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A Guide To 10 Incredible Farmers Market Toronto

Looking for fresh local food? Have a thing for farm-fresh produce?

You needn’t worry about it because the farmers market in Toronto is now ready to fill your bag with fresh food in Ontario Province. The city of Toronto has some of the best farmers’ markets year-round.

Every summer, almost every market street of this city fills up with local Ontario farmers setting up their fresh local produce.

Here is a guide to 10 famous farmers market Toronto to fill your bag with fresh food in the Ontario Province.

10 Best Farmers Market Toronto

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1. Sorauren Farmers Market Toronto 

Where: Sorauren Park, 50 Wabash Ave, Toronto.

When: Every Monday (3 pm- 7 pm), all year round.

Start your Monday with Sorauren Farmer’s Market in Sorauren Park Town Square. The market is famous for fresh fruit, fresh fish, vegetables, and many other goods. The indoor arena of the marketplace remains open for buyers throughout the year.

From mid-May to October, Sorauren Farmers’ Market arranges outdoor space for the local farmers from Ontario Province to exhibit and sell farm-fresh produce. It is one of the most crowded farmers’ markets in Toronto. Visit the market if you are looking for meat, baked goods, and all kinds of fresh produce.

2. Trinity Bellwoods Farmers Market Toronto

Where: 1053 Dundas Street West, Toronto.

When: Every Tuesday (3 pm -7 pm) from 4th May to 26th October.

In the farmers’ market at Trinity Bellwoods Park, you will find many local growers promoting their organic produce products. Trinity Bellwoods Farmers’ Market offers many fresh local fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, and traditional Tibetan dumplings too!

If you have a thing for baked goods, you shouldn’t worry at all. This weekly farmers market at Trinity Bellwoods Park has all kinds of goods produced from local, sustainable, and organic agriculture. All farmers’ markets in Toronto follow the path of organic cultivation, and that’s perhaps their reason for such increasing popularity.

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3. East York Farmers Market Toronto

Where: 850 Coxwell Avenue, Toronto.

When: Every Tuesday (8:00 am – 2:00 pm) from 18th May to the last Tuesday in October.

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At East York Civic Centre, you will find a wide range of farm products, starting from vegetables to homely made soaps (whoa!). It sells fresh baked goods, smoked meats, cheeses, and many more locally grown products. The marketplace has been operating for the last 20 years and, it is one of the oldest farmers’ markets in Toronto.

4. Cabbagetown Farmers Market Toronto

Where: Riverdale Park West, Toronto.

When: Every Tuesday (3 pm – 7 pm) from 1st June to 12th October.

At Riverdale Park West, you will find the Cabbagetown Farmers’ Market is the first farmers’ market in Toronto. Formerly known as Riverdale Farm Farmers’ Market, the place is the right choice for buyers interested in sustainably produced food items.

Different varieties of Ontario wines are also available here. You can find lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, wines, maple syrup, baked goods, fresh produce cheeses, and different organically prepared foods too.

5. Nathan Phillips Square Farmers Market Toronto

Where: 100 Queen Street West, Toronto.

When: Every Wednesday (9 am -1 pm) from 26th May to 13th October.

The Nathan Phillips Square Farmers’ Market is an initiative of the “Farm Fresh Ontario” organization. The farmers’ market is popular among buyers for its fresh products like fresh fruit, vegetables, honey, maple syrup, and flowers.

Plan your next picnic at Downtown Core. You can grab fresh produce from nearby Nathan Phillips Square Farmers’ Market.

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6. Annette Village Farmers Market Toronto

Where: Runnymede Presbyterian Church, 680 Annette St., Toronto.

When: Every Wednesday (3 pm – 7 pm) from 2nd June to 6th October.

Annette Village Farmers’ Market is one of the popular farmers’ markets of Toronto. It offers many locally grown fresh fruits, vegetables, fresh eggs, fresh bread, baked goods, and some mouthwatering prepared food too.

You can also find VQA wines in this year-round market. The marketplace is much more suitable for your grocery shopping. Get ready to be blown away by the varieties farmers’ markets in Toronto provides.

7. Dufferin Grove Farmers Market Toronto

Where: 270 Gladstone Avenue, Toronto.

When: Every Thursday (3 pm – 7 pm) from the first Thursday after New Year’s Day to the last Thursday before 24th December.

Dufferin Grove Farmers’ Market is one of the oldest year-round farmers’ markets in Toronto. Starting from a good collection of local produces, it offers dairy products, meat, and many more farm ingredients.

The city producers tend to reach Dufferin Grove to use those ingredients in their prepared foods. Currently, the farmers’ market is operating online and, buyers pick up their orders or get them delivered to their doorstep.

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8. St. Lawrence Farmers Market Toronto

Where: 92 Front Street East, Toronto.

When: Every Saturday (5 am – 3 pm), all year round

In St Lawrence Farmers Market, you will find lots of foodstuffs, ready-to-food, and souvenirs too. It remains open year-round. Every Saturday, you will find fresh food items from local producers in the indoor market area of Lawrence market. St Lawrence market also has a seasonal outdoor area where local farmers around the province come to sell their food products from May to October.

9. Withrow Park Farmers Market Toronto

Where: 725 Logan Ave, Toronto.

When: Every Saturday (9 am – 1 pm) from 5th June to 16th October.

Every Saturday, Withrow Park Farmers’ Market gets crowded for its organic vibe all around. A variety of farm-fresh products like microgreens, cucumber, golden beets, varieties of hot peppers, pumpkin, and many more at 725 Logan Ave, Toronto.

You can find stores to buy your favorite plants, fresh fruits, and prepared foods too. Get ready to make the most out of your Saturday Grocery shopping if you are visiting this place.

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10. Leslieville Farmers Market Toronto

Where: Green-Wood Park, 150 Greenwood Ave, Toronto.

When: Every Sunday (9 am – 2 pm) from 16th May to 31st October.

Find all sorts of prepared food, fresh produce seasonal goods in the new location of Leslieville Farmers’ Market. It is the perfect place to taste Caribbean vegan food, Asian smoked meat, seafood, donuts, and other baked goods.

Enjoy your Sunday with sparkling wines, craft beer, and some live music here. Farmers’ markets in Toronto do know how to look after their visitors!

“Good Food means Good Mental & Physical Health, and Good Food comes from Going Organic”

Farmers’ markets in Toronto are not only a place to buy fresh local food. It’s a place for connecting people too. Popular farmers’ marketplaces in the city seem to bridge the gap between consumers and producers. Honestly, you can expect the best out of Ontario’s local vendors in Toronto farmers’ markets.

farmers market toronto
Photo by Hermes Rivera/Unsplash.Copyright 2021.

Closing Thoughts

Apart from Toronto, some other cities also arrange farmers’ markets in their localities. St Jacob’s Farmers Market, North York Farmers’ Market, Elora Farmers’ Market, and St Catharines Farmers’ Market are some of the famous names rated by

Click here to find the complete list of farmers’ markets in Ontario Province

Get ready to pamper your tastebuds with some delicious food, some freshest collections of fruits, vegetables, fishes in the largest farmers’ market places of Toronto.

Here are some others outdoor market with some really great local food producers to check it out:-

  • stonegate community health centre
  • toronto city hall
  • metropolitan united church
  • college park market
  • east york civic centre
  • evergreen’s saturday farmers market

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