Swift Care in Barrie: The 5 Best Walk-in Clinics for Your Health Needs

In Walk-in Clinic Barrie, patients can seek urgent medical care without worries. Walk-in clinics have opened a broad spectrum in the field of medical clinics.

The urgent care clinic has a clear-cut distribution of emergency and non-urgent patients, unlike the ERs. This way, the walk-ins will get definite healthcare services from fully committed medical professionals. Another interesting fact about walk-in-clinics is that within one hour patient will complete consulting and treatment.

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A person can visit walk-in medical clinics to enquire about their health concerns if they don’t have a family doctor. If you are uncertain about your health, a nurse practitioner will let you know whether you need urgent care or not. In the walk-in clinic, Barrie, the caring service is so admirable that, in person, they will let you know every possible detail about your health profile and give you information about other health services available near your region.

Below are some reliable and authentic walk-in clinics in the vicinity of Barrie.

1. Community Family Medicine Clinics Includes:

1.1 . Bell Farm Walk-in Clinic

125 Bell Farm Rd #101, Barrie, ON L4M 6L2, Canada

Barrie Community Family Medicine Clinics (BCFMC)

  • Bell Farm is a well-known community health center in the province of Barrie.
  • They also invite in-person appointments or online registration.
  • They have a professionally equipped clinic with reliable health technicians.
  • Bell Farm walk in clinic Barrie is a fully staffed clinic with locally integrated family physicians.
  • They offer free medicament for STIs1.
  • They do not provide allergy shots.
  • It is an urgent care clinic that treats trivial injuries or illnesses.
  • They do not encourage prescription renewal for narcotic2s.
  • This walk-in clinic takes complete care of individuals from the Barrie and Community family. They provide prescription renewal for patients without a family physician.
  • They update the date and venue for the TB immunization3 through their website.
  • Before the visit, a person should issue a valid health card or fee for better access.
  •  They offer telephone assessments for new patients to enquire about the walk-in options.
  • This walk-in office does not provide COVID-19 testing4 or vaccines for any Barrie and community family.
  • They have access to a wheelchair entrance.
  • They also have wheelchair-accessible toilets.
  • The clinic hours may differ, so it’s better to phone and enquire before the visit.

1.2 . Prince William Way Walk-in Clinic 

829 Big Bay Point Rd – Unit D12, Barrie, ON L4N 0G5, Canada

  • Another famous clinic comes under the community family medicine clinics.
  • This unit d12 clinic offers services from allied health professionals.
  • This urgent care clinic offers cold or flu testing and its treatment.
  • The community family medicine clinics offer special medical services for patients who are FHO( family health organization)5 members. They offer same-day appointments sequentially. In the absence of a family doctor, they provide a book-an-appointment option at the after-office hour clinic for a patient.
  • Barrie and Community Family walk-in medical clinics nurses the following symptoms:1. This urgent care clinic treats symptoms like sore throat, strep throat, and other signs of flu or cold.2 . The 829 Big Bay Point clinic also provides COVID testing for the Barrie and Community family.3 . This doctor-owned facility distributes medication for sexually transmitted infections for free.4 . This walk-in clinic Barrie, informs the TB immunization details through its official website.5 . The clinic does not offer allergy shots or renewal of narcotics.6 . They provide prescription renewal for patients in case the physicians are absent.
  • They have access to a wheelchair entrance.
  • They also have wheelchair-accessible toilets.
  • During the visit, a person should bring a health card or fee to get full access to the clinic.
  • The clinic hours may differ, so it’s better to phone and enquire before the visit.

2. Walk-in Medical Clinics Include:

2.1 . Wellington Walk in Clinic  Barrie

200 Wellington St W #3, Barrie, ON L4N 1K9, Canada

  • This Barrie and Community family clinic comprises the Canadian drug mart that offers non-emergency care for individuals.
  • This urgent care clinic takes in-person appointments with doctors.
  • The Canadian Drug Mart pharmacy offers exclusive services like:1 . This community family medicine offers in-person easy prescription transfer.2 . They also offer free medicine delivery on request.3 . This urgent care clinic provides online prescription refills for patients.
  • Patients can reserve their slots via phone appointments.
  • They offer an in-person meeting for the diagnosis of acute illnesses.
  • This clinic offers TB testing, STI testing, PAP testing6, and UTIs7.
  • They also have an on-site pharmacy offering service during clinical hours.
  • This community family medicine offers Flu shots and other booster shots for immunization.
  • It is a family practice clinic that offers in-person doctor referrals.
  • There is also an option to book an appointment for Driver’s medical care.
  • They provide pregnancy testing, wound dressing, lacerations, blood work, ear cleaning, and workplace injuries.
  • Book an appointment option for patients for proper advice on medications before travel.
  • Fee reduction for international students and people with an OHIP card.
  • The clinic hours may differ, so it’s better to phone and enquire before the visit.

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2.2 . Huronia Urgent Care Clinic

480 Huronia Rd #102, Barrie ON L4N 6M2

  • Huronia urgent care clinic; wishes for the betterment of public health since they provide the best walk-in clinic experience.
  • They offer the best medical services with experienced staff.
  • They offer medical care for fever, cough, cold, sore throat, shortness of breath, diarrhea, and other flu-like symptoms.
  • Book an appointment option is available.
  • The clinic hours may differ, so it’s better to phone and enquire before the visit.

2,3. City Centre Virtual Walk-in Medical Clinic and Telemedicine Kiosk

101 Dunlop St W, Barrie, ON L4N 1A8, Canada

  • It is a virtual walk-in clinic Barrie, that provides faster clinical services.
  • The doctor reaches out through the visual phone and conducts the consultancy.
  • They offer general consultation, prescription renewal, sick notes and forms, mental wellness, and travel health.
  • They have an on-site pharmacy equipped with friendly staff.
  • It is an LGBTQ-friendly clinic.
  • Both staff and patients get temperature checks regularly.
  • They have wheelchair-accessible entrances and toilets.
  • The clinic hours may differ, so it’s better to phone and enquire before the visit.
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