Thunder Bay – Top 10 Terrific Sites to Visit!

What are the best sites to pay a visit to when in Thunder Bay?

The city of Thunder Bay, also known as Lakehead, hails on Lake Superior in northwestern Ontario, Canada. An interesting fact about this city is, it is composed of two formerly separate cities.

Port Arthur and Fort William merged on 1st June 1970 and formed the city of Thunder Bay.

The city of Thunder Bay was officially declared the cultural capital of Canada. This is the place where urban life meets natural beauty.

There’s no doubt this place truly has the best sites to explore. The city has a lot to offer, and not just jaw-droppingly beautiful sights, but many outdoor events and activities and a touch of pure cultural experience.

The city offers beautiful places and attractions and offers a lot of opportunities, along with lower costs of doing business. Whether you are a visitor, over the week, or a local, you will be amazed by everything the city offers you.

This city is the perfect place for your getaways and adventure. Whether you would like to experience some outdoor activities, see some tourist spots, or learn about the culture and heritage of the areas, Thunder Bay has everything you wish for.

From quality education at Lakehead University to arts and culture and sports, this city is an all-rounder. To know more details about the city and its tourism, please click here!

Top 10 Terrific Sites Of Thunder Bay

Below are the top 10 sites or attractions of Thunder Bay that will make your trip extremely enjoyable.

1. Take a tour of Fort William Historical Park

The Fort William Historical Park is based in Thunder Bay, Ontario. It is designated as a Canadian Historic Site by the government of Canada.

Travel back in time to Fort William Historical Park, and experience what it was like in 1816.  It is one of the largest living history attractions in North America, which re-creates the Northwest Company and Canadian fur trade.

There are 57 heritage buildings to explore and learn about through tour guides in period costumes.

The Fort is open all year round and provides various activities such as artisan workshops, festivals and events, walking tours, and much more.

There are also hands-on experiences offered to visitors to make their visit more memorable.  You can go paddling in a voyageur canoe or make a historic craft.

Fort William Historical Park is also a multi-functional space. Visitors can begin their tour from the Fort’s visitor center, a video exhibit “The Hinge of an Empire,” demonstrating Fort Williams’s fur trade story.

Educational programs, conferences, and banquets are also organized there. Your adventure into the Canadian fur trade awaits. Visit this version at your earliest.

2. Mount McKay, Thunder Bay

Mount Mckay is a mafic sill towering 1000 feet over the city of Thunder Bay.

mount mckay
Vidioman, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Located on the Fort William First Nation, Mount McKay is a must-visit attraction. This hill is believed to be over one million years.

It has a lookout point, which provides incredibly stunning views of Thunder Bay, the Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, and the north shore of Lake Superior.

The trail of Mount McKay on the west side of the mountain is an out-and-back trail of about 4.7 kilometers and is mostly used for hiking, walking, and nature trips. Visitors can either hike or drive to access this site.

Along with the hiking trail, parts of the site also include a picnic area and a small snack bar for the comfort of the visitors.

3. Kakabeka Falls

Forty meters high, the Kakabeka falls tumble down the Kaministiquia River, west of Thunder Bay.

One cannot visit Thunder Bay and not see Kakabeka falls because it is that gorgeous. Located just 30 km west of the city, Kakabeka falls are the second highest in the entire province.

The waterfall is surrounded by the Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park, which offers a great deal of enjoyment.

The park has two campgrounds and about six fantastic hiking trails. It also offers cross-country ski trails in the winter.

But above all, the drop-dead gorgeous waterfall is the most attractive aspect of the park. The wilderness setting alongside the waterfall is what makes its ambiance so fresh.

Boardwalks provide beautiful views on both sides of the river. There are even viewing platforms along the trail, which makes it more popular amongst visitors.

Get lost in the beauty of the cascading Kakabeka.

4. Hazelwood Lake

Located at 25 minutes, Hazelwood Lake is one of the closest inland lakes to Thunder Bay.

Whether you’re looking for a family getaway or a fun outing with your friends to enjoy and relax, Hazelwood lake is absolutely at your earliest convenience for both.

Located just half an hour from Thunder Bay, this place is going to give you some fantastic vibes.

Hazelwood Lake Walleye Shore Fishing Access Points

The wilderness of the whole area gives you an aesthetic feel. It provides you with the best experience you could ask for.

Visitors can enjoy a relaxing swim at the beach, spend some time fishing, or maybe take a walk down one of the trails.

Hazelwood offers you fantastic hiking trails, such as the Orange trail provides beautiful views of the lake, and the Forest Community Trail, which takes you through the deep forest. Or the Dam Trail, which follows the river and drops you at the dam.

Along with swim and fishing, visitors are also offered boating options. In the winter, snowshoeing across the trails is also allowed, and it is also quite the right destination for canoeing and kayaking.

5. Founder’s Museum and Pioneer Village

Founders Museum and Pioneer Village lie just a short distance from Thunder Bay, in Slate River, Ontario.

Founders' Museum & Pioneer Village

The Founders Museum and Pioneer Village is a must-see attraction. The village has been recreated, with 12 buildings to make you feel and see the old days of Northwest Ontario village.

Each of the buildings features particular objects that would have been found in a pioneer village back in the 1800s. Visitors get a chance to know the history and background of the town and a look at the ancestors’ lives in the village.

The village is full of artifacts, antique cars, tractors, and other farm equipment. There is also a general store, other shops, and historical buildings such as a town hall, a school, and a church.

You can also see small businesses around, such as a carpenter’s store, a cobbler, or a  blacksmith’s shop.

Visitors can even stop by the printers and find the latest news around the village. This is the best place to visit to get an authentic village feel, just a little outside the city.

6. Thunder Oak Cheese Farm

Thunder Oak Cheese Farm is the only and first farm in Ontario to produce Gouda cheese.

Thunder Oak Cheese Farm
Photo from Thunder Oak Cheese Farm website

The Thunder Oak cheese farm is located in the Slate River Valley and has made Gouda cheese for 25 years.

All around the world, people love Gouda cheese. And this farm has been making it in Thunder Bay since 1995, with milk from their Holstein cows.

And the best part about the cheese from this farm is, that there are no preservatives or added coloring. It’s all-natural and fresh, and that’s what makes it taste so much better.

The farm was founded by Jacob and Margaret Schep, who initially began with a dairy farm in Scoble Township. The family has been involved in cheese-making for a long time.

So, the family invites every visitor to experience the tradition of dutch cheesemaking.

There is a store at the farm that offers 13 different varieties of Gouda cheese for you to choose from. And in case you are confused about your choices, the store offers you a gift basket, which contains the best of the varieties.

The store also contains various Dutch import products, such as cookies, candies, spices, licorice, even ceramics, and other local products.

7.  The Blue Point Amethyst Mine

Thunder Bay is known as the heart of the amethyst country. Amethyst is a classic, beautiful piece that comes in different colors.

Exploring Blue Points Amethyst Mine in Canada | Digging Crystals Review 👀đŸ”Ĩ

As Thunder Bay is known for being the heart of amethyst mine, the Blue Point Amethyst Mine is the best place to visit and get yourself a piece.

In this mine, these precious gems are found both in quantity and quality. You can visit the area’s open-pit mines and have a great time digging up your amethyst. You also have the choice to purchase a piece that has already been mined.

There is a gift shop where you can find other amethyst-related mementos.

Amethyst was adopted as the official gemstone of Ontario. So, you couldn’t possibly miss this site during your trip to Thunder Bay.

8. Ski at Loch Lomond

“Winter is coming” at Loch Lomond.

Loch Lomond
Photo from Loch Lomond website

Loch Lomond is a great ski area located in Thunder Bay. Just 9kms from the city of Thunder Bay, you are in for some delightful adventure.

If you are visiting Thunder Bay in the winter, you can not choose to miss this place. Loch Lomond offers various thrilling activities during the winter, such as snowboarding, skiing, and tubing.

And not just the winters. The summers are filled with action-packed activities too. In the summers, the resort offers alpine hiking and downhill mountain biking.

So, at Loch Lomond, there is something or the other for everyone, every season. That is why it is one of the most preferred resorts.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, at Loch Lomond, everyone has a chance. Your perfect place to enjoy.

9. Chippewa Park

Located on the shore of Lake Superior, Chippewa Park is a waterfront park for your perfect summer getaway.

Chippewa Park is a fun family destination. During the summers, it is the perfect space for family fun, relaxation, and scenic beauty.

The Park was opened first in 1921, and it has been the favorite spot of both locals and visitors ever since. Much of the Park’s attraction lies within the fun activities, but the initial charm of the Park that is still very well maintained is the original dance hall and pavilion. Special events such as reunions or marriages are held there.

The Park has a lot of amusement rides for the kids to enjoy, including bumper cars and tilt-a-whirl. Along with that, for the adults, the park also offers incredible camping grounds.

You can either rent a log cabin or build a tent on the scenic shores of Lake Superior.

At Chippewa Park, you can also enjoy summer events and festivals. The annual kite festival, hosted by the city of Thunder Bay, is organized in the park’s open spaces.

Along with all these fun events and activities, you are also offered stand-up paddleboarding. It is an easy and fun way to explore the waters.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, Chippewa Park offers all to try their hands on paddleboarding. Do not miss this place.

10.  Explore the Cascades Conservation Area

The cascades conservation area, a favorite of Thunder Bay locals, is a riverfront forest.

Cascades conservation area is the perfect space for hikers. This riverfront forest is listed among the favorite spots of the locals. Hikers of all levels, whether beginner or advanced, find it amusing.

The area is nearly the perfect space for hiking, swimming, cross-country skiing, and photography due to its never-ending beauty. Adventurers of all ages love this place as the hiking trails provide excellent trails for all-level hikers.

The area also has a paved route, which is wheelchair accessible, making it possible for the old aged, and physically challenged to view the site. The route is also mostly used for walking and jogging purposes.


Enjoy the best of Thunder Bay. The trails offer magnificent views of the area. And the prime attraction is the rapids of the cascade river. Visit all these places on your next trip, and if you have already, share your experiences below.

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