Best 7 Toronto Premium Outlets to Visit on Weekends

Shopping can be fun for some people, but it could be a challenging task for others. A few people can find these deals as per their requirements, and a few aren’t even able to discover something close to a discount due to the fixed prices in some markets. Few people want to find different things like antique stores farmers tools, and many others. However, one thing remains constant for everyone: everyone wants the best deals and offers while shopping for any product or availing of any service.

Toronto is known for its premium brands and outlets that give the best shopping experience to anyone buying anything from there. If you happen to be in Toronto right now and if you want to get some suggestions about the best premium outlet mall GTA for shopping this weekend, then you’ve come to the right place. Shopping malls, airport shops and many choices are there, but this list will make your life easier.

Today we’re going to count down the top 7 Toronto premium outlets in Toronto where you can find the best deals for yourself so Toronto premium products can be found too and satisfy your thirst for typing “outlet mall near me,” best outlet malls or “outlet stores near me” on google every time you want to shop. They are as follows:-

1. Toronto premium outlets: Simon (Located at Halton Hills, Ontario)

This is Simon. (2018 v2)

This outlet is considered one of the best outlets in Toronto since the popular Simon Property Group created it in association with SmartREIT (i.e., it is a joint venture). Many brands and stores are available at this outlet, such as American Eagle Outfitters, Adene, Arc’teryx, and Burberry.

Give it a shot. They also have brands like Bath & Bodywork and Aerie opening up soon. People who wish to shop from brands and their stores such as Aritzia, Prada, Coach, Kate Spade New York, Michael Kors, Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store, Rudsak, Ted Baker, Tory Burch, and Under Armour usually head straight towards this mall in Ontario because this place has amazing deals and discounts to offer that make them save up to 25% – 65%.

Apart from the brands and discounts, this factory outlets central also features a special service that they commonly refer to as the V.I.P rewarding system, It sounds like such a Canadian expression, but it comes under their “the V.I.P club.”

You can join this club at absolutely no cost by signing up on their official website through your email. This V.I.P. system will start sending you exclusive offers, coupons, and rewards once you sign up for it.


OUTLET SHOPPING IN CANADA: Toronto Premium Outlet Mall

What deals can you find here?

They have new deals coming up every day and expiring every day; hence you have to open up their official website and go to their deals section to find the latest deals and offers.

As of 26 October 2021, they have had a few deals going on for the last few days, which will end soon so that the new deals and offers can arrive. The offers that are currently available are:-

1) Black Friday sale

2) 50% off on DKNY

3) Student Thursday discount

4) Enjoy and spend at Jimmy Choo

5) Exclusive Military service-man coupon

The best mode of travel is the Shuttle bus, but if you wish to travel by private vehicle, you could call a cab from the Uber app. The following address is where you need to go to reach this Outlet.

13850, Steeles Avenue, Halton, Ontario.

Timings- 10:00 AM to 08:00 PM

2. Vaughan Mills:-


Experience Vaughan Mills

Vaughan Mills is a popular mall nestled north of downtown Toronto. Although this place falls in the York region, it would be unfair not to include this outlet in this list. This outlet is a simple outlet with a decent number of premium stores.

The name of the stores is Adidas, Asics, Aeropostale, A/X Armani Exchange, Bass pro shops outdoor world, Bath & Bodyworks, Bell, Build-A-Beer Workshop, Coles, Disney Outlet, Dr Martens, Geox, H&M, Uniqlo, Legoland Discovery centre Toronto, Levi’s, Nike factory/Nike clearance store, Reebok, Starbuck, Sunglass hut.

If you happen to visit their website, you will come to know that they not only care about your shopping but also care about your leisure as this happens to be one of the few malls that provides tourism services such as their Fam tour service, where you can pre-register a group of 10 or more people for a shopping trip with them and enjoy getting exclusive perks for yourself and your group!

You can visit this place by Uber or bus.


Reopening Vaughan Mills Mall  June 30, 2021 Toronto, Canada


Address– 1 Bass Pro Mills Dr Vaughan, ON L4K 5W4

3. The Outlet Collection Niagara:-

[4K] 🇨🇦 Niagara Walk - Shopping Outlet Collection at Niagara | Niagara Falls Outlet Malls

The Outlet Collection at Niagara is an open-air outlet. The main shops in this mall are Nike, McDonald’s, Adidas, Starbucks, and Bass pro shops. This outlet has some other premium brands like Leone’s Furniture and White Oaks Resort and Spa.

If you visit their website, you will find out that they offer you some advice about the top 5 things you can do if you visit their mall in Niagara. They also offer the V.I.P sign-up process for V.I.P cards and group tour service like the previous outlet mentioned on this list.

Address: 300 Taylor Road, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

4. Canada One Factory Outlets:-

This outlet has been flooded with many people constantly coming in to get the best deals while shopping.

It has got the same brands as mentioned in the previous malls. Still, it is located in a better place than previous malls. People who have visited this mall say that it has a very pleasant atmosphere compared to the previous malls because of its good maintenance.

Their timings are:-

Sunday 10:00am – 6:00pm

Monday 10:00am – 7:00pm

Tuesday 10:00am – 7:00pm

Wednesday 10:00am – 7:00pm

Thursday 10:00am – 7:00pm

Friday 10:00am – 7:00pm

Saturday 10:00am – 7:00pm

The timings mentioned above are for regular working days. However, there are some exceptions for Holidays and closures. You can check out their working hours for holidays and closures on their official website.

This outlet is located at 7500 Lundys Ln, Niagara Falls, ON L2H 1G9, Canada.

5. Tanger Outlets Cookstown:-

[4K} 🇨🇦 Tanger Outlets Shopping Mall Walking Tour | Cookstown Ontario Canada

This is a simple shopping mall chain that consists of many premium outlets and a few local shops. Since this is a mall with a mixture of premium brands and local shops, you can bargain and get your desired material at much cheaper rates making it the cheapest outlet mall in Toronto.

Customers purchasing items from this mall usually say that this mall is a nice, miniature, and neat mall that is not as busy as other malls usually are.

Note– This mall may not have a food court, but certain restaurants with limited capacity.

Address: 3311 Simcoe 89, Cookstown, ON L0L 1L0, Canada

6. RioCan Colossus Centre:-

RioCan Colossus Centre.  &  Woodbridge Square Toronto Canada

This outlet is located at 7501-7621 Weston Road, Woodbridge, ON L4L 9J9, Canada, and the Riocan properties own it. This is more like a private market space where there are at least 66 outlet stores, and the owners are still working on this place’s progress as they have recently opened this place for commercial use.

This place is not as famous as the ones mentioned before, but it surely has made it to this list because of its innovative way of presenting the stores to the general public.

Before we move on to the last one, here are some honourable mentions that you must try too!

6.1 Dixie Outlet Mall in Ontario

Dixie Outlet Mall, Best Place To Shop with good price, Mississauga, Toronto, Canada, 4k 2021

Dixie Outlet Mall claims to be capable of delivering a great shopping experience for its visitors. They say that they have a large selection of products at fantastic prices with plenty of ‘Back away, I found it first’ moments in their mall. Dixie Outlet is about 20 minutes away from downtown Toronto along the Queen Elizabeth Highway. Dixie Outlet Mall is Southern Ontario’s go-to destination for all the premium/luxury brand shoppers who love to get amazing deals and discounts.

This mall has many positive customer reviews; many of them recommend this mall for buying low-priced items as this is a good mall that offers great clearance sales. You can view more details about this mall on their official website.

Address– 1250 S Service Rd, Mississauga, ON L5E 1V4, Canada

And its timings are:-

Thursday 10 am–8 pm

Friday 10 am–8 pm

Saturday 10 am–6 pm

Sunday 11 am–6 pm

Monday 10 am–8 pm

Tuesday 10 am–8 pm

Wednesday 10 am–8 pm

6.2 Tanger Outlets Ottawa-

Like the previous Tanger outlet mentioned in this list, this outlet mall has more or less the same things to offer. However, the customers that have been to this mall say that this mall is more like an open garden, the view from this mall looks amazing due to the greenery that surrounds it, and the atmosphere around it is very pleasant.

Still, one must be careful during the winters as sometimes the temperature is freezing high in this area.

Christmas Shopping at Tanger Outlets, Kanata Ontario, Virtual Ottawa Walking Tour, December 14, 2020

Address– 8555 Campeau Dr, Ottawa, ON K2T 0K5, Canada


Thursday 9:30 am–9 pm

Friday 9:30 am–9 pm

Saturday 9:30 am–9 pm

Sunday 10 am–6 pm

Monday 9:30 am–9 pm

Tuesday 9:30 am–9 pm

Wednesday 9:30 am–9 pm

6.3 Heartland town centre

Although many people may debate by saying that this is not an outlet and this place is more like a normal shopping centre or a regular mall, however, you may notice some people in this mall’s reviews referring this mall to an outlet.

You could say that it is an outlet mall because it has so many amazing deals to offer that compete with those of the normal outlet malls.

This mall has every possible facility and service that an average shopper needs while shopping. You could learn more about this mall through their official website and Facebook page as they regularly keep posting updates on the mall’s functioning. This mall is also known as the massive big-box mall of Mississauga.


Address– Corner of Mavis and Britannia, Mississauga, ON L5R 4G6, Canada

Timings- 10:00 am to 09:00 pm on regular days except on Sundays, where the timings change to 11:00 am to 06:00 pm. M

7. Windsor Crossing Premium Outlet Mall:-


This could be referred to as the second-best factory outlet mall in Ontario after the Toronto Premium Outlets, mentioned first in this list. This mall is located at 1555 Talbot Rd, Windsor, ON N9H 2N2, Canada.

It features various brands such as Armour Fragrances, Tommy Hilfiger, Guess Factory, Aldo, and others mentioned earlier in this list for other malls.

This mall has gift card services where you can buy gift cards. Later on, those gift cards could be redeemed for shopping in the same mall. The timings are as follows:-

Monday- Friday: 10:00 am- 7:00 pm.

Saturday: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Sunday: 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm

8. What can you do after you’re done shopping in any of these malls?

By photobyphotoboy / unlimphotos

If you are done with shopping in either of the malls mentioned above, then you can probably go and have some food at one of their dining options, such as Cacao 70, Famous Wok, Villa Madina, A&ampW, Cultures, Second Cup Coffee Co., Starbucks, Sbarro, Subway, Freshly squeezed, Madison’s restaurant, cafe and bar, Umi of Japan, or La Diperie, etc.

These food stores are usually available in most of the mall’s food courts, and if they aren’t, then look for other dining options in the mall’s food court.

The parking may fill up fast in the outlets mentioned above on busy days or during major sales. If you want more information and wish to learn more about the outlets on this list, you can check out their social media pages since they’re very active there. They answer all the questions very quickly to provide the right information to their customers.

We also suggest you reach out as early as possible to get the full advantage of the freshly displayed deals and discounts so you can have good savings on your purchase.

Reaching early will also save you from the possible traffic jam that usually takes place during busy evenings or festivals. If you wish to get more exclusive offers, you can visit any of Outlet’s Facebook business pages and participate in their official contests to earn more rewards and deals.

Note- All of the outlets mentioned above may or may not provide curbside pick-up or online shopping services. They keep updating their terms of use and other important things on their website. Hence, you will have to visit their website to learn more about their newly available or previously existing facilities and the important information for the visitors.

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