Killarney in fall season Killarney in fall season

7 Best Killarney Camping Sites To Visit This Summer

Camping is an activity which interests most people. When the vacations start, and you want to spend some time with nature, or want something adventurous, camping certainly finds its place on the list.

Killarney is a part of the Ontario district, Canada, and is situated on the north coast of Georgian Bay. The historical village of Killarney is only 10 km away from the very popular Killarney Provincial Park, full of wildlife, flora, and fauna.

This park has got greenish-blue lakes, cliffs of quartzite, and beautiful pine forests. Killarney provincial park is spread across 645 square kilometres, and Killarney camping sites offer various activities that visitors can enjoy.

These activities include canoeing or kayaking in those beautiful lakes, hiking, standing paddle boating, camping, swimming, and many more.

 Know about 7 of the Finest Killarney Camping Sites

1. Point Grondine Park

Point Grondine Park is one of the Killarney camping sites spread across 18,000 acres and is filled with quaint natural wildlife, pristine rivers, and old pine forests in the French River Provincial Park and Killarney lap. There are 6 internal lakes as well, where you can go and relax.

The beautiful water trails intertwine with each other and meet at Georgian bay, offering you various canoeing opportunities on multiple routes, such as Collins Inlet and Phillip Edward Island.

You can also enjoy hiking or sea kayaking with the old-age routes of the Anishnaabeks. There are a lot of hiking trails and campsites for backcountry camping deep inside the park. Among all the hikes, the Amik Zii-Bii is famous.

There’s also a loop trail along the Wemtagoosh Falls, which is fun for completing overnight.

Group camping is also available at Point Grondine Park, which allows more than 16 people, perfect for big families, summer camps, and school trips. You can camp here and explore the interior region and paddling routes.

2. Avalon Eco Resort

Avalon Eco Resort is one of the finest among the other Killarney camping sites. As the name suggests, this eco-resort will bring you closer to nature. You can plan trips with your friends and family to explore the region and unplug from stress and toxicity.

You may take a leave for a couple of days from your job to discover the beauty this place has to offer. There are a lot of activities you can do here like at other Killarney camping sites, which include hiking in the woods, fishing in Spoon Lake and Tyson Lake, and Kayaking or Canoeing in the different water bodies of Killarney camping sites.

You can even enjoy doing nothing but chilling at your camp or cabin with your favourite book in hand. Lakefront cabins at the Avalon Eco Resorts are very homely and comforting, equipped with the most modern facilities.

However, there are some restrictions you should keep in mind. You can not bring your own towels or toiletries, extra lights or torches, your blankets or bed sheets, pillows, or even food. You must visit their website for further details and information if you are planning a trip to Killarney.

3. Rocher Rouge Campground

Rocher Rouge Campground is one of the Killarney camping sites situated on Georgian Bay in Killarney. You can indulge yourself in a lot of outdoor activities here. You can watch the sun setting from the height of the Lacloche Mountains, go canoeing, or have a stroll around Killarney village.

At Rocher Rouge Campground, you can have basic amenities and access to the trails of the provincial parks, taking you into the wilderness.

You can indulge in hiking, golf, fishing, boating (which is available at the marina, docks, and boat launch as well), and enjoy swimming in the beach, river, or lakes.

The campsites here are available overnight as well as seasonally. Toilets are available as pits or outhouses. Pull-thru sites are available too. You can also bring your pets along as the site is pet-friendly!

4. Flat Rapids Camp

Flat Rapids Camp is one of the many Killarney camping sites and is located beside the famous French River. They offer seasonal camping, cottage rentals, boat and canoe rentals, fishing, recreational activities on the beach, or looking around the sublimity of nature. The Flat Rapids Camp also has a sandy foreshore on the lower side of the river, which you can reach by your own vehicle.

There’s a thick forest spread across 160 acres of this Killarney camping site. It also has the Shield rock of Canada and a quarter-mile of uncovered southern French River shoreline.

This Killarney camping site is located close to the preserved French River Heritage Park. The campers or visitors can experience the tranquil river and the natural beauty around it.

Flat Rapids Camp is an hour’s drive from the North Parry Sound alongside the 400 & Trans-Canada highway and 45 minutes away from south Sudbury.

5. Sportman Tent & Trailer Park

Sportsman Tent & Trailer Park is one of the Killarney camping sites. It is situated in an unsophisticated and quiet region of Ontarian woods. It’s only half an hour away from southern Sudbury and just a couple of kilometres off highway 69 on Daoust Lake.

This park is attuned to a familiar atmosphere, where you can just let go of your tensions in the outer realm of the camp. You can have fun and your own time, even with your pets, as it is pet-friendly!

You can also join the fun activities organized by the park or can sit quietly, noticing and admiring the beauty of nature.

Absolutely anyone can enjoy being here, as it has a playground for the kids, a beach, a volleyball court, boat rentals, ATV trails, hiking, fishing activities or even bird-watching and diverse wildlife, everything for everyone.

But somehow, if you are still not happy, there are many places nearby that fulfill your needs with various things and activities. It is a really good place if you like sports and physical activities.

6. George Lake Campground

George Lake Campground is another one of the Killarney camping sites. The main gates of the George Lake Campground are closed during the snow, and the yurts and campgrounds turn into encroachment from around late November to the start of May. The people staying here are provided with toboggans to carry the gear. You can book or reserve a camp online for more convenience.

The George Lake Campground also provides six yurts on rent and two rustic cabins. It is one of those Killarney camping sites, which is famous for the big size backcountry, so you must check it out.

If you are not into backcountry camping, there is a different option you can choose from the Killarney camping sites at the Killarney Provincial Park. You can do car camping (also known as front country camping) which is available here.

Every campsite here has a fire pit and picnic table, and you get to shower and washroom facilities. You can also go canoeing or enjoy swimming at the beach on the George Lake Campground.

7. Killarney Outfitters

Killarney Outfitters is one of the Killarney camping sites. They offer kayaks, canoes, and equipment or gears needed for backcountry camping on rent. The Killarney Outfitters also sells gear and maps, which will be helpful while canoeing and hiking.

It’s not an official campsite, but people often pitch their tents on the lawn on the front side of the store and behind the store before they leave for the backcountry.

This place, of course, will not offer any recreational activities or adventures; it is just a backup plan for many campers when they need to spend a night. You, too, can think of it only for convenience and not enjoyment.

If you take a canoe or something on rent from the Killarney Outfitters, they offer free camping. You can choose if you want to pitch your tent before going to the backcountry or after coming back from there. This camping idea is just for the ease and comfort of the visitors.

Although it isn’t a campground, you still have basic facilities of restrooms and fire rings.

Closing Thoughts

It is always recommended to book your campsite in advance to get the best places and save some bucks. But anyhow, if you could not make it and your trip is all planned just without the camp, you can stay at lodges.

Some people prefer more privacy and a bit of luxury, and lodges are the best option for them. Many lodges are available in the Village of Killarney apart from the Killarney camping sites to make your trips special.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of camping options are available at Killarney Provincial Park?

There are several camping options available at Killarney Provincial Park, including backcountry campsites, car camping sites, group campsites, and yurts.

2. Can I make a reservation for a campsite at Killarney Provincial Park?

Yes, you can make a reservation for a campsite at Killarney Provincial Park through the Ontario Parks website or by calling the reservation line. It’s recommended to book in advance, especially during peak season, as campsites can fill up quickly.

3. Are there any amenities available at the campsites?

there 7 Killarney backcountry campsites are perfect if you are visiting for la cloche silhouette trail, wilderness park, bell lake access point, la cloche mountains or cross-country skiing.

Amenities at the campsites may vary depending on the specific site, but some common amenities include fire pits, picnic tables, and access to washrooms and showers. It’s a good idea to check the specific amenities offered at each campsite before making a reservation.

Also, please visit the official site of Killarney mountain lodge if you are seeking an incoming yurt reservation package for your visit.

4. What activities are available at Killarney Provincial Park?

There are many activities available at Killarney Provincial Park, including hiking, canoeing and kayaking, fishing, and wildlife viewing. The park is also home to several beaches, including George Lake Beach and Tea Lake Beach.

5. Are pets allowed at Killarney Provincial Park?

Pets are allowed at Killarney Provincial Park, but they must be kept on a leash at all times and are not allowed on beaches or in backcountry areas. It’s important to clean up after your pet and respect other visitors by keeping your pet under control.

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