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Saskatoon Saskatchewan: 15 Best Things to Do

Saskatoon Saskatchewan is the biggest Canadian city in the province of Saskatchewan. Saskatoon lies on a curve of the South Saskatchewan River in the central part of the area. The place is situated beside the Trans-Canada Yellowhead Highway, which has been a commercial as well as a cultural center of the heart of Saskatchewan ever since it was established in the 80s as a nephalistic community.

How was Saskatoon Saskatchewan Named?

Saskatoon Saskatchewan is named after the species of wild berries which grow in the province, the Saskatoon Berry. The berries are also known as “The Paris of the Prairies.” The city is called the “City of Bridges,” having 8 bridges scattered around the South Saskatchewan River.

Apart from the warm feels and delicious food, there are many more things this city has to offer. The city has some amazing museums, outdoor activities to offer, and regular music festivals. No matter what you enjoy, you’ll like being here for sure.

Things to Do in Saskatoon Saskatchewan

1. Remai Modern Museum

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This museum does not offer pretty sightings of the Saskatchewan river but also houses over 406 works of Picasso’s linocuts, showcased in the 11 different gallery rooms of the Remai Modern Museum. This collection of the legend’s art is kept forever so visitors can come and see it anytime they want, any number of times they want when the museum is open.

The museum was opened to visitors in 2017 when it celebrated Frank Lloyd Wright’s prairie style. While entering, you’ll be able to see a fireplace and a mesmerizing structure that features something like hanging cubes. The artist of this interesting art is Haegue Yang. The art is special as the blind artists of Venetia created it. This will amaze you for sure.

This museum is so famous in the province for obvious reasons. The personal art collections of Fred Mendel have also been shifted to the Remai Modern Museum from the Mendel Art Gallery. Whenever you plan a trip to or around Saskatoon Saskatchewan, make sure you visit this museum, and especially its art gallery, and attend the Saskatoon exhibition they organize on various occasions.

2. Visit the Beaver Creek Conservation Area

The Beaver Creek Conversation area is lovely with all those wonderful natural beauty & wildlife. This is a walking trail slightly on the outside of the city. If you enjoy having good walks along with the beautiful natural sceneries, this trail is for you. If you bring your camera or phone with you, it’ll be tough to resist not capturing the beauty every few steps. Don’t worry, though, while you feel lost in the beautiful surroundings, and the trail is well marked to make sure you don’t get lost for real. I will suggest you complete the trek, but if you want to have a short stroll, you can do that as well.

3. Visit the ‘Ukrainian Museum in Canada’

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You might have gotten a slight idea about the museum by its name. It is named after the settlers who moved here from various places, especially Ukraine, and became a cause of the progress of this land. If you visit Saskatoon  Saskatchewan, try not to miss this beautiful spot where you can see the vibrant culture of Ukrainian people. From their traditional clothing style, art & crafts, to the things they used for daily activities is worth a visit. Most of the things (if not all) presented in this museum have been given by the families of Ukrainian settlers as a gift. If you are a fan of souvenirs, there’s a gift shop as well.

4. Meewasin Valley Trail Saskatoon Saskatchewan

Meewasin Valley Trail is a mesmerizing trail of around 80 kilometers alongside the southern side of the Saskatchewan River. Both sides make up this trail of equally beautiful rivers. The Meewasin Valley Trail is a section of the Trans Canada Trail. Walking on this trail will take you to some of the popular tourist spots & destinations’ historically important monuments and will offer a great tour of the city.

If you are in Saskatoon or are planning to be soon, do take some time to visit the place and walk the trail out. I bet you’ll have so much fun here with many things to do and enjoy, walking on various terrains; from the natural atmosphere to the city buildings, this is a very diverse trail. You can also enjoy riding bikes on the beautiful roads over here.

5. Visit the University of Saskatchewan

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It might have shocked you how a university is among those top tourist attractions of a place? If you too are wondering about the same, you must visit the University of Saskatchewan at least once when you’re exploring the city.

Spending just a couple of hours will be enough to convince you about the importance of this place as a tourist attraction. Being one of the most resonant spots of Saskatoon  Saskatchewan, this university consists of a national historic site – The Peter Mackinnon Building. Not just that, the campus is beautifully situated in a place from where students and visitors can get amazing views of the river. Needless to say, the University of Saskatchewan’s campus is counted among one of the most scenic campuses of Canada.

6. Wanuskewin Heritage Park, Saskatoon Saskatchewan

Wanuskewin Heritage Park is put forward as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is situated around 3 kilometers from northern Saskatoon. The park’s name, Wanuskewin, means “to live together in peace.” The name also serves as a symbol representing the past association of the ancestors living with nature in harmony in the region. The heritage park depicts the life of the earliest nomadic settlers and residents of the region and how their lives must’ve been in a visual convention.

The Wanuskewin Heritage Park also houses valuable historical and archeological discoveries, as well as the excavated pieces of evidence, some of them being more than 6000 years old (even before the Pyramids!) Apart from keeping these valuable traces of the past, the park has a modern touch with all the facilities and contemporized architecture. The notable buildings, fascinating art exhibits, and much more to show make this park a must-visit.

7. Experience the Taste of Saskatchewan Festival

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Craving for some grandiloquent Saskatoon berries and the famous Muskeg tea, bison, or bannock? The restaurants in Saskatoon Saskatchewan will care for your tastebuds by offering their traditional cuisine prepared by the local communities.

Saskatoon is a great place for the connoisseurs as it hosts a food festival, “The Taste of Saskatchewan,” where you can choose from 30+ amazing restaurants and hundreds of delicious dishes to eat. The festival goes on for six long days where people and foodies from different locations gather to please their tastebuds. Well, you’ll get to eat tasty food all year long, but the festival brings more options and that grand feel.

8. Saskatoon Forestry Farm & Zoo

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Saskatoon Forestry Farm & Zoo serves as a shelter and home to the indigenous animal species of Canada. This is one of the region’s top attractions, attracting visitors of all ages. The Saskatoon Forestry Farm & Zoo offers everything, beautiful parks, diverse species of animals that have been found in western Canada for ages, and historical edifices.

This forestry farm and zoo is a confluence of the natural flora, fauna, and history. When brought together, it narrates the past and present of the area. The zoo and forestry farm are non-profit organizations that preserve the natural beauty and rare species.

9. Cameco Meewasin Skating Rink

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Saskatoon’s economy comes from a variety of things. In the winter months, you can explore the different sporting events of Saskatoon. From skating cross country skiing to other snow adventures and sports, you should check out the Cameo Meewasin Skating Rink. Located in western Canada, this skating rink is one of the most loved places by people who love snow sports.

The rink is located alongside the South Saskatchewan River and near The Delta Hotels Bessborough, one of those time-honored hotels. It’s good in November and around the peak months of the winter, although it’s always better to check the weather forecast before planning your trip. If the weather is fine, you can enjoy various ice sports for hours.

10. Sasktel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival

Sasktel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival is one of the biggest music festivals in the entire west of Canada, which draws around a lac people every year. During the festival, you can explore the region of Saskatoon Saskatchewan, better while celebrating the summer at beautiful destinations and the best of music. Although the festival is named after Jazz, almost all the genres are found in this 10-days long festival. The Sasktel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival is organized at the end of July month. Planning and booking your stays in advance would be better as a huge population comes to attend the festival.

11. Saskatoon Farmers Market

Saskatoon farmers’ market is something tourists should never miss out on. This market is organized in Riversdale and the nearby regions of the river, landing on Saturdays, Sundays, and Wednesdays. This farmers’ market is popular as people can get samples of fresh, locally produced foods here amidst all the modern facilities present indoors and outdoors. You can go to the Saskatoon Farmers Market on the days mentioned above for a local, delicious breakfast.

12. Prairie Lily Riverboat Cruise Saskatoon

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Enjoying a river cruise with someone special is such a romantic thing. Even if alone or with family, you can enjoy a river cruise and explore the beauty of the region and the river itself. Prairie Lily Riverboat Cruise in Saskatoon offers great city views while you enjoy the boat rid of the Saskatchewan River. It’s one of the best things to do in Saskatoon – to explore the Saskatchewan river and the region both at the same time by going on a cruise. It can also serve as a great date destination.

13. Persephone Theatre

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Persephone Theatre has been known to present live theatre performances in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, for more than half a century now. It’s one of those places where people who love and appreciate arts and artists often go. This theatre is also among the biggest native theatre companies of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Persephone Theatre is easy to reach as it’s situated near the heart of the city and inside the Remai Arts Center. The Rawlco Radio hall of the theatre consists of 400 seats, and the backstage of the studio provides 100 seats. In season, theatre builds two stages for the performances.

14. Diefenbaker Canada Centre

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Diefenbaker Canada Centre is situated inside the campus of the University of Saskatchewan. It’s known as one of the unique centers of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Diefenbaker Canada Centre houses the archives of the Canadian prime minister and works as a museum to depict their work and life of theirs. The Diefenbaker Canada Centre also has Canada’s prime minister’s replicated chambers and office. It indeed is worth visiting once if you’re on a trip in or around the region.

15. Saskatoon Western Development Museum

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Yes, another museum of the city! Saskatoon can be named “the city of museums” and rightly so with its great museums. But this one is a bit different than all the museums listed above. This western development museum is designed in a way that it’ll offer a look back at Saskatoon in its 1900s. When you go around the museum, you may feel like the year has changed to 1910, and you’ve traveled back in the old times.

Saskatoon was a flourishing city even a century ago because of its railway. The museum also offers a look at an electric car of 1911 on Boomtown street, Royal Northwest Mounted Police Jail, and some of the photographs of that time.

Saskatoon has a huge spectrum of things to offer to its visitors. The pretty river sights, heritage and historical places like Remai museum, art gallery, conservation parks, indoor and outdoor activities. Good for solo trips, couple vacations, or a family trip! Saskatoon Saskatchewan is a total package, one of the reasons behind the growing popularity of this place.


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