A Guide to Clear Lake Manitoba

clear lake manitoba

The chilled-out destination of Clear Lake Manitoba is a place of beauty. The lake country is also surrounded by the shores of the Clear Lake accompanied by greenery and solitude.

The city of Clear Lake is blessed not only with nature but also has an artistic appeal. Many artists and explorers reside here. If you want to experience outdoor adventures like hiking, camping, fishing, then Clear Lake Manitoba is the place for you!

Below is the list of some of the most certified and acknowledged places that you should be adding to your list; the townsites comprise all the best places to stay, eat and visit at Clear Lake Manitoba.

A Complete Guide Clear Lake Manitoba

Best Places to Stay at Clear Lake Manitoba

1. Geiler Corner –All Season Resort

The all-season resort is truly a place for all seasons and everyone. Fashioned with swimming pools and comfortable rooms that are of just the perfect size, maintain the true vibes of a holiday season.

The outdoor resting area becomes the best spot for people to hang out at the resort as the place is rich in greenery like Clear Lake Manitoba itself; the place is just one hour distance from the Brandon Municipal Airport as well.

2. Lakehouse

This spectacular property has a  wooden theme that coincides with that of the natural setting of Clear Lake Manitoba. The place is much popular as one of the best places to stay in Clear Lake Manitoba. Notable highlights of the Lakehouse include barn woods with barbecues available. Ice cream stores are also present at the complex.

The Lakehouse hotel is located near Riding Mountain National Park; you can also enjoy a short walk on the Clear lake Manitoba’s shore, located at a distance of 4 minutes.

The Ominnik Marsh Trail and the Ochre River Trail are also fascinating places to visit in Clear Lake Manitoba.

3. Mooswa Resort

The Mooswa resort has all the arrangements for looking after your needs for privacy and comfort at the same time. You can go for separate and luxurious cabins that are located just outside the pool area.

You will find peace and greenery all around the property. The place is relatively closer to the Brandon Municipal Airport in comparison to Lakehouse. So if you want to travel a bit less, you can smoothly go for this one without compromising on any facility.

clear lake manitoba

Photo from Discover Clear Lake website

4. Aspen Ridge Resort

Following a similar theme to the rest of the places on the list of best places to stay in Clear lake Manitoba, the Aspen Ridge Resort would also provide you with separate areas to stay.

The entire arena is guarded by trees with open-air facilities like barbeques and picnic tables present at your disposal; the place loves to invite the lovely pets of their guests and has its doors open for them as well. If you are a golf enthusiast, then the place may sound cooler to you as it is located near the Popular Ridge Golf Course.

All of this gives you all the more reasons to pick the Aspen Ridge Resort is your best place to stay at Clear Lake Manitoba.


Best Places to Visit in Clear Lake Manitoba

1. Ochre River Trail

Hiking at the Ochre River Trail would be enjoyable, especially during the winters when the place is covered in snow patches. The beauty of the place during that time is incomparable and unequivocal.

The entire area is lined by trees and serves as a good spot for some relaxation and adventure; closeness to nature also looks like the Ochre River Trail theme.

The Ochre River Trial remains open during the entire day and can be visited anytime according to your schedule.

2. Ominnik Marsh Trail

This serene place has taken up the responsibility to make your trip to Clear lake Manitoba, a remarkable one. Starting from the parking lot itself, a clear and narrow trail symmetrically paved would take you to the park’s middle portion.

Signboards mentioning the specialty of the place, highlighting its vital features are placed at distances.  The Ominnik Marsh Trail provides mesmerizing scenery with a maintained trail and a floating boardwalk.

The place is easy and enjoyable and best for short walks in the marsh. The overall place is statuesque and is never overcrowded, which is a brownie point for the Ominnik Marsh Trail.

3. Clear Lake Manitoba

The next best place to visit is Clear Lake Manitoba. The star of all the places is here with crystal clear waters that are dawned with trees. The place is much loved as a picnic spot and is considered to be a place of much-needed calmness. Clear lake Manitoba is spread over a vast area.

This gives space for much vegetation and fauna to thrive on its banks. The site is also preferred as one of the best camping grounds. The banks of clear lake Manitoba are also a spot for birdwatchers and wildlife viewing. Lake Audy is another amazing place to visit.

clear lake manitoba

Photo by Dano/ Flickr, Copyright 2021

Best places to Eat in Clear Lake Manitoba

1. Wigwam Dining and Lounge

With food that would surely satisfy for appetite, the Wigwam Dining and Lounge can be a place that you can check out. The place is located near the Riding National Park and has some of the most exquisite platters waiting to be served. Make sure to try the Sasquatch, crispy chicken, and bacon cheeseburger, the next time you are here!

2. Joe Beeverz

This is an aesthetic and subtle restaurant that offers mostly all the things that are the specialties of the place. It is one of the best places to eat in Clear Lake Manitoba, the prices are also much reasonable. Beverages that are served at the Joe Beeverz are exceptional with exotic presentations.


3. Whitehouse Bakery

Ending the trip and the blog on a sweet note, we present you with a sweet recommendation to visit Whitehouse Bakery. It is one of the best places to eat at Clear Lake Manitoba; the place would serve you the best quality cakes and pancakes loaded with some of the most delicious toppings, the caramel deserts are some of the best ones that the place offers.

This was all about Clear Lake Manitoba, which would help you when you visit the place. If you have any place recommendations at this beautiful site, then comment down below!


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