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20 Most Interesting Things to do in Dublin

There are various things to do in Dublin. As Dublin may be one of Europe’s smallest cities, but it is known for charming streets, live music, historic architecture, and many more. There are many secret spots to discover in Dublin. Once someone visits Dublin, this place steals the heart of people. As many travelers visit Ireland, the trip would be incomplete without visiting Dublin. There are many other haunted places, hidden attractions, etc. To quench your thirst in Dublin, here are some best things to do in Dublin.

things to do in dublin
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1. St Patrick’s Cathedral

Are you interested in seeing the largest church in Ireland and the national cathedral? Then this Is it. St Patrick’s cathedral church is one of the best things to do in Dublin as it is  Ireland’s largest cathedral church currently present in Ireland. St Patrick’s cathedral church was founded in the year 1191.

The interior of the St Patrick’s cathedral church is so impressive that the visitors go inside and enjoy the impressive church interior. The opening and closing timing for the church are from 9 am to 5 pm daily.

St Patrick’s cathedral church is packed with past historical events, because of which the church is liked by most tourists.

If you are a person who is interested in events based on a religious perspective, then this place

is must visit.

things to do in dublin
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2. Phoenix Park (Dublin Zoo)

Animal lovers, you are most welcome to this place. Phoenix park is not Ireland’s but Europe’s largest walled urban park. This park is known as the national treasure of the people of Ireland.

Phoenix park was opened 350 years ago, which spans 7 square kilometers and can be found just a stone’s throw away from the city center. Phoenix park is not only a Dublin zoo but is also home to a wild herd of deer. The deer can be found roaming freely through the forests if lucky; you could see them on roads.

Phoenix park was set up as a royal deer hunting park in 1662. It was the time when deers were also introduced. But later on, the 450-member herd is free to run wild.

The park is the best place for lunch but does ensure to look after the deer. Your family will love this place.

things to do in dublin
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3. Irish Whiskey Museum (Irish Museum)

For over 200 years, Ireland has been making one of the best whiskies in the world. Guinness isn’t the only alcohol that is famous in Ireland. Prepare to boost your energy because Dublin invites you to try their premium whisky taste experience.

Inside the Irish whiskey museum, you will not only get a premium whisky taste experience. But you will also learn the trade tricks, how to blend your own whisky, and master the craft of whisky cocktail making.

Jameson distillery on bow street is a famous whisky tour in Dublin, which is now converted into a museum.

If you want to see a fully working distillery, you should stop by Teeling distillery to see an actual distillery in action, as it is also one of the best things to do in Dublin. Tasting different Whiskies will be one of the things to do in Dublin for some people.

things to do in dublin
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4. Dublin Castle

In the early 13th century Dublin castle was built that is on the site of Viking settlements. If you are a monument enthusiastic person then this is it.

The castle was totally constructed with stones and the curtains were in the form of medieval-type curtains. In the downwards section of the castle, there were well-preserved historical masterpieces for the visitors.

The history of Dublin castle doesn’t stop here. The castle served as a headquarter for the British before the year 1916. In the year 1992, the Irish government took over the castle, and was later opened for visitors who want to experience the castle.

5. St Stephens Green

St Stephen’s green is the best place to escape the city life’s hustle and bustle. St Stephen’s Green park is known as the paradise of Dublin. If you plan a picnic near the pond, don’t forget to bring extra slices for the ducks in the pond.

Seeing the beauty of St Stephen’s Green park, no one would imagine that this park was once a battleground during the 1916 Easter Rising.

One of the facts is that a man named James Kearny, the park ground keeper, once convinced both sides to stop war for one hour a day only to feed his beloved ducks in Stephen’s green.

things to do in dublin
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6. The Howth Cliff Walking Tour

Being a nature lover, want to enjoy nature outside the Dublin city center? The Howth Cliff walk is the place if you want to enjoy it. This place has not only the enjoying nature but also the best seafood in Dublin. Markets open on weekends for souvenirs. The coastal hikes with unimaginable Irish sea views.

Howth Cliff Walk has a good thing in that it is suitable for all fitness levels. But the negative side is that the weather is not that wild. In clear weather, you will be able to see Dublin bay. Dublin bay is easily visible in just two hours trail.

Being a tourist, if you want a guided walking tour, you can join it. It is easy to reach the cliff whether you go by bus tour or rent a car. But a bus tour will be more beneficial. This place is must visit.

things to do in dublin
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7. Trinity College Dublin

Trinity college library is one of the oldest university colleges in Ireland’s capital which was created in 1592. Book readers, what are you waiting for? This is it. This trinity college old library will quench the thirst of all book lovers.

The Trinity College library has been the home of an ancient book of kells since 1661. The book exhibition of trinity college is a must-see, which will lead you to the real treat.

This place has been an inspiration for JK Rowling’s Harry potter. Because of 200,000 ancient books in beautiful oak bookcases. Trinity College has been one of the most popular spots on Instagram in Dublin, which is why it is also one of the things to do in Dublin.

things to do in dublin
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8. Dublin Bus Tour

Storytellers like James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, W.B Yeats, and Samuel Beckett Ireland have been home for them. I don’t like bus tours that much, but Dublin Bus has something different, but it is special.

They take you to various places around Dublin city as Dublin is rich in historical and cultural references. You will enjoy plenty of sarcasm and traditional Irish music from Dublin city, which is also added to the list of things to do in Dublin.

Nothing much to say about the Dublin bus tour, but still, it’s worth the time. You should add this to your bucket list.

things to do in dublin
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9. Lucy’s Lounge (Temple Bar)

Once you hop off the bus tour, the pink Lucy’s Lounge (temple bar)is the only place that stands out among other shops, bars, and restaurants in Temple bar. From seeing the exterior only, you will know that you will not have any ordinary shopping experience inside the temple bar.

The temple bar decor is not that unique but still well-furnished. The store owner has brought a catchy theme. No matter whether it is from a handsaw to hand-painted barbies, everything is available in the store. Collection of colorful clothes, accessories, and gift items.

You will be so obsessed with the temple bar interior that you will forget to buy souvenirs. A temple bar is a shopping place, but seeing the interior will change your view of observing.

things to do in dublin
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10. National Leprechaun Museum (National Museum)

The national museum of Ireland starts from mid-morning to six O’clock. The museum tour starts from a first room with a large feature that depicts the person as a small leprechaun. For the ones who don’t experience any nightmares after a tour of the twisted folklore of Ireland, the museum marketing brochures suggest night shows for them throughout the weekend.

As you go deeper inside the national museum, the guide will narrate various Irish Myths. Each room has its own folklore setting. Even though it Is a museum, it still has various cinematic effects, such as illusions, turning the museum into a mystical trail.

This place will trick your mind once you go inside this place with your friends. This should be added to your bucket list as this is one of the things to do in Dublin.

things to do in dublin
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11. Oscar Wilde statue

Just opposite where this famous Irish poet and playwright lived for some years, his statue sits at a corner of Merrion square park.

The statue has two pillars, his wife Constance Lloyd and a statue of Dionysus.

Each statue has attention to detail, giving the information regarding entire sculpting process. The statue of Oscar Wilde is placed on a rock in a sitting position. A variety of colored stones are used in the statue to make it look more attractive and pleasant to the eyes.

This place can be a good picnic spot for your family.

things to do in dublin
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12. Irish Breakfast

An old man is saying that “Eat breakfast like a King, lunch like a prince, and dine like a pauper.” The whole point is that you should start your day with a good and healthy breakfast.

So what basically does an Irish breakfast consist of? Well, it consists of cooked meat which can be like (bacon, sausages, or black/white pudding), tomatoes, eggs, and potatoes which are fried in butter with brown bread.

This breakfast can make you capable of a full day’s farm work on a cold wintery morning.

There are various restaurants where you can find this Irish breakfast. If you are a foodie, then this breakfast welcomes and serves you well.

things to do in dublin
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13. Ha ‘Penny Bridge

If we are in Dublin, how can we forget about the famous bridges in Dublin? Ha ‘Penny Bridge is the bridge on which every visitor should walk at least once. This historic bridge was built in the city kayaking in 1816 over the river Liffey.

It was known as a half penny because a half penny was used as a toll to cross the bridge. You can Kayak under the bridge, as this is one of the things to do in Dublin for some kayak lovers. If you are one of the lucky people, you will get to see the sunset.

If you’re really lucky, then you will see ‘Music Under the Bridge’ tours, where they call in some of the best musicians in Dublin just to perform under the bridges as people kayak down the River Liffey. This place is best if you are going to take a visit as a couple.

things to do in dublin
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14. Kilmainham Gaol

Just 3.5 km away from Dublin city center Kilmainham Gaol prison is located. As you go through the restored building, you will see the living conditions faced by men, women & children in the year 1924.

Throughout the prison tour, you will see the deep history that lies inside the prison. It might be difficult for sensitive tourists who won’t be able to see the places where actual prisoners were executed.

You can see the discoveries of the revolutionaries. You are taken to a deep yard, the prison, in an hour’s tour of the old prison.

This place is not a good picnic spot. But if you want to spend time and discover Dublin more deeply, this is the place.

things to do in dublin
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15. Grafton Street

Grafton street is one of the places with hidden gems. Here you yourself won’t know what you’re gonna find, from traditional Irish music to pop, rock, jazz, and much more. To bring out the busker in everyone, Grafton street is very well known for that.

As I told you that Grafton street is full of hidden gems, so don’t forget to take a snap, as no one knows you could have captured a future star.

Irish Busker Allie Sherlock is a 12-year-old who was flown away to Hollywood by Ellen DeGeneres and is said to be the next Taylor Swift.

things to do in dublin
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16. St. Michan Church Mummies

If you haven’t seen mummies in your life, then go for St. Michan Church Mummies, one of the things to do in Dublin. The lush churchyard dots the tombstones. There is an 800-year-old mummy, which is approximately around 6 feet tall. An eerie narrow stairway leads to the five vaults.

Leaving the church without taking selfies with the mummies will make the visit incomplete.

In the church, many vandalism cases have rocked headlines over the year. If you wanna figure out the hidden discoveries inside the mummies tom, then this is the place where you can find such types of discoveries.

This place is not suggested to visit at night with the family. But if you are a courageous person, then take a visit at night to gain experience by living amongst mummies.

17. Hairy Lemon’s Traditional Sessions

In Dublin no matter where you visit there is one place that is so sure that provides the best traditional sessions in the whole of Dublin. Hairy Lemon’s is a place that is packed full of surprises.

Trad or traditional Irish music is also one of the reasons that people visit Ireland’s capital city. And inside the Capital city, The Hairy Lemon pub is certainly unconventional.

Wanna create a romantic aura? This place fits in perfectly. Fasten your seatbelts because this event is gonna be wild. You will love the music with your partner, and you will be adding this to your list of things to do in Dublin.

things to do in dublin
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18. King’s Inns

King’s Inns is famous for its ‘Hungry Tree.’ This is one of the mystical things to do in Dublin. The Hungry Tree is known for its 69-foot tall height.

The tree is in the middle of the lunch, munching on the tasty iron bench. The tree is 80 years old and has been a popular tourist attraction and species in the city since the 19th century.

You can visit the Hungry Tree just to stare at it, have lunch with your family, and enjoy nature. This place will be liked and enjoyed by your children. This is one of the best things to do in Dublin.

things to do in dublin
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19. Sweny’s Pharmacy

Are you ready for the journey through Irish literary history? Come and join Sweny’s Pharmacy which is one of the attractions that will lead you to the fictional world of the book, “Ulysses.”

The Sweny’s Pharmacy was a general practitioner’s office. But Six years later, the office was turned into a pharmacy now known as “Sweny’s Pharmacy.

But now the place is handled by volunteers and is run by them. The place has become a tourist attraction, with medicines, photographs, and many more.

If you are a book lover, then this is the best thing to do in Dublin as there are a number of second-hand books which you can read.

things to do in dublin
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20. Little Museum of Dublin

The little museum of Dublin is also one of the things to do in Dublin as it is packed with the past history of Dublin. The museum has around 3 floors. Look at the museum with a guided tour of the community little museum of Dublin in the 20th century.

More than 5,000 exhibits are housed in the museum. There’s a tour everywhere which opens every day of the week.

If you are fond of exploring the past history of Dublin, then this museum is the place that can quench your thirst.

Local rock legends like Bono have room to showcase.

But this place is only for those interested in the past history of Dublin, Ireland. For them, this is one of the things to do in Dublin.

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  1. Dublin is one of the most famous cities in Europe. After going through this article, I want to go on a Dublin bus tour, enjoy Irish food items, explore this beautiful place, and discover these things. I hope to get a chance to explore its haunted and hidden secretive places in the future.

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