Best Engineering Schools in Canada: Top 10 for Next Level Education

Canada welcomes thousands of international students each year to study at its top engineering universities, equipped with everything needed to mould them into successful professionals.

Since Canada’s renowned institutions are among the best in engineering and are ranked as high as comparable u.s, you can always rely on the best engineering schools in Canada to study if engineering is your passion.

Before choosing your future profession, research some of Canada’s top engineering schools, which are highly regarded academically and provide for all the needs of students.

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Best engineering schools in canada
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Top 7 Best Engineering Schools in Canada

1. Western University of British Columbia

Western University knows that innovators and leaders make for the most successful engineers. Engineering undergrads can take specialization courses in integrated engineering or combine their studies with a business degree. 

Additionally, Western provides design thinking training for students to acquire skills in human-centred design and achieve a competitive edge. 

Western Engineering is committed to establishing connections with business partners for the good of their neighbourhood.  Partner businesses can access the university’s top-notch research resources and creative brains. 

Thus, this relationship benefits both parties. Engineering students can easily locate their future employment thanks to these industrial links. 

Western University has produced a large number of engineering graduates who work all around the world and in Canada. 

There are 13,000 people in the alum network, representing many professions. Engineering in software, automation, energy, the environment, and biomedicine is a popular field.

2. University of Victoria: Environmental and Mechanical Engineering

In terms of applied science, UVic Engineering is at the forefront. Students and educators collaborate to solve practical issues and make a noticeable difference. 

Sustainable housing, advanced medical technology, and artificial intelligence applications are just a few examples of engineering initiatives.

Any engineering specialty you’re interested in will have a student group at UVic that matches your preferences. The UVic Biomedical Design Team, UVic Concrete Canoe, UVic Formula Racing, UVic Seismic Design Team, and UVic Satellite Design Team are just a few award-winning competition teams.

Through cooperative learning, engineering students also make a difference outside the classroom.  Students take on the role of employees in the real world by participating in paid work experiences in careers that interest them.

Engineering programs in biomedicine, civil, computer, electrical, mechanical, and software feature integrated co-op experiences and the required job search training.

3. Mc Master University Faculty of Engineering: Best Engineering Schools in Canada

McMaster University | Wikipedia audio article

Oganizations, including the Royal Society of Canada, Order of Canada, and the Canadian Academy of Engineering, include researchers from the university.

In addition, Donna Strickland, a graduate, is one of only three women to have received the Physics Nobel Prize. Twenty significant research centers with top-notch facilities are located inside the Faculty of Engineering. 

These facilities instruct engineering students, giving them access to the most recent technologies as they enter the field.  McMaster University Nuclear Reactor and the Brain-Body Institute Engineering students conduct cutting-edge research in various specialties.

Sustainability, economic growth, health, and infrastructure challenges, particularly in Hamilton. Engineering students have access to experiential learning opportunities through the Mac Changers program. 

Students collaborate in teams to come up with answers to the most pressing issues facing society today using their core knowledge.

4. Engineering School at the University of Alberta 

Engineer success skills have been taught at the University of Alberta since the institution’s foundation in 1908. Numerous fully approved undergraduate and graduate degrees are now available from the university.

 Faculty and graduates from the University of Alberta have developed some of the most cutting-edge technologies of our day, from precision health to interplanetary exploration. Best engineering schools in Canada

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The Elko Engineering Garage is open to engineering students on campus. This 6,000-square-foot maker space offers an interactive place for training, teamwork, prototyping, and problem-solving. 

Several fabrication tools are available, such as 3D printing, metalworking, electronic, and woodworking skills.

More than 30,000 engineers who graduated from the University of Alberta are active in the Canadian and international engineering communities. 

Alums remain connected to the university through events, mentoring, and community service initiatives. The William Muir Edwards Citizenship Award recognizes alum members who go above and beyond to change the world.

5. The Faculty at Queen’s University: 

Queen’s university trains people through a challenging technological program to encourage leadership among engineering students.

 The greatest percentage of any engineering program in Canada, 91% of undergraduate engineers, complete their degrees. 

Graduates of engineering programs benefit from a top-notch education and a close-knit community that will help them in their careers.

The engineering department at Queen’s is dedicated to training the following generation of engineers. The Tech ‘n’ Tinker Trailer program gives instructors and children fresh possibilities to learn about engineering. 

Younger kids develop an interest in engineering through 3D printers, microcontrollers, building supplies, and other practical techniques. Best engineering schools in Canada

Through the university’s exchange programs, engineering students at Queen’s University can get a taste of college life at another institution. 

The university is aware that engineering is a profession that requires workers all around the world.. Students studying engineering can go to many other nations, including Washington, D.C., England, France, and Germany.

6. The University of British Columbia: Best Engineering Schools in Canada

university of british columbia

McMaster University is committed to excellence in all areas of engineering, and this dedication has helped the university gain respect for its creative thinking and excellent research. 

A diversified and interesting education is a priority at UBC Engineering. This strategy distinguishes engineering graduates and equips them for success in the future. Best engineering schools in Canada

Change in engineering professions is being driven by an infusion of skilled professionals with practical expertise across Canada. 75% of all new engineers in British Columbia graduate from UBC’s engineering school.

It is the largest in Western Canada and offers a co-op program. These terms of co-op employment enhance academic work and offer an impressive professional background.

UBC engineering students can use various resources to create new firms and technologies. The Hatch Accelerator is a campus incubator that offers business-minded students the workspaces, resources, and guidance needed to launch a firm. The center provides a Concept Fund grant for additional assistance.

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7. The Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary

The University of Calgary wants to improve people’s lives through scientific endeavours. Engineering students research cutting-edge technologies, including biosystems, autonomous digital systems, and environmental engineering. 

Experts from many domains frequently work together in very collaborative research projects. At the University of Calgary, engineering students are encouraged to take leadership roles. Students develop relationships with their classmates while gaining highly important engineering skills.

The activities offered by outdoor leadership experiences teach teamwork and problem-solving techniques to undergraduates in an unforgettable way. Undergraduate engineers are encouraged by UCalgary to participate in Global Engineering Experiences, which the School of Engineering funds. 

Students can participate in department-specific excursions, international volunteer opportunities, or international business opportunities.

8) Engineering Faculty at McGill University: 

McGill University Faculty of Engineering | Wikipedia audio article

Undergraduate engineering students at McGill are equipped to enter the workforce as qualified professionals. Over 4,500 engineering students and 250 firms attended the 2020 TechFair.

Numerous options for job development are available to students, including workshops, networking functions, and career counselling sessions. Through co-ops and internships, engineering students acquire practical experience. Over 500 students took part in co-ops and internships in 2020. 

These opportunities for experiential learning give students valuable, teachable abilities and perspectives. Numerous student design teams at McGill compete against engineering students nationwide. 

Students can develop their hobbies outside the classroom through Mini Baja Racing, Bridge Building, Chem-E Car, and McGill Robotics. 

Students are prepared for life as an engineer through collaborative problem-solving and the development of creative designs.

9. The Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering at the University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is well known for its collaborative engineering research because it was Ontario’s first engineering school. University’s engineering departments have recognized engineering education advances.

 More than 50,000 successful engineering alumni have come from U of T. Best engineering schools in Canada. Engineering students collaborate with their teachers to address various social, economic, industrial, and environmental concerns. 

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Research grants of $101.5 million have been given to the engineering department at the University of Toronto to address problems with advanced manufacturing, artificial intelligence, human health, robotics, and sustainability.

More than 400 industrial relationships exist at U of T to support academic and research activities. The school has various industrial partners, including McEwen Mining, Hatch Ltd, and Fujitsu Labs Limited. 

The pooled resources from the two institutions are used to develop new technologies while also giving students professional prospects.

10. Engineering Faculty, University of Waterloo

University of Waterloo - Faculty of Engineering Guided Walking Tour

The University of Waterloo is Canada’s biggest engineering school, enrolling over 10,500 engineering students.  Numerous programs at the top of the rankings result from the university’s extensive resources and engineering skills. 

Major newspapers claim that the university in Civil engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, and mechanical engineering are ranked first in Canada.

Closing Thoughts

Some of the greatest engineering schools in the world are found in Canada, where a wide range of specialties and job prospects draw students from all over the world.

It’s important but challenging to reach out to reputable institutions and universities. 

Everything must be completed accurately and sent to your selected Canadian university to guarantee your place at your everything. 

Frequently Asked Question 

1. Who Earns the Most in Engineering?

The following is a list of engineering programs with the highest salaries after graduation.

  • Energy Engineer
  • Aviation engineer.
  • Engineer for computer hardware.
  • Nuclear technician.
  • Engineer for systems.
  • Engineer in chemicals.
  • Data Engineer, Big
  • Engineer, electrical.
  • Engineer in biomedicine.
  • Engineer for the environment.

2. Best engineering schools in Canada require :

  • English language proficiency test required. 
  • Obtain 6.5 scores across all four IELTS domains. (Writing, listening, speaking, and reading)
  • Learning French would be advantageous because half of Canadians regard it as their first language, and several Canadian universities and colleges focus heavily on it. 

3. Canada Is the Ideal Location for Engineering Studies

Engineering in Canada is one program that attracts international students’ interest in all the other courses. It is offered by some of the largest engineering school and often includes advance lavel engineering practice for all its students.

It has been noted that nearly 1.8 million new jobs for university graduates have been created in Canada over the past ten years. More than double the number of positions produced for graduates of other post-secondary education combined.

In addition, Canadian institutions are recognized as being of high quality by the accreditation board for engineering and technology (abet). Some of the most preferred best engineering programs course in above-mentioned universities in Canada are:-

  • Biomedical engineering degree
  • Engineering science degree
  • Research and professional degrees
  • Standard undergraduate students programs
  • Standard graduate students programs







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