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Top 10 Attractions of Lake St Clair: A Visual Treat

St Clair is a beautiful lake connecting Ontario and the U.S. state of Michigan. Keep reading the article to know more about the things to see near lake St. Clair.

St Clair is one of the largest freshwater lakes on earth and is a source of drinking water for many countries. The freshwater delta has the clearest water, free from pollutants or debris.
Being a tourist attraction for both cities, the places around this gorgeous lake are built specially to attract more and more tourists.

The lake is so pretty with all the natural beauty around it. This lake is blessed with all-natural beauty, from green and tall trees to beautiful mountains.

Every year thousands of tourists visit this lake for its beauty and the fun and adventurous places around it. From an excellent museum sharing history to a beautiful park where you and your family can have a good time, you’ll find many things near the lake.

Things to see near lake st claire
Image from Pixabay/copyright 2016

You will find many restaurants, shopping complexes, museums, and entertaining things around this lake.

1. Edsel & Eleanor Ford House

Want to know what an English country home looks like? Then why don’t you visit Edsel & Eleanor Ford House?
The classic home built in 1929 by Edsel and his wife Eleanor Ford gives a clear picture of St Clair river as it is located on its shores.

Edsel & Eleanor Ford Estate

You will be surprised to see the beauty of this place. The home is well maintained and tells the story of people who have lived there.

The home is open to tourists throughout the year. If you are interested in knowing the history of this family and want to explore the aesthetics of this place, then do plan a visit to Edsel and Elanor Ford House.

This place not only gives you an idea of how people lived in 1929 but will also give a clear history of the Ford family.

2. The Mall at Patridge Creek

The people of Michigan are blessed with a beautiful open-air shopping centre known as The Mall at Patridge Creek.
From small to large, you’ll find all the brands in this mall. If you want to buy some gifts for your loved ones or want to sit for a while and grab a coffee, then you can pay your visit here.

Image by Jarmoluk from Pixabay/copyright 2015

The mall is well equipped with all the facilities such as restrooms, dining, salon, cinema and whatnot.

After visiting st. Claire lake, you can come here for delicious food and a great shopping experience.

There are so many good things to see near lake st. Claire and this mall are one of them. If you are tired and looking for some good restaurants, then visit this mall to find one the best restaurants here, serving finger-licking good food.

3. Morley Candy Makers- The Home of Sanders Candy

Do you have a sweet tooth? Is chocolate the only thing that you crave? Then this place is just perfect for you!

The Morley Candy Makers is like a factory where all the Sanders chocolates and desserts are manufactured. From creating to packaging, this place knows how to produce mouth-watering candies and chocolates.

This place is open to tourists. You can learn some new facts about how chocolates and desserts are made in a factory.

You’ll get to see some hardworking candy makers making delicious candies. From learning the process of making it to taste it, you will love this experience.

4. Think It Out Station

It’s time to use your brain and test your thinking capabilities. Come to Think It Out Station and experience a live escape room!

Think It Out Station is fun to visit with your friends and family. Go with your group and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

It is undoubtedly one of the best things to see near lake st. Claire. The rule of the game is pretty simple. You and your friends will be locked in a room with many gates. Solve the mind-boggling questions and tricks.

Once you solve the mystery or answer the question correctly, you’ll get the key to open the next door. But keep in mind that the time is limited.

Seeing people’s reaction to this fun place, we can conclude that it is one of the best things to see near lake st. Claire.

5. Clinton River Cruise Company

Clinton River Cruise On Lake St. Clair

The South Eastern part of Michigan is blessed to have the Clinton River. The fresh flowing water with tons of greenery around it is what we look for while searching for natural beauty.

The Clinton River Cruise Company has devised the idea of running cruise services for tourists. The cruise has all the facilities, including fine dining and live performances.

You are going to enjoy your time here. Located very close to St Clair, this is truly the best thing to see in lake st. Claire.

6. George George Memorial Park

George George Memorial Park is perfect if you want a personal space to enjoy quality time with your friends and family.

The thirty-acre park is filled with greenery and beautiful picnic spots where you can have a good time with your loved ones.

The ground is well equipped with playgrounds. So, if you are travelling with children, this place is ideal for you and your children.

You’ll see many families and friends playing together and enjoying tasty food under the tree. Seeing this positivity in this park is one of the best things to see near lake st. Claire.

7. Anatomy of Death Museum

The museum is as unique as its name. You must wonder if you’ll see any ghosts or spirits here.

The answer is No. The Anatomy of Death Museum is a spooky place where you’ll find some coffins and skeletons from old times. Also, the paintings and antiques from ancient times can leave you fully amazed.

You’ll be scared to see many skeletons hanging when you enter the museum. The antiques in the museum look so real. You’ll get a spine-chilling experience here. The place is a bit ghostly, but you will like it as it differs from other museums you saw earlier.

The uniqueness of this museum attracts tourists from all over the place. The mischievous look given to the museum makes it one of the best things to see near the lake St Clair.

8. Michigan Transit Museum

Michigan Transit Museum: Trick-or-Treat Trains 10/17/21

The Michigan Transit Museum is a cute-looking home-like building with many preserved items for its viewers.
If the history of railways interests you then you should visit this place. From some amazing trains working on fine tracks to some aesthetically pleasing bridges and pull, you’ll find everything here.

The museum is not like your regular museum. You need to take an entire day to complete each corner of it. Do not forget to carry your camera and click some amazing pictures.

The museum is simply wonderful. You might not have many expectations, but it will change your point of view once you enter. If you think the museum will bore you, then you’re wrong. Even if you are not a big fan of museums, you’ll enjoy it here.

People love the vibe of this place. They all find the museum to be great and lovely. All the trains are well maintained are cleaned to the core. Even the tracks are cleaned regularly, showing how well they preserve the things in the museum. Regular cleaning and servicing of the trains are done. This is one of the best things to see near lake St. Clair.

9. Mr. Muskie Charters

Do you love fishing and want to try it in St Clair? Then you must contact Mr. Muskie Charters and book your tickets.
These people have specialization in capturing the monster muskie. Hence, the name of the place is “Mr. Muskie Charters.”

Not just the monster muskie, they are also specialized Bass fishing, walleye fishing, perch fishing and whatnot.
If you are not into fishing and want to sit back and relax, they also have cruise service for their customers. They are truly an all-in-one.

St Clair lake is so pretty. You can go fishing here just like many more people who visited this place before. Buy your tickets now and get a chance to go fishing and capture some fish with the help of Mr. Muskie Charters. The staff is very polite and friendly and will make your experience memorable.

There are so many things to see near lake St. Claire, and Mr. Muskie Charters is one of them. It is worth it and a must-try!

10. Walter And Mary Burke Park

To have a good picnic experience with your family, one must visit Walter And Mary Burke Park.

The beautiful park by the lake can make your day happy. Come here with your children and let them enjoy themselves to the fullest. The park has a children’s playground area with some amazing swings.
The sunrise point in this park is the best thing to see near lake st. Claire. You can sit back and enjoy the natural beauty. The park is so calm and quiet that you’ll feel the positivity running in your blood.

This park is a great place for family picnics. You can lay your mats on the ground and enjoy the view with your family. Don’t forget to carry some delicious homemade food to improve your picnic.

This park is so beautiful. Whether you visit the park in the morning or the evening, you’ll get the same positive vibe. If you visit the park early in the morning, you can get a chance to experience the sunrise from the sunrise point. It is truly the best thing to see near lake St Clair.

The restrooms are well-constructed and very convenient. This park is for everyone. Whether you are with family or want to walk alone, this place is for everyone. The park has good parking spaces with all the essential facilities. You can come here with your family and have a good time here.


There are so many things to see near lake st. Claire. From amazing museums such as the Anatomy of Death museum and Michigan Transit museum to really good parks such as George George memorial park and Walter and Mary Burke Park, there is so much to this place.

If you wish to go fishing and experience some good cruise facilities, you can be a part of Mr. Muskie Charters and enhance your fishing skills.

The st. Claire lake has a beautiful mall called “The Mall at Patridge Creek.” If you want to buy gifts for your loved ones and enjoy delicious food, you can visit this mall and explore it.

In this article, you will find all the beautiful and mesmerizing things to see near lake st. Clair. Those mentioned above are just a few. The city has much more to it.

St. Clair is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful lakes in the town, and there are so many things to see near lake st. Clair. You need to explore these places to have a good time. All the places mentioned above are a must-watch. Go there with your friends, family and loved ones and enjoy your days in Canada to the fullest! 

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