Best Buys at Ikea Ottawa: Top 5 Products

The Swedish furniture store is now continuing its services in Ottawa. Ikea Ottawa has finally stepped into the game; established in 1943, Ikea has sold affordable, quality furniture for over 67 years.

With over 50 Ikea Canada locations, Ikea Ottawa is up and running again. It is one of the busiest Ikea stores in Ontario.

Ikea Ottawa has reopened with convenient hours. With a prime location at Pinecrest Shopping center, 2685 Iris St., Ottawa, Ontario, Ikea is now ready to fulfill your shopping needs.

The Facebook page of the store can share with you the newest trends and offers at the store. Do not forget to like the Facebook page for their latest updates.

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Opening hours

  • Monday to Friday- 10 am-9 pm
  • Saturday- 10 am to 8 pm
  • Sunday- 10 am to 6 pm

Phone: 1-866-866-4532

Curbside Click & Collect open, Ikea Ottawa, 2685 Iris St, Ontario
  • Monday to Friday- 9 am- 9 pm
  • Saturday- 9 am to 8 pm
  • Sunday – 10 am to 6 pm
The Ikea Restaurant Opens

Monday to Saturday at 11 am – 7 pm

On Sunday closed at 5 pm

You can check out their holiday hours here.

Products To Look Out For From Ikea Ottawa, Ontario

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If you’ve already had a shopping experience at Ikea, you might know that Ikea Canada offers a wide range of new products from home furnishing, décor, and improvement. It is one of the most resourceful Ikea stores in Ontario.

Ikea is known for its ready- to- assemble furniture. With classic new products every year, Ikea has brought a new range of merchandise in 2021.

Ikea Lighting

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Although Ikea offers many home decor items, Ikea lighting is one of the best-selling items. Ikea presents a diverse range of lighting. Ikea is implementing sustainable living through its merchandise.

With renewable material in lampshades and furniture, Ikea is also using energy-saving LED bulbs in their lightings.

With innovative lighting solutions, Ikea also uses wireless LED bulb lighting with a life of over 20 years. Remote-controlled lighting for more convenient lighting and numerous designs to pick from.

Ikea also has smart lights and other products for smart home improvement. These include remote controls, wireless switches, WiFi speakers and the like.

Lighting Merchandise You Can Find At Ikea Ottawa, Ontario

Small Storage & Organizers

Even though the store has many storage commodities under various categories as well, the one we shall discuss is small storage and organizers.

Ikea store has a lot to offer in the storage department for its customers.

The secondary storage boxes by the Ikea store will surely create ample space in your wardrobe. Beautiful baskets to improvise your home organization and an elegant look to the interior as well.

Photo by ATBO from Pexels
Storage and organizing merchandise by Ikea Ottawa

Ikea store in Ottawa has many more options in storage, and organizers, be sure to check out new merchandise 2021. You will love their collection for storage, home organization and textiles. While you are there, take a look at their summer collection of home electronics! Indeed, it is one of the most versatile Ikea stores in Ontario.


With the newest shades and collections, Ikea Ottawa textiles are top-notch. At an affordable price, you also get beautiful designs to choose from. Ikea store in Ottawa offers curtains, duvet covers, table linen, pillowcases, and much more.

Ikea store fulfills the needs of different people with different tastes. Your search is over; feel free to design your home with an exquisite collection of textiles. The store has a range of beautiful textiles for home decor and bathrooms.

A beautiful collection of textiles at Ikea store, Ottawa, Ontario

Home Décor

Like all the items sold by the Ikea store, home décor is another great collection to spark up your home. In Ottawa, Ontario, Ikea has classic frames, chic posters, and beautiful decorative items for your home. Ottawa has one of the prettiest Ikea stores in Ontario.

All the Ikea locations provide a variety of home décor items to beautify your home. This Ottawa store has plants and pots to add the green element to your home with frames and pictures.

home décor
Photo by Manja Vitolic on Unsplash
Home Décor Collection At Ikea Store Ottawa, Ontario


Ikea offers a significant collection of cookware, tableware, pots and plants. It offers cookware for those delectable dishes you prepare with love. Moreover, it also offers kids cookware, tableware and pots. For homes with babies, there are lighting, rugs, mats and flooring suited for a baby too. Finally, Ikea hasn’t forgotten your furry family members! It also offers home improvement solutions for pets.

Tableware to highlight the dinner table with glistening dishes. Cutlery, outdoor recreation, and much more to enhance your dining and food. Get ready to see one of the most elegant Ikea stores in Ontario!

Kitchenware Items

There are many more such commodities that you might like in the Home Décor category. Visit the Ikea Ottawa store location in Canada, get the best services and prices. You can avail yourself of the best deals in all of Ikea stores in Ontario!

The Ikea store has created a trusting image among its customers. With affordable prices and quality items, Ikea has managed to stretch its business in many directions. Their business is blooming in several Ikea stores in Ontario.

The in-store restaurant is back in business
Ikea Ottawa restaurant
Image by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

The in-store restaurant has an amazing menu to make Famous for its Swedish meatballs, the restaurant at Ikea has gained quite some fame for itself. The menu caters to its customers with not only their cuisines but also serves the local cuisines in that location.

The restaurant and services at Ikea are also great; the Ottawa store at 2685 Iris St. is now open to resuming their hours with the people of Ottawa. Although restaurant time did not include dining, as per the official website, indoor dining has continued since July 25th.

Click and collect parking service

With their click and collect services, you can easily collect your online order at the designated parking space with ease.

Follow the steps on the website, click the check-in button via email, enter the nine-digit code and collect your order.

Although the click and collect hours are now varying since the continuation of the store, you can easily see the timings online on the website.

The staff there can show you the process and help you collect your order.

Visit the Ottawa store at 2685 Iris St.

The Ottawa store provides affordable, designer, and quality furniture and home décor items. It has never disappointed its customers and has always been a trustworthy image to its clients.

Shop quality furniture and home décor items at 2685 Iris St. Enjoy shopping at one of the best Ikea stores in Ontario!

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