Beer-a-licious: Top 10 Best Calgary Breweries

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Calgary Breweries is the place every beer lover should be in once in his lifetime.

Well, do you love how a beer tastes inside your mouth? That first sip of beer can instantly freshen up one’s mood. And If you are a true beer lover, you should check out the Calgary Breweries. Trying out some of the finest malty, bitter bears is a highly rated scene around Calgary.

Until a few years ago, Calgary’s microbrewery or craft brewery scene was relatively scanty. But to this date, there are over 35 Calgary breweries, each with its style, charm, and taste. One can’t probably visit all, but to help you choose which one to go for, we have picked up the 10 best of all.

Calgary is the best in the world in terms of growing barley, making it an obvious choice for Breweries. And the craft beer scene of Calgary is just going places.

Explore the local brews that support and uplift local artists and craftspersons, hop on from one to another and get a different taste every time. After all, trying out different beers is probably one fun thing to do.

Calgary is home to great local brewed beers. People from all corners visit these breweries at least once a year. Since in recent years, Calgary’s craft beer scene has witnessed massive growth.

It is Alberta’s biggest city, so it, of course, has a lot of specialties and a fun share of cocktail joints, but the beer pints here deserve a special mention after such exponential growth of small-batch brewers.

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Moving on, let’s check out the top 10 best Calgary Breweries.

Beer-a-Licious: 10 Best Calgary Breweries

The Canadian craft tours have been associated with some of the best Calgary breweries to show you your favorite craft beers’ back scene. Both public and private tours are included. If you wish to be guided with your craft beer exploration, consider visiting via a tour.

1. Citizen Brewing Company

Address: 227 35 Ave NE, Calgary, AB

Citizen Brewing Company is one of the most exotic Calgary breweries. It is a family-friendly, 50-seated taproom with live music. (How great is that)

Open 7 days a week, Citizen Brewing Company is your hidden beer oasis. They are all about creating delicious craft beers and providing you with a lighthearted atmosphere because that’s how you can enjoy every sip of your beer.

Citizen Brewing Company

Photo Citizen Brewing Company website

It is the perfect place to forget all your worries and enjoy yourself over the outside patio with your friends. Yes, you have heard it right; Citizen Brewing Company has not only a taproom but also an amazing patio nestled just right outside.

The 150-seat patio is the favorite hang-out spot for many.

Its original two beers: the Batch One Session Ale & Batch Two Northwest Pale Ale, are the two biggest competitors. People go crazy over these two. And why wouldn’t they? Citizen has won recent awards in the 2020 Alberta Beer Awards. It received the silver prize for its Royal Pine WCIPA.

And their shipping container kitchen offers you a mouthful of amazing pub food. One must try their burgers; it is the finest in the city.

2. Eighty-Eight Brewing Company

Address: 2600 Portland St Southeast Calgary, Alberta

Opened just 2 years back in 2018, the Eighty-Eight Brewing Company, named after the ’88 Olympics’, brings great experimental beers onsite to you. The team at Eighty-Eight brings every beer to you with a conversation. Bottoms-up with all the details from start to finish.

Eighty-Eight Brewing Co has two brewhouses and a cozy indoor taproom offering your delicious cold beer right under the tap. The vibe inside is solely inspired by the coolness and awesomeness of the ’80s.

The brewing area is displayed very creatively, with neon lights all over and a Nintendo entertainment system creating rousing energy. From the beer choices to space, it’s all good in the hood.

The brewery experiments a lot with its flavors, offering you a lot of choices. They are very good with developing creative new seasonal offerings such as the Good Morning Coffee Stout. (Which is, by the way, a must-try)

Tip: There are special pizza pop-ups on Friday & Saturday nights. Set your dates right!

3. Annex Ale Project

Address: 4323 1 St Southeast Calgary, Alberta

Located in Barley Belt, the Annex Ale Project is for the ultimate beer lovers. The owners’ Erica & Andrew, aims to take their microbrewery scene or culture to great heights in their city. They experiment on beers to make the best of a kind for serious beer drinkers.


Annex Ale Project

Photo from Annex Ale Project website

The vibe inside is all about the beers and life. The Annex Ale Project offers you just the space needed to have a relaxing evening and great conversations.

Along with the taproom, Annex Ale also has a new burger joint that offers delicious burgers. And another great thing about Annex Ale is, you can bring your sober pals too. They offer great non-alcoholic beer sodas as well. The ‘Root Beer Racinette’ & the ‘Saskatoon Lemonade’ is a winner.

Annex Ale is also an award-winning microbrewery. They won both silver and gold in the 2019 AB Beer Awards. Drop-in for a pint or to fill a growler for home, whichever suits you the best.

Tip: An award-winning brewery is not the one to miss.

4. Cold Garden Beverage Company

Address: 1100 11 St Southeast, Calgary, Alberta

In at no. 4 for Calgary Breweries is Cold Garden Beverage Company. Located in Inglewood’s lively community, Cold Garden Beverage Company is a microbrewery that aims to revive the former brewing district of Calgary.


Cold Garden offers you a variety of traditional and eccentric beers, with an overall casual and buzzing energy. The local community vibe inspires the ambiance. It is the ideal space to introduce first-timers into the craft beer world.

Their interior is quite unusual and different; it is based on the visual art genre-kitsch. There are mismatched vintage furniture and a giant pineapple look-alike disco ball. The whole scene has a distinct happy charm, which makes the visit more memorable.

And it is dog-friendly. So don’t hesitate to bring your pawsome friends to the place.

5. Big Rock Brewery

Address: 5555 76 Avenue Southeast Calgary, Alberta

Explore the real art of craft beer just at the Big Rock Brewery. Their craft beer scene is as big as the Big Rock they are named after.

Big Rock Brewery

Photo from Big Rock Brewery website

Brewing since 1985, the Big Rock Brewery knows its audience well. It is one of Canada’s leading craft breweries.

The taproom at Big Rock Brewery offers 10 signature beers, 4 ciders, seasonal beers, and unique nano brews. They have something for everyone.

Their onsite eatery- The Grill, is about good food, good beer, and good company. The complete menu is a beer-inspired one, great food that goes well with a mug of beer.

The founder of this amazing brewery was Ed Mcnally over 30 years ago.

6. Tool Shed Brewing Company

Address: 801 30 St, Northeast Calgary, Alberta

Next up on the list of Calgary Breweries is none other than the Tool Shed Brewing Company. And as the name suggests, this brewery was built in a tool shed.

Tool Shed Brewing Company

Photo from Tool Shed Brewing Company website

The Tool Shed Brewing Company is owned by two friends Jeff & Graham, who grew up in Calgary. So with great handcrafted beers, they serve fresh backstories too.

Each of their beer variants is inspired by something and has a story of its own. They print their beer cans with the stories behind them as an homage to each story or inspiration.

They aim to bring people together over a couple of beers and enjoy themselves the best way they can. And they are in business to promote Alberta Barley.

Some say it is one of the best western North American breweries.

Tip: Check out their recent beer lineups: People Skills, Red Rage, and Star Cheeks.

7. Village Brewery

Address: 5000 12a St Southeast Calgary, Alberta

Discover the amazing fresh beers on tap in Village Brewery, one of the most happening Calgary Breweries.

It is rightly said that some of the best things happen over a couple of beers with friends because that is exactly how Village Brewery began in the first place.

Village Brewery

Photo from Village Brewery website

The Village Brewery was started to support Calgary’s artists and craftspersons. And extend people’s vision towards the arts and community.

And that’s the exact vibe they offer too. The interior of Village Brewery offers a pleasant ambiance to share a couple of beers with friends and family and make memories of a lifetime. As their name suggests, the plus point of this brewery as compared to other Calgary Breweries is the community feel.

Village brewery now offers six different craft beers that fit in a range of different palates.

They are open every Monday-Friday, and on Saturdays for guided tours.

8. Wild Rose Brewery

Address: 4580 Quesnay Wood Drive SW Calgary, Alberta

A funky-themed brewery among Calgary Breweries is the Wild Rose Brewery. It was established in the year 1996.


A funky vibed brewery inspired by the wild and free spirit of Alberta is just so much fun. The Wild Rose Brewery is all about using local techniques and ingredients for beer making.

This brewery is the best fit for someone who is experimenting with their beer taste and wants to explore something unusual.

Their taproom has been Voted as Calgary’s favorite for six long years. Located in an old airplane hangar, their taproom is as unusual as their beers.

Their unusual approach to beer flavors is what sets them apart from the other Calgary Breweries.

Try out their 16 amazing beers on tap.

9. Bow River Brewery

Address: 5769 4 St SE, Calgary, AB Canada

An all-season family-friendly brewery awaits to be explored.

Bow River Brewing

Photo from Bow River Brewing website

Bow River Brewing offers 8 cool beers on tap and a wide variety of seasonal brews to choose from. Their family-friendly taproom has the perfect vibe to chill.

They also offer great onsite pizza choices to go along with the beer.

Bow River has reasonably fair prices, and visitors are nearly satisfied with the services. They are open from Monday-Saturday.

Their ‘River Fest’ & ‘High Country Amber’ core beer is a must-try. The River Fest is a German Style beer brewed in traditional German ways.

10. Caravel Craft Brewery

Address: 12-10221 15 St NE, Calgary, Alberta

Last but not least on the list of Calgary Breweries is the Caravel Craft Brewery.

Caravel Craft Brewery

Photo from Caravel Craft Brewery website

Caravel Craft Brewery is another award-winning brewery in Calgary. Three of its craft beers, Captain’s Log, Castaway Coffe Lagar, and Dunkel, won the 2018 Alberta Beverage Awards.

Caravel Craft’s name has a deep sense rooted in it; it is named after a specialty craft ship. The ship demonstrated a sense of exploration, and so did Caravel Craft Brewery, and hence the name.

Located near the Calgary airport, their large taproom is mostly loved by travelers.

They bring a new touch to the old brewing traditions and bring back the old forgotten beers with a twist of their own. They offer you 5 core beers and 3 different seasonal beers.

Tip: Try out their seasonal Ginger Beer.

And that was all you need to know about the best Calgary Breweries. So, whenever you plan to visit Calgary Breweries, keep these 10 in mind and choose the best for yourself.

Most of these Calagary Breweries are pet-friendly, so you can always bring your pals along to enjoy. Also, other than these top 10 breweries, here are a few more you can have a great time in, such as the Railyard Brewing (it features a burgers-on-wheel food truck), Revival Brewing (it not only has a taproom but an arcade too with video games).

Share your amazing experiences with us over the comment section when you visit any of the mentioned breweries, or you can put up suggestions of your own. Let us know what your thoughts on these Calgary breweries are!

And most importantly, what are your beer choices? Cheers!

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