Butchart Garden Canada: 5 Amazing Things To Know

Butchart Garden Canada is known for its glamorous view due to flowers all around. Its location is in Brentwood Bay near Victoria, British Columbia, near the Vancouver Island, one of the stunning parts of Canada.

Before we start exploring the garden, we should know its chronology to boost our knowledge about the Butchart Gardens. It began in 1904 when both the husband and wife named Robert and Jennie Butchart came to the west coast because of the rich limestone deposit at Tod Inlet.

But as the cement production depleted the limestone quarry, Jennie Butchart visualized a huge garden at this place and started the process by plodding the topsoil. The small quarry turned out to be the Sunken Garden, details of which will be shared below.

In 1929, the garden started to grow and turned into in larger space. In 1939 Ian Ross turned this place into a tourist attraction and invited tourists from all over the world. In 2004, the 100th anniversary of Butchart Garden was celebrated, and also a tribute was given to the indigenous people who provided the rich cultural heritage.

5 Things To Know About Butchart Garden Canada

1. Timings And Charges: Butchart Garden Canada

Decided your trip to the Butchart Gardens? know everything before your visit!


  • Adult– $17.40 to $31.45
  • Youth– $8.70 to $15.75
  • Child– $2.00 to $3.00
  • Groups (25+ people)– $15.60 to $28.31

The rates vary from season to season, and the most expensive rates are there during Christmas.


The Butchart Gardens is very particular about the timings, and there is no access to the gardens after 3:30 pm. Just like the rates, the time also varies from season to season. On the day of Christmas, the garden is closed for all.

From 26th November to 24th December and 26th January to 6th January, the timings are 3:30 pm- 9:00 pm.

2. National Historic Site, Places To Visit In Butchart Garden Canada

Love gardens? Then Butchart Gardens has a lot to give you! All the gardens comprised in this large area have their history. Let us start the journey and know more about the national historic site.

Sunken Garden: Butchart Garden Canada

Website: https://www.butchartgardens.com/garden/sunken-garden/

One of the major tourist attractions, the Sunken Gardens is a must-visit due to its spectacular beauty. Sunken Garden plays a major role in the history of the Butchart Garden as the small quarry which was nurtured by the couple turned out to be a huge garden of five acres.

Now the few flower samplings have turned into 151 flower beds. The garden has colourful flowers and a breathtaking view as there are colours and greenery with a mountain view. There is a pathway built to enjoy nature and admire the flowers by walking. Clicking photos are allowed and can make your picture worth it, especially in the spring season.

Japanese Garden: Butchart Garden Canada

Website- https://www.butchartgardens.com/garden/sunken-garden/

Welcome to the world of Japan! This part of the garden will make you forget if you are in Canada. All the Japanese tourists who admire Japan can have a fantastic trip over here. While admiring nature, the Japanese garden has a soothing stream, which is 200m long and acts as a jewel in the crown.

The area is around one acre with 74 Japanese maples and 500 rhododendrons and azaleas. During the spring and summer seasons, the beauty is at its peak. One unique tree named Japanese Pine remains evergreen throughout the year. As we move towards Autumn, the Japanese gardens are filled with the colour of the leaves, which turns into gorgeous colours which one might not have imagined and will have a great experience over here.

Rose Garden: Butchart Garden Canada

Website- https://www.butchartgardens.com/garden/rose-garden/

Vancouver Island has done the best job by enhancing the beauty of the gardens. You might have similar experiences in any rose garden, but this one is extraordinary and unique! The roses bloom in their full elegance. Its location is in the centre of the Butchart Gardens and forms the region’s heart.

It has 7 types of roses, with 280 varieties of roses and 2500 rose plants filling the entire garden with its fragrance. 30 arches blossom, fully giving birth to pure fantasy. From morning to night, all through this duration, you won’t be disappointed to spend your entire day over here. Nobody can miss the plants and the gorgeous view.

Italian Garden: Butchart Garden Canada

Website- https://www.butchartgardens.com/garden/italian-garden/

The Butchart’s family private tennis court was turned into an Italian Garden, and the very same idea of creating this beautiful garden came from Sir Henry Thornton, who suggested Robert Butchart turn this area into a garden. The Italian Garden is on the left of the rose garden.

Samuel Maclure designed the whole garden before his death, and the construction for the same started in 1926. It is a 21,780 sqft garden with 18 flower beds and 85 plants and colourful flowers. Currently, there are 22,000 spring bulbs and biennial. We are sure that you will have a great time on this tour!

Mediterranean Garden: Butchart Garden Canada

This beautiful garden is only open in August and is closed for most seasons. It is located near the Butchart Gardens parking lot, and occasionally visitors skip this garden, but we advise not to! This small territory can win your heart. It has 9 garden beds with 110 plant varieties and one giant agave plant.

The Children’s Pavilion is specially designed for the children in memory of Jennie Butchart’s granddaughter, and this site gets lots of attractions from both the children and adults. This place is specially designated for birthday parties.

Near to the rose carousel, which has wooden animals and chariots and is filled with rides. Children attending parties will get access to all the rides. During this time, you will forget who is a kid and who is an adult. This whole place is designated only for entertainment and entertainment!

Seed And Gift store

Everyone loves this place as they all desire to take the flowers from the gardens. Unfortunately, that is not allowed, but we can always take the souvenir from the shop.

Large in space, this place has everything you demand. From dome magnets to purses, from scarves to eyeglass cases, everything is printed on the theme of Butchart Garden and is a must-visit shop to buy gifts for your loved ones.

3. The Best Time Of Year To Visit Butchart Garden Canada

The world is interested to know when should they visit these attractions, now let’s review all the seasons.


The country is filled with leafy lush, and the Autumn is a perfect time to visit the Japanese garden. Warm days and afternoons are worth a wait. 26 greenhouses can help you research deep into nature. There are a lot of things that you will learn over here.

  • Seed generation
  • Vegetative plant production
  • Over-wintering of plant material
  • Combined pest management practices
  • Indoor maturing environment challenges
  • Generating miscellaneous floral collections

Scooters, wheelchairs, pets, and children under 12 years of age are not allowed.

Spring And Summer

Spring is known for the beauty it spreads. The beauty of Butchart Garden in spring is truly breathtaking, hence it is the best time to visit. Summer is famous for the entertainment purpose as the city lights up during the summer fireworks and the gardens are also illuminated by the lights at the night. The night is most pleasant in these two seasons so walking in this charming twilight is worth a tour.

Winter And Christmas

You might be thinking that the garden won’t be beautiful in winters. Instead, Vancouver Island’s temperate atmosphere gives an edge to this garden and the beauty never fades as the snow-covered paths in the sunshine.

There used to be-

  • Ice skating
  • Festive brass
  • Snowflake exchange
  • Traditional carollers
  • Annual lit up

Frequently Asked questions

Full refund?

There can be a full refund only if the reservation is cancelled in 24 hours.

Wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the wheelchair is accessible throughout.

How long does it take to walk through Butchart gardens?

Don’t think you can complete the whole garden in just 1-2hours. At least 5 hours should be dedicated to having a complete tour of the garden and restaurants as Butchart Gardens have a lot to give in and after getting our review, we don’t think you would want to miss any part of the garden.

Are the Butchart gardens worth it?

We are sure after reading and taking note of all about the Butchart Gardens, we are sure this question might have faded from your mind but even if there’s a little doubt then let us clear it. It’s a worth visit if you are going to Vancouver Island as the Butchart Gardens is near Vancouver and its beauty is so captivating that you will not want to miss it.


4. Where To Eat In Butchart Garden Canada

The Dining Room: Butchart Garden Canada

The dining room in Butchart Gardens is very homey and is surrounded by a stunning floral aura and is a must place for afternoon tea. The dining room is spotless and the quiet atmosphere and views of the garden make everyone feel very relaxed.

English Triffle and Signature House Scone are the most admired complementary to tea. There are seven savoury sandwiches and delicacies with five confectionaries. It mostly serves high tea and dinner and lunch are served seasonally. Best qualities wines are served in the restaurant.

The Blue Poppy Restaurant: Butchart Garden Canada

Website- https://www.butchartgardens.com/restaurant/blue-poppy-restaurant/

Unlike other restaurants, Blue Poppy is only meant for dinner. Surrounded by blue poppies and other flowers, this restaurant is a must to visit even if you are in the city. During winters, this place turns into an indoor spring garden filled with the smell of sumptuous pizzas and dishes. You can enjoy house-made desserts. There are a lot of options in soups and main course with a special kid’s menu under the age of 12.

The Coffee Shop Annabelle’s Café: Butchart Garden Canada

Website- https://www.butchartgardens.com/restaurant/coffee-shop/

Enjoying nature without coffee? Not a chance in Canada. The Butchart Gardens give the chance to enjoy the aroma of coffee beans while staying close to the flora and fauna. Unfortunately, there are limited seating arrangements over here but the takeaway option is available. The coffee shop timings are 9:00 am to 4:30 pm. You will get everything that you desire to have. The cafe is accumulated with chips, candy, pastries and desserts, hotdogs, sandwiches and soups and of course coffee and there are also special beverages which should not be missed and how can you miss hot chocolate in winter?

Gelato: Butchart Garden Canada

Who doesn’t love Italian gelato? The Butchart Garden is has done everything to give you Italian vibes from Italian Garden to Galeto. Gelato needs technique and skills to turn into a flavorful dessert and the talented team of the garden is furnished with all the skills that can make gelato from Vanilla to the shimmering peach sorbetto.

Gourmet Picnic: Butchart Garden Canada

Gourmet Picnics gives you the chance to enjoy family time to the fullest. Guest mostly like this part of the Butchart Garden as it allows them to enjoy some quality time with the family. There are seven things on the menu and not a complicated one which will make you think about what to choose and you can enjoy the lunch in the cosy afternoon.

5. Accommodation Near Butchart Gardens Canada

Guests are often worried about the hotel they will live in, but we will simplify your job by providing a review of the famous hotel near Vancouver Island and downtown Victoria. You must be aware of the tourists that gather to admire these gardens that’s why it is recommended to book your hotel in advance so that you don’t face any issues while planning your tour. It is advised to log in to the respective websites of the hotel to have a fair idea about the accommodations available.

Brentwood Bay Resort

It is a 5-star hotel and is 3km away from the Butchart Gardens. This resort can give your trip a headstart with its pool and hot tub as there is no other better way you can relax after visiting the gardens. Brentwood has a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

Quality Inn Waddling Dog

A 2-star hotel but has gained a lot of reputation. Although it is 8.5km away from the Butchart Gardens very near to the Victoria International Airport, which is a win-win situation for foreign travellers. Tudor-style buildings and rooms always grab the attention of travellers.

Brentwood Lighthouse Bed And Breakfast

This is a 3-star hotel and the closest to the gardens with a distance of 2.4km which will not trouble you much from the tiring tour. The resort has its library and garden where you can relax after your trip. This resort gives you homemade breakfast, so not to worry about your health much and yes the bay view is a cherry on the top!

We hope that we have lessened the burden of your trip by providing our three top hotels.

Butchart Garden Canada

We have shared 5 things which are must be known before you plan your trip here as they will make your tour very much easier. There is no such specific season to visit. Every season has something special to give to the tourist and the beauty of the plants keeps on blooming around the area throughout the year.

4K HDR Video – Beautiful Flower Garden in Canada, The Butchart Gardens

There are a lot of gardens in the Butchart Garden itself that will mesmerize you with their beauty and not forget the eating places which are also located in the gardens itself and will give you the chance to explore yourself and relax. Our top 3 accommodation details will help you decide your budget. Plan your trip and explore the beautiful Butchart garden here in Canada.

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