What to buy in morocco What to buy in morocco

Things to Buy in Morocco: Listing 13 Amazing Ideas

Traveling to Morocco is an amazing experience. The experience is once in a lifetime. It has many beautiful cities. These are Marrakech and Casablanca. It has many others. Let’s discuss a very important point that is What to buy in Morocco? We always buy something as a memory of our trip.

People have many opportunities in Morocco. It involves stunning views. Also, you will learn about lifestyle. People love traditional lifestyles too. So, it has many shopping products. Tourists or visitors buy them as a souvenir. People make them through their hands.

Some products are bioproducts. So, most products are handmade. But, don’t leave a chance to get Morocco memories. Shopping in Morocco is exciting. It involves beauty and colors. It elevates the shopping quality. The markets are home to brass lamps and woven lamps.

Also, it has aromas of herbs and spices. You see vibrant colors everywhere. There are polished teapots and soft leather. The textures and colors are on the next level. The colorful ceramics are a joy to your eyes. You might not plan for shopping in Morocco.

People still get many items. Also, they buy for friends and family. Markets offer a wide range of items. These are unique and fun. Hence, its shopping plan is necessary. Moroccan marketplace is called a souk. They live in the hustle.

People are always running to buy goods. Shopowners shut for customers. You might buy goods. Sometimes, you don’t even need them! The experience is unique. You must have never seen anything like a souk. Keep on reading to find what you are looking for. Are you ready? Let’s go!

many multi-coloured lanterns displayed in a shop.
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1. Shopping in Morocco

Shopping in Morocco is exciting. Traveling is all about shopping. People who love shopping also love Morocco. It is fascinating for everyone. Tourists always love to shop. Yet, the locals also love to shop.

The whole procedure is fascinating. It contains negotiation and browsing. That’s all elements of the shopping experience. Also, supporting local businesses is empowering. You feel good. It also supports them. So, put your shyness aside. Get some amazing souvenirs from Morocco.

Pick up some bags and get ready! Morocco shopping is delightful. Also, it is culturally rich. It is popular in diverse markets. They are colorful and vibrant. People find many unique items. It varies from textiles to spices. But, you should know the basics of shopping. Let’s take a look at them.

1.01 Visiting Souks

Souks are marketplaces. They are present in Morocco cities. These cities are Fes and Marrakech. Every City has a unique marketplace. They sell unique goods and souvenirs. Their location is near the old town.

This is called medina. So, visit as many cities as possible. So you can buy unique materials. Also, get knowledge about specific cities and materials. So, you can narrow down the shopping list. What to buy in Morocco?

Walk through narrow markets. The whole experience is fun. Discover every shop. It’s not necessary to get everything. Looking at the beauty is also fun.

1.02 Bragin as Much as Possible

Bargaining is common during practice. It doesn’t matter where you are. People bargain everywhere as much as possible. So, Morocco is not different. It is a daily practice in Morocco.

People often state high prices. It happens in the beginning. So, always be ready to begin. Negotiating might benefit you. Also, it benefits sellers. But don’t bargain being rude. It might worsen your experience.

Be friendly and polite. It helps in getting a good bargaining deal. Also, keep a rough idea of items. You can see online prices. Also, ask locals.


1.03 Always Keep Cash

It’s smart to keep credit cards. But, they come in use in large cities. Also, you must use them in hotels and malls. Yet, marketplaces don’t use credit cards. So, it’s always better to keep cash.

Cash is a payment method in the marketplace. Also, keep enough local currency. What’s the Moroccan currency? It’s Moroccan dirhams!

Being unaware of items is a problem. Always make a shopping list. It helps in saving time during shopping. But, we’ll tell you a few popular items. So, you must narrow down the list. First, Morocco is popular for rugs and carpets. They are very beautiful. What to buy in Morocco?

Every city has a unique carpet marketplace. Also, every city has unique rug designs. They have beautiful patterns. So, visit every marketplace. Morocco is popular for leather goods. They are high-quality leather. Leather products involve shoes and bags.

Also, it involves belts and other items. They are very beautiful. They come in every leather color. The designs are highly popular. In addition, ladies have many variety of weather bags. The third item includes spices. Morocco is popular for spices. They are highly flavourful.

The spices include saffron. It includes Ras El Hanout. People visit Morocco, especially for spice shopping. They are great for flavorful cooking. Also, they are best for souvenirs and gifts. Morocco is popular for Moroccan dishes, Moroccan plates, and Moroccan tiles. These include kaftans and long tunics.

They also include slippers and bands. Tourists often buy this item. The next includes pottery metalwork. These include tea sets and metal lamps. What to buy in Morocco? They also include colorful ceramics. They make beautiful housewares.

Also, they are best for gifting items. Popular Morocco items are wooden crafts and jewelry. Every city has a particular jelly style. But, every style and pattern is beautiful. It includes silver and brass items.

They have semi-precious stones. They also have intricate designs. Wooden crafts are boxes and tables. They include trays and kitchen items. Many marketplaces sell them. So, keep this in mind while shopping.

1.05 Look for Quality

Some markets sell cheap quality items. So, don’t focus fully on looks. Good-looking items might have low quality. Some examples are jewelry and carpets. So, look for quality.

Inspect for good quality products. Ensure the authenticity of items. Also, look for defects. Some items might have damage. After inspecting, finalize your products.

1.06 Local Markets and Tourist Markets

Some markets have high tourist amounts. So, these markets have high item prices. Tourist markets are highly expensive. So, visit local marketplaces. They are somewhat cheap.

Also, they have high-quality items. You can also bargain there. They are highly authentic. It also offers a fun shopping experience.

1.07 Culture

Morocco is all about culture. So, keep culture in mind while shopping. Dress with culture while shopping in marketing. Also, keep cultural dressing in mind in conservative areas. Also, have respect for locals.

They value their traditions. Respecting tradition gives you a deeper understanding. Many shopkeepers speak their native language. While others speak and understand English.

So, it is a must to learn. It’s also helpful to know French basics. Also, learned some Arabic phrases. It elevates the shopping experience. It also helps in bargaining.

1.08 Shipping

You might like large items. They are common in Moroccan markets. So, ensure they have shipping facilities. It might not be available in every shop. But, ensuring shipping is a smart decision.

Many sellers arrange shipping facilities. They might send them to your home country. But, this might be costly. It is still better. There might be accidental cracks if you carry them.

1.09 Have Fun while Shopping

Morocco shopping is more than buying items. It involves a lot of fun. You have a chance to develop Moroccan culture. Morocco has a vibrant atmosphere.

Get some juice or tea while shopping. Talk with the locals. Take part in gossip. Explore the cities and markets. Also, explore every treasure.

Jute baskets with designs stacked in a shop to buy.
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Morocco floods with popular items obviously, you can’t buy them all! So, narrow down the best Moroccan shopping items.

You must know the reasonable price. This also helps in planning the shopping budget. Here are some of the popular items to buy in Morocco. Let’s see them!

2.01 Leather Items

Morocco shops are popular for leather items. Fes City has the most popular leather items. The city and marketplace have been around since the 11th century. You can also visit the working sites.

You can witness men taking leather items. They scrape and plunge leather. Also, they treat leather with chemicals. The processes might surprise you. But the leather is extremely high quality.

It is the main production in Morocco. It produces a million items every year. Moroccan leather goods are popular globally. That’s especially true for leather goods. Also, the leather goods are available at reasonable prices.

It is one of the best gift options. People often buy leather items as souvenirs. Leather goods involve wallets and leather jackets. They involve perfect souvenirs.

Also, you easily pack these items in the bag. They are not stuffed. Also, it’s very light in weight. The price depends on the quality and size.

2.02 Argan Oil

Argon oil is a unique item. It is a traditional shopping item in Morocco. It is a popular oil type. The cooperative of women produces oil. Here we are talking about Morocco.

They sell argan oil in the markets. There are little stands on the roadsides. They also sell argon oil.

They produce from agren tree and seeds. It takes a lot of time to produce argan oil. Cosmetic oils also use argon oil. That’s why it is a popular item in Morocco.

2.03 Babouche

It’s another word for leather slippers. These slippers have a pointed toe. They are highly popular in Morocco. It’s a must to shop babouche. People can easily wear leather slippers. Some slippers are engraved on them.

Others have designs or paintings. So, these slippers are highly comfortable. But that doesn’t mean it’s for casual wear. They are ideal for outdoor use.

Also, you can wear them during indoor lounging. Every city has leather slippers. But a specific shoe marketplace has the best quality. So, ensure you buy babouche!

A view of pottery cups and pots freshly made.
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2.04 Hand Painted Ceramics

Morocco is popular for hand-painted ceramics. You must have seen it in Morocco newspapers. Also, it’s present on Morocco websites and guides. This is one of the most popular shopping items in Morocco.

They are highly pretty. You can also buy them as gifts. People buy them as souvenirs. They come in every shape. They come in every size. It includes platters and plates. Some ceramics have metal designs and patterns.

They look very cool. These items are available at a very good price. These ceramics are available in every colour. They are so vibrant. You’ll love them in a look! Also, they are very useful.

2.05 Tagines

It is an earthenware dish. They are used for traditional cooking. They are highly popular in Morocco. Every house has this item. The base of tagines is shallow. Also, it has a cone-shaped top.

So, the cooking environment is very hot. It is also moist. It represents a dish cooking i.e. tagines. The meal includes lamb or circles. It can also include beef. It also contains vegetables. Examples are onions and carrots.

It has a variety of oils and spices. Moroccan restaurants use this dish. They use it for cooking and serving. They are available in many sizes. Also, they have different shapes.

So, be ready to buy them. Because they are highly beautiful and useful. They are cheap. They are not at all expensive. A medium-sized tagine costs around 30 dirhams.

2.06 Wooden Items

Wooden boxes are popular in Morocco. They are very pretty. They have carvings on the surface. Every Moroccan market has them. These boxes are very interesting. Why is that? They come with puzzles and ornate.

The decorations and carvings are fascinating. You will be astonished by them. They come in every shape and size. You will be impressed by every type. And, you will get more than you need!

They are best for gifts and souvenirs. So, get more money! Many of the wooden items are handmade. Local shops make them. There are many other wooden items. One example is the chess box.

Also, you can see the process of the carvings. It’s intriguing. Every shop sells wooden items. Yet, keep an eye out for real wooden quality. Also, look for rare carvings and woodwork.

2.07 Rugs

Carpets are the quintessential item to buy. They are very beautiful. Your list must include beautiful rugs and carpets. Also, lay them in hallways and rooms. You can also gift them to someone.

It is a regular selling item in Moroccan markets. The price depends on the size and quality. Never leave the sight of the carpet you love. Why is that? Because someone might buy it within a second.

Morocco also has carpet-selling scams. For example, you select a carpet or rug. Then, the seller takes them back to pack. But, they pack a different carpet. These carpets are of inferior quality. So, look out for the rug. Pay attention to everything you like and buy.

baskets of spices.
Image by Barbara Rosner from Pixabay

2.08 Spices

You’ll see bright spices in the markets. You might not see them at the start. But, you’ll see them in the middle markets. The barrels are filled with colourful herbs. What to buy in Morocco? The spices are very inexpensive. They have a sweet aromatic.

This is one of the best items to buy in Morocco. You can get sices for souvenirs. They are not expensive. For example, 50 grams of spice is just for 10 dirhams. What to buy in Morocco? These spices include cumin and cinnamon.

They also involve ginger and turmeric. Other types are cayenne and paprika. Other unique spice is Ras El Hanout. It is a mixture of 10 or more pieces. It also includes dry roses and herbs. What to buy in Morocco? Every shop owner offers fresh spice.

They collect fresh spices. Then they put them in a basket. Then, they create the final spic in the grinding machine. The rough price of the spice is 10 or 20 dirhams. Adding saffron increases the price. What to buy in Morocco?

Finally, saffron is a popular Moroccan spice. Moroccan cooking and resurns commonly use it. It is an interesting gift for friends and family. However, sellers sell fake saffrons sometimes. So, take care of real quality saffrons.

But, how will you differentiate? The real size is multi-coloured. The base of the size is yellow or orange. The top is red. Yet, pure red represents fake saffron. The real saffron smell is hay or musky.

2.09 Traditional Outfits

Morocco markets are popular for traditional outfits. Thse are kaftans and djellabas. Every traditional clothing is different for men and women. Some Moroccan women stay in burkhas. Their face is covered fully.

They also wear headscarves. That’s called hijab and kaftan. While other women wear jeans and a T-shirt. They combine them with scarves. Also, some women wear no scarves. Similarly, men’s clothing is different.

Some men wear normal shirts and jeans. While some men wear turbans with kaftans. So, all these items are available in Moroccan markets. Also, they have a huge sale. What to buy in Morocco? So, don’t leave out any item.

Djellabas and kaftans are available for every gender. Kaftans have long sleeves. They have a loose fitting. They have fitting till the ankle. Also, djellabas are the same.

But, they come with a hood. The outfits in Morocco markets vary for different occasions. They are for the occasion, casual, and fancy events.  

2.10 Turbans and Teapots

Another popular clothing item is a turban. They are available for men and women. You’ll see many people wearing turbans. Also, women wear them. People get turbans and crafts before going to desserts.

Teapots are also popular in Morocco. Also, mint tea is a popular tea. It is wonderful and smooth. Every restaurant sells mint tea. You can experience teapots and mint tea in restaurants. After experiencing it, you’ll value it.

These are beautiful. You’ll admire their look. It’s very useful. You can also use them as souvenirs. What to buy in Morocco? Teapots come with matching cups and platters.

BUYERImage by djedj from Pixabay

2.11 Brass Lamps

Brass lamps are famous in Morocco. Hat’s because metalworking is popular here. It goes beyond teapots. You can find fabulous brass lamps. They have many shapes, sizes, and colours. Yet, the common types include chandeliers, lanterns, and oil lamps.

They have designs. They are also ideal for decorations. So, every lamp is charming. You can find them in antique or vintage style. The most popular brass lamp has coloured glass. They have intricate designs.

What to buy in Morocco? Finally, you witness lavish chandeliers. They have enclosures and sconces. They are highly beautiful. You’ll love seeing them even if you don’t buy them.

2.12 Baskets

What to buy in Morocco? You might think the shopping list isn’t ending. Well, you are right! Baskets are one of them. They are woven and colourful. Markets have baskets in many colours, shapes, and sizes.

You can witness these baskets in restaurants. They are useful for souvenirs. They are also used in serving pieces of bread.

2.13 Photoshoot

A professional photoshoot is the best thing to buy. Also, it is the best souvenir. You’ll remember the from visiting Morocco.

You can look everywhere for the photographers. They take pictures in many poses. You can also get photographs of desserts and tourist attractions.

3. Tips for Bargaining in Morocco

Bargaining forms an integral part of Moroccan shopping. So, you need to bargain for everything you buy. The prices of taxis are fixed. Restaurants and street vendors’ prices are fixed. So, you can’t bargain them.

Yet, you can bargain for drinks and little snacks. Also, bargaining depends on the item you buy. Always be mildly interested in the items. If you act too engaged, sellers force you to buy stuff. Always goal to buy items less than they sell.

Also, sellers might offer the lowest price. This happens after a while. Don’t use a rude tone while bargaining. Always be playful. Have a friendly tone. Bargaining is good in Morocco. Also, keep confidence while bargaining.

You can get the lowest deal. That is possible by being friendly. Keep on chatting with sellers and locals. Ignore a seller if they are rude. You can come back later if you are not sure. Yet, don’t buy stuff being confused.

4. Key Note

Moroccan souk involves many popular items. Having an idea of price and items is good. What to buy in Morocco? You can buy edible argan oil and Moroccan rugs.

Also, they are best for gifts. What to buy in Morocco? Some popular souvenirs are lams, teapots, leather, and rugs. So, keep more cash to get them all!

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