10 Must-See Sights In Williams Lake

Williams Lake is a city in the Central Interior of British Columbia. It is the second biggest city, by the populace of the metropolitan region, in the Cariboo, in the wake of neighbouring Quesnel. 

The city is renowned for its Williams Lake Stampede, Canada’s second biggest expert rodeo after the Calgary Stampede. Williams Lake is a must-visit place.

If you are a travel enthusiast and want to enjoy your heart, then it is the ideal place. 

Top Attractions At Williams Lake

1. Tourism Discovery Centre

The first spot on your list should be the tourism discovery center, just for the information you will get for your trip.

The Visitor Center, situated in the Tourism Discovery Center on Highway 97, offers info on attractions, events, networking contacts, and other guest assets.

The Williams Lake and District Chamber of Commerce deals with the everyday activities at the Tourism Discovery Center. Williams Lake is located 74 miles (119 km) south of Quesnel , 151 miles (241 km) south of Prince George, 282 miles (451 km) east of Bella Coola , and 343 miles (548 km) northeast of Vancouver.

The Visitor Center is a reliable source of information for travellers arriving in Williams Lake from all over, including details about the area’s amenities, restaurants, and exciting activities.

The centre provides information to visitors about williams lake first nation, the surrounding area, and the province of British Columbia.

Note: You can take advantage of the new adventure charters boat launch. Also, For those who have never done it, Canoeing & Kayaking can try the Lower Horsefly River to Quesnel Lake.

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2. Churn Creek Protected Area

Churn Creek Protected Area incorporates British Columbia’s rarest biological systems—low, center, and high-height bunchgrass meadows.  This extraordinary and delicate scene gives natural surroundings an assortment of exotic greenery.

Just south of Gang Ranch, the Protected Area borders the west bank of the Fraser River. These fields can be observed on existing dairy animal pathways and historic streets. However, the path is unmaintained and plain.

Following recommendations in the Cariboo-Chilcotin Land Use Plan, the Churn Creek Protected Area was established in 1995. 

It is one of five sizable protected areas created in British Columbia to safeguard outdoor habitats. The Protected Area also reflects the territory’s special importance to First Nations, farming, hunting, mining, and recreation.

This region bolsters a working farm, where painstakingly oversaw dairy cattle munching proceeds.

 In 1998, the provincial government bought the memorable Empire Valley Ranch inside the Protected Area and added the land to the Churn Creek Protected Area.

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3. Boitano Park

The creation of Boitano Park was a victory for Williams Lake’s residents, who needed to keep up and safeguard the desires of Roderick Mackenzie. 

Initially, Boitano Park was the site of a Shuswap town, presumably utilized in the winter because there are remnants of pit houses.

After the First Nations left the region, it was utilized as a field before the PGE purchased it.  Roderick Mackenzie purchased a significant part of the area where the recreation center presently sits in the mid-1920s. 

It was bought from the PGE as a blessing to the recently shaped town of Williams Lake. Mackenzie gave the land to the town with the specification that it was to be utilized as green. 

However, on the off chance that and when the opportunity arrived, it was not, at this point, used because it was to be turned into a recreation center.

It was the Williams Lake Golf Course for almost three decades. After the new fairway was created in the opposite part of town, the old course was relinquished.

In 1967, Premier W.A.C. Bennett was given an appeal going around town by the Old Age Pensioners Association (OAPO) with the solicitation that the fairway land is pronounced a recreation center and control of it offered over to the individuals of Williams Lake. 

He gave the 55 sections of land, which the parkland had developed into, at a gathering soon afterward. After two years without any progress to the recreation center made by town gatherings, many individuals met with an end goal to improve the territory as a Centennial Project. 

The Chamber acknowledged the thought, so nearby endeavours to raise money and enhance the facility started. As of now, it was additionally established that the recreation center didn’t yet have a name.

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Created by the Pacific Great Eastern Railway in late 1919, the Station House is Williams Lake’s most seasoned structure and has consistently filled in as a focal point of action for the network.

It has been a gathering place for community, school sheets, and different gatherings. In the ’60s and ’70s, the structure fell into a condition of decay, a blemish touch. 

A group of concerned residents shaped a Society to protect it. Seeing the requirement for a social place, that gathering officially turned into the Station House Studio and Gallery Society in 1981.

In 2019 the Station House commended 100 years of serving the network. Since then, it has become a spot to see old companions and appreciate discussions about the town’s goings-on. 

The structure, despite everything, has its unique wood floors, traveller sitting area seat, and plans are gladly shown in the flight of stairs to the top exhibition.

Best Trails In Williams Lake
Icy Canada

5. Scout Island Nature Centre

On the west finish of Williams Lake off South Mackenzie Avenue, Scout Island is a nature asylum and park region containing two islands associated with the territory by a vehicle highway. 

Besides a seashore zone, cookout ground, and vessel dispatch, Scout Island includes a progression of nature trails that take guests through a generally undisturbed indigenous habitat, rich in fowl and little untamed life territory.

The Williams Lake Field Naturalists work in collaboration with The Nature Trust of British Columbia and the City of Williams Lake.

The Nature Center is bolstered by individuals from the Williams Lake Field Naturalists, Friends of Scout Island (individual and nearby business and association contributors), accomplices, allowing offices, and numerous volunteers. It is a kind of association.

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The Scout Island Nature Center Management Plan gives insights regarding the nature center’s leases, history, and objectives. In a nutshell, the goals are to:

  • Offer nature training and translation services to all ages.
  • ration the Nature Center’s untamed life living space, vegetation, and other ordinary qualities.
  • Give a usual spot to review wildlife and plants, encouraged by an arrangement of strolling trails.
  • Be a network gathering place for standard history programs, preservation conversations, regular history. examinations, and thoughts and activities for natural manageability.

6. Museum of the Cariboo Chilcotin

Located on Broadway Avenue South, Williams Lake.  The museum is recognized for nature house, williams lake tribune and the Cariboo-Chilcotin areas.

They house the BC Cowboy Hall of Fame, among different shows. If you are hoping to step back in opportunity and arrive, we wouldn’t want anything more than to make our way for you.

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Settled in the Cariboo Chilcotin, the Museum gives history and presentations on the area, nearby farming, and rodeo legacy. 

Giving affirmation supports the community and leaves a lasting legacy. A few examples include Indigenous Peoples, Railway, Mining, Medical, and Forestry. It is also the location of the BC Cowboy Hall of Fame.

They gratefully acknowledge the assistance of the Canadian federal government, British Columbia’s province, Williams Lake’s city government, and the Cariboo Regional District in partnership with the Central Cariboo Arts and Culture Society.

7. Williams Lake Stampede

Held every year, on the Canada Day long end of the week, the Williams Lake Stampede highlights Canadian Professional Rodeo Association activity. 

It includes bull riding, barrel hustling, bareback riding, tight roping, steers wrestling, group roping, and chuckwagon races.  Many elite cowboys and international rodeo competitors from Canada and the United States attend the Williams Lake Stampede. 

Most of them continue on the circuit to the Calgary Stampede at the end of the week.

Williams Lake Stampede 2013

The Stampede festivities also feature a motorcade of floats from area associations, including 4-H clubs, community groups, network administration groups, the Rush sovereignty, and neighbourhood merchants. 

Additionally, a festival near the charging grounds features activities and rides.

8. White Pelican Provincial Park

White Pelican Provincial Park is a typical park in British Columbia, Canada, and is found 31 km east of Alexis Creek. The park is the central settling state of the American white pelican in British Columbia, an imperilled species.

In that capacity, drifting, climbing, and recreational exercises are limited inside the recreation center for a significant part of the year. It is overseen to assure the American white pelican, an imperilled species in British Columbia.

9. Williams Lake River Valley Trail

From the west end of Williams Lake, the Williams Lake River wanders 12 km along the valley floor, finally streaming into the healthy Fraser River. 

The canal is followed as it meanders through dry Douglas fir backwoods, wide meadows, and stunning geographical features by the River Valley Trail and many circle trails.

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The varied vegetation of the williams lake bc valley supports a steadfast population of wild animals, such as deer, beavers, the occasional bear, a variety of raptors, and waterfowl. Continuous efforts are being made to restore the usual vegetation that has been destroyed in the upper section of the valley due to previous lumber harvesting and rural activities.

The rock-surfaced path is amazing for running, mountain biking, equestrian riding, and strolling. Pile toilets, outdoor seating areas, tables, and explanatory signs along the main walk.

The main route, head-on Mackenzie Avenue, opposite Comer Street, leads to the River Valley. In addition to a sizable parking area suitable for RVs and pony trailers, the trailhead offers a barbeque area overlooking the river valley and a stand with information about the river valley.

10. Cariboo Chilcotin Jet Boat Adventures

More river scenery, canyons, rapids, wildlife, petroglyphs, and remnants of the Gold Rush are all available to visitors over a full day on the Fraser, making it a worthwhile experience to share with friends, family, and coworkers.

From Sheep Creek to Churn Creek, there is a tonne of natural life, and we go on little shore excursions to look at the amazing streamside artifacts. Knowledgeable aides relate old historical narratives.

For this outing, a filling Riverside lunch is recalled, with sandwiches, portions of mixed greens, new soil goods, water, sodas, and snacks.

Cariboo Chilcotin Jetboat Adventures

The organization recycles waste materials such as fertilizers, plastics, glass, aluminum, and paper. The association uses reusable flatware and plates for snacks and short trips. 

The association always makes acquisitions of adjacent or necessary information. Continuously, trash cleanup is done along the stream.

The association is interested in screening exercises on the land, gullies, water, and the River Guardian Program. It checks the California bighorn sheep every year. The group participates in information collection and sturgeon labeling activities.

Closing Thoughts

If you are looking to embark on the best Canada day long weekend getaway away from city limits, Then William lake on western Canada is the perfect place to be.

Photo by SchnepfPictures from Depositphotos

Downtown Williams lake is a centre and the gateway to fabulous camping, hiking, and fishing in the surrounding area. The Chilcotin, sometimes called “BC’s last frontier,” lies between the Fraser River and the Coastal Mountains

The flowing pathways and spectacular scenery are accessible to visitors, making it a lovely place to visit.  You’ll see why this place was called “this magical perfect world” after riding the flowy, enjoyable, and distinctive cycling trails here.

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