12 Awesome Vegan Restaurants in Toronto

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Best Vegan Restaurants in Toronto

Veganism has emerged as a big diet movement over the past few years. Vegans avoid the use of animals and animal products in their diets.

Even if you are not a vegan, you should enjoy the fantastic food vegan restaurants in Toronto have to offer. Vegan restaurants have come up with great dishes and tasting menus. From vegan pho, vegan sushi, and bbq pulled jackfruit burger to vegan poutine, and veganism has something for everyone.

So, without any delay, here is a list, in no particular order, of the best vegan restaurants in Toronto.

1. The Vegan Extremist

The delicious food of this particular vegan restaurant has a Southeast Asian influence.

The Vegan Extremist is one of the best vegan restaurants in Toronto. It is a small restaurant with an open kitchen. The plant-based menu of this restaurant is regularly changed and updated to provide the best experience to the customers.

This vegan-friendly restaurant is highly inspired by Asian cuisine and offers vegan meals at affordable prices.

This restaurant’s website states that “our menu intends to showcase plants in a way that inspires new avenues in cuisine while learning from the history of the cuisines we serve. With every dish, we try to innovate, and we hope to give you a new experience and share our reverence/love for the plants the world has to offer.”


The menu items include super delicious vegan options for starters, main course, and desserts. Starters include oyster mushrooms, radicchio, onion pakora, and green beans. The main course includes dals, flower pot, korma, soba noodles, and biryani. Desserts include saffron pudding, forest floors, chocolate avocado, to name a few.

Vegan Restaurants in Toronto

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Everything is cooked to perfection with a lot of exciting flavours. The service time here is very little, and you can expect your orders to be served to you within fifteen minutes. The service is also known to be very friendly.

The current price amounts to approximately $35 per plate. However, if one wants to order individual items and not a combo, one can expect a starting price of about $2 to $15.

Contact information

Here are some other important points regarding this vegan restaurant:

Address: 291 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 1N9, Canada

Contact details: 647-914-0779. You can email them at theveganextremist@gmail.com

Operating hours: The restaurant remains closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. The working hours are Wednesday to Sunday: 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm.

Official website: tvxto.ca

The restaurant also offers a great fine dining experience with its dine-in option.

2. Fresh

Fresh is a vegan-friendly restaurant located in the heart of Toronto. The patio is located in its backyard. This particular restaurant was rebranded in the year 1999.

Fresh is known for its excellent service. It champions the notion of a plant-based diet. The restaurant offers amazing vegan meals a memorable experience to all its customers.


The feature menu includes great, mouth-watering dishes like avocado crispy rice, buffalo cauliflower salad, smashing pumpkin smoothie, vegan burrito, quinoa onion rings, to name a few. Fast food items include pizzas, tacos, vegan burgers, wraps, add-ons, vegetable dishes, and cold drinks.

Plant-based cooking includes food made from whole, natural, and organic ingredients. The restaurant offers a range of raw, organic cold-pressed juices and craft cocktails. The restaurants also include gluten-free options.

Its smashing pumpkin smoothies include pumpkin, goji berry, hemp hearts, banana, dates, Chaga cider, coconut milk, maple syrup, allspice, cinnamon, cloves are very famous.

Contact information

Here is the official website. The website is very well maintained and will answer all your queries regarding the timings, menu options, addresses of all its branches, contact details, and so on.

Fresh is undoubtedly one of the best vegan restaurants in Toronto. Make sure to have it on your list!

3. Hello 123

It is a plant-based restaurant and bar serving unique vegan dishes. It is an entirely vegan restaurant and serves delicious food. The vegan cuisine includes many classic vegan dishes.

The restaurant is known for its attention to detail and serving very filling sizes. It’s beautiful for outside days that are nice. There is a small space inside as well as a small patio. The patio is right on Queen Street, so it’s Lively and has gorgeous patio lighting enough to see at night.


The menu includes vegan dishes and comfort food like lasagna, chickpea and lentil curry, avocado toast, waffle and chana, kale omelette, and many smoothies, desserts, and drinks. One reviewer especially recommended its green hot sauce, saying it compliments all their entrees.

Contact information

Here is some information regarding one of the best vegan restaurants in Toronto:

Service options include Dine-in, Takeaway, and Delivery.

1122 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1H9, Canada.

Hours: Thursday 11am–9:30pm, Friday 11am–9:30pm, Saturday 10am–4pm, 5–9:30pm, Sunday 10am–4pm, Monday 11am–9:30pm, Tuesday 11am–9:30pm, Wednesday 11am–9:30pm

Phone: +1 416-532-3555

Order: doordash.com, skipthedishes.com

4. Buddha’s Vegan Restaurant

Buddha’s Vegan Restaurant is one of Toronto’s best vegan restaurants. It serves tasty, healthy, and plant-based health food and cuisines.

The official website of this restaurant states that “We believe that eating healthy is not only good for our body but also our mind since a peaceful mind comes from a tranquil body; thus, Buddha’s Vegan Restaurant is trying to connect people to a compassionate and pleasant lifestyle.”

The serving is very friendly, and they offer great vegan food.


The menu of this restaurant is very diverse. It has a lot of vegan options such as fried dumplings, Thai dishes, deep-fried tofu, a large variety of soups and vegetables, and classic dishes such as fried noodles and rice bowls (you may ask for brown rice), to name a few.

Portion sizing is generally very large. Their fried rice-based and noodle dishes are exceptionally famous among reviewers. Mock meat, i.e., vegan meat-based dishes, is also available.

Contact information


Email id: buddhavr666@gmail.com

Hours: Sunday and Monday, 11:00 am to 8:00 pm, Closed on Tuesday, Wednesday To Saturday, 11:00 am to 9:00 pm

Telephone: 416.603.3811

5. Parka Food Co

This vegan restaurant serves plant-based comfort food. The dishes are made with sustainable and locally sourced, fresh farm ingredients.

They use no fake meats, artificial ingredients, or preservatives. You can rest assured that the grocery stores select the best ingredients.

If you plan on a great weekend brunch, you have come to the right place! Expect to be served great vegan food.

All this makes Parka Food Co one of the best vegan restaurants in Toronto.


Parka Food Co has a very extensive menu that includes delicacies like Jicama Fish Filet Burger, mock meats, Buffalo Red Cabbage, Mac’ N’ Cashew, and Caesar Chicken Tofu Wrap.

Contact information

The restaurant also takes care to reduce packaging waste.

Here’s all the relevant information regarding the place:

Address: 424 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2A7

Email-id: hello@parkafoodco.com

Contact number: (416) 603-3363

Hours: Monday Closed, Tuesday 12–9 pm, Wednesday 12–9 pm, Thursday 12–9 pm, Friday 12–9 pm, Saturday 12–9 pm, Sunday 12–9 pm.

Order: localeats.to, doordash.com, skipthedishes.com, ubereats.com

6. The Hogtown Vegan

The Hogtown Vegan is one of Toronto’s most popular and trusted vegan restaurants. It is famous for its healthy food as well as comfort food. It has a great selection of plant-based dishes.

The service here is exceptionally polite and friendly.


They serve dishes like wings, quesadilla, vegan burgers like Mac’n cheez, and fully loaded nachos for appetizers. It also serves salads, mains, side and fast food dishes, and desserts.

Contact information

Address: The Hogtown Vegan on College, 382 College St, Toronto ON

Contact number: 416.546.7900

Current Hours: Wednesday to Monday 4–9:30 pm

Holiday Hours: Closed Dec 24-30th, Brunch+Dinner Jan 1st, 12–9:30 pm

7. Rosalinda Restaurant

Rosalinda is one of the most vibrant, plant-based vegan-friendly restaurants in downtown Toronto. It also has a range of gluten-free options.

The place’s atmosphere and overall ambience are superb, with natural light and greenery. The restaurant uses fresh ingredients for all its dishes.

The dishes are very delicious and flavorful when it comes to the food. You can expect to get a great vegan fix for your vegan cravings!


It has a lot of snack and fast food options like multigrain chicharron, dip, and chip, Mexican-inspired menu dishes like rosa’s nachos, black bean fritters, and yucca fries. You will thoroughly enjoy your vegan meal at this restaurant.

The vegan food options here are unique.

Contact information

Address: 133 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON M5H 2L3, Canada

Contact Number: +1 416-907-0650

8. Vegan Danish Bakery

Vegan Danish Bakery is an entirely vegan bakery serving great vegan sweet food. You can expect to have a great vegan breakfast here!


It serves great vegan pastries, cinnamon buns, coffee, tea, cupcakes, lunch items, and an ice cream sundae menu.

Contact information

It has two branches.

If you need to order a cake that is to be picked up from the Queen St. (downtown) location, call 647-352-1312.

Or, if you need to order a cake to be picked up from the Thornhill location, call 905-882-1331.

9. Urban Herbivore

It is one of the best Vegan restaurants in Toronto. It serves excellent vegan food. The atmosphere here gives a great vibe.


The menu of this restaurant is quite extensive. It serves excellent food and is quite famous among vegan lovers of Toronto.

For soups and snacks, they have garlic hummus, mushroom hummus, two types of daily soups, avocado toast, almond and banana toast, and many more.

The BBQ Tofu sandwich is especially famous. The menu includes other vegan options like grilled vegetable sandwiches, ginger tempeh Reuben sandwiches, burgers like an avocado cheeseburger, vegan cheeseburger, and many custom bowls made with brown rice, baby spinach, or mixed greens base.

The restaurant also serves espresso drinks and other smoothies, ices, and hot drinks.

Contact information

Address:64 Oxford Street, Toronto, On M5T 1P1

Contact number: (416) 927-1231

Email address: herbivoremarket@outlook.com

Hours: Tues–Sat 11 am – 8 pm

In addition to these seven excellent vegan restaurants in Toronto, here is a list of unique places for vegan buffets in Toronto.

10. Bar Vegandale

Bar Vegandale is a completely Vegan bar and comfort food restaurant in Toronto. The walls of this restaurant are filled with amazing vegan comics, which adds to the overall comfortable atmosphere. Doomies provide the meal at this place.

The restaurant is especially famous for its mock-meat recipes, which are considered one of the most challenging things to make in the culinary world. Bar Vegandale gladly hits the ball out of the park when it comes to that! This is one of the chief reasons any list of the best vegan restaurants in Toronto will forever be incomplete without adding Bar Vegandale in it.

The service here is phenomenal. They’ve got a bar indoors and a great patio outdoors. The bar also serves some of the best drinks one can ask for.

Even if you do not drink alcohol, you can try their famous milkshakes!


The restaurant serves impressive dishes such as fries and burgers, pulled pork and Philly steak, fried chicken and waffles, and fried jalapeño poppers. Buffalo Crispy, Memphis Burger, Animal Style Fries, Garlic Butter Fries, and Fried Oreos for dessert are especially famous.

Many reviewers also talk about how the chicken dishes taste and have a texture remarkably similar to the dishes served by KFC. Now that’s an achievement any Vegan Restaurant should be proud of!

Contact information

Bar Vegandale is located at 1265 Queen St W, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6K 1L5.

You can contact the restaurant at +1-416-533-7539.

Open: Mon-Thu 12:00pm-11:00pm, Fri-Sat 12:00pm-12:00am, Sun 12:00pm-11:00pm.

11. Fat Choi

This vegan restaurant draws from Malaysian, Indian, Chinese, Indonesian, and Japanese food. It is quite famous for its Southeast Asian-based cuisine and is considered one of the best vegan restaurants in Toronto. Fat Choi offers an entirely vegan menu a couple of nights every week.

The restaurant recommends pre-ordering food, as it guarantees the availability of dishes and pick-up time slots. The restaurant also does its best to avoid cross-contamination with non-vegan food products, including separate fryer and vegan woks.


The menu here is divided into small and large plates.

Small plates include:

  1. XO EDAMAME: wok-tossed soybeans, sambal XO, Maldon salt
  2. SAMBAL DHAL & ROTI (2pc): spiced yellow lentil curry, Malay roti

and so on.

Large plated include:

and so on.

The restaurant also serves mouth-watering desserts.

They also serve many drinks and cocktails like La Rambo, Marga Mori, and Paradise Landslide.

Contact information

Fat Choi is located at 94 Ossington Ave. Toronto, ON.

You can contact the restaurant at (416) 901-7667.

12. PLANTA Queen

PLANTA Queen is one of the best vegan restaurants in Toronto. PLANTA was born in 2016. The aim was to expand the accessibility and acceptability of plant-based dining. Considering how famous plant-based dining has now become, one can consider PLANTA’s effort to succeed!

PLANTA states that its mission is to make an impact by celebrating the power of plants.


Some popular dishes include Bang Bang Broccoli, Potato truffle, and Dan Dan, which is its famous noodle recipe.

PLANTA also serves a very famous Sunday Brunch. Do remember to check it out!

Contact information

The official address of the restaurant is 180 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V 3X3, Canada.

You can contact it at +1 647-348-7000.

Also, you can order online food through silverwarepos.com, doordash.com, skipthedishes.com, and ubereats.com.

In addition to these seven excellent vegan restaurants in Toronto, here is a list of unique places for vegan buffets in Toronto.

So, which of these restaurants have you visited or planned to visit? Tell us in the comments below!


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