
  • Oat milk
  • Chia pudding
  • Yogurt
  • Soup

Maca as a Healthy Alternative for Coffee

Maca coffee might be the solution if you’re seeking a caffeine-free substitute for high quality coffee in the morning. A Maca latte can be a perfect substitute for removing the caffeine and adding Maca powder to your usual cup of coffee or preparing a maca latte.

Some maca coffee manufacturers may use actual coffee, sweeteners, or powdered creamers in their drinks. Maca coffee that solely contains roasted maca root if caffeine has to be avoided

One key advantage of maca coffee s is that it can offer you more energy and help you get through the day without giving you the jitters and anxiety that are sometimes brought on by caffeine.

A Powerful Maca Latte Recipe

THE ULTIMATE ENERGY DRINK (no caffeine!) | Creamy Maca Latte

Add cream, sugar, or any additional flavorings to your cup and around a teaspoon of dried maca powder. There are different flavours of maca powder available online; you can find one you enjoy utilizing in your everyday routine. Most people base their all-maca lattes on either coconut milk or cow’s milk. The liquid needs to be warmed before the maca powder is added.

If you choose to add Maca to your coffee, it’s a good idea to let the beverage cool down first because high heat can destroy some of the compounds in Maca that give it its health advantages.

Usually, other flavors and spices are added to the beverage to give it more body and make it resemble a classic coffee latte. Most people like the chocolatey flavor from the carob powder and the hint of caramel the maca powder adds. There is various maca latte recipe online.

Benefits of Peruvian Superfood Maca for Men:

Maca Benefits For Men Over 40


One of the hormones’ building blocks is Amino acids, which are abundant in maca roots. Eight of the 20 amino acids found in maca roots are essential amino acids necessary for developing men’s regulating hormones.


Prostatic hyperplasia, a disease where the prostate gland is enlarged, is one of the issues associated with becoming older that men encounter. Consuming Maca coffee, according to studies, may assist in lessening prostate enlargement.

It is thought that Maca coffee affects the prostate’s androgen receptors, blocking the hormone binding that causes prostate growth.


Due to its abundance of bio-active proteins that support natural muscle growth, Maca coffee is also praised for its extraordinary muscle-building properties. Because maca roots contain 18% protein, they are a preferred dietary supplement among bodybuilders and athletes. It enhances energy levels, exercise performance, endurance, and muscle strength.

How Does it Taste Like

The flavour is frequently characterized as tasting nutty and a little earthy. Adding additional ingredients and spices could significantly enhance the flavor.

Some have compared maca lattes to having a flavor that is almost butterscotch-like. Numerous reviewers compare the flavour to soft, earthier-tasting peanut butter, describing it as nutty. Some people claim that the Maca lattes tastes good like butterscotch.

Variations in Colours of Maca Powder

Black Maca Coffee

Increases male virility, desire, and sperm cell motility. Its reputation as “Andean Viagra” stems from the fact that it is a sexual stimulant. The most potent aphrodisiac for both sexes is black Maca.

It can raise the levels of testosterone if taken as a concentrate. However, it also has additional positive effects on our health, including enhancing our athletic ability and nervous system regulation and boosting our muscles.

Red Maca Coffee

Red maca coffee powder regulates women’s menstrual cycles, increases women’s fertility, and treats stress-related diseases, chronic exhaustion, and lethargy.

Purple Maca Coffee

Women’s menopause and premenopause symptoms can be treated with purple Maca coffee powder.

Yellow Maca Coffee

The use of yellow Maca Powder helps postmenopausal women maintain a healthy hormonal balance. Additionally, it elevates your mood and boosts libido in both sexes.

Maca Hot Chocolate

This combination of cacao and maca has a unique cacao flavor and a gentle crunch. This combo is offered on various websites online as Maca+cacao.

For preparing the greatest maca hot chocolate, cacao and maca are best.

Combine revitalizing organic maca with antioxidant organic cacao for twice the flavor and advantages. Add this blend to give cocktails, elixirs, and dishes a delectably invigorating touch. For improved digestion, nutritional absorption, and a grit-free drinking experience.

Cocoa Powder VS Cacao Powder 

Difference Between Cacao & Cocoa?

Preferably raw cacao powder is used; unprocessed chocolate is extracted from raw cacao beans for hot chocolate recipes; even though cocoa powder comes from the same plant, production processes such as heating and chemical processing cause it to lose most of its nutritional value.

5-Ingredient Healthy Maca Hot Chocolate

Unsweetened dairy free Milk of Choice

Raw Cacao Powder

Maca Powder

Maple Syrup

Vanilla Extract


  • Add 1/4 teaspoon of ground cinnamon for a heartier, wintery flavor.
  • To increase the nutrient boost even more, add 1-2 tbsp of sea moss gel.
  • For an extra treat, top with vegan marshmallows and coconut whipped cream!

Therefore, Maca has been proven to be the perfect replacement for regular coffee. However, it’s best consumed by consulting with a doctor or dietician for better results.

Top 5 Maca Substitutes You May Add To Your Diet!
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