Edmonton Golf Courses – Your 12 Great Options!

Are you a golfer in the Edmonton area seeking a new course to make your free time special? Don’t worry, then. For your convenience, here are the top 12 golf courses in Edmonton!

Home to many national parks full of adventure and wilderness. Edmonton is the capital of Alberta province of Canada. Located near the north Saskatchewan river.

As a lover of golf, one can’t help but be satisfied in Edmonton, as golf courses are abundant here. There are over 100 golf courses, but we have selected the best ones for you. 

Interested? Let’s get started!

12 Best Edmonton Golf Courses!

Here are 12 best Edmonton golf course options shortlisted for you.

1. Cougar Creek Golf Resort

This golf course has lots of water and beautiful views. It’s a championship-length golf course with pleasant green views for the players. 

It is said that each golf hole in this place is unique as the renowned architect of Canada designed it. Spread over 6900 yards, Cougar Creek Golf Resort encourages every level of player, from experts to beginners. 

The holes are present among the slopes, trees, and nearby water, with 18 holes for the players. It offers lots of other facilities and lessons as well.

Golf Course
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2. Riverside Golf Club, Edmonton

This golf club is a one-stop destination for you when you want to spend a good weekend playing golf and having fun.

Riverside Golf Club remains open throughout the year, with a minor change in timing. With over 18 holes and slight price variations, it is one of the best Edmonton golf courses. 

You can take lessons here as an adult or even as a child; this golf course is open to all. So, clean your golf instruments and book a tee time here, and have a great day with your family.

2.1 How much is it to golf at Riverside?

The Price range goes from 25 to 50 Canadian dollars. However, it is subjected to change according.

2.2 What par is Riverside?

Riverside Golf Club features 5,505 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 69.

3. Victoria Golf Course

One of Canada’s oldest Edmonton Golf Courses, the Victoria golf course, was established in 1896, even before the city. This golf course has 18 holes and 102 slopes and is spread around 5800 square yards.

It is best suitable for young or beginners and mid-handicapped players. The place offers various activities like golf lessons, private, semi-private, and group lessons. 

There’s a driving range, and weddings and corporate events are organized here. It is one of the best and most recommended Edmonton golf courses, and you should book a Tee time here for yourself.

Golf Course
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3.1 How many bunkers does Victoria golf course have?

Over 100 MacKenzie bunkers, featuring some of the best designs in golf, were skilfully installed and constructed by the original green keepers at Royal Melbourne, Mick Morcom and his son Vern Morcom.

3.2 Who designed Victoria Golf Course?

The 18-hole golf course was designed to USPGA specifications by golf architects Donald Steel and Martin Ebert. Construction commenced in 1996 and was completed in January 1999.

4. Edmonton Garrison Memorial Golf & Curling Club

This memorial golf club is one massive and reputed Edmonton golf course built in the 1950s

With over 7,000 yards of the area, the players can enjoy all kinds of styles. Even if you are not a golfer, this place is a must-visit for you, as you can enjoy dining, strolling, and taking golf lessons here. 

This golf club is located in the capital’s central area, allowing and attracting more golf lovers along the way.

Golf town
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Located just a few minutes of drive away from Alberta’s capital, the Links offers golf tournaments, small events, and wedding organizations as well. It has hosted some very reputable tournaments of golf.

This, again, is another 18 holes, the championship golf course of Edmonton. Real estate developers own this golf course, so the golf course is very well maintained and clean.

The unique quality of this golf club is the presence of tree-lined fairways, beautifully sloped terrain, green grasses, and a few challenging obstacles on the way.

6. The Derrick Golf and Winter Club

This golf course in Edmonton is very vastly spread in an area of over 6500 square yards. Apart from providing all the necessities, it is also home to Fath Digital Golf Center.

The significant advantage of being a member of this golf course is you can avail yourself of yearlong access to outdoor and indoor areas whose infrastructure is world-class; there’s also a high-definition stimulator for your practice.

Apart from playing golf, other sports like tennis, swimming, racquet, and many other recreational activities can be done here. So, take the chance to explore and be a part of this world-class facility.

 Golf Course
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7. Highlands Golf Club

The Highlands golf club is one of Edmonton’s best and most beautiful places

It is spread over an area of 6400 square yards with 128 ratings. There are clubhouses on the premise; they have stunning views and offer dining facilities.

You can book this golf club for playing golf and organize small events like weddings, corporate meetings, private parties, etc. You can enjoy the serene views and feel the sophisticated vibes of the club.

The club provides lessons in private or on simulators as well. Book a Tee Time as the starting range of the club starts from $19.

7.1 How much does it cost to join the Desert Highlands?

Membership at Desert Highlands is tied to property ownership, so a one-time membership fee of $75,000 is paid upon purchase of a home or home site.

Members can access all amenities, including golf, 18-hole putting course, Racquet Club, Fitness Center, and an award-winning Clubhouse.

8. The Ranch Golf and Country Club

The ranch golf course is another famous golf course in Edmonton, as it has hosted several Canadian tournaments. Green slopes and lavish clubhouses will make you spend a whole day here. 

Apart from taking golf lessons, this country club organizes special events like business meetings, weddings, and several golf tournaments. The Edmonton golf courses are known for their superior service and reasonable prices. 

Therefore a visit here is highly recommended. Have a pleasant stay in their clubhouse, and enjoy their delicious servings and facilities.

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9. Eagle Rock Golf Course

The Eagle Rock Golf Course is a 6300 yards championship golf course with 18 holes present for the players. This Edmonton-based golf course has an excellent grass driving range and many electric carts.

It offers golf lessons to juniors, men, women, and older people; in private and groups. You can rent the club for events and celebrations and even play virtual golf here. 

They also have a decent dining area, and their catering services are appreciable. It has a huge banquet hall with a seating capacity of over 200 guests and is known for organizing wedding events outdoors.

9.1 Is the Eagle Rock golf course open to the public?

Yes, the public can now access it. It is an 18-hole public facility with a driving range, practice greens, and putting greens. A fully equipped golf offline and online pro shop and PGA professional teaching are offered.

10. Jagare Ridge Golf Club

Roaming around in Edmonton, being a golf player, and not visiting the Jagare Ridge golf club. 

This golf club has been present in the city since the 1990s and was established to provide championship-level courses for and polish the skills of golf players.

This club has Canada’s most beautiful human-made waterfalls around the 15th hole. Located in the Whitemud Creek Valley, the golf course has a beautiful and peaceful setup amidst nature.  

The natural slopes and waters with different difficulty levels are present inside this golf course.

10.1 When is Jagare Ridge Golf Club open?

Jagare Ridge Golf Club is open from Monday to Friday.

10.2 What attractions are near Jagare Ridge Golf Club?

Attractions near Jagare Ridge Golf Club:

  • Edmonton Ghost Tours
  • Urban Pedal Tours
  • Fort Edmonton Park
  • High-Level Bridge Streetcar
  • William Hawrelak Park

11. Redtail Landing Golf Club

You need to visit these Edmonton Golf Courses for a fantastic life experience. The course layout is impressive, looks lavish green, and is just the perfect wedding destination. 

All kinds of facilities are provided for visitors, from golf lessons to corporate events. The practice facility of the Redtail Landing golf club is impressive. 

You can gain information about it here! The team of professionals welcomes everyone to teach and guide the golf enthusiast, and the management of events needs to be appreciated.

11.1 How much is a membership at Redtail Golf Club Port Stanley?

Membership pricing can range from 1000 to 25000$ for an 7-day membership.

edmonton golf courses
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12. Elk Island Golf Course

The Elk Island golf course is just a 30-minute drive away from Alberta’s capital, making it one of the best weekend getaways for the people of Edmonton.

The golf course is quite old as it was established in 1936 and only had nine holes in the initial days. Whether you are an expert, a mediocre, or have accompanied along with your friends, this golf course has something for everyone.

Apart from enjoying your golf session, you are most welcome to look around the park and have a great dining experience in the clubhouse.

 You can both be a player or a spectator of this beautiful game and never witness a dull moment here at the Elk Island Golf Course.

Closing Thoughts

As we saw, these were our top 12 best Edmonton golf courses, which are pretty famous and well-maintained places.  Some golf courses’ views and natural aesthetics are stunning and appealing.

And yes, there are other places in Edmonton besides numerous golf courses.

So, if you ever get a chance to explore these elite places of Canada, take advantage of the opportunity of exploring something beautiful and gaining hands-on experience in golf. 

Just a short drive from Edmonton international airport, you will find tons of great courses here as soon as you land, like the riverside golf course or Alberta golf courses.

So, Whether you are seeking to enjoy a short game golf trip or play golf on full 18 holes, at Edmonton, you will find everything you need.

This was an article on ’12 Best Edmonton golf courses!’ if you have something to add, please feel free to share your thoughts with us!

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