Tofino camping grounds Tofino camping grounds

Tofino Camping Grounds – 12 Spectacular Facts!

Tofino is a small district located on the west coast of Vancouver Island. It is encompassed by rainforests, natural lakes, sandy beaches, and spectacular scenery.

Tofino falls under the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Clayoquot Sound. It is also known as Canada’s Surf Capital. Owing to its rich diversity in natural and cultural environments, Tofino is one of tourists’ favorite destinations.

It is particularly famous for its Tofino camping grounds. Tofino camping is a great memory to cherish for life!

What Makes Tofino an Appealing Tourist Spot?

Tofino is regarded as one of the best surfing locations. There are many amazing things to do in Tofino, from storm watching in the winter to beautiful sunsets in the summer.

It is a small area with approximately 1932 residents. Tofino, despite its small size, provides lots of accommodation options to its visitors.

Over the years, Tofino camping has become a popular tourist spot. It attracts surfers, hikers, bird watchers, campers, and nature enthusiasts alike. There are plenty of activities to do in Tofino.
You can hike through the rain forests, surf, and camp in the trails and famous Tofino camping grounds. The area is also famous for its fresh and diverse eateries.
It is the home to famous surfing competitions. These include Rip Curl Pro Tofino/ Canadian Surf Championships and Queen of the Peak women’s surf competition.

Camping in Tofino: How to Reach?

Tofino is located on the western side of Canada. The place is about 207 kilometers away from Nanaimo. While coming by car, it is easier to take Highway 4, west of Nanaimo. It takes approximately three hours to reach by car.
For reaching Tofino from Vancouver, one can either rent a car or travel via BC Ferries. It is easier to take the ferry to Nanaimo as it is the quickest path and takes around 2 hours to reach the destination.
One needs to take the ferry from Horseshoe Bay to go to Nanaimo. The other option is to take the ferry from Tsawwassen, going to either Victoria or Nanaimo.
Another option for reaching Tofino is boarding the connecting flight to Vancouver Island. People residing in Canada can take direct flights from Toronto, Calgary, and Edmonton to Comox, BC.
International tourists need first to reach the Vancouver International Airport. Then they can take the connecting flights to any of the airports mentioned above.
There are also various public transpositions available in Tofino. One can avail of buses, taxis, water taxis, rideshare, peddle bikes, or flights.

What is the Best Time for Camping in Tofino?

There is no best time to visit Tofino. It provides a beautiful experience to the visitors. During summer, there are endless options for surfing and camping in the Tofino campgrounds.
Each season offers a unique take on the area from summer to winter. This includes the sunset’s attractive view. And the perfect storm watching and enjoying the hiking trails in the winter.
Staying in Tofino is also not a problem. There are many amazing places to stay. There are private homes and Airbnbs to gorgeous beach lodges and resorts. Some of these are the Long Beach Lodge, Ocean Village Resort, and Crystal Cove Resort.

Top-Rated Tofino Camping grounds

The Tofino area is perfect for tent camping. It is famous for its hiking trails and campgrounds suitable for RV camping.
The place is well known for its famous RV sites. It is also known for beaches like Cox Bay, Chesterman Beach, popular Long Beach, and the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.
Here is the list of the top-rated Tofino camping grounds. They are full of adventures and are also suitable for hiking and camping.

1. Bella Pacifica Campground

Bella Pacifica Campground @ McKenzie Beach, Tofino BC
Bella Pacifica Campground is a beautiful campground located on sandy Mackenzie Beach. It lies on Vancouver Island’s west coast.  It is a quiet campground offering an oceanfront and wilderness setting. It is perfect for tenting and RV goers.
The tent sites here are private, surrounded by huge trees, with most of them providing an ocean view. There is also an RV section, which is different and has no privacy between the sites. Each of these amazing s campsites has a picnic table and fire pit available at the camp office.
The campground also has four boardwalks. They have proper restroom facilities, including flush toilets and showers. The place is also dog-friendly and has free access to Wi-Fi.
Bella Pacifica Campground is a nice destination for visiting Tofino, Long Beach, and Pacific Rim National Park.

2. Wya Point Resort Campground

Wya Point by Ucluelet First Nation. Ucluelet, British Columbia, Canada
Wya Point Resort Campground is a beautiful Oceanside Tofino camping ground. It is a few minutes away from Ucluelet. It provides direct access to Wya Beach.
You can enjoy the dark sandy beaches and the tranquil forest. Wya Point is a perfect spot for those looking for a quiet place to enjoy.
Wya Point has various walk-in and drive-in campsites. You can choose from traditional tent camping sites and RV hookup spots. The place is also pet-friendly.
It has free Wi-Fi and basic facilities like flush toilets and showers. The Wya point resort campground is an ideal place for family excursions.
You can enjoy swimming and sightseeing throughout the year. So, it makes its place in one of the top-rated Tofino Campgrounds.

3. Green Point Campground

Green Point Campground - Site 55. Pacific Rim National Park, BC, Canada
The Green Point Campground is heavily wooded. It lies within the Pacific Rim National Park. It is set high above the ocean and surrounded by trees.  
It is a scenic and tranquil spot providing views from over a hillside. The campground is not oceanfront but is set near the water’s edge.
The Green Point Campground is a family-favorite spot also suitable for big RVs. These campsites come with picnic tables and a fire pit. They provide other basic facilities like public washrooms around the park.
Established in 1962, the place had always been top of the visitor’s priority list. The Green Point Campground is one of the best camping spots on Vancouver Island. It is perfect for camping throughout the year.

4. Crystal Cove Beach Resort

Crystal Cove Beach Resort - Tofino Cabins & RV Park
Crystal Cove Beach Resort is one of the most family-friendly campsites in Tofino. It is one of the most sought-after campsites in Tofino campgrounds. It is a mix of RV sites and quaint log cabins for rent.
The area comprises beautiful gardens and common areas. They offer a view of the gorgeous sunsets and ocean. It also has colorful playgrounds and other fun activities for the children. Moreover, the site is also perfect for RV goers.
The only problem is that tent camping is not offered. But one can stay in the cozy and rustic log cabins perfect for those who want to experience a stay in nature.
These cabins are well-equipped. They have amenities like a kitchen and bathroom with hot tubs. They also have queen-sized beds and free access to Wi-Fi. The place is not just a campground but also a perfect resort enjoyed by visitors.

5. Ucluelet Campground

2 Days Camping at Wya Point Campground, Ucluelet | Part One
The Ucluelet Campground is on the west coast of Vancouver Island in Ucluelet, BC. It is a land area of 15 acres with over 125 unique sites, including Waterfront sites, Forest sites, and RV hookups.
It is a beautiful harborfront campsite and home to some beautiful growth forests. It has wonderful scenic beauty and mountain views perfect for nature lovers. The Forest sites here are unique. Each of these semi-private areas is surrounded by a forest and has a different view.
The Ucluelet campground is a 20 minutes drive from Long Beach in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. It takes 40 minutes to drive from Tofino’s town.
This place is perfect for camping and RV hookups. The facilities and attractive surroundings make it very appealing.

6. Surf Junction Campground

Surf Junction Campground
The Surf Junction Campground at the Pacific Rim National Park entrance is funky. This Tofino campground has quirky and artistic camping sites.
The private camping sites here have a woodland setting. They have fire pits and picnic tables available at each camping site. There is also a pond covered with a cooking and eating area.
The Surf Junction Campground is a 5 minutes drive from Tofino’s town. The distance is the same as that between the famous Long Beach and Kennedy Lake Provincial Park. The 18 acres of land having more than 49 tent and RV sites is a perfect spot to visit. The campground also has a surf school that provides surfing lessons to beginners.

7. Lone Cone Campground

Located on Meares Island, Lone Cone Campground is an isolated campground with around 25 campsites that is a perfect place for hiking.

There is no vehicle access to the place, and the visitor needs to take a water taxi to get to the campground. The trip takes about 15 minutes to reach the small dock at Kakawis west of the island.

The Lone Cone Campground is a beautiful place that takes us to the Lone Cone Mountain summit and allows us to enjoy its splendid view.

The hiking trails here are strenuous, and they climb over 700 meters in just 1.5 kilometers. Eight of the 25 campsites are set with tent, sleeping bags, and air mattresses while the rest allows visitors to bring out their sites.

8. Long Beach Golf Course and Campground

Long Beach Golf Course Campground is located near the ancient rainforest. It is a perfect place for spending time with family and friends.
One can also visit the site for other adventures such as surfing and camping. The campground offers 76 large campsites organized in total wilderness.
Each of these campsites is private and well-equipped with a camping table and fire pits. Flush toilets, Laundromat, Free Library, and Surf reports are available. It also has a 36- hole golf course and an 18-hole mini-golf course available on the site.
The campground is only a few minutes away from the famous Long Beach in Pacific Rim National Park. The town of Tofino is also a few minutes down the road.
The Long Beach Golf Course Campground is a family-friendly campsite. It is best for visitors wanting to enjoy some golf during their trip.

9. Surf Grove Campground

Surf Grove Tofino
Located at Cox Bay, the Surf Grove Campground is a surf-friendly campground. It offers tenting and full-service RV hookups. It is a child-friendly and pet-friendly campground. It has camp stores selling camping essentials like ice, firewood, and other supplies.
It is one of the best Tofino campgrounds to spend time with family and friends. It lets us enjoy the surrounding spectacular view. There are around 130 campsites fully serviced RV camping.
They are suitable for tenting and car camping as well. All sites also include water service, picnic tables, fire pit Wi-Fi, and showers. Surf Grove Campground is also regarded as Canada’s favorite surf beach. It is famous for its camping and surfing facilities.

10. Mussel Beach Campground

Mussel Beach Wilderness Campground
The Mussel Beach Campground lies to the north of Barkley Sound. It is a perfect choice for those searching for wilderness camping in Tofino. It is one of the best Tofino campgrounds.
It lets you rejuvenate in nature and enjoy the tranquillity of remoteness in the place. It is 153 acres of land with 1.45 km south and east facing oceanfront. It lies between the Long Beach and Broken Group Islands units of the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.
The Mussel Beach Campground is a wilderness campsite. It lacks in providing basic facilities like electricity and running water. The bathrooms use rainwater and basic.
But the campground is a beautiful site. It allows for enjoying the place’s wilderness while camping.

11. Wild Pacific Camp

Wild Pacific Camp, Ucluelet,BC
Wild Pacific Camp lies near the Wild Pacific Trail and the Ucluelet Lighthouse Loop. It is an RV-only campsite, fully serviced and well-maintained. The campground remains open throughout the year. It is a good place for having a camping experience.
Each of these sites is private and surrounded by trees. Some of them also provide a view of the lake located there. Apart from the Ucluelet Lighthouse Loop, the place is also close to Terrace beach.
It is a few minutes away from Ucluelet itself. The Wild Pacific Camp is perfect for those wanting to get on to the water or the RV goers. You can then explore the natural surroundings of the place.

12. Mackenzie Beach RV & Camping

MacKenzie Beach Resort in Tofino, BC - Join Discover RV Life as we spend a week at MacKenzie Beach.
The Mackenzie beach resort in Tofino, BC, is an oceanfront collection. It has camping and RV sites with rustic cabins and vintage Airstreams as well. It has many forest sites and oceanfront campsites available.
They provide fresh drinking water, washrooms with heated floors, and cold water showers. They also have free Wi-Fi and firewood for sale.

The Takeaway

Tofino camping, hiking, and surfing continue to delight people throughout the year. You can walk along the shores of the Pacific Ocean and wake up in dense forests.
Photo by SandSandS from Depositphotos
Over the years, the Tofino Campgrounds have taken their place among top tourist spots. If you ever plan your trip toward Vancouver Island, don’t forget to add the Tofino Campgrounds to your list.

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