Penticton Pursuits: Unveiling 20 Exciting Things to Explore and Experience

Penticton, a small settlement in interior British Columbia, is well positioned between Skaha Lake and Okanagan Lake. In Penticton, going to beaches and having fun in the water are summer traditions. In addition to the year-round outdoor activity options, agriculture has contributed to Penticton’s ability to feed itself. The downtown area of Penticton is conveniently close to over seven craft brewers, two cideries, and three distilleries. However, the following are the things to do in Penticton.

20 Most Amazing Things to Do in Penticton-

1) Penticton Channel

There is no better place on a hot summer day than the Penticton River Channel if you’re searching for a pleasant, cost-free pastime.

To regulate the water flow between Penticton’s two lakes, it was constructed in the 1950s. People of all ages love relaxing and taking in the river’s slow 7 km channel during summer. Between 215 Riverside Drive and Skaha Lake, the float travels. It’s entertaining for onlookers to see folks having fun with their buddies while floating around.

Hop into an inner tube or other floating gear and float leisurely down the shallow creek. If you feel too hot, roll off into the cool water. If you have a snorkel, watch for the darting little fish there.

Make the most of the day by bringing food for the seven-kilometre ride. It takes 2 to 3 hours to complete the float. The first exit point is Green Mountain Road, 45 minutes down the river. Families with young children should consider this option. It is among the best things to do in Penticton.

2) Lakeview Cemetery

Cemeteries can be found on the right side of the Kettle Valley Railway Trail, as it runs from Penticton to Naramata. The active cemetery in Penticton is Lakeview Cemetery, which opened its doors in 1910. A well-kept lawn with rows of maple and western red cedar trees may be found in Lakeview. Additionally, it provides breathtaking views of the mountains beyond Okanagan Lake.

The cemetery has two locations protected on the National Register of Historic Places. The first is the James A. Garfield Memorial, built in 1890 to serve as the president’s grave after being slain. The second is the 1901 completion of Wade Memorial Chapel, whose construction started in 1898.

3) Kettle Valley Railway Trail

Consider the Kettle Valley Rail path if you want some exercise after spending the day on the beach. The breathtaking vistas along this largely level, well-graded former railway line will appeal to hikers, walkers, joggers, and cyclists. Most of your work will take in the breathtaking surroundings and vistas over Lake Okanagan because inclines never get higher than 2.2 percent.

The walk along the valley wall near Penticton is worthwhile even though the Myra Canyon stretch farther north has the most breathtaking scenery. Starting at the tunnel and biking downward while passing orchards, farms, and small eateries is a standard route to complete the course.

The neighborhood bike stores offer bike rentals. They can supply you with bikes, all the necessary riding equipment, and transportation to the starting and finishing points.

The Kettle Valley Rail Trail is among Penticton’s most well-known landmarks. The KVR, a decommissioned rail line transformed into a leisure trail network 660 km long and connects Hope, British Columbia, to Castlegar, is a section of the Trans Canada Trail. Among the entire KVR, the part of the trail between Naramata and Penticton is likely the most developed. It is among the best things to do in Penticton.

The Penticton downtown area makes it simple to reach the path. Just north of the city, past a few homes, the KVR trail starts. Then it proceeds along the Naramata Bench’s eastern ridge. With vistas of Okanagan Lake on the left and vineyards across both sides of the trail, the panorama is breathtaking. As you stroll along the course, you can see the juicy grapes sprouting on the grapevines. Ambrosia apple orchards may be seen as you get closer to McColloch Trestle.

4) Naramata Creek Waterfalls

On the eastern side of Okanagan Lake, just north of Penticton, British Columbia, is where you can find Naramata Creek Park. This well-maintained trail ascends Naramata Creek through a significant river canyon to reach a magnificent cascading waterfall. To see it, head north towards Naramata and search for a short road on the right-hand side immediately before turning left down into the quaint town of Naramata.

The round-trip distance of this hike is roughly 2.4 kilometres, and it lasts about an hour. The route is excellent all year round and worth frequenting to see the seasonal changes. It is among the best things to do in Penticton. The initial segment of the walk features a bench, picnic tables, an outhouse at the trailhead, and several well-maintained bridges.

5) Naramata Centre Beach

Visit this tranquil park by the seaside while you are in Naramata. There is a lovely sandy beach where you may swim and lots of shade provided by the trees. It’s a nice spot to unwind, read a book, or picnic. The panoramas of Okanagan Lake are breathtaking. There are spotless restrooms, picnic tables, and a dock where you can sunbathe or dive into the calm ocean.

6) Penticton Sign

One of the city’s defining landmarks is the enormous Penticton sign, which is located on Munson Mountain. Based on the B.C. Register of Historic Places, the big letters spelling out Penticton, were constructed by municipal boosters in 1937 and helped to popularize the town. It is among the best things to do in Penticton.

The 83-year-old Penticton sign is more significant than its Californian cousin and is comparable to the Hollywood sign. It stands 54.33 feet tall, compared to the Hollywood sign’s 45 feet. But in 1923, the Hollywood sign was first constructed.

7) McColloch Trestle

The historic trestle on the KVR rail grade was demolished after the rail line was shut down. In 2001, the City of Penticton repaired the bridge after restoring the rail grade through the orchards. A portion of the Trans Canada Trail includes this trestle (The Great Trail). Then, Andrew McCulloch, the chief engineer for KVR, gave the trestle his name. On the KVR Trail, McCulloch Trestle is located north of Munson Mountain. One of the area’s crowded foot and bicycle bridges, it is also one of the most picturesque and popular photo locations on the KVR path.

8) The Bench Market

The Bench Market takes pride in its commitment to sustainability and unwavering focus on regional producers of goods and food. The eatery, which serves breakfast all day, is among the best in the city. In the restaurant itself, they also roast their coffee. Their on-site shop is constantly stocked with various artisanal things made from local ingredients, and they provide weekend brunch. It is among the best things to do in Penticton.

9) SS Sicamous Heritage Park

S.S. Sicamous Paddle Steamer Inland Marine Heritage Museum, Penticton, BC. Canada

The luxurious Stern Wheeler SS Sicamous was constructed in 1914 and used by locals to ferry supplies to remote places along the banks of the enormous Okanagan Lake. The boat, which supplied food and evening beverages while cruising around the lakes, was revered by the residents of Penticton. It is still standing today and serves as a historical attraction and museum.

Every day, the S.S. Sicamous would travel along and around Okanagan Lake, stopping at 14 predetermined locations en route to Vernon at the lake’s far end.

Highlights include the Grand Staircase, constructed from wood imported from Australia, and the Gentleman’s Saloon, which retains its original design elements like a cane bench and crimson carpet. The meticulously renovated engine room, multicoloured pipes, and the enormous boiler will delight anybody interested in mechanics.

10) SS Sicamous Museum

The 1914 steam sternwheeler S.S. Sicamous Museum is located at the southern end of Penticton’s waterfront. The cottages, the dining area, and the elaborate interior areas will all be seen. A trip here is like taking a time machine back to the era of excellent ship travel.

The museum is incredibly educational and fascinating. The natural history collection in the museum is outstanding. Although the temporary exhibit constantly changes, the permanent show is dedicated to Penticton and the Okanagan Valley. It’s worth going to the museum to take a moment to look back on the development of the charming town.

You might not expect an art gallery to benefit a little city like Penticton, but you’d be wrong. The Penticton Art Gallery is a local organization that works to conserve and present some of the country’s and region’s top indigenous Canadian artwork. The gallery features various mediums, including digital art, mixed media, sculptures, and painting. Spending a day at Penticton Art Gallery is the ideal way to discover artwork from some of Canada’s most talented artists. It is among the best things to do in Penticton.

One of the most significant collections tracking the career of renowned artist Toni Onley is part of the collection, constantly expanding and changing to best reflect the growth of the fine arts in British Columbia. The collection’s concentration is still on the Okanagan and British Columbian artists and their contributions to art history. The art museum will continue to add to its present collection, focusing on increasing its selection of works made by British Columbian women and Indigenous artists.

12) Penticton Farmers’ Market

Come visit Penticton Farmers' Market!

The Penticton Farmers’ Market, conveniently located in the heart of the city, is a great spot to spend some time looking over everything that is made and obtained locally. You may get anything there, including farm-fresh eggs, vegetables, and handcrafted specialties like honey and cheeses. Everything is produced or made locally.

One of Canada’s top agricultural areas is the Okanagan Valley, and the Penticton Farmer’s Market is the perfect location to experience some of this healthy goodness. The farmers market, which has been going on for more than 30 years, features a vast selection of merchants selling fresh produce, jams, crafts, and baked goods.

The PFM society has 45 to 50 annual members, most of whom are regional farmers, craftspeople, bakers, and food merchants. Every PFM vendor creates, bakes, or grows their food. Additionally, there is a group of about 60 flimsy sellers.

The PFM is pleased to be a part of the expanding international and provincial movement that seeks to save and improve regional, small-scale food systems. An elected board of seven volunteers oversees the PFM society. The market employs a temporary assistant manager and one part-time manager.

13) Pentastic Jazz Festival

In the center of Penticton is a festival called Pentastic Jazz Festival. As a significant summer event, it has grown in popularity for over 20 years! Bringing in both local talent and bands and vocalists from all around the world. Three days of live music are dedicated to the Pentastic Jazz Festival every September.

14) The BookShop

The Book Shop is not just one of the biggest bookstores in British Columbia but also one of the biggest in the entire nation. Despite the relatively tiny size of the town where the business is located, it has been open since 1974. One of Penticton’s favourite places is this enormous used bookstore, with a floor area of more than 5000 square feet (464.5 square meters). Every type of book imaginable is available at the store, including first editions, rare finds, and out-of-print titles.

The Book Shop not only rents out over 20,000 DVDs and videos but also offers one of the best collections of international films in the region. Look up to see the horse and wooden carriages stacked high with books at the front of the building to locate the store.

15) Loco Landing Adventure Park

Loco Landing Penticton British Columbia

A terrific spot to take the family or even hang out with friends and have fun outside is LocoLanding Adventure Park. There are a few entertaining features at the park, including go-karts, mini-golf, trampolines, a climbing wall, and bumper boats. An excellent choice for an afternoon out or throwing a party with some pals.

Bumper boats, a high-level ropes course, Monkey Motion, where you can soar 18 feet into the air on a spinning ride, a jump, and slide, miniature golf, Aero ball, and a form of dodgeball on a trampoline are also available. Moreover, some of the activities available are Go Karts, rock climbing, and the Big Baller course, where you have to navigate four enormous balls without falling off. It is among the best things to do in Penticton.

The Following Are The Best Attractions in Loco Landing Adventure Park-

  1. High-Level Ropes Course

The High-Level Ropes Course is ideal if you ever want to cross a plank over water or walk a tightrope high in the air. There are 15 distinct rope elements to try on the two-level course. Get oriented on the lower level, then ascend to the higher level for a breathtaking perspective of Okanagan and Penticton Lake.

  1. Mini Golf

The thrilling 18-hole mini-golf course at Loco Landing Adventure Park features waterfalls, caves, misting stations, and a train trestle.

  1. Monkey Motion

In Loco Landing Park, the monkey motion debuts for the first time in Canada. Using bungee cords, up to 4 jumpers can soar up to 18 feet above the ground simultaneously at this cutting-edge jumper attraction.

16) Skaha Lake Park

things to do in penticton
Image by A Brandenburg from Pixabay/Copyright 2021

One of the top attractions in Penticton is this lovely lakefront park. Lakefront promenades surround wide beaches with golden sands and warm, clear waters.

The park is excellent for families, with numerous play structures, a water park, calm water, and a green space with picnic tables under big pine trees. Most days, a concession selling fast snacks is open.

The 21-acre Skaha Park is perfect for exercising; tennis courts, beach volleyball courts, basketball courts, and a softball diamond are all first come, first served.

When it’s muggy and hot outside, and you want to be by the water, head to Skaha Lake Park. Everyone is welcome to visit the park directed by the lake. In addition to being one of Canada’s sandiest beaches, the area offers a variety of activities like canoe rentals and children’s playgrounds. Take a swim after sweating on the basketball or tennis courts.

17) Skaha Bluffs Provincial Park

Getting outside in Penticton is simple due to its lovely location. Skaha Bluffs Provincial Park, one of the best climbing locations in British Columbia and the best in the Okanagan Valley, is only a short drive from the city.

Climbers flock to the park’s sheer rock walls like moths to a flame. There are more than 1,200 climbs of all difficulty levels in the three main canyons of The Grand Canyon, Shady Valley and Sun Valley. The climbing season lasts from March to October, though it can get quite hot in the summer. It is among the best things to do in Penticton.

The park is filled with hiking and mountain bike paths along with the climbing areas—Ponderosa pine trees and Bunchgrass along the pathways. Be cautious when choosing your path because some routes might be very challenging. Watch out for western screech owls, bighorn sheep, and night and western rattlesnakes.

Be aware that most mountain biking trails and hiking are located in the southern part of the park, close to Gilles Creek, where the Christie Mountain Wildfire significantly damaged the area.

18) Munson Mountain Park

The giant letters spelling out Penticton can be seen on Munson Mountain, which is visible everywhere in the city. The public park, situated atop Vancouver Hill, offers wide-ranging views of the city, the lake below, and the Okanagan Valley.

Many paved and dirt walking pathways in the park are open to the public without charge. Although some of the trails, particularly the one leading to the top, are steep, benches are placed at key intersections along the routes.

Driving in the direction of Naramata will bring you to Munson Mountain. The park’s Pen-Henge is among its more intriguing locations. The markers at the very top perfectly coincide with the winter and summer equinox sunset and dawn.

19) Skiing at Apex Mountain Resort

The winter activities in Penticton should not be disregarded, despite the city’s reputation as a summer vacation spot. At Apex Mountain Resort, skiing is a leisurely activity for families and snow seekers. Due to the unique champagne powder snow that falls here, this rare combination is possible. Since 1961, the resort has been regarded as one of the greatest in the Okanagan.

As you excitedly await your next run down one of the more than 120 trails, you’ll rarely spend longer than two minutes in a queue at the high-speed detached quadruple or triple chair. The resort provides night skiing and tubing on a few routes and conventional daytime skiing.

Day trips are every day because the resort is a simple 33-kilometre drive from Penticton on decent roads. If you wish to remain on the mountain, you can rent everything from hotel rooms to wholly furnished apartments.

20) Okanagan Lake Park

things to do in penticton
Photo by kerry rawlinson on Unsplash/Copyright 2020

On Penticton’s northern edge is where you’ll find Okanagan Lake. The lake offers a variety of recreational opportunities, including kayaking, canoeing, and pedal boats. Additionally, it boasts spotless beaches where you may soak up the lake’s clear water or get a tan under the warm sun. It is among the best things to do in Penticton.

Activities Available at Okanagan Lake Park-

  1. Hiking

The 1 km trail linking the two campgrounds follows the lake’s edge. This route and another short trail that heads uphill toward the road and terminates at the viewpoint parking area on the approach to the south campground is self-guided explanatory signage.

  1. Waterskiing

Many different water sports, like waterskiing, windsurfing, boating, fishing, and swimming, are popular on Okanagan Lake.

  1. Observing Wildlife

Excellent opportunities for birdwatching can be found in this park.

  1. Windsurfing

Many different water sports, like waterskiing, windsurfing, boating, fishing, and swimming, are popular on Okanagan Lake.

The sea borders the city of Penticton on two sides, and mountains are covered with orchards on the other two. It has a tone of land- and water-based activities. This location is ideal for families because there are many low-cost, family-run lodgings.

However, the above were some of the many amazing things and sites you should consider while in Penticton. Furthermore, Penticton’s several lakes offer a wide variety of beaches. Spending a few days or longer exploring Penticton is a great idea.

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