What is Costa Rica known for What is Costa Rica known for

Costa Rica’s Treasures: 8 Breathtaking Destinations to Elevate Your Vacation

Do you want to explore the place that is one of the refreshing tourist locations? Then why don’t you consider Costa Rica? It’s one of the finest locations that offer a lot of fun.

What is Costa Rica known for? If you want to know, go through the whole article. Each detail about the place and your queries regarding Costa Rica will disappear once you read it.

After knowing about the location, your excitement level will boost. And after visiting there, you’ll realize the worth of the place. Costa Rica is a must-visit location. Not considering this place for a vacation will be your loss.

1. An Introduction to Costa Rica

Apart from its finest geological structure, Costa Rica, a country in Central America, is a great place to visit as it offers a lot of exploration. Having coastlines in the Caribbean and Pacific, it also provides rugged rainforests to its visitors. 

Just imagine a place that has the taste of all: nature, fun, thrill, and uniqueness. Tell me, would you not like to visit this place to spend time with your loved ones? Now you’ll say there are so many places with the mentioned factors. What’s new about Costa Rica?

Each place has something unique that applies to Costa Rica as well. Not only one but many factors make a place different from others.

Costa Rica Nature
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2. What Costa Is Rica Known For?

Costa Rica, whose capital is San Jose, represents very well its cultural institutions. This place is a part of Northern America and is thrilling as well. If you love to spend time around nature or want exploration in it, Costa Rica is waiting for you.

Costa Rica offers many fantastic destinations to its tourists. Each area will give you a wonderful exploration experience. Most of the time, tourists cannot explore the whole place due to a shortage of time. If you want to experience Cost Rica properly, plan a long-time vacation.

Here is a list of some places that describe best “What Costa Rica is known for?”

2.1. The Caribbean Coast

Consider this place if you are a nature freak as this place of Costa Rica offers to witness some lovely animals. The Caribbean Coast is a flawless combination of natural bloom and unique wildlife, you’ll surely love this place.

The fun of the Caribbean coast isn’t limited as it also has a “Tortuguero National Park.”  Now you must be thinking about the specialty of this park.

Tortuguero National Park view
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Here you’ll get a chance to witness different species of sea turtles. So, this will be exciting for you. This place also has some beaches and rainforests from where you can adore the beauty just by sitting there.

According to worldpackers.com, Other locations that you can consider there are Gandoca-Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge, Tree of Life Wildlife Rescue Center, and Puerto Viejo de Talamanca.

Puerto Viejo is a place that hosts amazing parties where you can discover other tourists like you. Apart from beaches, wildlife, rainforest, and nature, it’s a fun place. If you are a person who is not very fond of nature, you can still visit this place.

2.2. Manuel Antonio National Park

Situated on the Pacific Coast, Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica is one of the national parks that you should not miss. Here you can discover different types of flora and fauna.

Do you know why Manuel Antonio National Park is a great location? Because it contains a large diversity of wildlife and tropical plants. Wildlife includes different species of birds, capuchins, squirrel monkeys, and howler monkeys.

Brown frog
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It also includes sloths, iguanas, agoutis, and many more. Apart from it, this place offers some stunning beaches.

You must see its beaches as the white sand and water waves will make you fall for this location. Also, you can have a peaceful time watching nature and its beauty by sitting on the beach.

In 2011, Forbes declared it one of the most pretty parks in the world. Manual Antonio and Espadilla Sur are two of the main beaches in the park.

This park also offers some eye-catching sunset views. Spending time on the beaches will be very soothing and peaceful.

In addition, this place also offers some thrilling outdoor activities. Whether you are nature-obsessed or a daring one, this place is perfect for both.

2.3. San Jose

You are already aware of the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose, based in the country’s middle. This place isn’t only recognized as the capital of Costa Rica but also offers some stunning locations to tourists.

One of the engaging truths about San Jose is its airport. Yes, you read it right, as the airport of San Jose is one of the biggest international airports in Costa Rica.

San Jose Historical place
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As a tourist, you must be flying there. Make sure to obtain the profit from this opportunity by exploring San Jose. This place is not only limited to beaches, wildlife, and rainforest. Although, you won’t get many of these places here.

Now you must be thinking, if there are no beaches, nature, and wildlife then, why this place is a popular tourist destination?

2.3.1. Special Attractions

This place offers something unique means it has locations that represent the culture of Costa Rican. If you admire the cultural history of different spots by exploring, visit San Jose.

Historical, arts, museums, and architecture- all represent the culture of Costa Ricans. In addition, you can find some shops and restaurants downtown, on Central Avenue. The place is full of exploration, and if you love exploring, don’t miss this place in Costa Rica.

A pre-Columbian gold museum is a place in San Jose that you should not miss while visiting San Jose. Here, you will be familiar with craftsmanship, gold, and its history in Costa Rica.

Other places you can consider are the National Museum, the Jade Museum, the Contemporary Museum of Art and Design, the Central Market, and many more.

2.4. Corcovado National Park

Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica
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Located in the southwest of Costa Rica, Corcovado National Park is a reserve where tourists visit to see the biodiversity of Costa Rica. It also has a responsibility to conserve various tropical ecosystems.

This place is considered a jewel compared to other wildlife places in Costa Rica. Corcovado National Park is a topmost national park in Costa Rica. But of course, each national park has something unique from others.

2.4.1. Special Attractions

Here, you’ll find various wildlife creatures, but the most popular one is Baird’s Tapir. Baird’s Tapir is a land mammal in Central America which is rare to find.

It offers a maximum of all the species in Costa Rica, which is why it is one of the most biodiverse places. Species include harpy eagles, bull sharks, white-faced capuchin monkeys, and many more.

The fun of this place isn’t up to here because it offers a lot more to the visitors. This place also includes some fantastic beaches that you should explore too.

Wildlife in Corcovado National Park
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Food is the one thing that we are all concerned about while travelling. And Corcovado Park is already a large one. Therefore, exploration will take time and energy. In this situation, you must feel hungry.

But don’t worry because this place has some ranger stations inside it. That means you shouldn’t be bothered about food and drinks because you can buy these from the Ranger.

In Ranger Stations, you can also stay. But you have to inform them in advance as beds are limited there. So, if you want to stay there, please book in advance.

According to costaricatravellife.com, Sirena Ranger Station is the main one there. But Pedrillo, Los Patos, and La Leona also place you can consider if you do not get a place to stay in the main station.

Drake Bay and Puerto Jimenez are places that you can consider for outdoor activities in Corcovado National Park.

2.5. The Cloud Forests

Cloud forests are spots covered with greeneries, and due to the coverage of clouds, the place becomes very humid and moist. But Costa Rica has very few cloud forests where tourists are allowed.

The Monteverde cloud forest is the most admired tourist attraction there. Due to the presence of lush greenery, you will experience something distinctive. Also, you may feel a lot of positivity here.

Apart from exploring you can do outdoor activities too. So, considering this place as a boring one is your mistake. If you need mental peace or want to feel spiritual, visit Monteverde Cloud Forest.

Central Highlands and Los Angeles Cloud Forests are the other ones that you may also consider. Overall, cloud forests are alluring settings to visit. After visiting these places, you’ll adore nature even more.

2.6. Foods and Beverage

A cup of coffee
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Food is also one of the reasons Costa Rica is known for. Each place has its specialty in food items. And do you know Costa Rican coffee is the most popular one? The coffee craze is not only limited to Costa Ricans. Costa Rican coffee is transported to other countries also.

The history of Costa Rican coffee is engaging that you can know after visiting Costa Rica. Also, you’ll learn how coffee was the leading source of income in history. But apart from it, traditional Costa Rican dishes are equally delicious.

Along with Costa Rica’s national parks, biodiversity, wildlife, and nature, the Central American country is known for its food items.

Costa Rica is one of the destinations you should not miss if you want to have the best traditional food in this place. Gallo Pinto is a dish that is very popular there as it is their local dish that is tasty and yummy.

There is no doubt about Costa Rican fancy restaurants, but trying local food items will give you another level of satisfaction. So, Costa Rican traditional food items are a must-try here.

2.6. La Fortuna Waterfall

La Fortuna Waterfall in Costa Rica
Photo by Andaman from Depositphotos.

Located in Arenal National Park, La Fortuna Waterfall is a beautiful place from where you can’t take your eyes. Exploring this place will give you a heavenly experience. The speed of the water is high, but the sound is so blissful that your ears will feel blessed after listening to it.

Unlike other waterfalls, here you can also enjoy swimming not on the side of the waterfall but at the bottom as there are no restrictions.

The fun isn’t only up to swimming as there are further outdoor ventures as well that you can perform. Overall, the place is astonishing, fun, and thrilling, and nobody likes to miss such kind of place.

The waterfall is the utmost component of Arenal Volcano Park. Do you know this park is very crowded? Every year a wide range of tourists witness the elegance of this place.

2.7. Tamarindo

You must have visited many beaches and also have experienced many actions related to activities, but do you want to explore a place that has a combination of both? If so, visit Tamarindo in Guanacaste.

After visiting here, you won’t regret it, even for a second, if you love exploring. More than one adventurous activity this place offers, and you can select any of your choices. Overall, Tamarindo is a remarkable location to visit.

Let’s make it more stunning by letting you know that, you can also witness species, including turtles. Overall, it’s a great combo of fun, uniqueness, adventure, and thrill.

2.8. La Paz Waterfall Garden

La Paz Waterfall Garden in Costa Rica
Photo by nicousnake from Depositphotos.

A must-see location in Costa Rica is La Paz Waterfall Garden. However, it’s a privately owned place but is also worthwhile. Wildlife is also a great option to explore here, but the center of attraction is its waterfall.

This garden offers visitors to perceive eye-catching beauti0es, including butterfly observatories, a serpentaria, jungle cat, and ring exhibits. There is lodge or hotels as well near this garden where tourists can stay.

3. What Things Does Costa Rica Offer?

There is no fun exploring any place without any outdoor activities. Whether you love adventure or not, you should try some of the activities at least once in your lifetime.

Because after trying once, you’ll start loving the thrilling activities. These activities become more exciting when you have a companion with yourself. Here is a list of some of the outdoor activities that Costa Rica offers to its visitors:

3.1. Hiking Trails

Hiking is a fun activity, and Costa Rica offers many outstanding locations for hiking a trail. But it’s impossible to try out all the hiking paths.

Nearly all the national parks of Costa Rica have hiking spots. But for an incredible experience, consider visiting Arenal Volcano Park, Rio Celeste in Tenorio Volcano National Park, and Manuel Antonio National Park.

The best part about hiking in Costa Rica is that you can also do water hiking. Have you ever done water hiking? If not, try it here, as it will give you a remarkable experience. Don’t you think water hiking will be more thriller than the usual ones?

Bridge in Costa Rica
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Other places where can opt for hiking are:

• Cloud Forest

• Santa Rosa National Park

• Carara Biological Reserve

• Santa Juana Mountain, etc.

3.2. Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge is considered the best place for snorkelling or diving on the Southern Caribbean coast

This place will give you a marine life experience, and don’t you think experiencing the adventure under the influence of coral reefs, inlets, and islands will be exciting?

The Caribbean part of Costa Rica offers breathtaking spots for diving, but the Pacific coast side is no less than that. If a Caribbean side has Cahuita National Park, then the Osa Peninsula has Playa San Josecito.

Each place is worth visiting, and you can consider any of the spots having oceans in Costa Rica. Each location will give you a proper aquatic and wildlife view while snorkelling or diving.

3.3. Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater Rafting
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Another thriller activity that you can try is whitewater rafting. Some of you must be thinking, Costa Rica is known for its greeneries, jungles, forests, and wildlife. So how is it viable to do water sports activities?

Because Costa Rica has plenty of rivers that are also a part of nature, right? Rafting under nature is so much fun. Most people think nature and fun have no connection, but they are wrong.

If you haven’t noticed yet, let me tell you the maximum number of outdoor activities concluded under the influence of nature.

Some places where you can try this water sports activity are named below:

• The Tenorio River

• The Pacuare River

• Balsa

• The Toro River

3.4. Hot Springs

The central part of Costa Rica has terrific hot spring destinations due to the active volcanoes. Trying natural hot springs will be exciting and unique. You should try this activity.

Tabacon Hot Springs are the perfect location to try this. Tourists like this activity so much, and they also love to apply mud and clay on their bodies because they are very rich in nutrients. Also, they are natural, so there is nothing harmful in them.

3.5. Coffee Tours

Bag of coffee beans
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Visiting Costa Rica and not having a coffee tour is your loss. From this tour, you’ll get a chance to acquire knowledge of the history of Costa Rican coffee. Here, you’ll also learn how to make coffee, as it is the world’s best coffee producer.

The coffee beans of Costa Rica are of excellent quality. For a coffee lover, this place is great and informative as well. If they want to learn about coffee, they can go on a tour where they will learn about its plantation, methods, and other things related to it.

Along with coffee, you can also learn about chocolates here. The history of chocolates is even more interesting than coffee. Cacao beans were used as capital during ancient times. For more information, visit Costa Rica. You’ll discover a lot of information about it.

3.6. Photography

We always click pictures as good memories while visiting any place. And if you love photography or are a professional photographer, don’t you think it’s an opportunity for you?

Costa Rica has many unique and beautiful things, and capturing awesome pictures will help you to grow professionally.

3.7. Kiteboarding

Photo by puhhha from Depositphotos.

Kiteboarding is a kind of adventure that you cannot miss while visiting Costa Rica. Not all the places in the world offer this activity. The northwestern part of Costa Rica is perfect for kiteboarding because that side has high-speed wind.

Did you know the best moment of kiteboarding? The sunsets. Now, imagine watching the sunset by flying in the air isn’t an adorable moment.

By reading, it sounds so fascinating, so imagine how it will be when you spot it in reality.

4. FAQs

Is a Trip to Costa Rica Expensive?

Costa Rica is a destination where tourists arrive with full planning as it is considered one of the most expensive trips in Central America. But it also confides in what places you are visiting.

So, with a low budget also, you can explore this place. At least for one week easily, you can stay and explore this place.

San Jose art museum
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Which Location Should Not Be Missed in Costa Rica?

The capital of Costa Rica means San Jose is the most popular tourist destination as this place has many compelling places. Locations which San Jose offers are impossible to find anywhere else in Costa Rica.

Places related to the culture and history of Costa Rica are there. Apart from tourist spots, the airport is the highlight of this place. So, visitors keep visiting here regularly.

Which Time Is the Best for Tourists to Visit Costa Rica?

According to caribeez.com, November to April is the best time to plan a holiday in Costa Rica. It also varies according to the place. So, before visiting Costa Rica, check each detail of the places you want to explore.

What Time Is Enough to Cover Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has a lot of tourist destinations, and covering each location is quite heavy. But if you want to cover the main highlights of this country, it will take around two weeks. And it is enough time to explore the places deeply.

If you plan a long-term vacation, you can explore more places in Costa Rica. The point is the much time you have that much you can explore. But two weeks are enough to cover the lead highlights that this beautiful country offers.


Costa Rica is a stunning tourist location, and if you are a nature freak, you are going to love this place. The sandy beaches, variation of birds, two-toed sloths, biodiversity of Costa Rica, and many more factors are responsible for Costa Rica’s famous.

Now if someone asked, “What Costa Rica is known for?” You know what to say in reply. I hope not only to answer this question but all the doubts regarding this place are sorted.

So, before everything gets booked in Costa Rica, book your hotels and tickets in advance and spend a memorable vacation there.

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