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Discovering 100 Mile House, BC: 8 Essential Insights You Need

100 Mile House is a district municipality and a town located in the region of Cariboo (south) in central British Columbia, Canada. Here are some interesting things to know about the 100 Mile House:

1. A Quick Step-back In Time

The past of the south Cariboo dates back to a time before the rush to the early days of fur trading. Cariboo was crowded with thousands of gold seekers by 1860 who were searching for treasure. Between 1862 and 1870, the north Cariboo country was flooded with over 100,000 people who traveled from Lillooet through Cariboo Wagon Road.

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Photo by: Dept. of Mines and Technical Surveys/C. H. Taggart/PA-020299/ 1928

Due to their suitable locations, many roadhouses, which Thomas Miller owned, from Lillooet to Soda Creek, along the Cariboo wagon road became points of supply to the seekers of gold during the gold fever. The dominant community of south Cariboo, 100 Mile House, was one of the roadhouses turned into resting points along with the gold rush trail.

2. 100 Mile House: The Name

100 Mile House got its name because it was located 100 miles from Lillooet, also called Mile 0. The settlement of ranchers began, soon after the end of the gold rush, in the surrounding area.

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Today, the population of the District of 100-mile house is over 20,000, and the area surrounding it has many unincorporated small communities.

3. Location

Geographically, south Cariboo is situated on the Fraser Plateau, between the rocky and coastal mountain ranges of south-central British Columbia. Dividing the plateau of Cariboo from Chilcotin is the Fraser river, which flows through the middle of the Fraser plateau.

4. History

Before its current name, 100 Mile House was formally called the Bridge Creek House due to the creek running through the area. The history of this settlement takes you back to the time of the Gold Rush, where Thomas Miller used to own several neglected, broken down, tottering, decrepit, dilapidated buildings serving next to nothing, which became the resting point for many travelers moving as well as gold seekers who wandered between Kamloops and Port Alexandria, which is 98 miles north of the 100 Mile House.

100 mile house
Photo by James Wheeler/ pexels.com/ 2017

William Thomas Brownlow Cecil, the 5th Marquess of Exeter, bought the Bridge Creek Ranch, which surrounded the House. The estate’s train stop was also called Exeter. His son, Martin Alleyne Cecil, the 7th Marquess of Exeter, or Lord Martin Cecil (till 1981), came to 100 Mile House after leaving England to manage the estate owned by his father. 1937 was the year when the original roadhouse burned to the ground. The population of the 100 Mile House calls themselves “Hundred Milers.”

5. Development

Houses for sawmill workers (sawmill being one of the primary industries) were built on land leased from Bridge Creek Ranch by the owners of a sawmill, Jens Brothers, in 1949. Having access to this knowledge, many people started leasing land until 1965, when the incorporation of the District took place, and the tenants were offered the property for sale.

The bird sanctuary and the land for Centennial Park were donated by Lord Martin Cecil, who also helped to plan the community. He also donated many public buildings that have been turned into tourist spots today, along with one of his lodges owned by the municipality today.

In 1991, the incorporation of the municipality of the District of 100 Mile House took place, which, today, supplies lumber, tourism, ranching, mining, and an economic base.

6. The Geography

100 Mile House is called the “International Nordic Ski Capital,” a geographic reference point, which is not an exaggeration, given that there are skis 36ft. in height, located just outside the Information Centre. This is not only because of the annual Cariboo Cross-Country Ski Marathon, in which more than 1000 international competitors participate worldwide.

100 mile house
Photo by Nikita/ pexels.com/ 2022

Williams Lake is the name of the nearest airport. Located on Highway 97, 56 miles south of Williams Lake, is the 100 Mile House. In 100 Mile and ! 08 Mile, two airstrips, one private and the other larger are constructed. The central District has a Greyhound Bus depot.

7. Family Adventures

100 Mile House is one of the best places for outdoor activities and adventures with family in Canada, with many lakes, whether for fishing or recreation. You can see beavers, moose, and wild horses in the Moose Valley Provincial Park, a wilderness park region with lakes and wetlands claimed to be untouched by human exploitation.

100 mile house
Photo by Laura Stanley/ pexels.com/ 2019

The important part is that if you want to see the beauty of the south Cariboo in a more personal and special way, the provincial park offers a great adventure in the form of a two-day canoe trip around the town. Mild summers combined with cold winters give easy access to the ski weather.

8. Accommodations and Attractions (A Few)

8.1 Spring Lake Ranch

The Borkowski family owns Spring Lake Guest Ranch. Their lake surrounds the golden log cabins for a peaceful getaway from hectic cities to a small town. Their team provides the utmost care for their guests.

8.2 Days Inn 100 Miles House

Flat Lake Provincial Park, Moose Valley Provincial Park, Lac La Hache Provincial Park, and Nordic ski society are near the Days Inn 100 Miles House Hotel. You can do cross-country skiing through the trails in the extreme winter temperatures, kayaking and fishing in freshwater lakes with family, and much more.

8.3 100 Mile Nordic Ski Society

The 100 Mile Nordic Ski Society operates the 99 Mile trails, which are cross-country, just south of 100 Mile House. This club volunteers for a community project of a great decree run. It also has a lodge called The Nordics Day Lodge, which opens during ski season. The timings might change by the authorities.

100 mile house
Photo by Melvin Wahlin/ pexels.com/ 2019

8.4 West Wood Motel

With a peaceful atmosphere, a parking lot for all kinds of vehicles, not excluding RVs and Trailers from the list, and rooms that feature high-quality pillow-top mattresses, Westwood Motel have received some great reviews from their guests.


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