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11 Fun Bars In Toronto You Should Visit Today

The food at some places is so excellent that it might be difficult to tell. The best bars in Toronto can be enjoyed in any weather.

Sun shining? Enjoy the warm weather by lounging on one of the outdoor decks. Has winter arrived a little bit ahead of schedule? That’s standard for Canada, but the dive bar in the basements of Toronto buildings will keep you sufficiently toasty. 

One of the nicest things to do in Toronto is to go out on the town, and if you wake up the next day with a hangover, you can treat yourself to a bar.

It shouldn’t be surprising that this city with the most inhabitants of Canada is also its entertainment capital. You can find it here, no matter what kind of nightlife you choose.

The nightlife in Toronto’s bars has significantly transformed during the last ten years. The days are long gone since the best bars in Toronto used to offer a cocktail menu that consisted mostly of vodka crans and rum and cokes. 

Toronto's best pubs
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 it’s all about delicate notes, complex flavors, and the most ornate presentation possible (we’re looking at you, billowing smoke and gigantic garnishes). 

We have chosen the best bars in Toronto based on the quality of their alcoholic beverages, the atmosphere, and how much fun you can have overall.

Whether you want to be dressed to the nines and sip on a concoction worthy of being featured on Instagram or you need a drink that will help you relax after a long day at work. 


Photo by Conor Samuel on Unsplash/copyright2018The Following Is a List of The Fun Bars in Toronto that Can Accommodate Any Occasion:

1. The Fortune Bar of Good Fortune

This “hidden” basement pub is reminiscent of Miami Beach in the 1980s, thanks to its pink walls, palm leaf decorations, live music, and neon signage. 

With a limited menu focused on burgers and an extensive selection of retro-themed tropical drinks, it is an excellent complement to the expanding Yonge and Eglinton neighborhood.

Under the uptown taco business branch of La Carnita is where you’ll find Good Fortune Bar, which is known for its innovative drinks and extensive beer and wine selection. Get ready for loud music and delectable cocktails that may be too easy to consume.

2. C’est

This pub and restaurant are among the best bars in Toronto. St. Lawrence Market is an unpretentious establishment with a staggering 40 beers on tap and a fine selection of whiskeys, wine, beer, cocktails, and local Ontario wines. 

The atmosphere at C’est is reminiscent of a pub, thanks to the presence of pool tables and live music on the weekends. It feels like good vibes. It was a pioneer in the local beer movement long before it became fashionable. 

Additionally, the bar’s location in the basement and the various fireplaces make it a great place to spend chilly or wet nights. Alos, visit its famous mother cocktail bar and get some delicious drinks.

Beer with Friends canada

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3. Birreria Volo

In this cramped beer pub in Little Italy, you may find one of the city’s finest collections of wine lists and beers on tap. 

You can anticipate a major emphasis on funkier beers such as sours, lambics, and beers made with wild yeast, board games, and natural wine, in addition to rare, shared bottles stored in the Cantina cellar.

The Morana brothers, Tomas and Julian, are responsible for running this establishment in Little Italy, a younger offshoot of the previous Bar Volo, and has the hippest beer selection in all of Toronto. 

The bar confined area has a bar with 26 taps and a heated rear terrace, but once the focus is on the beverage.

They have an extensive drink menu with creative cocktails and classic cocktails in the glass, such as a fruity kriek from the famous Cantillon brewery in Belgium; the ambiance scarcely registers as a factor.

The choices from the taps change often, but there is always a strong emphasis on goes, lambics, saisons, and other wild ales, as well as funky ciders from Ontario and natural wines. 

Although the cellared beers are pricier, it is well worth the occasional extra buck to indulge in a honey-infused, spontaneously fermented lager from Vermont’s Hill Farmstead Brewery, for example.

The bar snacks and food mostly consist of canned fish, charcuterie, and cheese; however, there is also very addictive fried chicken available from the establishment next door, P.G. Clucks. 

Why go: Birreria Volo offers beer in wine glasses to have customers sip their drinks rather than gulp them down.

The back terrace has been designed as a retro bar to resemble a beer hall with some Japanese whisky. Its communal table seating encourages customers to begin talking with others sitting nearby.

4. Bar Raval

When you visit fun bars in Toronto, the best bars must visit this cloak bar. This chic pub with a Spanish influence is so popular that you can hear the crowd’s commotion before you see them. 

Bar Raval is frequently crowded with patrons standing shoulder to shoulder in a small space while sipping on chic cocktails and choosing from Formica tables, small plates over the patio, wine, pintxos, tapas, and canned seafood conservas (foods preserved in cans and jars), cured sausage, and paradise grapevine. 

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The fun bars in Toronto are on the second floor, which is the bar’s original location, covered terrace with a vintage jukebox. This little piece of Barcelona on College street is easily identifiable as one of the unique drinking experiences available in Toronto because of its sweeping mahogany interior, which makes it perfect for any time of day. 

The default environment at Bar Raval, which is open from the middle of the morning until late in the evening, is hectic; the temptation to abandon plans in favor of a copy of Palo cortado and some smoked mackerel is always there.

Bartenders prepare low-proof cocktails using a foundation of vermouth, sherry, or amaro in-house. These drinks have a full-octane flavor but a milder punch than other types of alcoholic beverages. 

The Velvet Thunder (amontillado, curacao, amaro, cucumber, mint, lemon, and nutmeg) combines a mojito with the nutty, oxidized flavor of Spain’s cool-again fortified wine, making a case for revisiting the era of liquid lunch through a much more elegant—and dare we say responsible—lens.

It’s like having a mini-vacation in an entertainment district in Spain without leaving Toronto. The wooden interior of Bar Raval, inspired by Gaudi, is full of curved and rich wood, and it invites you to remain for a little longer. 

Even though Jen Agg closed her legendary restaurant Black Hoof queen west in the summer of 2018, this stretch of Dundas st West next to Trinity Bellwoods has become a hotspot because of the amazing local favorites Cocktail Bar that Agg opened (pictured above).

In this city, a stand-alone bar dedicated to the art and skill of the well-made cocktail is still somewhat of a rarity, and this one goes all in when it comes to that commitment. 

Bottles of Amari and overproof rum sparkle behind white latticed windows on the rear bar, giving the snug, low-lit space the impression that it is the neatly stocked alcohol lair of a friend who is knowledgeable about interior design.

Be prepared to read the hilariously annotated menu for the fun bars in Toronto cover to cover by candlelight before choosing something deliciously unexpected, like the Los Tuxlas food (“Like a breakfast/lunch/dinner parfait, small plates but even more fun! “), which is one of the many tempting options.

And the reliable Hoof Manhattan is always made with rye, and never deviating from this rule is a no-brainer.

Beer and Poutine Fest
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5. Black Dice Cafe

This establishment, which bills itself as a Japanese rockabilly bar and resembles a doorway to another world and was designed by David Lynch, Ridley Scott, and Wong Kar-wai jointly, has been a mainstay in Brockton Village for a very long time, even before Dundas West became hip.

There hasn’t been much of a shift in Dice’s design in almost ten years. One of the most peculiar watering holes in the city, this watering hole has a diffuse turquoise light and a black-and-white T.V. that loops old movies.

The fun bars in Toronto are also a serious industry hangout for off-shift bartenders, who convene to drink craft beer, draft sake, and Japanese whiskey while competing for high scores on arcade games and a pinball machine that dates back to the 1950s and is known as Surf Champ.

 You may get in a bar called Hitachino Nest and snack on wasabi peas while listening to surf rock on the old jukebox as you wait for your time to play the machine.

6. Sneaky Dee’s

Since 1987, this legendary bar establishment of fun bars in Toronto, Canada’s largest city, has been responsible for getting us drunk (and relieving our hangovers). 

At this establishment at the intersection of College and Bathurst, you can indulge in some late-night nachos, witness a concert on the stage upstairs, and drink some pitchers of beer with your pals.

Enjoy in-bar reasonably priced, easy-to-drink beers while seeing a piece of fun bars in Toronto culture walk past that has stood the test of time. 

And just in case you made a little bit more of a mess because of a gift shop in the bar than you should have the night before, Sneaky Dee’s is open for breakfast on weekdays.

Ottawa Breweries
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7. Mahjong Bar

When you enter this vintage bar Volo and fun bars in Toronto, you’ll have to go through a neon-lit corner shop inspired by Mahjong’s Cantonese game. 

While the kitchen turns out tiny appetizers like Sichuan fried chicken, the bar provides playful drinks that combine tastes from the east and the queen west. If you’re looking for one of the best bars in Toronto, you must visit the Mahjong Bar, a speakeasy.

The Mahjong Bar is fun in Toronto and is an attractive establishment with its pink luminous haze and Chinese-inspired décor. It also has an artistically constructed pink marble bar. 

You’ll discover a bars-lit entranceway behind a plastic curtain, where a blazing light will take you into magnificence when you pass through the curtain. The bar dishes on the menu are reinterpretations of traditional Chinese cuisine with a modern and upscale twist in fun bars in Toronto. 

Most of them are designed to be enjoyed as part of a group and, preferably, with hand-crafted drinks like a cocktail—particularly the flavorful, somewhat sweet, and slightly spicy Shanghai Chicken.

You’ll adore it! Pick Blacker the Berry if you want a more robust flavor cocktail, or have a glass of Mahjong Lager—either way, you won’t go wrong on a steamy summer day! Choose the Rosemary’s Baby cocktail, mixed with Roku, strawberry rosemary, lemon, and soda water and topped off with a soda cocktail. 

Clean, uncomplicated, and just what you need to get things starting. Having a drink at Mahjong gives one the impression of being a member of a hip bar and the fun bars of all. 

It’s a great place to break the ice after a first date or have a party to celebrate a special occasion like a birthday. There is a D.J. and a dance floor on the weekends, and the pub quickly becomes packed.

8. A Bar Serving Cocktails

This establishment on Dundas st. West is well-known in fun bars in Toronto, not unexpectedly, for its sophisticated drinks and cocktails. 

The proprietor Jen Agg, known for her work on Rhum Corner and Grey Gardens, has designed a warm and welcoming place regarding the available beverages and the environment.

After a hard day’s work, unwind with a drink at the sophisticated but unpretentious Cocktails Bar, where you may also have some appetizers before dinner. Although they provide food, beer, and wine, you would be mistaken if you didn’t try one of their specialty cocktails.

A group enjoying tasty food paired with freshly brewed craft beers.
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9. The Chef de Bar

The molecular gastronomy techniques used at Bar Chef, one of the most important cocktail fun bars in Toronto, resulted in special drinks cocktails. 

The bartenders take great pleasure in making all of the infusions, bitters, and syrups used in their cocktails in-house, which ensures that the drinks taste just as excellent as they look.

Listen to the customers as they exclaim, “ooh” and “ahh” as you offer them works of drinkable cocktail art. The drinking cocktail in fun bars in Toronto experience at Bar Chef is completely up to date and quickly impresses its customers.

10. The Reprehensible Tiki Room in Toronto

No need to be embarrassed. There are several fun bars in Toronto about drinking cocktails at this Parkdale tiki bar since no shame is involved.

 The inside is decked up in full-on kitsch inspired by the Polynesian culture, and the cocktails are just as whimsical as the furnishings.

When you order a bowl as a punch from the fun bars in Toronto to share with your friends, you may anticipate some hoopla to accompany your beverage, such as gongs and mist produced by a fog machine.

In fun bars in Toronto, Blacked-out windows and a thick velvet curtain at the entry enhance the impression of escape, which is particularly welcome on a chilly night during the winter.

11. Farside

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This trendy city pub in East Chinatown, one of the best bars in Toronto, have furnishings that don’t match, a welcoming staff, and events led by the community.

You will surely discover a menu and a beverage that suits your taste since a wide range of options are available, from cheap domestic beers to sophisticated cocktails.

Farside is the east-end equivalent of Handlebar; it is a vibrant and eccentric bar that is difficult not to like. Among the fun bars in Toronto, Beer is abundant (bottles of functional Old Style Pilsner share space with limited-edition Left Field collabs) and well-crafted house cocktails. 

Such as a stripped-down martini made with Dillon’s Vodka Method 95, a grape-based vodka distilled from Niagara wine grapes. Additionally, there is a selection of limited-edition Left Field collabs available.

The snack menu is limited, but it does feature a “sour plate” (kimchee, pickled egg, chips), as well as birthday cake, a choice that is obtained on the menu daily from the neighboring Tung Hing Bakery and is served by the slice on a plate shaped like the Spice Girls.

Closing Thoughts

Why should you go? to fun bars in Toronto? Because Farside fosters creative expression and community engagement via activities such as the Trivia Club, VHS movie evenings, and D.J.s on Fridays and Saturdays. 

The welcoming atmosphere of the pub makes it easy for both regulars and newcomers to feel at home there.

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