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What Is Appletree Ottawa: 6 Essential Facts

With the rising concern around healthcare, everyone needs a trusted family doctor and a known hospital to service the medical needs of their family. Luckily Appletree Ottawa is there.

1. What Is Appletree Ottawa?

Appletree Medical Group can be your one-stop total health destination, whether you require same-day medical treatment or long-term comprehensive healthcare. They offer you the choice to choose when and where you get healthcare from Ontario’s biggest network of physicians and specialists, with walk-in-clinic and virtual treatment options available.

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Appletree Ottawa provides you with more options for connecting with their doctors. You can visit their doctors in person for medical assistance at any of their sites, or receive virtual care for your concerns from the convenience of your own home or workplace if you are unable to drive to the hospital.

Appletree medical group employees and physicians are networked, which means that your medical records are available regardless of how you choose to visit our doctors, assuring continuity of treatment. ​

They provide more than simply walk-in services; their physicians are experts in various fields, and their healthcare programs may help you manage a range of medical concerns.

2. All About Appletree Medical Group

Apple tree Medical Group, founded in 1992, is one of Canada’s largest multi-specialty groups. Their doctors can deliver world-class medical treatment to their patients thanks to their expanding network of contemporary medical facilities across Ontario.

Their physicians can provide the finest treatment possible for patients and their families in our communities by utilizing highly trained personnel and cutting-edge technology.

2.1) Mission

The mission of Apple tree Medical Group is to professionalize and expand access to community healthcare in Canada.

They offer complete healthcare solutions when and where they are required. They leverage technology and efficient clinic procedures to optimize medical practices for physicians while providing patients with flexible and accessible healthcare experiences.

Apple tree Medical Group is your one-stop-shop for same-day medical treatment, comprehensive family medicine, access to specialists, and chronic illness management.

Their team of over 200 family doctors and specialists collaborate in a network-style to give you the greatest quality of care 7 days a week, via Telemedicine Access and in-person treatment at their network of Health Centres.

2.2) Purpose

At Appletree Ottawa, they value the time of their patients. They invented and pioneered the use of enabling technology, which allows us to see their patients when they are most in need.

They also offer comprehensive treatment, Family Medicine, Pediatric care (screening and preventive care visits), Acute Care, Chronic Disease Management1, and referrals to relevant Sub-Specialists and their services as needed.

Their purpose is to be there for their patients in their hour of need.

3. What Do You Mean By Virtual Medical Care At Appletree Ottawa?

Healthcare is now available at your fingertips. You’ll be connected to an Appletree doctor through video or phone in only a few clicks. You have the option of using your smartphone or logging onto your computer from the comfort of your own home or workplace.

Virtual Healthcare
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Patients aged 4 and above are eligible for Virtual Care services. Patients must be physically present in the province of Ontario at the time of their visit.

Here’s how to avail of Virtual Medical Care at Appletree Ottawa:

1. Make An Appointment

Book your next appointment online by selecting a doctor, the purpose for your visit, and the day and time of your visit. A text and an email confirmation will be delivered.

2. Make An Account

Include your OHIP card details as well as your preferred mode of payment for non-covered treatments.

3. Preparation

Minutes before your appointment, verify that your internet, webcam, and speakers are working. Have a list of your medications ready.

4. Check-In Online

When the time comes for your visit, click the link provided, complete your online check-in, and begin your adventure!

5. Fill Out A Survey

Fill out our secure online medical form to give the doctor a detailed medical history for a thorough appointment.

6. Consult With A Doctor

Begin your Virtual Care consultation and receive the medical advice you require. Prescriptions are sent immediately to your pharmacy of choice!

4. What Are The Options For Walk-In Service?

At Appletree Ottawa, you can anticipate a one-of-a-kind experience. Their goal is to provide you with flexible and accessible healthcare services right in your neighborhood.

To that end, they’ve created unique technologies enabling you to integrate their services in ways that no other medical organization can.

After selecting the clinic with the least wait times near you, you will check in fast utilizing our self-registration terminal and enter your medical history while you wait. This will allow you to spend more time with the doctor, concentrating on your medical issues.

You will notice the Appletree Ottawa difference from the minute you view their website to your post-visit follow-up.

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If you are ill, you may promptly visit a doctor at any of the Appletree Medical Centres. All of their sites provide walk-in hours during which doctors will see you without an appointment.

Please go to the nearest local hospital emergency department if your injuries are serious or you are having severe symptoms such as shortness of breath, loss of consciousness, chest discomfort, or copious bleeding.

5. What Is Telemedicine At Appletree Ottawa?

Telemedicine visits are frequent doctor appointments that take place at an Appletree Medical Centre or a specialized Telemedicine Clinic through secure video conferencing.

A medical assistant will aid you in connecting with your doctor and will assist in your session. Telemedicine2 is completely private and confidential.

Telemedicine cannot diagnose or treat all medical diseases or symptoms. Check the list on their website to see if your condition is eligible for a telemedicine visit before scheduling an appointment.

5.1) What Should Your Expectations Be Out Of a Telemedicine Appointment?

Throughout your session, a telemedicine assistant will be available to help you and your doctor. The telemedicine assistant will begin by delivering your medical history when the doctor comes on the screen.

The doctor will ask you questions, make a diagnosis, and, if necessary, give you a prescription or a laboratory requisition. After your consultation, the telemedicine assistant will supply you with any papers that you require.

Simply return to the telemedicine clinic if you require a follow-up visit. Your digital medical file and test results will be accessible to both the telemedicine assistant and the doctor.

5.2) What’s The Difference Between Virtual Care And Telemedicine At Applecare Ottawa?

Telemedicine and Virtual Care are similar in that they both allow you to consult with a doctor via a screen rather than in person.

  • Location

The primary distinction is that a Telemedicine session takes place in a specialized examination room with the support of a professional Telemedicine Assistant, whereas virtual care allows you to connect with a doctor from any location using your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

  • Service Offerings

Another key distinction is the range of services offered. With Telemedicine, we can provide a far larger range of services since there is a Telemedicine Assistant on hand to undertake initial evaluations and testing. For example, the Assistant may examine your ears, eyes, and lips, as well as listen to your heart rate and measure your blood sugar. Virtual Care is better suited for routine medical appointments.

  • Restrictions on Age

Please keep in mind that the two programs have different age limitations. Patients 4 years of age and older, accompanied by a parent or guardian, can be seen through Telemedicine appointments. Patients 16 and older may be seen by Virtual Care appointment.

6. Which Specialized Services Are Provided At Appletree Ottawa?

Here’s a list of specialists that are available at Appletree Ottawa. However, make sure to double-check it with the hospital itself.

6.1) Dermatology

A dermatologist is a physician who focuses on skin, hair, and nail issues. A Dermatologist’s training includes both surgical and cosmetic procedures.

A dermatologist at Appletree Medical Group in Ottawa specializes in skin malignancies3, suspected skin cancers, and worrisome moles.

6.2) Endocrinology

Endocrinology is a medical specialty that deals with hormone-related disorders. An endocrinologist is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of hormone abnormalities, as well as the health consequences that might result from them.

The Endocrinologist at Appletree Medical Group in Toronto through Virtual Care will diagnose and treat all general endocrinology issues such as diabetes, thyroid, osteoporosis4, bone diseases, and lipids.5

6.3) General Surgery

A General Surgeon is a surgical professional with advanced training. Complex procedures are often conducted in a hospital or specialized care facility. Many simple procedures may be performed safely in the community.

Certified general surgeons at Appletree Medical Group in Ottawa provide medical care and do minor procedures as well as identify diseases that will require hospital-based surgical therapy. Minor operations include the excision of lumps and bumps, cysts, and moles, as well as breast tissue-specific treatments. Hemorrhoids and other anorectal disorders are also treated in these clinics.

6.4) Gynecology And Obstetrics

Obstetrics and Gynecology is a medical specialty that focuses on the female reproductive system, gynecology as well as pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care, and Obstetrics.

Experienced OB/GYN experts at Appletree Medical Group in both Ottawa and Toronto provide a comprehensive variety of care for both gynecological issues and pregnancy management. Professional Gynecologists in both cities provide contraception guidance, including IUD insertion and/or removal, sexually transmitted infection screenings, and PAP smears.

Appointments for Pap tests can be scheduled immediately through their Pap Testing Program without a referral.

6.5) Hematology

A Hematologist is a doctor who specializes in disorders of the blood and bone marrow. The diagnosis and treatment of a wide spectrum of benign and malignant white and red blood cell diseases are covered.

Experienced Hematologists at Appletree Medical Group in Ottawa and Toronto will treat all forms of blood issues as well as diagnose and manage Celiac Disease.

Image by Yerson Retamal from Pixabay/Copyright 2017

6.6) Internal Medicine

Primary care doctors are doctors who specialize in internal medicine. It is a broad-based specialty that offers individuals primary and specialist treatment. Internists are uniquely educated to identify and manage diseases in all of our organ systems, as well as to manage critically sick patients with advanced diseases and diseases affecting multiple organs/systems.

At Appletree Medical Group in Ottawa, they have a large number of Internists who diagnose and treat a wide range of illnesses, including Cardiovascular disease, Respirology, and Nephrology6 diseases, as well as generalized symptoms such as fatigue, undiagnosed weight loss, cholesterol issues, and high blood pressure. Geriatric Medicine and Diabetes clinics are also provided.

6.7) Opthalmology

Ophthalmology is the medical specialty concerned with the anatomy, physiology, and disorders of the eye. An ophthalmologist is a professional who diagnoses and cures eye illnesses, conducts eye surgery, and gives vision medicines.

The family medicine expert and foreign-qualified ophthalmologist at Appletree Ottawa will see any concerns connected to eye disorders and provide routine eye exams for persons aged 20-64, as well as eye evaluations for MTO driving tests and RCMP applications.

6.8) Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic Surgeons are doctors who specialize in the treatment of injuries and disorders affecting the musculoskeletal system, which includes bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves. Orthopedic problems may necessitate surgery, or they may be managed with drugs and a rehabilitation regimen.

Orthopedic experts at Appletree Ottawa and Toronto will visit patients of all ages and assess all aspects of the musculoskeletal system7, including sports injuries. Treatment alternatives will be reviewed, and if the problem requires surgery, they will send you to a hospital staff surgeon as needed.

6.9) Pediatrics

Pediatricians are experts in the care of children. They will diagnose and treat juvenile ailments ranging from minor to severe, from birth to around 18 years of age.

Professional Pediatricians at Appletree Ottawa and Toronto will treat all forms of kid and adolescent problems. Vaccinations, Well Baby check-ups, development concerns, behavioral abnormalities, allergies, and any other general health issues are all covered.

6.10) Psychiatry

A Psychiatrist is a medical practitioner who specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental health problems. They are also taught to recognize how medical issues might contribute to psychiatric symptoms.

Specialist Psychiatrists at Appletree Ottawa can diagnose and treat anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and schizophrenia.

6.11) Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is the discipline of medicine concerned with the treatment and prevention of injuries related to sports and physical activity.

At Appletree Ottawa and through Virtual Care, dedicated family doctors with a specialty in Sports Medicine can treat a wide range of sports-related injuries and provide injury prevention advice.

6.12) Urology

A Urologist is a physician who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses of the male and female urinary tracts (kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra), as well as the male reproductive system.

Their Urologist is accessible at Appletree Medical Group in Ottawa for any concerns or surgical opinions concerning the male and female urinary tract, including urinary tract infections (UTIs), bladder and kidney cancer, kidney obstruction, and kidney stones. The Urologist will also treat prostate troubles and other men’s health difficulties.

6.13) Vascular Surgery

A vascular surgeon is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of vein and artery problems (blood vessels). They may treat everything from minor spider veins to life-threatening aneurysms and vascular diseases.

The vascular surgeon at Appletree Medical Group in Toronto will diagnose and treat all forms of vascular issues, including varicose veins and artery disease. Cases that cannot be handled in these Medical Centres will be referred for surgical treatment to the Humber River Hospital-Wilson Site. The vascular surgeon is also accessible for consultations via Virtual Care.

Besides these, you can avail healthcare services such as COVID-19 PCR Testing, COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test, Acne, Aviation Medicals, Compression Stockings, ADHD Medication, Flu Shots and vaccination, and so on.

The Health Services provided at Appletree Ottawa are exemplary. However, if you want to know more make sure to visit their website and read reviews about them before you drop in.

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