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Kelowna Wine Tours: 10 Stunning Destinations

Are you a fervid explorer as well as a wine lover too? The tempting and soul-fulfilling Kelowna wine tours through the Okanagan Valley, Canada, can serve as a pretty excellent touring choice for you. The overwhelming excitement and reveling experiences of many famous travelers on Kelowna wine tours are lucid proofs of how satisfying the tours can be.

“Beer is made by men, wine by God,” thoughtfully stated by Martin Luther, predominantly speaks about the heavenly sips of luscious wines. A glass of wine can brighten up your frustrating days and shoo away your stress. In a similar fashion, vacations can unburden your mind and swing your way from the mundane life of the cities. How about combining them? Kelowna wine tours are the perfect mix of joyful days along with excellent wine tasting experiences. Let us learn more about Kelowna’s wineries.

1. CedarCreek Estate Winery of Kelowna

Touring through the CedarCreek winery of Kelowna, you can realize where the subtlety and sweetness in their wines come from. Every season brings a different taste to their wines. You can either wander around their verdant sloping vineyard, discover what the North Okanagan Valley has to offer, or do both. The choice is yours. So, you can now pack yourself up for delightful ‘Kelowna wine tours’ through the CedarCreek winery, and don’t forget to check their newly released summer wine, Pinot Noir Rosé.

CedarCreek Estate Winery, Southeast Kelowna, Okanagan Valley

2. Tantalus Vineyards

Tantalus Vineyards, located on the eastern slopes of the Okanagan Valley, Kelowna, produces the most authentic single-vineyard wine that can mesmerize your taste buds and drag you to this place again and again. You can have a perfect wine tasting experience in their stunning gallery-style tasting room or outside in the windy fields. This LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified winery can provide you the ‘once in a lifetime’ experience with their famous ‘2020 Riesling’ wine.

Tantalus Vineyards : Exceptional wines made from a single vineyard
Image from Tantalus website

3. Summerhill Pyramid Winery

Summerhill Pyramid Winery of Kelowna is Canada’s largest certified organic winery. Its sparkling subtle wine can leave you satisfied to the soul with every sip. This beautiful place offers authentic wines paired with panoramic views of the Okanagan Valley, which can certainly be a perfect location for organizing ever-cherishing events. You must definitely add this beautiful location to your ‘Kelowna wine tours’ list.

The Pyramid of Summerhill Pyramid Winery

4. Kelowna Wine Tours through Quail’s Gate

This beautiful winery, located on the shore of Okanagan Lake, West Kelowna, serves the best ‘Family Reserve Pinot Noir and Chardonnay’ year-round. A wine tour to Quail’s Gate can be an absolutely satisfying experience. The astounding views of the open fields and the Okanagan Lake with an incredible dining experience at the restaurant can leave you with nothing but awe. You can also enjoy their delicious foods while sipping their amazing wines.

Quails' Gate Winery

5. Calona Vineyards

Calona Vineyards is situated in the heart of Kelowna. The unique flavor in their wines comes from the professional touch of their craftsmen. You can definitely suit yourself to the ambiance of the winery and enjoy the art series that depicts beautiful stories about the place. Their Private Reserve wines are definitely a rare treat. You can feel the connection of carefully picked grapes fermented over time with the skillful touch of the professionals.

6. Sandhill Winery

Sandhill Urban Winery of Kelowna is the home of many award-winning wines. With a divine selection of wines and gorgeously spacious rooms, this place can serve an absolutely lovely wine touring experience. This place serves wines that are made from a single vineyard and hand-harvested grapes. The seated wine tasting accompanied by knowledgeable staff speaking about the wines will definitely broaden your love for them, and you can enjoy it at great prices.

BC winemakers in the Vineyard Series. Sandy Leier, Sandhill.

7. House of Rose Winery’s Beautiful Wine Tours

House of Rose Winery, located in the outskirts of Kelowna, is a must-visit place for wine lovers. The authentic flavor of the wines can take you on a ride through their green farm. You can enjoy your wine-sipping experience in a quaint and friendly environment. You must try their ‘Cool Splash,’ ‘Rose-eh!’ and ‘Sweet Mystery’ wines. This place can definitely be added to the list of decent wine tours.

8. Grizzli Winery of Okanagan

Grizzli Winery, settled in the heart of Okanagan, can take you on an incredible journey through beautiful views of mountains and lakes with a marvelous experience of wine tasting. You can enjoy the stunning arts shown all around the high-ceiling rooms. People really enjoy their jazz nights. This place is filled with sweet and subtle red wines and ice wines. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff can brighten up your already amazing experiences of Kelowna wine tours. You must visit this young winery that flourished with colors within a small amount of time.

Welcome to Grizzli Winery!

9. Volcanic Hills Estate Winery

Volcanic Hills Estate Winery in West Kelowna, surrounded by rich volcanic soils, has successfully established its name within 60 years of hard work of the owners. People are attracted to the aesthetic sceneries and views of the city at night. You can visit this place for an outstanding experience of wine tasting with best tasted ‘Bubbly Gewurztraminer,’ red, rose, and white wines. This place has great facilities for art classes, craft fairs, and private gatherings. You must visit this spacious, family-friendly winery at least once in your lifetime.

About Us – Volcanic Hills Estate Winery
Image from Volcani Hills Winery website

10. Kelowna Mountain Bridges and Vineyards

This family-owned mountain bridge over magnificent ‘ice wine’ vineyards sufficiently exposes the picturesque and angelic views of Kelowna from above. You can pack your bags with trek pants and trek shoes and be prepared for an amazing hiking experience. You can lay back, relax and take a sip of their ‘ice wine,’ pervading through your soul. The scenic and warm, beautiful sites from the suspension bridges will definitely leave unforgettable memories in your heart.

Kelowna wine tours through the interminable vineyards rejuvenate our souls with thrilling and exciting experiences that never fade away from our minds or hearts. Therefore, one must definitely consider Kelowna wine tours for peaceful and soul-satisfying wine tasting days.

“Anyone who tries to make you believe that he knows all about wines is obviously a fake.” As correctly stated by Leon Adams, author of The Commonsense Book of Wine, one can never really know all about wines. Therefore, one, who is eager to know about wines, must never stop exploring them.

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