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20 Best Bars in Montreal for an Unforgettable Experience

Montreal is Canada’s party capital and has long been known as the city of sin. But for a long time, the city has offered the best bars in Montreal and the best cocktail bars in Montreal.

Bars teamed up with restaurants serving delicacies of the world and certifying unlimited fun or relaxed evenings are the best bet for everyone.

Whether you are a tourist or a local on the go, the watering holes of Montreal will leave you spirited and lively. Here is the list of the best bars in Montreal.

20 Best Bars in Montreal 

1. Atwater Cocktail Club

Address– 512 Avenue Atwater, Montréal, QC H4C 2G5, Canada

Contact– (438)387-4252

Atwater Cocktail Club is a hidden bar with beautiful interiors behind Foiegwa in St Henri.

For perfect cocktails, Atwater Cocktail Club offers blackberry liquor served in a classic Old Fashioned style to inventive house drinks, making it one of the best bars in Montreal.

You may have to wait outside the line, but the line is quick during the wee hours. You can take the benefit of 5 à seven or after 2 am nightcaps. The bar also has good seating with silver couches. Staff, inclusive of security and bartenders, are all friendly.

The Smoke Show highlights the showmanship offered by the Atwater Cocktail Club. Fun watching mixologists create masterpieces cocktails and entertain you with answers to your questions. The sumptuous snacks and main course are available at the Atwater Cocktail Club.

This one of the best bars in Montreal is also known as ACC.

2. The Cold Room

Address– Rue Saint Vincent, Montrèal, QC H2Y 1G8, Canada

Contact– (514)903-6887

The Cold Room is, in the true sense, the hidden gem of Montreal’s drinks culture. The bar is nowhere to find as you’ll not find any sign boards. So no tourists, but locals who party hard there.

Why no boards? This all started with a gimmick to attract more and more customers. How? The Cold Room bar is behind the black door in the street. One has to ring the doorbell at the black door, and someone will open the door for you.

After climbing down the stairs, you are at the classiest bar that initially gives you a feeling of prohibition due to the nameless black door and then allows you to enjoy the legal booze.

The Cold Room bar invites everyone, and therefore, the bar is on the list of best bars in Montreal. The specialized drinks, classic wines, beer, and spritzers ensure ‘something for everyone.’ 

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3. Big in Japan

Address– 4175 Boul Saint laurent, Montréal, QC H2W 1Y7, Canada

Contact– (438)380-5658

This bar is a sister concern to the Big in Japan restaurant down the street. So don’t get confused with the restaurant with the same name.

The bar is tucked behind the red main door. The door opens to dimly lit, elegant, and plenty of candles giving a cool vibe to its boozers.

One of the best cocktail bars to serve you when you are not sure what to binge on. Their cocktail list and great menu can give you the best combination when asked to surprise you.

A bar where serving is exceptionally carried on. Whiskey bottle service, where the bottle is safely suspended from the ceiling and reserved until their connoisseurs return.

4. Bar Nacarat

Address – Hotel Fairmont Queen Elizabeth, Downtown

Contact – (514)954-2872

Bar Nacarat is located on the premises of The Fairmont Queen Elizabeth hotel. The glitzy five-star hotel, Fairmont Queen Elizabeth hotel, houses a cocktail bar and a roof terrace for stunning cocktails.

The 166 seats in the bar and 20 seats on the terrace are laid elegantly. Their classy cocktail bars use very high-quality products. The people who curate these cocktails are well-known mixologists.

Whether you want to drink or enjoy cocktails, like spritzes and sangrias, the exceptional hand-carved ice and sphered garnishes make Nacarat one of the best bars in Montreal.

Enjoy this hotel bar for a luxurious experience whenever you’re in Montreal.

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5. Milky Way

Address– 1886 Rue Centre, Montréal, QC H3K 1H9, Canada

Contact– (438)522-7499

Milky Way bar is rated among the top 10 most incredible bars in the world and one of the best in Montreal. The place in Pointe Saint Charles is exceptionally crafted to your taste.

Your step into this bar will take you to a different world in its true sense. The stairwell, designed to resemble the cosmos and twinkling stars, is impressive. With a seating capacity of 90 and a total capacity of 120, Milky Way is a sure gateway for parties and fun get-togethers.

Though the waiting could go for one hour or so, bouncers outside are entertaining. The classic cocktails and the fusions are served in inspiring ways.

The menu at Fugazzi downstairs is ready to serve various delicious dishes. The wood-fired pizza and a cocktail or two for a date or friend, with the sun setting over the city, will make your day in a true sense. The menu is constantly varying. So, if you are one with a tantalizing tongue, you will surely be to and fro at the Milky Way bar in Montreal.

6. Bar de Courcelle

Address – 4685 Notre dame StW, Montréal, QC H4 1S7, Canada

Contact – (438)382-4685

Bar de Courcelle is the place if you wish to relax after work during the daytime. Nestled in an old building in St Henri with the winking Felix the Cat decor in the window, Bar de Courcelle is a low, dark, and characterized bar.

The long beer bottles, live music, live acts, and open mics at night are what await you. The little bar with a terrace and the dance floor is a great St Henri dive bar. For good 50 years, with renovation in 2013, the place still offers classic cocktails. The bar’s interior will take you to the 60s and 70s. The vintage setting and metal cladding at counters and tables make it more periodical.

Bar de Courcelle is a ‘speakeasy‘ neighborhood bar where people from the neighborhood meet to eat, drink and talk.

This bar offers beers, wines, cocktails, essential dishes, and platters—six varieties of beer on tap and four in bottles. The small food menu is though basic but authentic.

Truly comforting and cheap drinks of the best taste define Bar de Courcelle.

7. Pub Burgundy Lion

Address – 2496 Notre dame St W, Montréal, QC H3J 1N5, Canada

Contact – (514)934-0888

If you love British hospitality and aristocracy, burgundy lions are the appropriate place. Pub Burgundy Lion is a perfect must-go if you love to shake your leg at the beats of a DJ. The nights on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday restore you with eclectic music, from classic to electro.

The pub is downstairs, and that’s why it stays busy primarily. The bar on the second floor flaunts a TV where you can enjoy watching games with your family, but you need to pre-book a seat near the TV. No doubt, it is the synonym for watching European games in Montréal.

It’s a British pub with an English slice menu. The Full Monty breakfast for stomach-filling or a quick snack like homemade salt and vinegar chips is a must-have.

Why not visit Atwater market after enjoying breakfast with your date or family?

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8. Le Rouge Gorge + Le Royal

Address – 1234 plateau mont royal Ave E, Montréal, QC H2J 1Y1, Canada

Contact – (514)303-3822

If you wish to immerse yourself in Montreal’s wine culture, Rouge Gorge is an excellent bar with a beautiful wine list.

The small food menu complements well with the wines. At the wine bar, which offers plenty of options either by the glass or amiable, staff recommends your shot of the bottle.

Post-dinner, hop downstairs for tasty cocktails at Le royal, a gorgeous bar in the basement.

9. Bar George

Address – Le Mount Stephen, 1440, Drummond St, Montreal, QC, H3G 1V9, Canada

Contact – (514)669-9243

Bar George is located in Le Mount Stephen hotel and is one of the incredible places to drink in Montreal. The hotel and the bar in the Victorian-era mansion are majestic.

The detailed woodwork from floor to roof and the religious icons in the stained glass window are a feast for the eyes. The main room houses a huge oval bar comfortable enough for easy chit chats.

The range of classic cocktails, English and Scottish, completes it as a great bar.

10. Nhau Bar

Address – 600 Rue William, Montrèal, QC H2Y 2E5, Canada

Contact – (514)379-4111

Another name for the best bars in Montreal, Nhau bar by talented designer Amlyne Phillips, houses 50 seats. It is a Vietnamese hinted basement bar. The long bar and several small tables around it make the seating convenient.

This hidden cocktail bar beneath restaurant Hà in Old Montreal is charming.

A hundred lanterns with rugs and fabrics on the wall are invitations to long travelers in addition to the good ambiance.

Cocktails served to customers include plum and strawberry wine, tea, or foie grass. The snack menu is excellent, with good Vietnamese bites. Accompanied by a musical atmosphere, the Nhau bar becomes unique and worth visiting.

11. Vices and Versa

Address 6631 Saint Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H2S 3C5, Canada

Contact -(514)272-2498

One of the best bars in Montreal in the neighborhood of Little Italy, Vices and Versa flaunts some 40 taps stocked with the finest of beer from Quebec’s brew.

An outdoor patio in summer is best for soaking up the sun and enjoying drinks with your friends. A long communal table is set up for large groups to initiate new friendships.

Though regional dishes are served, hamburgers are their specialty.

12. King Crab

Address – 1726 Notre dame St W, Montreal, QC H3J 1M3, Canada

Contact -(438)458-2722

If you like to beat the hunger during the wee hours, King Crab is one of the cocktails and wine bars underground. It is beneath the restaurant “Makro” in Griffintown.

This 75-seater bar features marble tables, walls decked with hanging carpets, plenty of mirrors, and dramatic lighting.

The seafood-based menu upstairs and the limited selection of pizza at the bar are served in circles until 11 pm and in slices afterward.

The intimate space in this hidden bar King Crab is ideal if you like to take your date on a night out. Note the address of undoubtedly one of the best bars in Montreal.

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13. Bar Furco

Address – 425 Mayor St, Montreal, QC H3A 1N9, Canada

Contact – (514)764-3588

Bar Furco houses in the former Canadian fur warehouse. The bar is the same name as “Fur Co.” had its warehouse. The interiors of the bar Furco are partly skinned, and the ceilings, concrete walls, and columns are wrapped neatly. However, it has 100 seats but can neatly accommodate 200 people.

The place Bar Furco is tastefully designed by “Zebulon Perron,” the renowned name in hospitality and food interiors. The bar is one of the best bars in Montreal and boasts the most beautiful terraces. The interiors are designed to teleport you to industrial Berlin.

The people who own the bar wish to serve delicious meals as they believe in their motto, ” the bar where you can eat well.” The snacks, small bites, and dishes are all filled, taking care of freshness and quality.

This is where you indulge in the best wine and cocktails in town. The then fur warehouse is now open to party animals like you.

14. Bar Henrietta

Address – 115 Av. Laurier O, Montreal, QC H2T 2N6, Canada

Contact – (514)276-4282

Bar Henrietta, spreading at two levels, is welcoming. The upper section is open and offers views of the kitchen and other areas. The lower section has a bar and several tables to stand and enjoy the classic brews.

The people who collectively own the bar are the owners of one of the renowned bars and successfully put together a great bar with Portuguese layouts.

The wine bar is equally outstanding. The drinks served are of variety. The classic cocktails and signature cocktails are superb, with taps and pitchers to sip in the shot. The wines are mainly imported, and most of them are organic and natural wines.

Bar Henrietta boasts, “The champagnes and the sparkling wines are an integral part of the menu.” Don’t forget to ask your server about the hidden gem usually offered on Sundays. It is the day to get a discount of $50 on a single bottle.

The delicious meal served includes Portuguese sandwiches and fried chicken. The snacks are a time-out delicacy at Bar Henrietta. Popcorn topped with manchego cheese, homemade cuppa, and batata is worth bingeing on.

15. Henden

Address – Rue Notre dame Quest, Montréal, QC H3J 1M5, Canada

If you wish to give your date a night-out surprise, the Henden is the hidden gem for you. It is in the top place in the list of the best bars in Montreal.

The intimate space offered by the Henden is a collaborative effort with the owner of the Bird Bar. This bar is based on the inspiration drawn from the ‘Playboy Mansion.’

The fried chicken offered and the champagne restaurant makes your day. The chicken is raised at family-run farms and fed local grains.

The eco chef system ensures the fried food menu has 40%-60% less grease absorption. This makes the food delectable, and Henden, one of the best bars in Montreal, from the bouquet of bars in the city.

The signature cocktails are the idea of the expert team. The place is small, but the room can be used for waiting for a seat in the bar. So, whether you wish to drink, enjoy cocktails, or indulge in small bites, the Henden is the place for you in Griffintown.

16. Bar Waverly

Address – 5550 Saint Laurent Blvd, Montreal, QC H2T 1S8, Canada

Contact – (514)903-1121

Bar Waverly in Montreal’s mile end is a neighborhood bar. The person who owns the bar ensures that their team works in high spirits.

The simple decor, dim lights, and candles add to the bar’s relaxing atmosphere. Enjoy the happy hours between 4 pm to 6 pm with plenty of seating and the perfect ambiance. The drink can be enjoyed sitting outside on the large patio.

Bar Waverly’s specialty lies in its private imports of wines, microbrewery beers, and cocktails. Add to it that the friendly bartender at the bar makes you comfortable if you are alone.

The place is ideal for big groups wishing to have quality time.

17. Le Terminal Bar

Address – 1875 Du Mont royal Avenue East, Montreal H2H 2N9, QC, Canada

This microbrewery and go-to bar in Montreal houses local and imported flavors and wine. The 30 brews are served on tap and made with fresh local ingredients in the Le Terminal bar.

One thing that sets this bar apart from the rest is the comedy club which hosts events showcasing standup comedians and musical talents.

You can enjoy drinks on a comedy night. Moreover, relying on the authentic menu of the restaurant gives vegan options too. This lively bar with friendly service is a decent venue to party lightly with friends.

18. Cloakroom Bar

Address -2175 Rue de la Montagne #100, Montreal, QC H3G 1Z8, Canada

Contact -(514)284-9393

For an authentic speakeasy experience, walk into the Cloakroom bar. The great entrance is fair enough to give an understanding of the hidden bar. The entry is hidden behind the gold wall in a menswear shop; then, magically, the wall opens, rewarding your patience and letting you in.

Though the space inside is tiny and elegant, the bar team offers you truly hand-crafted cocktails, as the bar does not have a menu.

The house cocktails with handmade ingredients make the Cloakroom bar worth revisiting. Riviera cocktail is the signature drink of the Cloakroom bar. The elegant drink is garnished with orange peel.

19. Biiru Onsen

Address – 1433 City Councillors St, Montreal, Quebec H3A 2E4, Canada

Contact -(514)903-1555

Looking for Japanese-style drinks, food, or beer, Biiru serves great food and well-crafted drinks. The small space proves advantageous, making the atmosphere superb with exceptional service.

The best drink here, or their signature drink, is an onsen made up of shiso(“Asian herb“), green tea syrup, grapefruit, passion fruit, and sparkling wine. Truly said, it’s a mojito.

Biru Onsen is a must-go on the list of the best bars in Montreal.

20. Le Majestique

Address4105 Saint Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H2W 1Y7, Canada

Contact  (514)439-1850

Le Majestique is rightly on the list of the best bars in Montreal. The old decor of the previous business maintains the antiquity of Le Majestique.

The excellent wine list and great choices of beer are among its attractions. It is famous for excellent oysters served here, baked periwinkles, and other sore dishes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How safe is the nightlife in Montreal?

No doubt, there is no shortage of the best bars in Montreal, but you must stay safe if walking alone. If you are careful in choosing the hanging spot and attentive, the Montreal nightlife will not harm you.

2. Are the bars in Montreal ask you for any dress code?

Casual wear and well-fitted jeans for both genders are appreciated. However, avoid wearing sneakers in any of the classic bars.

18 is the legal drinking age in Canada.

4. Are minors allowed in bars in Montreal?

Children or minors are strictly not allowed in bars, pubs, or any music concert in bars where liquor is served. However, they are allowed till 8 pm in open terraces with their parents for a dinner night out.

5. What are dive bars?

Dive bars are unglamorous, old-fashioned, and outdated, serving inexpensive drinks with cash-only service but are not out of the list of the best bars in Montreal.

Closing Thoughts

Whether you are looking for a city’s bar scene where you can find;  breakfast, Montreal shopping hotels, live Quebec music bar, bars dance clubs, these best bars in Montreal is helpful and engaging to guide you to the taste you have always wished to savor. Cheers!

The clubs, pubs, bars, restaurants, and mixologists all help to make a drink for you that is no less than art, as it is tastefully crafted to bring a smile to your face. Be it Montreal’s unique, classy, hidden bars blues clubs, or fun dive bar inside, Montreal promises to serve the best cocktails in the world. Montreal is the place to live life happily.

If you are traveling with family and kids, follow the 11 best places in Montreal to eat poutine.

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