8 Super Dog Daycare Edmonton to Check Out For Your Pets

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Dogs are considered as the best friends of humans, so taking care of them requires effort. Here is All About Dog Daycare Edmonton so that your dog can feel safe and enjoy the time when you are busy with your errands, office, or you are on vacation. Dogs are the most playful, loyal, friendly, and obedient pet animals. Dog daycare centers provide a playful and spacious environment for your dog and even helps them to socialize.

List of Dog Daycare Edmonton for you 

dog daycare

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1. The Dog House Daycare

The dog house daycare in Edmonton, Canada, is a dog daycare with 12,000 square feet of space for your dog to play and enjoy. The Dog House Daycare tries its best to provide personal care so that each dog can have an incredible experience while being there. With so much spacious area to play with both inside and outside access. In summer, the pool is also available to cool off, with plenty of play structures available all year to play around.

The Dog House Daycare services charge $28.00 for a full day and $23.00 for a half-day. There are also many discounts according to the dogs or services you opt for your dog.

dog daycre

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2. The Pampered Puppy

The Pampered Puppy is a multi-award-winning dog-care and dog grooming place in Edmonton, Alberta. It offers many services for your dog, from the best daycare to styling and bath packages. The groomers in dog care are professionally trained and verified to get gentle care and understand what is best for your dog. In addition, the Pampered Puppy provides kennel free environment so that your dog can roam around the play area and enjoy interaction with different dogs.

Pampered Puppy dog care service charges vary according to the package of days you choose. For example, bathing services start at $34.00, and other services start at $18.00.

3. Canine Kingdom

Canine Dog care is located on Edmonton’s Northeast side, specializing in dog daycare, boarding, grooming, and training for your dogs. Dog care gives your dog the royal treatment so that they can feel at home and enjoy playing around. They give your pet the same level of care and affection that a human child is required, as they believe that you have the same love as your baby with your dog.

Services of the daycare vary according to the services.

4. Dogtopia

Dogtopia is one of the most premier dog daycare centers in Edmonton. They provide boarding and spa services for dogs. Dogtopia daycare provides spacious, fully supervised playrooms so that your pup can enjoy them fully. They separate dogs according to their size, temperament, and play style so that every pup can feel safe around them. Dogtopia has a rating of 4.9 stars in dog daycare, boarding, and spa facilities.

Dogtopia daycare services start from $39.00 for the full day and $23.00 for a half-day. They have different plans of memberships starting from $256.00.

Keeping your dog safe and in a healthy environment is important while you are busy with your work or on vacation, here is more on Dog Daycare Edmonton.

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5. Waggytails

Waggytails dog daycare promises to provide a positive and playful environment with 5000 square feet of play space for your fur babies. All the dogs in daycare are grouped accordingly to help them socialize in a better way. All the daycare members are also well trained to watch your dogs carefully and take care of them properly. Waggytails dog care plays music which in studies proven to calm the dog’s nervous system. They even offer pool and sprinklers services in warmer seasons.

Waggytails dog daycare services start from $36.00 for the full day and $29.00 for a half-day, with many additional services according to the needs.

6. K9 Club

K9 Club dog daycare is regarded as the best and popular in the area due to its safe and clean atmosphere for your dog. K9 Club has employees who are professionally trained. Therefore they know which exercise would be best for your dog breed and how your dog can socialize perfectly. To keep the environment safe and clean, playing areas are cleaned twice a day, and neutral PH cleaners are used to prevent bacterial infections.

Daycare Services of K9 dogs starts from $28.00 for the full day and $20.00 for half day

7. Posh Pooch

The Posh Pooch daycare center is owned and operated by a certified dog trainer, taking care of your dog for over 10 years. Dog daycare is also a premier boarding and daycare hotel for dogs. Posh pooch daycare provides closely monitored attention and exercise, which helps to socialize among other dogs. This dog care also provides private and luxurious rooms to rest in napping times, with additional services like bathing, brushing, nail trimming, treadmilling, and infrared treatments.

Posh pooch dog daycare service charges start from $28.00 for a full day and $18.00 for a half-day.

8. All Around Hound Daycare

All Around Hound dog daycare at Edmonton believes that dog care is an art, so the daycare staff handles your dog with enthusiasm and is very motivated towards having them around. They have well-qualified trainers who help dogs in training, daycare, and comfortable, calm, and clean environment to stay and play all day. All Around Hound daycare is taking care of your dog for more than 8 years, so they know what fits best for daycare and training your dog.

Daycare services at All Around Hound dog daycare start from $32.00 a day and $42.00 a day for VIP daycare services.

dog daycare

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Different Dog daycare services offer multiple environments and various facilities, from providing a cage-free environment where your dogs can play under the supervision of a trained staff member of the daycare centers to socializing with other pups around the center. Dog Daycare Edmonton provides the best environment and boarding services. You can decide which daycare suits best for your dog as well as under your budget. All dog care services provide a clean and safe environment, and some daycare services provide pool facilities in the warmer season. Nearly every daycare provides kennel free play area so that dog can enjoy without restriction.

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