Northern Ontario – 9 Spectacular Tourist attractions

Northern Ontario is located in the region of the Canadian province. Northern Ontario is the main center of tourist attractions all over Canada. Northern Ontario offers many facilities and travel guides, which will make the journey even more thrilling.

Northern Ontario is famous for its Canadian shield and amazing tourist destination. In addition, northern Ontario is filled with sandy beaches and more than 20000 lakes, such as Lake Superior.

You can visit Northern Ontario during all four seasons. Every year almost 70000 tourists visit and explore Northern Ontario, which makes it even more attractive. There are many places to visit in Northern Ontario, which are listed below.

Why is Northern Ontario a Better Tourist Destination?

Northern Ontario offers World-class fishing to every visitor. You will experience Northern Ontario with no crowds, great rates, and an enjoyable adventure.

You will also experience many natural and beautiful sites in Northern Canada, such as Northern light. You will find museums, water parks, islands, forests. All Northern Ontario tourist places offer you hiking trails, ski trails, snowboard ling trails, and many more exciting things.

From Superior Country to Sunset Country, Northern Ontario is a place for your perfect day activities in Canada. So, to make your vacation perfect, listed below are one of the top tourist attractions of Northern Ontario.

1. Manitoulin Island

Manitoulin Island is located in Lake Huron within the province of Northern Ontario. It is famous for its incredible and beautiful natural beauty. Manitoulin Island is one of the top tourist attractions in Northern Ontario primarily because of its four-season destination for outdoor visitors.

In northern Ontario, Canada, Manitoulin island is known for its largest freshwater lake worldwide. So if you are dreaming of visiting a vacation spot, Manitoulin island is the best vacation spot you will ever come across in northern Ontario.

Manitoulin Island is home to family, friends, and many outdoor visitors who love to share their good times and fortune surrounded by fresh food, fresh water, and fresh air.

Manitoulin island consists of several lakes. Still, the three most prominent lakes that are often visited by visitors and considered the main tourist attraction are Lake Manitou, Lake Mindemoya, and Lake Kagawong.

Places to Visit in Manitoulin Island, Northern Ontario:

  • 10 Mile Point Lookout

  • Province Bay Beach

  • Little Current Harbour and Boardwalk

  • Great Spirit Circle Trail

  • Cup and Saucer Trail

  • Bridal Veil Falls

  • Little Current Iron Swing Bridge

2. Killbear Provincial Park

Killbear Provincial Park is located in Parry Sound District on Georgian Bay of Northern Ontario. Killbear Provincial Park consists of Pines, Great Lakes, and sandy beaches with rock ridges of the Canadian Shield.

The Killbear Provincial Park is home to various flora and fauna. The southeastern part of the park protects bedrock barrens. This park is surrounded by 30000 islands, including the coast of Georgian Bay in north-western Ontario. The Georgian Bay consists of the world’s largest archipelago freshwater.

Activities and Facilities:

In Killbear Provincial Park, you can do many activities such as swimming, cycling, boating, camping, and fishing. The park’s accessibility to Southern Ontario makes it very popular during peak seasons.

The campground is divided into many campsites: Blind bay, Georgian, Granite Saddle, Harold Point, Beaver dams, Lighthouse, and Kilcoursie Bay. Depending on their feature, visitors decide on their camping site.

What You Might Like:

  • Sunset in Georgian Bay

  • 6-kilometer trial of biking and hiking

  • Centre of tourist attraction

  • Excellent windsurfing and sailing conditions

  • Beautiful scenery of Rocky Islands and pines

3. Agawa Canyon

Agawa Canyon is located in the Algoma district in North-eastern Ontario, Canada. The Algona district is sparsely populated because of Agawa Canyon, also known as Shallow Canyon.

The Agawa Canal consists of a wilderness park called Agawa Canyon Wilderness Park, accessible only for hiking trials.
There are many different types of plant species such as firewood, orange, Oxeye daisy, yellow Clintonia, nodding trillium, etc.

Flowering plants include yarrow, evening primrose, bladder campion, and viper’s bugloss, and many more. In addition, if you visit Agawa Canyon, you will come across many types of birds such as robins, ravens, ruffed grouse, grackles, and great blue herons.

Tourist Attraction in Agawa Canyon:

The main attraction of Agawa Canyon is Algoma Central Railway because it offers trains to their tourists to explore the Agawa Canyon during the summer and winter months.

The Agawa Canyon also offers ice climbing for its visitors. Some of the classic routes in this pace are Salmon Run and  Trestle.

4. Fort William Historical Park

Fort William historical park is located in Thunder Bay, Northern Ontario, at the entrance of Lake Superior on the Kaministiquia River.

Fort William is one of the best tourist attractions in Northern Ontario because they provide many events, including costumed characters, and allow you to meet different artisans, farmers, Scottish fur traders, French voyageurs, and many others in charge of them inhabiting the William Fort.

Fort William is open every year and provides many summers, winter, and spring activities, including events, festivals, and artisan workshops. Fort William is equipped with modern convenience and amenities to ensure that every visitor has an enjoyable visit to this Fort.

They also provide you with different meals. While having your meals, you can also look for detectable and historical information

5. James Bay

James Bay is a large water body located in Northern Ontario on Hudson Bay, Canada. James Bay borders the Canadian province of Northern Ontario and Quebec. Rivers flowing into the James Bay are a popular tourist attraction for wilderness canoe trippers in North America.

  • Albany River in Ontario

  • Moose River in Ontario

  • Missinaibi River also known as the Canadian Heritage River in Ontario

  • Broadback River in Quebec

  • Rupert River in Quebec

The most visited place by tourists is the area of Moosonee, located at the southern end of James Bay. The Tidewater Provincial Park in Moosonee provides an enormous campground for visitors, including outhouses and fire pits across the river.

For more adventure, paddlers can take the Polar Bear Express train at the end of their trip. This train enables you to explore more with their canoes.

Coastal Indigenous People or Northern Communities:

The coast or the shore of James Bay is sparsely populated with coastal indigenous people and communities. On the east coast side of Quebec, there are four coastal communities.

On the western side, there are five more communities. They are indigenous people- Waskaganish, Eastmain, Wemindji, and Chisasibi. They are- Attawapiskat, Kashechewan, Fort Albany, Moosonee, and Moose Factory.

6. Sault Ste. Marie

The Sault Ste. Marie is located in Northern Ontario at the St. Marys River. The Sault Ste. Marie city is the third-largest city in Northern Ontario, Canada, after Sudbury and Thunder Bay.

Tourist attraction at Sault Ste. Marie includes Bushplane Heritage Centre in the Sault Ste. Marie Canal, Canada. Sault Ste. Marie Museum, boat tour in Sault locks, Whitefish Island, Casino Sault Ste. Marie, Ermatinger-Clergue National Historic Site, the Algoma central railway, and the art gallery of Algoma.

Nearby parks in Sault Ste. Marie includes Pancake Bay provincial park, Lake Superior provincial park, and Batchawana provincial park. Winter back activities are also a part of tourism in Sault Ste. Marie city including ski, snowboard, and Bonnie Soo Winter Carnival.

The snowmobile trail system is also hosted in the province of Northern Ontario during winter. HUB is also created in Sault Ste. Marie for Cyclist walkers and rollerbladers so that they can enjoy their convenient and beautiful tour around this city. The Voyageur Hiking trail Station mall attracts people the most.

7. Greater Sudbury

The Greater Sudbury, also known as Sudbury, is the largest city in Northern Ontario and is sparsely populated. The Sudbury district surrounds the city of Greater Sudbury.

The Greater Sudbury impresses and surprises its visitors because the Greater Sudbury is now considered the go-to travel destination in Ontario Northland.

Places to Visit in Greater Sudbury in Northern Ontario:

World-renowned urban comforts and outdoor adventure during the four-season make the city one of the top tourist destinations in Northern Ontario. Near Ramsey place, there is a Science North museum which is a place to the Giant replica of the Canadian nickel.

The Science North museum also includes an IMAX cinema and planetarium. The Art Gallery in Greater Sudbury, housed in a mansion, consists of a wide and different range of contemporary artworks.

8. North Bay

North Bay is a city located in the Northeastern part of Ontario in Canada. Lake Nipissing in North Bay is known as a sailing and fishing destination all over the world.

A rainy river covers Trout Lake in North Bay. This lake is capable of swimming, Water-skiing, and canoeing. If you visit North Bay during winter, Laurentian ski hill located vertically in the heart of the North Bay city offers ski and many more exciting things, including Groomed snow hoeing, escarpment, and hiking trails. Take a ride.

You can also take a ride and explore the North Bay land of ATV or snowmobile at Laurentian ski hill. During the summer, rollerblade run-walk and riding at Kate Pace are located alongside the North Bay waterfront park, which prefers families to visit the heritage railway center and Carousels.

Art and culture are well known and popular in the North Bay city, including museums, numerous art galleries, a theatre arts center, Symphony, dance with live entertainment at the Capitol Centre.

9. Thousand Islands

A thousand islands are large groups of more than 18000 islands. These islands are located in Northwestern Ontario, which is famous for the archipelago in North America. A thousand islands are the perfect place to spend a picnic or vacation.

This area is covered by rainy water and is a place for tourist destinations. A thousand islands consist of hubs, especially for outdoor activities. This area is also home to elaborate mansions such as Singer castle in Dark Island and German-style Boldt castle in Heart island, including secret passageways and gothic windows.

Activities to do in Thousand Islands:

There are so many incredible things to do in the Thousand Islands. A thousand islands offer you the best road trip. You will come across delicious drinks and food with fascinating charms of a small town with history. In addition, you can explore the charming town of Gananoque in Thousand Islands.

Places to Visit in Thousand Islands

  • Confederation Park Sculptures

  • Gan Brewing Company

  • Joel Stone Park

  • Thousand Islands Boat Museum

Also, Thousand Islands is the best hiking place. Since some of the islands which are accessible doesn’t offer you hiking trails but there is about 1000 island where you will find hiking trails.

All four seasons enables International visitors in Northern Ontario. During springtime, opportunities like ATVing, fishing, hiking, and bike touring. Camping and boating are great during the summer season. Moose hunting is one of the popular activities for the indigenous people living in Northern Ontario.

Summer season is the prime season to watch the glory of nature’s beauty, such as the Northern lights. Therefore, people are often attracted to Northern lights. Even many photographers visit Northern Ontario only for this. Despite all other activities, Northern Ontario is filled with beautiful and outstanding resorts for tourists. Almost all the tourist destinations in Northern Ontario are located near its province and has different time zone.

The resorts are not much expensive and allow all sorts of service systems to their visitors. Northern Ontario is covered with wonderful places to visit, delicious food, art, culture, museum, and various events. Northern Ontario is also home to many indigenous people or native communities. Visitors often interact with them to gain knowledge and history.

Sports is another level of activity in Northern Ontario. Sports such as Canada Summer Games, Continental Cup of Curling, and many more exciting games. Many communities in Northern Ontario hosts unique festivals with local groups such as France, First Nations, Italian, Finnish, and Metis.

All the places mentioned above in Northern Ontario will make your vacation more wonderful and joyous with thrilling activities. So grab your things and set out for exploring Northern Ontario, Canada.

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