15 Best Must Have Items From Ikea Montreal

Unless you are fortunate to stay close to an IKEA store someway miraculously, you know getting to your local store is usually a pretty long trip.  

As a result, a ride to Ikea is an all-day affair for the maximum number of people. But, notwithstanding it all, the ride’s well worth it because there are a few great, must-have (and money-saving!) merchandises you cannot locate anywhere else.

Here are the first-class-reviewed, maximum budget-pleasant alternatives in the shop. And the first-class part? If you cannot make it to the shop IRL, you may also purchase a maximum of that merchandise online. 

IKEA family has 14 stores in Canada. Rather than being bought pre-assembled, a lot of IKEA’s fixtures are designed to be assembled via the way of means of the customer. The Quebec store is located in Quebec City’s Ste-Foy district. 

So, get ready to check the top teams from Ikea Montreal that you should buy at some point in your life. And don’t worry. These items are all that your house needs and within a pocket-friendly budget.

 15 must-have items from Ikea Montreal

1. BILLY Bookcase IKEA

Shop at Ikea store: White Bookcase 

Price: $49 AT IKEA stores.

The BILLY bookcase is one of Ikea Montreal’s maximum famous merchandise of all time, and for a top reason—after all, it’s far quite tough to discover a bookcase this huge and this customizable at any such low fee point.

For the Billy series bookcase, you will find in different colours and sizes so that you can get one at your convenience. You can even customize one if you need it. It has a finish and style that never goes out of style. 

1.1 How long do Ikea Billy bookcases last?

Billy bookcases have a 20-year lifespan. However, you can only count on them living a long life if you are gentle with them and don’t let them get wet. Your Billy bookcase will likely last longer if it has an easier life.

2. RIGGA Clothes Rack

Build IKEA Furniture with me! RIGGA Clothes Rack!

Shop at IKEA store: Rigga Clothes Rack

Price: $15 AT IKEA stores

The most frequently bought item from Ikea Montreal is the Rigga Clothes Rack. This apparel rack has an area for footwear and putting shelves and is completely top adjustable.

This clothing rack brings quality, affordability, and space all at once. 

Moreover, in this rack, you can adjust the height per your needs. 

And did I point out it is only $15? Go and order it.

3. KALLAX Shelf Unit

SHOP AT IKEA: Kallax Shelf Unit

Price: $79 AT IKEA stores.

The KALLAX shelf unit collection is the top flexible product at Ikea Montreal. It is available in many shapes, sizes, and colours. This shelf unit can be personalized per your needs. 

You can either use it as a desk, mount it on the wall, or place it on the floor. Plus, you may personalize your gadgets with drawers, doors, and bins. These shelves can support up to 13 kg of weight.

3.1 How much weight can the IKEA Kallax shelf hold?

55 lbs. To assemble this furniture, two people are required. The maximum load this furniture can support is 55 lbs. 

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Price: $20 AT IKEA stores

These are classic straight-line frames for larger-than-life pictures. They’re affordable, look glossy and simple, and arrive in two sizes—what more could you ask for?

You can hang or stand these frames; the full focus falls onto the picture since they have a simple touch. 

4.1 What size are Ikea RIBBA frames?

If you use this frame with the mount, it will fit a picture that is 21×30 cm in size. If you use the structure without the support, it will provide an image 30×40 cm in length. Mount is integrated.

5. RÅSKOG Utility Cart IKEA

Everyone Has This IKEA Utility Cart. WHY?

SHOP AT IKEA: Utility Cart

Price: $30 AT IKEA stores

If you’ve spent even a few minutes on Pinterest, you’ve probably seen this cart pop up. 

Why? Because it is fashionable, it is inexpensive, and it is so useful. Use it as a bar cart for your bathroom, keep plants, store things, or serve food and even desert like cinnamon rolls. The possibilities are endless. 

5.1 Is Raskog adjustable?

This trolley has been tested against our strictest standards for stability, durability and safety to withstand everyday use in your home for years. The adjustable middle section is easy to move to adapt to different storage needs. The kitchen cart also stands evenly on uneven floors since the casters are adjustable.


SHOP AT IKEA: Stockholm Rug

Price: $300 at IKEA stores

It’s tough to discover a lower-price vicinity rug that is fashionable and easy to clean. However, the STOCKHOLM rug is precisely that—and that is why people buy it in the first place. 

7. LACK Side Table IKEA

SHOP AT IKEA: Lack Side Table

Price: $10 AT IKEA stores

This side table has been in Ikea Montreal’s range since 1979. It is a simple, square, sturdy, and trendy table that every home needs. 

It comes in two great colours: black and white. The table can hold on to about 25kgs of weight. 



Price: $15 AT IKEA stores

These stackable, easy-to-store stools are available for the low price of $15 and may be one of the most hackable and versatile Ikea products.

9. SATSUMAS Plant Stand IKEA

HOW TO assemble IKEA Satsumas

SHOP AT IKEA: Plant Stand

Price: $30 at IKEA stores.

This bamboo plant stand is undeniably cute and has more than one matching item (including a ladder plant stand and a long, slim desk stand) in case you need to move all out together with your plants.

10. PLASTIC Dishwashing Brush

SHOP AT IKEA: Dishwashing Brush

While you are at it, seize a PLASTIC dishwashing brush—your dishes may be cleaner, your sink may be better organized, and your pockets may not even sense a difference. 

These dishwashing brushes come in various colours and sizes, so take your pick. 

11. OUMBRLIG 7-Piece Cookware Set

SHOP AT IKEA: Cookware Set

Price: $20 at IKEA stores

$20 for one piece of the cookware frying pan and coordinating lids. 

These 7-piece cookware sets are a must for every kitchen. These are made of stainless steel and work on all types of hobs. 

The base of these cookware sets is made of a single aluminium layer, which provides durability. 

12. VARIERA Pot Lid Organizer

SHOP AT IKEA: Pot Lid Organizer

Price: $7 at IKEA stores

Speaking of pots and their matching lids, this $7 lid organizer will perfectly fit your kitchen and is customizable too. 

This lid customizer lets you save space in your drawers by putting all your lids in one place. Made of stainless steel, this is another item from Ikea Montreal that your kitchen needs. 

12.1 What else can I use a lid organizer for?

While still in the closet, you can utilize the POT LID ORGANIZER for your ballet flats and flip-flops. Make sure the ones you purchase for this have spacers that are sufficiently spaced apart to support what you need. Keeping them all together makes finding and reaching for your shoes easier. This might be able to control a messy mud room!

13. FÄRGRIK 18-Piece Dinnerware Set

SHOP AT IKEA: 18-Piece Dinnerware

Where else will you discover an 18-piece stoneware dinnerware set (in fun colours, may I add) for the most effective $24.99?

This dinner set is made of porcelain and has a classic look with smooth edges. The 18-piece set includes bowls, plates, and side plates. 

14. TEKLA Dish Towel

Best Dish Towels: Ikea Tekla Review (via Amazon)

 SHOP AT IKEA: Dish Towel

While you are there, you may as properly seize some absurdly less expensive dish towels, which appear sleek and are a workhorse object you may use each day inside the kitchen.

15. FIXA 17-Piece Tool Kit

Ikea Tool Kit Review - 17 Piece Fixa Toolkit

SHOP AT IKEA: 17-Piece Toolkit

$10 at IKEA stores

No Ikea Montreal roundup will be complete without their device kit, priced at the most effective $10. 

It consists of a hammer, adjustable wrench, mixture pliers, a screwdriver, and various bits and attachments.

A toolkit is something every household needs, and if you are getting 17 pieces within one box, why not buy it?

 The crucial thing you need to know before your visit

Ikea Montreal Services 

When it comes to a Swedish restaurant one can visit while enjoying the art of purchases of certain products, Ikea restaurant comes at the top. It opens at 9 00 even on Saturday. It is the perfect place to wait and inspiration before you decorate your house while having hot dogs.

Ikea Montreal’s “Food” section is pretty famous as well. They have a top-notch restaurant, a Swedish food court, and a Bistro. So once you are done with the shopping, you can explore Ikea Montreal for a few other services that they are known for. 

The Bistro has a great menu that includes pastries, cakes, beverages, and snacks on the go. You can get your favourite snacks, drinks, and meals from the food court. And the Bistro is for “before your journey home,” as it is only available for take-outs. 

In addition to all these, Ikea Montreal also provides home furnishing services. They have amazingly talented designers who will transform your space into something great. 

Click and Collect

Another one of Ikea Montreal’s fascinating services is the Click and Collect system. It is a contactless click and collects service available at certain pick-up locations. 

The service starts a just $5, and you can place your orders online from the comfort of your home and collect the items from your nearby Ikea store. 

Pro tip: You can also meet the experts meet one on one to understand how to create or assemble your chosen furniture before you brought it to your home.

Closing Thoughts

I hope you are all set on the things you must have from IKEA Montreal. If there are any doubts, feel free to drop your queries in the comment section.

We hope this article was helpful to you. 

Address;- 9191 boulevard cavendish, Saint Laurent

For more information and services: contact IKEA services at https://www.ikea.com/ca/en/stores/montreal/.

And when you are in Montreal, do more than visit Ikea.

Ikea Montreal also offers convenient and responsible person delivery and recycling services. Only some stores will provide that based on location and order points, so now you know why to visit Ikea Montreal. 

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