10 Jaw-Dropping Victoria Tourist Attractions!

The town is wrapped with majestic mountain views, wildflowers, green grasses, plants, gardens, savory food, high-class drinks, incredible art and artists, and the water surrounding you; a place is home to your imagination!

Have you ever fancied travel leisure in such a gorgeous and warm place?  If yes, we are excited to tell you that you have found the perfect place for your vacation.

Victoria, a hidden gem spread beautifully on Vancouver Island, is the capital of British Columbia. It is a small British town that houses castles, great Victorian history, majestic architecture, tasteful ethnic cuisine, and horse-carriage rides taking you back to the old Victorian period.

Do you believe us when we tell you about the captivating beauty of Victoria? Well, don’t believe us! Yes, you heard it right.

Don’t just believe what we say. Believe in what you will see and then decide about the beauty of this epitome of romance and the fairytale world.

Are you ready to float in the seventh heaven with us to experience this visit in Victoria, explore the ultra-gorgeous Victoria tourist attractions tour, and see the splendid corners of Victoria with us?

Let’s get started!

A Lifetime Visit – Top 10 Victoria Tourist Attractions

Here are the incredible and must-see Victoria tourist attractions<span data-preserver-spaces=”true”> and immerse yourself in the pool of magnificence:

1. Butchart Gardens

The famous Butchart Gardens is the heart of Victoria. It is full of greenery, gardens & flowers and is one of the first Victoria tourist attractions you should immerse yourself into.

The Butchart Gardens is filled with different garden rooms showcasing the sights of beautiful flowers from all over the globe: Sunken Gardens, Ross Fountain, Rose Garden, Japanese Garden, Star Pond, and Italian Garden.

Not just the gardens, but you will see the calming Ross fountain while trailing into the gorgeous garden rooms and Star Pond, which features a frog fountain in the center and vibrant summer and spring flowers along the sides.

After strolling through the charming beauty of this garden, you can end your visit with the Seed and Gift Store and get a keepsake for yourself or your garden lover friends.

Strolling, viewing, and enjoying the garden’s enjoyable sights can take you more than 4 hours. The garden is huge but worth the visit.

Butchart Gardens
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The best time to visit the garden is from July to September.

During summer, you will also find the stunning fireworks experience in the garden on Saturdays.

The garden leaves no stones behind to mesmerize you with its natural highlights and experiences for you.

You can visit the garden by booking a car, taking a CS Shuttle tour, or taking public transport. CVS Shuttle tour is a 40 minutes drive from the Empress Hotel. The fare of the shuttle includes entry into the Butcher Gardens.

The public transit is a 50-minute drive from the terminus bus stop to Legislative Building Downtown. The fare for public transportation is $2.50.

2. Royal BC Museum

Royal BC Museum is one of the finest and must-see Victoria tourist attractions for you, packed with a plethora of historical and cultural information.

The museum has three floors, and the third floor highlights the rich history of British Columbia

It features the carvings and totems of the First Nations People of BC. Many other exciting exhibits enthrall you, Travel Exhibit being one of a kind.

The splendor of the museum not only takes you back with the historic exhibits but the entertaining shows to keep you hooked.

IMAX theatre is the entertainment spot housed in the museum, which displays documentaries on the culture and life of British Columbia.

The museum also hosts the highlight of the year – Letter Writing Week, during the first week of January, where you can write letters to anyone in the world on Museum Stationery, and they pay the postage.

 This is one of the fun and precious activity loved by many who visit the museum.

There is plentiful information to learn about the history of British Columbia, and the ROYAL BC MUSEUM is one regal museum to immerse you into the richly packed account.

3. Miniature World

Miniature World, another iconic Victoria tourist attraction, showcases the detailed craftsmanship of little things you might have fancied reading in books or watching movies.

This museum features high historical and fantasy displays. Sections display the war battles, dollhouses, and fairytales. Each display gives you a plethora of factual information.

Canadian Railway section is the most special section for kids and adults. The circus and carnivals are incredible, especially at night because of the lit-up space.

The place is something for everyone of all ages, and you won’t be disappointed if artifacts and miniatures fascinate you.

4. Craigdarroch Castle

Craigdarroch Castle is a national historical site and one of those Victoria tourist attractions with a remarkable history.

The castle was built by a rich coal baron, Robert Dunsmuir, and tells an exciting story between a mother, two surviving sons, and eight daughters. 

Robert died before the castle was completed, so it was sold later and converted into a military hospital, a college, a conservatory, and a Victoria School Board.

The castle has 39 huge rooms and five decorated floors with an oak tree from Chicago, granite from British Columbia, and tiles from San Francisco.

Walking into this beautiful mansion, you can find a massive room with an oversized pool, adding to the place’s magnificence. 

On the top floor, you can find the majestic views of Downtown Victoria. On the wall are the names of students carved intricately in wood who once attended the school. 

The bottom floor has a small gift store to catch your attention. This is among those unique Victoria tourist attractions you should not miss if you want to experience the rich history of Victoria.

5. Beacon Hill Park

From a petting zoo, waterpark, and kite flying to land bowling, tennis courts, and much more, Beacon Hill Park is one of the most loved Victoria tourist attractions filled with things for groups of all ages.

The park is a 5-minute walk from Downtown Victoria.

Walking along the footpaths is a mesmerizing experience on its own. You will witness the cluster of gorgeous tulips, roses, pansies, hyacinths, and fritillarias. It is a nature and floral lover’s absolute destination.

Amid the beauty of nature, you can also spot feral peacocks. Watch them as they spread their colorful feathers and add to the beauty of vibrant flowers in the park.

A pond featuring wildlife along with fountains takes your time to let you lose yourself in the beauty of nature.

‘The Moss Lady’ is the park’s attraction, a 36-foot sculpture covered by moss.

Nothing beats the beauty o this deadly gorgeous park.No doubt why this park counts among the top Victoria tourist attractions!

6. Victoria Butterfly Gardens

The beauty of the fairytale land of Victoria Butterfly Garden is packed with vibrant and colorful butterflies, parrots, flamingos, koi fishes, and turtles to leave your eyes glistening for more.

At the entrance, you can find a place to hang your commodities before entering the butterfly house. 

The room is warm and humid. You can watch butterflies of different varieties and colors flying everywhere around you and watch them eating at feeding stations.

There is a small insectarium section with a series of glass tubes with various insects. You can endlessly observe the insects and camouflage them over the plants enclosed in the glass.

Evenings are the best time to visit here as you will find butterflies actively flying around.

7. British Columbia Parliament Building

The British Columbia Parliament Building is home to magnificent sculptures, a cenotaph, the Queen Victoria Monument, World War I & II, Korean and Afghanistan War Memorial to Unknown Soldiers.

The multifaceted building is vast and beautifully sustained, with flower beds along the sides, expansive lawns, waterfronts, and healthy green grounds.

Evenings are the best time to visit to see the beautifully lit buildings and horse carriages moving around. The parliament building is open to the public from 8.30 am to 5 pm on all seven days during summer.

 The guided tour of these multifaceted parliament buildings takes 30 to 45 minutes. You can also take a self-guided tour with the help of brochures.

This Victoria tourist attraction sets a perfect mood with its fantastic location close to the Inner Harbour. Do you have any reason not to spend your day here? Absolutely NO.

8. Fairmont Empress Hotel

Fairmont Empress Hotel is one of Canada’s regal, majestic, and historic hotels built in the old Victorian Style.

The hotel’s incredible location by the Inner Harbour makes it extremely attractive. All the fantastic sights of the splendid Inner Harbour and the majestic Parliament Buildings are closer to the hotel.

Beautiful flowers and greener lawns surround the hotel to look at the tremendous and calming views of the harbor. 

The sight of horse carriages moving around adds to the real beauty of Victoria and brings the true Victorian essence taking you back to the old Victorian era.

One should not miss the afternoon tea in this hotel. The tea here is known for its extra-rich taste, which you won’t find elsewhere.

The Q-Bar is the point after the delicious tea not to be missed. The truffle popcorn in the bar is a must for you to grab!

The hotel is on the pricy side but worth the stay, and it won’t leave you disappointed with its history, luxury, and rich drinks and food.

9. Chinatown

Chinatown is the metaphor for Victoria’s great history, culture, and ethnic cuisine.  It is the second oldest in North America and Canada’s oldest Chinatown, and one of the magnificent Victoria tourist attractions for you to explore.

The sumptuous ethnic cuisine. Walkable streets, artists, and great local shops; this is what make your heart flutter with excitement when you hear of Chinatown.

There are many other Chinatowns in Canada, but Victoria’s Chinatown is compact and walkable. As you walk into the streets, you will observe the fantastic restaurants, local shops, grocery stores, trinket places, and old fashion.

Fan Tan Alley and Dragon Gate are the must-see attractions of Chinatown for you. If you want to taste the best Chinese food, Chinatown is the place for you.

Find some of the best food joints to savor your taste buds in Chinatown here.

10. Inner Harbour

Inner Harbour is one of the romantic Victoria tourist attractions that won’t let you forget the meticulous beauty of Victoria.

You will be stunned by the beauty of the harbor, crowded with boats, water taxis, and ferries, surrounded by splendid buildings.

To experience the magnificence and peace of this place, visit Inner Harbour in the evenings and the nights. You can watch a lovely view of the sunset. 

Nights will give you an incredibly unforgettable look with the white lights lit up, making the harbor a romantic destination to stay on.

If you want to enjoy seafood, you can take a water taxi to Fisherman’s Wharf, get tasteful of seafood, and enjoy the beautiful marine life here.

Little Things To Experience In Victoria

Below listed are some of the beautiful little experiences that you can cherish and create a memory of in Victoria.

Wine Tasting Tour

Plan your day trip to Victoria with an unforgettable Wine Tasting Tour in Cowichan Valley.

If drinking wine doesn’t fancy you, then witness the vineyards, sea lions, great views, and stories of the valley that will swoon you and make your experience remarkable.

Bike Ride

Bike Ride is the best way to explore the corners of Victoria. Rent a bike, tour the entire town, look closely into the beautiful town, and fill your soul with its beauty.

You can take a guided tour by bike rentals in Victoria if you don’t want to do a bike tour on your own. The best way to explore the city on a bike is to start through Inner Harbour and follow the coast passing Beacon Hill Park, Oak Bay, and Willow Beach Park. 

You will get to see a lot of impressive views. End your ecstatic journey with the grand Craigdarroch Casstles’s view.

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Victoria is very well known for its natural beauty and great scenic views. This makes it an excellent destination for hiking or all other adventures. Hiking is a thrill not to be missed in Victoria.

The most popular area for hiking in Victoria is Goldstream Railway Trestle. Start walking from the Goldstream and along the forested trail along the Goldstream River.

Another excellent hike trail for you is Lone Tree Hill. The hiking trail is short here but worth the best view and gives you.

This is a 45-minute drive from the Inn at Laurel Point in Downtown Victoria. Enjoy the view of the highest point here. Matheson Lake is one of the other hiking spots.

These are some of the fantastic hiking trail spots in Victora to make your experience thrilling.

Horse Carriage Ride

If Horse Carriage Rides is one of your fantasies, you can’t miss out on this majestic and royal experience. 

You will see horse carriage rides around you in Downtown Victoria, especially in the evenings. This is one of the must-have experiences for tourists as a takeaway from Victoria.

Victoria Harbour Ferry

If Victoria is known for something else apart from the Victoria tourist attractions, it is the ferry ride. Victoria Harbor Ferry is the way to get the best view of Victoria.

Take a 1 to 1.5-hour ride and explore the beautiful island and its corners on this ferry ride. It shows you the beauty of those corners of Victoria that you fail to witness on your own.

Closing Thoughts

We are sure these jaw-dropping Victoria tourist attractions have left you thinking about what this Victorian heaven would look like! Don’t think anymore. Visiting victoria can be a great life-changing opportunity for traveling lower.

It’s time to pack your bags and visit this gorgeous and picturesque beauty to spend your best vacation. Here are the places that we recommend on your trip to make it more memorable;-

  1. National historic site.
  2. Royal British Columbia museum.
  3. Victoria bug zoo.
  4. British Columbia parliament buildings.
  5. Southern tip.
  6. Victoria’s Inner Harbor.
  7. Southern Vancouver Island.

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