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Mediterranean Marvels: 10 Most Beautiful Cities In Greece

The mesmerizing beauty of the shining cities of Greece will guarantee vivid experiences for its tourists. It is home to sparkling sunshine, and a large population of tourists is evident in its popularity in the mainstream world.

Greece offers the best of the two worlds – nightlife at the beautiful beaches and its rich history preserved in various archaeological sites and interesting museums.

Greece is not only about spending vacations in the infamous white-and-blue houses next to the sea in Santorini. The ancient country has much more to offer. Athens, its largest city, witnesses high traffic of visitors every year for its archaeological structures. And, are many other islands and suburbs cities with vibrant tourism all year round to offer.

Curating the Perfect Holiday Itinerary

Cities in Greece are the perfect place for an adventurous geek due to the presence of hiking trails in Samaria Gorge, Crete, and other places. The Greek islands offer some of the most picturesque sights, which are definitely Instagram-worthy.

If you enjoy walking down the historic streets and embracing the ancient monuments, then these cities in Greece might be among your favorite places to visit.

1. Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is also known as the cultural capital of the country. It is not only the second-largest city in Greece but also one of the biggest cities in Europe. Thessaloniki has a population of more than one million inhabitants.

The port city of Thessaloniki offers its visitors a great amalgamation of food, shopping, and sightseeing all year round. Thessaloniki has a history of over three thousand years, and thus it offers Roman ruins.

  • Rotunda of Galerius (Saint George’s Church)
  • The White Tower
  • Arch of Galerius
  • Byzantine Walls
  • Bey Hamam
  • Mount Olympus
  • Waterworks Museum

How to reach

Thessaloniki has its international airport – Makedonia Airport. Also, the port connectivity makes visiting the city much easier.

2. Athens

Athens is the country’s capital city and the largest city in Greece. Athens is famous for its rich history; thus, the site of ancient monuments and ruins is the main attraction.

The largest city in Greece is the hub of the culmination of modernity and the rich history of the Greek civilization. As Athens is the country’s capital, plenty of hotels and restaurants are available to enjoy. Athens is the biggest city in Greece, so one should take at least two to three days to visit this city.

Cities in Greece
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  • Parthenon
  • Acropolis
  • Temple of Olympian Zeus
  • Byzantine Museum
  • Mount Lycabettus
  • Temple of Athena Nike
  • Roman Agora

How to reach Athens

Athens has got its international airport – Athens Eleftherios Venizelos Airport. Though the railway network of Athens is not well connected, one can always use ferries, cruises, and boats from the nearby port to reach Athens.

3. Rhodes town

Rhodes town, known as the island’s capital city, has its history dating back to the 5th century BC. Rhodes’s old town is considered a Mecca for lovers of medieval history. This city in Greece is also one of the famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Most people take a trip to Rhodes to enjoy the historic castle, especially the Palace of the Grand Master. One can explore this city in Greece in just one day by surfing through the iconic cafes, restaurants, and markets in the old town.

  • Palace of the Grand Master
  • Medieval City
  • Old town
  • Mandraki Harbor
  • The Acropolis of Rhodes

How to reach

One can easily visit this city in Greece by ship, boat, and cruise from the port of Athens. Also, the island has an international airport.

4. Corfu Town

The island city of Greece, Corfu town, is considered one of the best cities in the country for its wildlife and rich culture. However, the scintillating beaches of this city in Greece attract tourists from not only Europe but the whole world.

Corfu Town of Greece is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Other than its beaches, the upmarket holiday villas in the metropolitan area of this city make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe.

  • Old Fortress (Citadel)
  • The Esplanade
  • New Fortress
  • Paleokastritsa Beach (west coast)
  • The Achilleon

How to reach

Corfu Town has got a domestic airport. People visiting this region can easily take a flight from the capital city of Athens. Other than that, ferries are always available to reach the city.

5. Kalambaka

Kalambaka is a popular tourist region in Greece located in Meteora. This city is one of the best cities in Greece to visit for spiritual tourism, as many medieval monasteries are located here.

During World War II, this town was burnt down by the Nazis. Since then, this city has completely rebuilt itself and boasts some of the best natural geographic locations in the entire country. Most people visit this city in Greece for hiking.

  • Great Meteoron Monastery
  • Varlaam Monastery
  • Monastery of Holy Trinity
  • Agios Stefanos
  • Theopetra cave

How to reach

The best way to reach this city is by taking a bus from the nearby towns. Also, trains are available from Thessaloniki to Kalambaka for tourists to visit the city.

6. Patras

Patras is the capital of western Greece. It is also Greece’s third-largest city. This city is known for its large student population.

If you want to embrace the local culture of Greece, then Patra is a great place to start. Though it’s one of the biggest cities in Greece, it’s still quieter. One can enjoy a trip in peace here, as it is not quite as famous among a large population.

How to reach

Patrai is the domestic airport of Patras. Tourists can take a flight from Athens to Patras. Ferries are another option. Trains and buses are available as well.

7. Piraeus

Piraeus is located at a distance of just ten kilometers from the center of Athens. Previously Piraeus was the capital’s port, but now it’s considered another city. People visit Piraeus as it’s the largest port and is the gateway to the beautiful Greek islands.

  • Blue Star Ferries
  • Port of Piraeus
  • Church of Saint Nicholas
  • Sea Jets

How to reach

The port city of Piraeus is near some of the biggest cities in Greece, including Athens. The best way to reach here is through the many available transportations, including buses, metros, or one’s vehicle.

8. Heraklion

Heraklion is the capital city of Crete. This city is colored in beige as you’ll love the old Town where the fortress is located. The waterfront and fortress make it an amazing holiday spot with your loved ones.

One can easily visit the rest of Crete from Heraklion. The museums here are the biggest attraction, which reflects the rich culture of the cities in Greece. There are plenty of shops to explore to buy souvenirs for your friends and family.

  • The Palace of Knossos
  • Old Town
  • Koules Fortress
  • Cathedral of St. Minas
  • Morosini Fountain in Lion’s Square
  • Agios Titos Church

How to reach

Heraklion has an international airport, making it the most convenient way to reach this city. Other than that, taking a ferry or a bus from Crete is always an option.

9. Ioannina

Ioannina is located on the shores of lake Pamvotis. The location of this city, along with the medieval architecture of its old town, makes it one of the best places for the tourist population.

Ioannina is blessed with classical Greek cafes owing to its large student population. Besides this, this city is also home to some of the most magnificent fortresses in Greece.

  • Ali Pasha Museum
  • Ioannina Castle
  • Vikos – Aoos National Park
  • Kehila Kedosha Yashan Synagogue
  • The Clock of Ioannina

How to reach

There are ample buses, trains, and taxis from Athens and Thessaloniki to reach this city.

10. Chania

Chania is popular for its charming and vibrant atmosphere. The breezy beaches and the thrilling mountains make this one of the best cities in Greece for a picturesque summer destination.

Other than this, the Turkish and Venetian architecture in the Old Town and streets filled with delightful cafes make Chania one of the most sought tourist cities in Greece.

  • Greek National Football Museum
  • Old Venetian Harbor
  • The Lighthouse of Chania
  • Minoan’s World The 9D Experience
  • Agii Apostoli Beach
  • Topolia Gorge

How to reach

The best way to reach Chania is by ferry from other port cities. Also, one can fly to this city from Athens and Thessaloniki.

Bottom Line

Other than these cities in Greece, there are plenty of other cities in Greece as well, which makes for a great trip. Greece is one of the best countries where a large population of visitors comes to explore the shining shops and cafes with the great cuisine of modern Greece.

Greece is the home to culturally rich archaeological sites of ancient times. And some of the best island cities with vibrant cafes, markets, and comfortable hotels make cities in Greece a popular holiday destination for your bucket list.

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