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10 Most Visited Griffintown Restaurants

Griffintown is situated in the Canadian city of Québec’s neighborhood of Montreal. In a limited space, there are several historical sites and restaurants. A visitor can do many amazing things here: attending festivals like Quartier des Spectacles, or enjoying artificial beaches and so on.

Now coming to the topic you are probably here for, finding a fantastic restaurant is complex, as no one wants to waste their time and money going to a bad restaurant.

10 most visited Griffintown restaurants
Photo by Valeria Nikitina

Therefore, thorough research is required before visiting any restaurant. With this in mind, we have made it simpler by compiling data on the topic, making you a little less worried about the restaurant you visit next time.

Interested? Let’s go

The 10 most visited Griffintown restaurants are as follows:

1. Le Richmond:

4 juin 2015 - Le Richmond Kick Off Party / Grand Prix du Canada

Le Richmond, a northern Italian restaurant near Montreal, Quebec, is a structure from the 19th century, which is situated in Goldine close to the Meuse River and the Pofodevellie Forest. The ingredients are farm fresh with seasonal ingredients making, and the cuisine is delectable. Gatan Colin, a Michelin-starred chef, prepares and serves fresh foods.

It features amenities like an outdoor swimming pool and a garden with a barbecue deck. Benefit from the complimentary grilling options. Near Le Richmond, there are places for cycling and hiking. It is a one-space environment where you can take time to visit and eat.

2. Bird bar:

Chef Kim Lallouz of Le Bird Bar: Season 1, Episode 10

This location is cool. It is 0.8km from Bell Centre and has a wonderful atmosphere, and people say it’s the most romantic restaurant in Montreal and offers helpful service with delicious lunch. It’s a great spot for your friends and with your partner serving specialty cocktails.

Fried chicken is a specialty of theirs which is the best in the city. The availability of champagne and other options on the menu sets it apart from similar events.

3. Joe beef:

Montreal's Legendary Joe Beef

Canadian restaurant Joe Beef is located in Montreal in the shadows of little burgundy. David McMillan, Frederic Morin, and Allison Cunningham discovered it. It serves steak and seafood, which is delicious. The wait staff will formally welcome you right away. The environment is lively and enjoyable. The menu is printed in chalk on the board and updated daily.

One of the most renowned restaurants in the world for its seafood, with incredible taste. In master chefs, they came as a one-time judge who judged the participants’ dishes. Visitors rave about how outstanding the food is there. You should surely take out time to visit there.

4. LA bête à pain:

Bete a pain sets up shop in Griffintown

Situated in Griffintown in the neighborhood of Montreal, Canada, it is the first of three boutiques-bakeries-restaurants run by chef Marc-André Royal and is a branch of La Bête à Pain. Whether you are here for a study session or just a cup of coffee, it has a welcoming ambiance that brings people together.

Fresh homemade bread is available from the bakery for a comfortable and casual eatery. You should try their choco chip cookie if you want something sweet. Their sand goes well with lettuce salad. The cuisine is top quality, and the almond croissant has a fantastic flavor.

5. Chef Sophie tabet:

Chez Sophie - Montréal

In Montreal, Sophie had grown up.  She recognized the beginning of her passion and traveled from Montreal to France to enroll in classes at the renowned Paul Bocuse Institute.

She worked at numerous Michelin-starred establishments in Europe, including L’Astrance à Paris. She met her husband macro Marco M arangi an expert sommelier in Italy.

She started her restaurant as chez Sophie and Toto in Lebanon(Chez Sophie et Toto au Liban) before returning to Montreal in 2013 to serve the city’s residents comfort food that reflects her extensive profession, joined by a companion who will know how to welcome you with the utmost care.

6. Junior:

Junior Filipino restaurant in Griffintown Montreal

Want to have some Filipino cuisine? Then visiting Junior is a wise move. It includes a small eating area with an exciting array of Filipino specialties. Pancit bihon and lumpia rolls, two well-known dishes on the menu that you must taste, are loaded with shredded pork and resemble spring rolls (glass noodles with shrimp, chicken, and a melange of veggies).

It has excellent cock tails and is also highly recognized for its service. The cuisine combines elements from Malaysia, China, and Spain. Two local brothers and well-known DJs, JoJo and Toddy Flores, founded this adorable and trendy Griffintown restaurant in late 2014 with a clear goal of contributing to the globalization of the nation’s cuisine.

7. Le Boucan Smokehouse:

Le Boucan smokehouse is located in Montreal, Quebec. People strongly recommend this restaurant since the food is so good and the service is so good. The cooks are masters of the barbecue and have a wide selection of whiskey. Chefs utilize a variety of smoking procedures to enhance the flavors.

Additionally, there are bar-side and terrace seating areas outside.

8. Olive et Gourmando:

Montreal Canada - Day2 - Best French Bakery in Montreal, Olive & Gourmando + Exploring City

Situated in Montreal, Canada. It is one of the top french restaurants. It is also a bakery cafe, and this tiny cafe’s menu serves a variety of sandwiches, bread, salads, and other dishes packed with many well-liked recipes that are great for brunch. You can find exclusive grocery products there.

Viva Las sandwich is one of the vegetarian options, which has marinated tofu, caramelized onions, hummus, olives, and arugula; it is one of the many delectable options available

9. Petros:

Petros Restaurant - Santorini - Presentation

It is a renowned restaurant serving food made with herbs, spices, and olive oil. It is one of the best Montreal restaurants with a Mediterranean theme. It allows you to bring your own wine, which can perfectly complement your meal.

The dish is so delicious that every bite has a beautiful flavor and an awesome atmosphere so that diners can enjoy every bite. Their way of welcoming guests is also wonderful.

10. La Trattoria:

La Trattoria Restaurant 60 second

La trattoria is situated in the neighborhood of Montreal. This location is ideal for a work lunch, family dinner, or brunch with friends. One of the city’s top restaurants serving meals is here. The visitors bring the drink of their choosing to accompany their meal.

Additionally, it has rooms for meetings and halls for private events. It is reputed to have the best dining experiences. Their meal is fantastic because of their straightforward and excellent components.

10 most visited Griffintown restaurants:
Image by Dominique Jeanneret from Pixabay


These are the best restaurants to eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They have good food which includes French, Chinese, and Spanish flavors, and are one of the best restaurants in Montreal city.

The menu of these restaurants also serves delicious wines and other types of drinks you want. There are also bar bases in Montreal, so whenever you feel like visiting, take out your phone and search for the place you want to go.

Discover dining rewards reserved for restaurants you want to visit other than these, or use OpenTable, which is online registration for booking a table in restaurants. You can also read the company’s reviews, sign up, sign in, and write a review after visiting.

It is a part of booking holdings, and they also promote interest-based ads where you can find other places in Montreal to visit. To know more, open the site about our blog careers and other things.

So, if you want to visit any restaurants or a place in Montreal for wine, or bakery, or dine with your family or friend, you can visit these sites and enjoy a great meal.

Honorable mentions

Here are some restaurants that didn’t make a list but deserve for their exceptional quality.

  1. One of the most renowned restaurants in the world is Joe Beef in Montreal for its seafood, with incredible flavor. The cuisine there is of top quality.
  2. Le Boucan Smokehouse(Montreal ) combines elements from Malaysia, China, and Spain. Pancit bihon and lumpia rolls are loaded with shredded pork and resemble spring rolls. It is one of the top restaurants.
  3. Petros serves meals made with herbs, spices, and olive oil. La Trattoria allows visitors to bring their drinks to accompany their cuisine.

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