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Top 20 Beaches In Ontario You Must Visit Once

Summers in Ontario’s most popular locations are lengthy, hot, and humid, and many citizens go to the sandy beach to soak up the sun. Ontario’s beaches are as diverse as the province itself. With white sand and crystal-clear water that sparkles in colors of blue and turquoise in the sun, several of these may serve as stand-ins for Caribbean resorts.

Others are hidden in coves along rocky shorelines or are surrounded by pine trees. Even on the busiest summer weekend, you’ll find enormous areas of sand crowded with people and others that you’ll likely have to yourself.

Some beaches in Ontario are free. However, many are located in provincial parks and require a day pass to attend. Some are in cities, and you may have to pay to park your car even if you don’t have to pay to go to the beach. In any case, A summer day at an Ontario beach, in any case, is a fantastic way to fight the heat.

See our list of the Top Beaches in Ontario for suggestions on where to go.

1. Sauble Beach

by Eric Astrauskas/flickr/copyright 2021

Sauble beach, with its 10 kilometers of sand spanning along Lake Huron, is one of the most popular beaches in Ontario. You are able to drive your automobile out onto the sand in some places of the Beach. There’s no need to drag your belongings across the beach in the scorching sun; simply pay your entrance, park, and set up your day camp!

The Beach is one of the beaches in Ontario which is well-equipped for summer guests, with eateries just steps away providing traditional beach fares such as ice cream and other refreshments. Volleyball is a popular sport at this beach, while water sports include jet-skiing, kiteboarding, and stand-up paddleboarding.

This is one of the beaches in Ontario where It should be noted that dogs are not permitted on the beach.

2. Wasaga Beach

by Photographer is Witness/flickr/copyright 2021

It is the world’s longest freshwater beach among the beaches in Ontario, yet it’s only 90 minutes from Toronto. This 14-kilometer-long beach, which stretches around Nottawasaga Bay in a long, curving arc, attracts nearly two million tourists each season. It is great for families with small children and individuals who are not good swimmers due to the warm and shallow water.

Where you establish up shop may be determined by your interests. The Wasaga beach is separated into six areas, with sections 1 through 6 being the most popular. Sections 1 and 2 are located in the heart of town and are bordered by a boardwalk.

The majority of the people, as well as all of the restaurants, stores, and services, may be found here. It’s a vibrant scene, with people having a wonderful time in large groups and, of course, wandering by looking cool and doing some serious, low-key people watching.

Sections 3–6 are calmer and more natural, making them excellent for individuals who want to relax in the sun with a good book. If you’re bringing your dog, go to section 3 and let them play in the surf.

Every summer, this beach is one of the beaches in Ontario which comes alive with entertaining activities such as volleyball competitions and fireworks.

3. Woodbine Beach, The Beaches, Toronto

by Aviva West/flickr/copyright 2021

In the Beaches section of the GTA, Woodbine Beach is Toronto’s most popular beach, with crowds on hot, sunny weekends. This large stretch of sand is also the heart of Toronto’s beach volleyball scene. The beach is filled with sweating bodies spiking and diving and trying to look fantastic every evening and weekend.

The sandy beach is a three-kilometer strip of curving sand that is expansive at the west end and narrows as you travel east. Free washrooms and change facilities, as well as outdoor showers, are available.

Back from the beach, there’s a large wooden boardwalk with benches in Ontario, one of the city’s most popular sites for a stroll.

The boardwalk leads to Kew Park, one of Toronto’s most beautiful parks. Continue along the boardwalk to Kew/Balmy Beach, another of Toronto’s top beaches, before arriving at the architecturally beautiful R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant.

The vibrant Beaches in the Ontario district, just a short distance from the ocean, offers a fantastic assortment of food and entertainment alternatives.

4. Sandbanks Provincial Park

by Shannon McGee/flickr/copyright 2021

One of the most interesting Lake-Ontario beaches in Ontario is found in Sandbanks Provincial-Park. This beach, which is located on the beaches of Lake-Ontario, is famous for its huge sand dunes that slope into the sea. Children and others of a youthful disposition can run down the dunes and splash in the water.

There are three beaches in the park: Outlet Beach is ideal for families with small children because the water is shallow and mild.

The beach where the sand dunes descend into the water is known as Dunes Beach. Sandbanks is a long, rarely crowded beach in lake-Ontario. It’s worth noting that the water at this beach can soon get deep.

Sandbanks-Provincial-Park is near Belleville in Prince Edward County. In addition to the gorgeous beach and sand dunes, the park has two approved campgrounds: Cedars and Outlet River, which offer some of the greatest camping in Ontario.

5. Killbear Provincial Park

by Eric Astrauskas/flickr/copyright 2021

Killbear Provincial-Park, near Parry Sound, has multiple beaches on Georgian Bay. These are crescents of sand situated between rocky headlands, unlike many other beaches in Ontario in the vicinity. When the water is calm, people enjoy swimming off the beaches and off the rocks.

The water is very clear and can be quite chilly, so you won’t want to stay long. If you stay close to the coast, the water will be the hottest.

Killbear is one of Ontario’s most popular provincial-parks, with seven campers nestled among tall trees and all within walking distance of the water.

6. Agawa Bay

by Gary Paakkonen/flickr/copyright 2021

The beach at this bay in Lake Superior Provincial-Park is one of the best beaches in Ontario on the northern shore of Lake Superior, with vast expanses of amber-colored sand and shallow, crystal-clear waters. This is an especially lovely spot for families seeking a beach camping trip.

As you relax in your beach chair, gazing out at the seemingly infinite vision of the blue sea reaching islands and the horizon beyond, you could be mistaken for believing you’re in the Caribbean. When you step into the bracingly cool and delightful water, though, you will be swiftly brought back to reality.

Camping along the beach’s edge is one of the park’s most delightful experiences. Beautiful beachfront campsites are nestled in the sand beneath tall pine trees. The gentle lapping waves will lull you to sleep if you burrow into your sleeping bag.

7. Toronto Islands’ Beaches

by Rudolf Cohilj/flickr/copyright 2021

Although the beaches in Ontario Islands are only a 15-minute boat trip from Toronto’s skyscrapers, they feel a million miles away as you lay on the sand and gaze out over the lake. Hanlan’s Point, Centre Island Beach, Gibraltar Point, and Ward’s Island Beach are the four main beaches on the islands. During the summer, lifeguards are stationed at all of the beaches.

Centre Island Beach is the most accessible beach. Simply exit the ship and go to the far side of the island, following the signage. Along the route, you’ll cross an exquisite flowering plant garden.

The busiest of all the beaches in Ontario, Centre Island Beach has the best “scene.” this busy, broad, south-facing beach features light brown sand and is a nice area to promenade and sunbathe. A massive breakwater runs the length of the coast.

This means that there is almost no wave on the beach, as well as providing a beautiful warm pool. A tiny concession stands with washrooms and change rooms are located just back from the beach.

From June to Labor Day, lifeguards are on duty every day. On the beach, dogs are not permitted.

One of the best beaches in Ontario is on the island is Hanlan’s Point Beach, which is located on the island’s eastern end. This beach, which faces southwest, boasts beautiful sand, clear waves, and fantastic views of Mississauga.

Kiteboarders may be seen playing in the wind at the far end of the beach.

Clothing is optional on a limited section of the beach. If you want to visit this beach, use the Hanlan’s Point ferry and expect a 15-minute walk from the ferry port to the nicest area of the beach.

Gibraltar Point-Beach is located between Hanlan’s Point-Beach and Centre Island Beach. This arenaceous beach is one of the most underappreciated on the island and is ideal for anyone seeking solitude and quiet.

It’s surprising more people don’t come here, with its gorgeous smooth beach flanked by sand dunes and towering trees. The famous (and scary!) Gibraltar Point lighthouse is located across the street from the beach. Take the Centre Island ferry to go to this beach.

Ward’s Island Beaches in Ontario is the nearest beach to the ferry port if you just want to go to the beach quickly. You’ll be laying out your towel and soaking in the sun after a 5- to 10-minute walk from Ward’s Island Terminal.

The sea and sand aren’t as wonderful as the other three beaches in Ontario, but if you only need a quick dose of beach time, it’ll suffice. Take the Ward’s Island ferry to get to this beach.

8. Grand Bend

By AL.Eyad/flickr/copyright 2021

The beach here stretches for 25 kilometers along Lake Huron’s shoreline, and the shallow water turns warm, which is unusual for the Great Lakes. Location is important depending on the type of sandy beach activity you want to do.

Place yourself on Main Beach if you want to be in the thick of things. If you prefer a more tranquil beach experience, come to South Beach, where families and visitors are engrossed in their reading.

It has a long history as one of the province’s first beach communities. A typical summer village with T-shirt shops, ice cream kiosks, hot food sellers, and people having fun in the heat can be found here.

On July 1st, it offers a spectacular fireworks display.

9. Pancake Bay Provincial Park

The water is clear and shallow for a long distance out. Picnic tables and restrooms line the top of the beach, which is a day-use area.

The waters of Lake-Superior can be bone-chillingly cold, but at this Bay, the water heats up to a comfortable temperature, making it one of the few sites on the lake where you can actually stay in the water for a long time. This is a great area to go stand-up paddleboarding if the winds are mild or offshore.

Batchawana Bay-Provincial-Park is around 10 minutes away from the beach if you wish to camp.

10. Port Dover

by mynewturtle1/unlimphotos/copyright 2021

Port Dover beach in Lake-Erie is recognized for having Ontario’s only palm-tree-lined beach. This is the location to go if you want to capture a tropical vibe with big palm trees swaying in the breeze. A lively town surrounds this little stretch of beach with restaurants and stores. The beach is located on Lake-Erie, one of the warmest of the Great Lakes, and mild waves and clean water are generally present.

It is located in Lake-Erie, has been one of the popular beaches in Ontario with resorts for almost a century, and the majority of visitors are elderly people and families with children. Even on the busiest summer weekends, the beach in Lake-Erie is rarely crowded.

11. Port Stanley

beaches in ontario
by mynewturtle1/unlimphotos/copyright 2021

Port Stanley Beach, also known as the “Coney Island of the Great Lakes,” is a popular summer beach location in Ontario. This is an ideal summer swimming spot because of the warm seas, soft sand, and gentle drop-off into the water. In no time, the scorching August sun will have you splashing in the surf!

Assuming you’re searching for a bustling ocean side where the vacationers run and the sandy coastline is perfect, it is the place where it’s at. There’s no question that the P.S Beach realizes that how generally will be a wonderful ocean side town. With extraordinary waterfront eateries and live diversion, charming store shops, and a very much kept up with, life-protected ocean side, this ocean side objective is first class for the appropriate reasons.

It is our number one Ontario ocean side and our go-to detect for summer flows. Having spent various days here, we needed to concoct              an extensive manual for assist you with taking advantage of your next excursion to the radiant shore.

In the summer, lifeguards monitor Port Stanley’s Main-Beach, which is a Blue Flag Beach. It was, in fact, the first beach on Lake-Erie to be awarded a Blue Flag!

12. Lake Ontario

Beaches in ontario
by rgbspace/unlimphotos/copyright 2021

It is known as one of North America’s five Great Lakes. It is bordered on the north, west, and southwest by Ontario, Canada, and on the south and east by New York, USA, whose water borders meet in the middle of the lake.

Sandbanks-Provincial-Park is located on Lake-Ontario and features a number of fantastic beaches. The most popular great lakes beaches in Ontario are Dunes Beach, Sandbanks Beach, and Outlet Beach. They’re all equipped with a soft sand beach, clean waters, and park amenities.

5 Best Lake Ontario Beach you should definitely visit

  • Fair Haven Beach State Park
  • Southwick Beach State Park
  • Ontario Beach Park
  • Hamlin Beach State Park
  • Sodus Point Beach Park

Read more about Eagle Lake-Ontario: A Perfect Fishing Getaway

13. Southampton

by Terry Ballard/Flickr/copyright 2021

Head to Southampton Beach for a calm beach experience where you can walk for miles, lost in your own thoughts. As the waves softly wash at the shore, you’ll find serenity and calm. Set out a beach blanket near the dune grass and curl up with a good book.

The beach is sandy, although the bottom is made up of a variety of small boulders and stones just offshore. It’s preferable to wear water shoes if you have them.

The old Pinafore Boardwalk, which stretches from High Street to Ocean Street, is located just back from the beach. There are benches where you may sit and take in the scenery along the journey.

14. Crystal Beach, Fort Erie

by Ken Lund/Flickr/copyright 2021

This beach in Fort Erie has been a popular beach resort for nearly a century. This is a lovely location with lovely views and warm water. Some recent adjustments have sparked debate. In order to keep the beach clean and under control, a new gate, and admission price per person over the age of 10, a tent and grill ban, as well as bag inspections for alcohol, have been implemented.

This beach, when compared to the daily entrance costs at the beaches in Ontario in the Provincial-Parks, the fees, when combined with the significant parking fee, can make a trip here fairly costly. Nevertheless, when compared to the daily access fees at the beaches in the parks, they can be considered affordable.

The additional fees have resulted in significant renovations to the change rooms and washrooms, as well as the construction of a new children’s playground and the hiring of full-time beach patrols.

15. Awenda Provincial Park

by Kestin Goforth/flickr/copyright 2021

Awenda Provincial-Park is near the town of Midland on Georgian Bay, around the point from Wasaga Beach. The park’s uncrowded beaches provide stunning views of Giant’s Tomb Island across the lake.

The dog-friendly beach is one of the main attractions for beachgoers visiting Awenda Provincial-Park. Your four-legged friend can run around in the sand with the rest of the pack and splash around in the water in specified places.

The beaches in Ontario are accessible through a pathway that leads from the parking lot. Third Beach on Methodist Point Bay is the nicest beach since it is protected from the wind and waves.

16. Canatara Beach

by Sue Thompson/flickr/copyright 2021

In Sarnia, Ontario, Canatara Park Beach has a 1-kilometer long beach. The beach is made of pebbled beaches and soft sand that stretches out into Lake Huron’s calm blue waters.

The beach is a Blue Flag winner with excellent water quality. During the summer, there is also a lifeguard on duty! Visitors can also rent life jackets from the lifeguard hut, ensuring that everyone stays safe in the freshwater waves. Canatara is a wonderful, calm beach for those of you wishing to relax in the ocean for the last few days of summer.

17. Grand Bend Beach

Grand Bend Beach | Beautiful Beach in Ontario

This beach is well-known as one of the nicest beaches in Ontario. In the summer, the quiet lakeside village comes alive, with visitors flocking from miles around to ride the waves on Lake-Huron’s shore.

This beach is another Blue Flag beach, with crystal beach clear waters crashing over infinite stretches of sand. During the busier summer months, they also have lifeguards on duty. If you want to party in the surf, come to North Beach, where hundreds of young adults live in beach cottages along the coast. Head to South Beach for a quieter, more family-friendly swim.

18. Sugar Beach, Toronto

by The City of Toronto/Flickr/copyright 2021

This beach is located on the waterfront in downtown Toronto, is unlike any other popular beaches in Ontario for one simple reason: you don’t swim here!

Instead, a roughly triangular space covered with soft, golden sand is dotted with beach chairs and umbrellas. It’s more for socializing and resting in the sun than for diving into the ocean.

The beach is named for the nearby sugar refinery, is a swarm of activity in the summer. You may watch the water activities in Toronto Harbor or sit in a Muskoka chair and enjoy some serious people watching.

19. Indian Head Cove & The Grotto

In Bruce Peninsula National Park, near Tobermory, one of the most photogenic beaches in Ontario may be found. Indian Head Cove is a small beach flanked by cliffs and rock shelves sticking out into the water that may be reached via an easy 30-minute stroll through the forest. People come here to relax on the pebble beach, but the location is also popular with those looking for a little more excitement.

The Grotto, a seaside cave that you can climb down into, is located in this location. Natural Arch, a nearby rock formation, is well worth seeing.

20. Neys Provincial Park

Neys Provincial Park Beach is the place to go for a truly Great Lakes swimming experience. This beautiful beach, located on the untamed northern shores of Lake-Superior, is ideal for a relaxing end-of-summer getaway. The 2-kilometer beach is made out of soft, fine sand and has rather shallow water. It is located along Ashburton Bay.

While it is known for its frigid waters, these waters are shallow enough for a milder, more enjoyable swim!

Some Other Beaches in Ontario

The underlying bundle of land for the recreation area was bought from the Canada Company in 1957. In 1966, the recreation area saw a            433-section of land option, adding 200 camping areas to the recreation area’s current 1,075 to oblige the development of the recreation            area support, which had arrived at pinnacles of 1,500 campers each day, making many be pressed into flood regions. Guests to Pinery              Provincial-Park might get to free remote web at the Visitor Center given by the Friends of Pinery Park.

The park headquarters is located south of Grand-Bend on Ontario Highway 21. The park is open throughout the year. During peak                    arrival periods, a sub-office for the Riverside Campground is open.

The recreation area includes the biggest area of Oak Savanna in Ontario. To safeguard this living space, a populace control program for            white-followed Deer has been executed. During the mid 1960s, in light of the fact that the worth of the local savanna was not perceived,            huge quantities of red and white pine trees were planted in the recreation area, dislodging the local vegetation.

That is also the origin of the park’s name. The Old Ausable Channel, which runs through the park, is a broad, slow-moving river. It was            isolated from the vitally Ausable River when two channels were unearthed at Port Franks and Grand-Bend toward the finish of the                    nineteenth century.

Warm waters, extraordinary sand, and ocean side volleyball courts settle on this ocean side an incredible decision for everybody in the              family. You could actually camp out at on of the 232 camping areas in the commonplace park. You can likewise attempt the CRUISE                  THE COAST ROUTE, a 6-hour, 263-km/163-mile voyage along the grand north shore of Lake Erie. It is likewise probably the best area            in Southern Ontario to see moving birds of prey, vultures and hawks as well as ruler butterflies and dragonflies.

  • Coubourg Beach– It is a beloved local secret, but it’s simply too good to keep a secret forever. Visitors from neighboring cities have long regarded Cobourg as the ideal weekend getaway on Lake-Ontario. The magnificent Cobourg Beach is the main attraction. Many of them are unaware that beach is actually two beaches.

That’s double the delight and twice the fun. Cobourg, in the southern part of Ontario, is a gorgeous lakefront town. Most people go                    directly to the beach, but they miss out on many of Cobourg’s hidden gems along the route.

  • North Beach provincial Park– It has a lace of sand more than one-kilometer long that covers minuscule North Beach from Lake Ontario. The sandy ocean side is an extraordinary put to outing on a late spring day or go for a walk. Swim or boat in the bay’s protected waters or Lake Ontario’s more open seas. This park is a calmer park than its more popular neighbor – Sandbanks. Guests to North Beach might see falcons, saw-whet owls or turkey vultures. Fishermen visiting North Beach could get largemouth bass, northern pike, roost and sunfish.

The ocean side offers 1,200 meters of sandy ocean side confronting Lake Ontario and one more 800 meters of sand ocean side on                      North Bay. Waters drop off bit by bit on the lake side and steeply on the narrows side. There is a little container where park gifts and                conventional cheap food and drinks can be bought.

That’s all there is to it! These are the 20 best beaches in Ontario. It’s crucial to work on that flawless tan on sandy beaches, but don’t forget to use caution when swimming in open water.

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