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Cascading Glory: The 20 Most Breathtaking Waterfalls Across Ontario

Are you looking for the top waterfalls in Ontario? You’ve found them! Waterfalls of Ontario is the ideal destination for waterfall spotting due to its stunning natural scenery.

Northern and southern Ontario is a beautiful place to go hiking, swimming, and exploring to find waterfalls. These are the top little towns in Northern Ontario to visit if you’re seeking a more active vacation. Waterfalls may be found close to several of them.

Locals in the Canadian Shield are proud of the region’s reputation for its plentiful water supply. Northerners are hardwired to be outdoors people. Even though they may be frozen, the northern waterfalls of Ontario are nonetheless stunning in winter.

Advice from the neighborhood! Long hours of hiking trails are required to reach specific waterfalls in Ontario. Keep your energy up and your water supply full by bringing along trail snacks. Always pack up your trash and bring any food you eat on the trails.

Waterfalls in Ontario’s Provincial Parks

1. Albion Falls

waterfalls of Ontario
Image by Sammy Ho from Pixabay/ copyright 2016

This waterfall, seen on the Mountain Brow in Hamilton, is awe-inspiring. A stunning waterfall with a cascade at the bottom makes for a spectacular scene. In addition, there are several different hiking paths and hidden gems in the surrounding region, allowing hikers to see the waterfalls from various perspectives.

2. Ball’s Falls

Ball’s Falls is an ideal location for getting away from it all since it is close to a charming small town. The upper and lower levels of the beautiful waterfalls of Niagara Falls may be explored on foot through one of two different hiking paths that can be found in the Niagara area. In this setting, not only will you be able to get some excellent exercise, but you’ll also be able to appreciate all that mother nature has to offer.

3. Chedoke Falls

Chedoke Trail Run - 20171118

The Chedoke Falls near Hamilton is a beautiful waterfall referred to as a ribbon waterfall. Trails for hiking and biking, as well as the Chedoke steps, are just some of the enjoyable activities that can be found in the neighborhood.

4. Devil’s Punch Bowl

Waterfalls of Ontario: Tew's Falls

The Devil’s Punch Bowl waterfall may be seen as another ribbon waterfall. Considering that it is one of the most well-known landmarks in Hamilton lake superior and one of the most often visited waterfalls in the general vicinity of Toronto, it needs to be on your list of things to do. At the top of the waterfall, there is a fantastic vantage point that looks out over Stoney Creek and Hamilton harbor. In addition, the convenient guidebook is the delectable market just down the road that serves freshly baked pies, pastries, and a wide variety of tasty treats.

5. Elora Gorge Falls

Elora Gorge Falls is among the natural wonders and most visited tourist destinations in the region and can be found at Elora, which is about 30 minutes outside of Guelph. It is a complicated cascade fall, and the water flow it creates down the rock shelves is incredible.

6. Great Falls

Great Falls Waterfall Virginia || great water fall VA || Great water falls near Washington DC video

Great Falls, also known as one of the natural wonders and Smokey Hollow Falls, Grindstone Falls, and Waterdown Falls, is a waterfall that can be seen near Waterdown, Ontario. Explore the bottom level of the river flow and take in the breathtaking vista while you’re there.

7. Beamer Falls

Beamer Memorial Conservation Area Review and Spring Hike - Beamer Falls PART ONE

Beamer Falls is a beautiful spot to take a leisurely walk around Grimsby, situated in the province of Ontario’s best waterfalls. If you’re a bird enthusiast, you’ll be thrilled to learn that locals have reported seeing bald eagles, turkeys, and a variety of other magnificent flying creatures in the region. Other individuals have also reported seeing other beautiful winged species and coffee table books. So check out these waterfalls; if you’re fortunate, you could see an exciting bird there!

8. Niagara Falls

If we were to compile a list of waterfalls around central Ontario of Toronto, it would be incomplete if we did not include the world-famous Niagara Falls. Ride the Maid of the Mist to get an up-close and personal view of the waterfalls of Ontario, or wander behind them to get a different perspective. After seeing all the others, this waterfall should be the last one left on your bucket list.

9. Billy Monkley Cascade

waterfalls of Ontario
Image by wendy CORNIQUET from Pixabay/ copyright 2016

A little but lovely waterfall; the waterfalls from rock ledges smoothly provide an excellent backdrop for photographs. Its location in Hamilton, on Rymal Road, makes it the ideal spot for finding some solitude and unwinding after a busy day.

10. Borer’s Falls Provincial Park

In Dundas, Ontario, there is a waterfall known as the high ribbon waterfall. On the lower level of the waterfall is a vast space where people can hang out and enjoy themselves. The well-known Bruce Trail is another route that leads to Borer’s Falls and provides access to the waterfalls of Ontario. You won’t be sorry that you spent the day outside with a picnic and some quality time with friends and family.

11. Webster’s Falls

This breathtaking waterfall is the most significant in the area, and it can be found in Dundas, which is located in Ontario. You will not only be able to take pleasure in the scenery, but also be near the town’s walking paths, parks, and other facilities, as well as its dining establishments.

12. Louth Falls

You can find Louth Falls close to Lincoln, Ontario, and there is a route around 1.8 kilometres in length. Along this trail, you may stop and take in the beautiful surroundings. You are even permitted to bring your canine companion with you, provided a leash restrains them at all times.

13. Canterbury Falls

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You should go to the Bruce Trail in Ancaster and continue until you reach the Canterbury Falls side of the trail. The two-tiered ribbon cascade waterfall located on Canterbury Creek may be seen from this vantage point.

14. Tiffany Falls

Winter tour of the beautiful Tiffany Falls

Within the conservation area’s boundaries are two waterfalls: Tiffany Falls and Washboard Falls, both of which are produced by Tiffany Creek and named for the creek that created them. The location allows you to see not one but two waterfalls, which is always an improvement over seeing just one.

15. Felker’s Falls

This picturesque location may be found inside the Felker’s Falls Conservation Area in Stoney Creek. The water from the falls flows over the Niagara Escarpment, and one should see a distinctive rock structure at the base of the falls. Since it is close to several other waterfalls of Ontario, you can easily make a fantastic day trip!

16. Darnley Cascade

The Darnley Cascading is a cascade waterfall found in the Crooks Hollow Conservation Area near Greensville. It is about 4 meters in height. It has the most significant height of any waterfall in the Hamilton region, measuring 225 meters above the water’s surface.

17. Kakabeka Falls

The well-known Niagara Falls is the biggest waterfall in Ontario; Kakabeka Falls is the province’s second-largest waterfall. Unfortunately, the reputation of this waterfall is not nearly as good as it should be. However, it is close to Thunder Bay and has a charming boardwalk walkway that lets visitors get a close-up glimpse of the waterfalls.

18. Inglis Falls

There are various waterfalls of Ontario. Among them, Inglis falls is the best waterfall. It is a breathtaking waterfall found in the Owen Sound region of Ontario. It has a drop of 18 meters and is surrounded by 7.42 meters of paths.

The Sydenham River is responsible for forming this waterfall, which can be seen within Conservation Area and was made by the river. Several vantage points and adventures are waiting from which you can learn about the local environment, take photographs of the waterfall and witness the waterfall from different perspectives.

19. Bridal Veil Falls

waterfalls of Ontario
Image by Holger Detje from Pixabay/ copyright 2012

Bridal Veil Falls is a beautiful waterfall seen on Manitoulin island in Lake Huron. It can be found near the hamlet of Kagawong. From Highway 540 at Kagawong, weekend explorers may reach the Niagara Escarpment waterfall at the end of a very short climb.

First, you must go down a steel staircase to enter a canyon; you can click the full-colour photograph. Once you are within the gorge, you can tour the waterfalls of Ontario and look closely at them. Make sure you have everything planned out in advance since this waterfall is one of the most visited ones in Ontario.

20. Duchesnay Falls

Although there are a few waterfalls of Ontario that enable people to see the cascade in combination with fascinating forestland and walkways, the short trip to Duchesnay Falls offers visitors more than just a glimpse of the waterfall itself. The area off Highway 17 is where you will get the finest vantage point for seeing Web wood Falls.

If you touch down at the base, the best way to go to the waterfall is to take a walk from behind the Education Centre. On the way, you may stop at Lake Nipissing and some of the other cross-country routes. To reiterate, the ideal area to see from a vantage point is located away from Highway 17.


The province of Ontario is teeming with fantastic natural attractions that are just begging to be explored. Now that the weather has finally begun to warm up, and we are welcomed each morning when we wake up to a blue sky, we can finally start making plans for our summertime travels.

We won’t have to wait long before daydreaming of plunging into a pool of water as clear as crystal since the temperature will have climbed over 25 degrees Fahrenheit the whole summer. So finding a way to get away from the stifling heat of summer by going waterfalls of Ontario hunting is the ideal option for a road trip.

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